15 Struggles Only Girls With Big Behinds Will Understand

Women today seem to constantly be going up against each other on who weighs less, who has the skinnier legs, the more prominent cheekbones, the flatter stomach, the firmer arms. It’s all about thinner looking better, which makes for many girls having weight issues. No thanks to the media, women have developed body issues in ridiculous proportions, most of which start at a young age. It’s a good thing there are still many women who embrace their natural healthy figure, especially those who have natural curves. One example was the late Marilyn Monroe. Back then, curvy was considered sexy. Another would be Sofia Vergara. And Scarlett Johansson. These women know how to embrace their curves, especially their big behinds.

Women with big butts know that it can be both an asset and a liability. Having a big butt means filling out tight pants or skirts quite sexily. There are other women who would kill to have a shapelier behind and even go to the extent of getting butt enhancement girdles or go through surgery. Some women spend all of their time at the gym trying to get that big juicy bum that the Kardashian's so often flaunt. But on the flipside, having a big bum can be a hassle too. Here are some reasons why.

15 You never find pants that fit correctly.

Buying pants is one of those tasks that won’t work for online shopping, for the simple reason that the measurements that are displayed online would never quite be taylor-fit to your body type. If your waistline is 27, don’t make the mistake of buying a pair of pants with that exact waistline. Because while the pants may fit perfectly on your waist, you actually won’t even be able to appreciate it because you won’t be able to get them past your thighs. Pants are usually built for people with hips that are proportional to one’s waist which, as a girl with a big butt, this does not apply to you. If pants fit you at the waist, there’s no way they'll fit you in the hips, so you wind up buying pants that will have to fit your hips. But if they fit your hips, they’ll be too loose at the waist. Good thing you have a big butt to prevent those pants from falling off completely!

14 Dresses and skirts are too short at the back.

During a warm day, wearing pants can be way too constraining and you opt for a nice flowy dress or skirt that ends mid-thigh to give more of your legs room to breathe in the heat. And while the length of the dress looks amazing from the front, as it shows off your legs nicely and prevents them from sweating too—the back view is a totally different story. Women with big behinds have the misfortune of having a skirt or dress ride up their butts to the point that they look way too short from the back. Their upper thighs end up exposed and cooling in the breeze, so much so that they even feel the wind on their butt already. So, if your outfit looks nice and decent from the front, it can look inappropriate from behind. The solution? Either wear a longer skirt or lower the waistband to hip level at the back. That way, the skirt doesn’t ride up your butt.

13 You can’t squeeze between tables at restaurants.

Crowded restaurants are always a hassle to go to. For one, you’ll have to wait forever to be seated. Another thing, you’ll be downing at least three glasses of wine before your food order finally arrives since traffic is so high. And somewhere in between is having to weave your way through the throngs of tables and chairs just to get to your own table, which, surprise surprise, is situated at the very back of the restaurant. It may not sound like a big deal to be able to maneuver your way through a crowded place. But for a girl with a big butt, it’s torture. Your behind will end up bumping into every table and chair you walk between, and aside from ending up with bruises, you also jostle the food that’s on the hapless customers’ tables. Or you shake up their chairs right when they’re taking a sip of their wine, letting it spill all over them. That’s a whole lot of hassle.

12 You inadvertently flash some butt cleavage.

There was a time when hipsters were all the range. Put on a shirt with a short hem and hipster jeans and you show a good amount of skin, both front and back. Hipster jeans are meant to ride an inch or two above the ass area. But for ladies with big butts, practically any pair of pants winds up as hipsters. Having a good amount of ass means you’ll always have problems when you take a seat because your pants will almost always slide all the way down your back, to the point that you’re flashing the world with some butt cleavage. Truth be told, butt cleavage can be sexy, but only if you’re trying to be deliberately provocative. But shown by accident and it’s a major wardrobe malfunction. In these instances, you’ll likely be giving the public a view of your underwear as well because sometimes, it doesn’t ride as low as your pants do.

11 People think you must be amazing on the dance floor.

Women with big butts look naturally sexy because they’re stuff is a little more obvious, kind of on display as they walk down the street. Even if their gait is free of any hip swaying, they’ll still look like they’re swaying those curves. It’s an advantage and a disadvantage, truth be told. Aside from seemingly having a provocative walk, people also assume that you move just as seductively on the dance floor. That’s because women with big behinds always look like they’re shaking their booties, even if they really aren’t. The dance that can make them look especially sexy is the salsa or the merengue because it requires lots of fluid movements and swaying of hips. So, if you have a big behind, but you’re stiff as a board on the dance floor, it’ll leave people scratching their heads in confusion because the image doesn’t fit the perception at all.

10 You’re forever struggling with a wedgie.

Some women swear by G-string underwear because it’s the best way to avoid having any panty lines when you wear tight-fitting pants. But it’s one of those pieces of clothing that are definitely form over function because it’s the most uncomfortable thing in this world. It takes a lot of getting used to, for sure. But for a girl with a big butt? Everyday feels like a G-string day. Whatever kind of panty you’re wearing—bikini cut, high-leg cut, heck, even a granny panty—will ride between the cracks of your butt and give you a perennial wedgie, which is just as or even more uncomfortable than donning a G-string. And the worst part is, it’s absolutely awkward to have to adjust a wedgie in public without looking ill-mannered and unlady-like. Sometimes you get a wedgie just by walking, you can even feel your underwear ridding in between your cheeks, arghh the walking wedgie. You’ll always have to run to the bathroom or a dressing room to straighten it up, which is not convenient in the least.

9 Your shorts look like boyleg panties.

It’s easy to envy girls who were born with naturally long slim legs and slender physiques because they can usually get away with wearing just about anything. Gams can be such an asset, especially if you’re able to show them off properly by wearing short skirts or short shorts. And while you may have great legs, one hindrance to showing them off by wearing short shorts is if you have a big butt. On someone with a tiny tush, short shorts usually hug your slim curves nicely. But if you are “gifted” in those regions, then people can easily mistake your tiny shorts for boyleg or granny panties. The shorts would tend to hug your behind, to the point that it may look indecent. As a result, it’s advised to just wear these tiny shorts at the beach or at the pool. Wearing them out to the mall or to the park can just cause a major wardrobe malfunction!

8 Your leggings are always see-through in the butt area.

The debate as to whether leggings are pants or not (they are not) will probably never end. Some women see them as little more than thermal underwear, something to wear under jeans and boots during a cold day. Others see them as part of your workout outfit, being paired with a tank top and rubber shoes when you hit the gym. Yet there are those who wear them as pants and that can actually work, depending on what you pair your leggings with. When worn with an oversized top and flats or sneakers, leggings can actually be a great substitute for skinny pants. But one big no-no when wearing leggings as pants is pairing them with a too-short top, one that exposes your lower regions. You wouldn’t want people to mock you for showing that “camel toe.” This is especially true for ladies with big butts. Not only does wearing leggings and short tops expose the actual size of your butt, it also gives people a free show to your underwear, given the way the leggings are stretched so tautly in your butt area.

7 You can’t share a chair with another person.

In any place that’s crowded, whether it’s a restaurant or the subway or an airport, one of the biggest headaches you can have is looking for a seat in which to rest your tired self. More often than not, every seat is taken and it’s rare to find a kind soul who would be willing to give up his or her seat for you. One solution is sharing a seat with your companion. Squeezing in yourselves in that tiny space can be nothing short of uncomfortable, but it’s better than standing. Unfortunately, if you’re a girl blessed with a big butt, it can pose as a challenge for you to be able to share a seat with someone because your butt alone would probably take up the entire seat already. Your hapless companion will be all but pushed off the seat. One solution is to get your friend to sit in your lap or vice versa!

6 You have to put up with catcalling and lecherous looks.

Misogynistic as it sounds, it’s quite true that men measure you up based on your body, at least initially. The term “locker room,” talk is nothing but true, unfortunately. They discuss things about who has the bigger breasts or who would probably be better in bed. As long as it’s left in the locker room and no girl overhears such vulgar language, then it should be kept that way. But there are men who can take it a step further and actually vocalize their “admiration” for a random woman in public, to her deep consternation. This can happen and it has happened to women with big breasts and or big butts. Men like these assets in a woman and when you’re gifted with these and wearing tight-fitting clothing, it’s not unusual to be subject to catcalling and whistling from vulgar members of the opposite sex.

5 White pants....

One of the trickiest items of women’s clothing is a pair of white pants. Why? Because not everyone can get away with wearing them. Many still insist on wearing them, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they pull it off successfully. White pants can’t hide any flaws you may have from the waist down because of its light color, which is in complete contrast to dark pants. Ladies opt for dark pants because it makes them look slimmer. But brave is the woman who dares to wear white pants, especially if she has a big butt. Tight white pants will certainly enhance the shape and size of one’s butt and can also be unflattering for the thighs. If you insist on fitted white pants, make sure to wear a top that covers your upper thighs. Otherwise, loose white pants would be the much safer and better option.

4 No matter how much you exercise, your butt just keeps getting bigger.

You’ve scoured the Internet for the most effective workouts and exercises you can do to reduce your butt size. You’ve consulted exercise experts and personal trainers at the gym. You get to it and exercise as vigilantly as possible, just to get your butt smaller and tighter. But no matter what you do, it doesn’t reduce in size. In fact, it even feels like it’s getting bigger. Because while your butt certainly becomes firmer with exercise, it doesn’t get smaller, no thanks to the muscles you build in that targeted area. Even if you lost a good amount of weight not just from exercising but also from following a rigorous diet, your butt unfortunately won’t shrink along with other parts of your body. Perhaps the most drastic measure anyone can take to reduce that butt is to visit a surgeon for some butt reduction surgery. But is it worth that pain and money?

3 You’re constantly getting groped—and not on purpose.


Having a big butt can prove to be a challenge in just about any crowded scenario, whether it’s weaving your way through a crowded restaurant or struggling to find a seat in a subway or bus. Aside from the fact that your butt can get caught between chairs, tables, and people, you also have to contend with the hassle of some uncalled-for groping. Yes, there are people out there who are unfortunately crass enough to cop a feel if and when they have the chance because hey, they think you and your big butt are smoking hot. But not all men are misogynists. There are some whose hands may brush against your butt, but purely by accident. It’s not his fault that your butt can get in the way of his personal space. If he were a gentleman, he’d apologize profusely and you’d just have to try harder to keep your butt out of the way.

2 You find Kim K. a little more tolerable.


The Kardashians. You either love them or hate them. Up until Kim Kardashian’s infamous robbery incident in Paris, the entire family was almost always in every entertainment news site on a daily basis, not to mention flooding social media with post after inane post. But being too public has its drawbacks, as evident in Kim being bound, gagged, and robbed in Paris. So now, we’re seeing a little less of them, especially Kim, who learned the hard way that she shouldn’t overshare. One thing she’s most known for are the numerous selfies she’d take of herself and post on her social media accounts nearly every day. She loves flaunting her body, especially her butt. And while her butt can oftentimes look scandalously disproportionate to the rest of her body, you can’t really look at her with derision, simply because you also have an inappropriately large behind yourself.

1 Your bikini top and bottom have to come in two different sizes.

Almost everyone looks forward to the warm season, especially after a long and harrowing winter. It means storing away all your boots, sweaters, and coats in favor of tank tops, flip flops, sundresses, and bikinis. A trip to the beach would be the perfect way to celebrate the summer, leaving you eager to parade around in the sand with a different swim suit everyday. So you go to the mall and excitedly try on different bikinis to se which would be the best one for you. If you’re a girl with a big butt, however, you’ll most likely be in for a little challenge. You’d be hard pressed to find a bikini whose top and bottom fit you perfectly. You’d most likely have to get a bikini bottom that’s a size or two bigger than the bikini top. And not all stores allow you to buy a two-piece in two different sizes.

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