15 Struggles Girls With Hair Extensions Have

Beauty is pain. All girls know that. But when it comes to hair extensions, that saying becomes all too real. The struggle is VERY real. Everyone wants long, beautiful locks so we go through the pain to get what we want. The thing is, there is so much that comes with wearing hair extensions. The list can go on and on. From looking for the best brand of extensions, to keeping them well maintained to making sure they look good in your hair. There is a lot that goes into it. We have made a list of all the struggles we go through when it comes to wearing hair extensions. See if you can relate!

15 It Takes A Lot Of Your Time

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Whether your hair extensions are clip-ins, tape-ins, glue-ins, pre-bonded, sew-in, or a weave, putting them in will take a lot of your time. You really have to mentally prepare yourself to sit in that salon chair for a few hours. At the end of the day, you know your long voluptuous hair will be worth it.

14 Human Hair Extensions Are Expensive

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Looking good is very expensive, so it is no surprise that purchasing human hair extensions might break your bank. The best human hair extensions are at least a minimum of $200. You can do way more with those extensions than fake hair. Overall, human hair will be a great investment if you plan on wearing them all the time.

13 Synthetic Hair Can Look Cheap

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Synthetic hair is the way a lot of women go because it is affordable. Unfortunately, your synthetic hair won't look very natural, which means they won't blend very well with your natural hair. They also can't be styled or re-styled. You have to make sure you at least get the right color so it could blend with your natural hair. Saving up for those human hair extensions might be worth it. In the meantime, you have to work with what you got!

12 Hard To Upkeep

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Keeping your hair extensions in great shape takes a lot of work! You want them to last a long time because they are so expensive and you definitely don't want to re-purchase them for a while. You sometimes have to wear a shower cap while in the shower because you don't want the glue to break. You also have to make sure you put them in a safe place where no one can touch them and mess your hair up. There is so much to do, you would think you are taking care of a child.

11 You Have To Be Very Gentle

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Being extra gentle while brushing your hair extensions is very important. If you are not gentle while brushing them, it could cause serious breakage to your extensions and it's just not worth it. You know the best way to brush your hair is not from the roots down, it is from the ends, slowly working your way up. Taking proper care of your extensions is definitely a learning process.

10 You ALWAYS Have To Do Your Hair

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Just placing your extensions in your hair and leaving it like that without styling it doesn't work most of the time. You will often find yourself either curling or straightening your extensions just so they could blend in with your hair and look very natural. That is why it takes us so long to do our hair!

9 You Sometimes Sweat

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With all those extensions placed over your natural hair, you are bound to find yourself sweating. From the top of your scalp all the way down to your neck, it will get hot because your scalp is not used to the amount of hair you just added on top of your existing strands. So yeah, you always have to be prepared for the overheating that comes with your new look. Nothing that a towel can't fix!

8 Itchiness

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The worst and most uncomfortable thing that comes with wearing hair extensions or weaves is the itching. Whether is is the glue-in piece attached to your scalp or the strip of tape-in extensions, they can rub against your scalp and cause major itchiness. What's the toughest part of that? Trying to scratch that itchy spot without accidentally tugging on your extensions because when it pulls, it will definitely hurt. OUCH!

7 Wearing Extensions With Hair Down Is A Must


Putting your hair up in a ponytail or bun is just not an option while wearing your hair extensions. Wearing your hair down is the go-to look a majority of the time. Your extensions are meant for lying flat on your hair so if you really want to wear your hair up, good luck trying to hide your extensions!

6 Hair Extensions Get Heavy On Your Natural Hair

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Hair extensions can get a little heavy on your natural hair. It might feel like you have a weight placed on your hair, which might make you feel a little uncomfortable. I mean, you hair placing a whole new set of hair on top of all your natural hair. You knew going into wearing hair extensions wasn't going to be easy.

5 Clip-In Hair Extensions Are Tricky To Use

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Going the clip-in extensions route is a little cheaper than getting extensions sewed into your hair by a hair stylist. All of us girls with the clip-ins know how much of a struggle it is to place your clip-ins onto your hair and making it look perfect while you're at it. I don't know what I would do without all those clip-in extension tutorials!

4 You Get Self-Conscious About Your Extensions Showing


The absolute one thing we never want to happen to us while we wear extensions is for people to actually find out we are actually wearing hair extensions. We want others to actually think we have long and beautiful hair! So a constant thing we find ourselves doing is making sure our natural hair is covering up the hair extension part of our hair. Blending is very important in this case!

3 You Hope No One Touches Or Pulls Your Hair

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The last thing you ever want someone to do is to touch or tug on your hair extensions. It is very important to make sure your boyfriend or special friend know that running their fingers through your hair might not be something they want to do. You also try to avoid getting into a hair-pulling girl fight at all costs. We don't need our hair flying everywhere!

2 Taking Them Out Sometimes Hurts


Taking out your hair extensions might be one of the most painful things you experience with your hair. If you don't take them out right, you have a big chance of pulling out a lot of your natural hair. This might be our least favorite part of wearing hair extensions and truly gives meaning to the fact that sometimes beauty is pain.

1 You Have To Give Your Hair A Break From Extensions...Or Else

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If we don't give our hair a break from our extensions, it can cause a lot of damage to the hair we were born with. Since the extensions are applied right at the root or clipped in at the root, it will allow the extension to grow out with your natural hair growth. If you allow it to grow a lot over time, the extension could weigh on the root and all your delicate and tiny hairs could be pulled out. All that can create the worst thing...a bald spot.

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