15 Striking Pics Of Real-Life Repunzels

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair! According to the New World Encyclopedia, the famous fictional girl with long luscious locks was named after an edible German plant. In the original story, Rapunzel's very pregnant mother wanted some of the local witch's delicious rapunzel, which grew in her garden. When Rapunzel's father attempted to steal the vegetable, the witch demanded their unborn child in exchange for the lettuce-like vegetable. Of course, they freaked out when Rapunzel was finally born and the witch came for the infant.

Unlike the drama that unfolds in the original tale, many modern-day Rapunzels get to walk around in the open without fear of being locked in a tower or having their true loves fall prey to an evil witch's shenanigans. Women who grow up in a Rapunzel-like fashion tend to have really healthy, really gorgeous locks that they probably spend a little too much time on. Think of all the special conditioners and shampoos, the amount of hair clogging their shower drains and the ridiculous amount of time it takes to ensure there isn't a single tangle. What else goes into the care necessary to maintain that amount of hair? Find out from these fifteen real-life Rapunzels!

15 The Blonde Rapunzel


Malgorzata Kulczyk is a real-life Rapunzel whose hair is so long and thick that she can wrap it around her body and wear it like an outfit! According to her Instagram and Facebook sites, she is extremely proud of her "#superlonghair." While speaking to The Sun, she explained: "I've never had any problems with my hair. I'm so used to it being long and I keep it in good condition...I get so many lovely messages every day, even just to check in and see how I am. Wherever I go, I'm known as the girl with the long hair." When she braids her hair, she chooses to make several smaller braids as opposed to one long one, which she described as only taking "a couple of minutes." How does she braid her hair so quickly? She's just used to it!

14 Anastasia Sidorova - The Modern-Day Rapunzel


This beauty has much more than long, luscious hair that makes her special. Looking at her, no one would ever know that as a teenager, her hair began to fall out and she was diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia. The condition is described by WebMD as "Excessive or abnormal hair loss." According to PopSugar, Anastasia learned to care for her hair from a scientific point of view. For example, she allows her hair to air dry sixty percent before using a hair dryer, the heat of which can cause damage. She also uses shampoo with sulfates and always remembers to take omega-3 and vitamin D supplements. After each shampoo, she also uses a keratin mask and she also gets her hair trimmed regularly to discourage and eliminate any unhealthy ends.

13 YouTube Rapunzel


Known on hmonbuy.net as wataday666, this Asian Rapunzel has a league of followers who watch her brush and style her thick black mane. Her interests are traveling, tattoos, fitness and, of course, her "super long hair." Though she asks her followers to keep up with her life on Instagram, a quick search will reveal she no longer has an account, but don't be sad fellow Rapunzel hunters! All you need to do is check out her YouTube presence, where she talks about hitting the gym, retouching tattoos and, you guessed it, her hair! How does she keep it so healthy-looking? How does she keep her hair so gorgeously glossy? More importantly, how much does she spend on hair products? Sorry all, she doesn't share her secrets!

12 Who Is She?

Deviant Art

This beautiful redhead Rapunzel had an impressive photo shoot with photographer Chira Tane, who explains on her Deviant Art page that she is an artist, student, and photographer with steampunk being one of her favorite art styles. As for the model, all we know is that her name is Marishka. Who is she really? What does she do when she's not modeling her perfect hair? Does she dye it red or is that her natural color? Is she proud of her locks or is she thinking of chopping them all off? What's her hair care regimen like and how long has she been growing it out? We have so many questions, but without more information regarding our redhead Rapunzel, all we can do is admire these amazing images and hope to one day learn more about her.

11 Beautiful Rapunzel Alechka Nasyrova

Instagram/Eduard Kolik / Barcroft Media

This modern-day Rapunzel boasts over 90 inches of wavy, floor-length hair! According to Metro, Nasyrova believes her hair weighs over four pounds and she's always taking care of her luscious locks to prevent split ends and any unhealthy looks. Her Instagram account shows off her hair pinned in various up-dos as well as a few fun and natural looks with strands seemingly floating around her body in a sort of hair-halo.

Nasyrova also has a few YouTube videos, in which she teaches others how to care for and style their hair to ensure a healthy shine and noteworthy look. Many of her videos have received over 8,000 views and she continues to wow the world with her astonishing hair! If you'd like to support Nasyrova's hair care regiment, you can always feel free to spot her a few bucks on her YouTube channel as well.

10 Ukrainian Rapunzel


According to a blogspot post, this Ukrainian Rapunzel was only 21-years-old when she won a long hair contest in Lviv, Ukraine back in 2010. Her hair was over 71-inches-long and came together in a beautiful, thick braid. When she let her hair down, it easily reached the ground, which can be more than a little disgusting, so she was sure to take plenty of pics with her hair done up. Information about hair care and how she got it to look so healthy remains unclear, but she did a great job at the contest and took home the gold! Good job, Ukrainian Rapunzel! All that shampooing and brushing seems to have paid off! Maybe she got a cash prize that she promptly used on special hair oils!

9 Winner Of The Longest Hair In Lithuania


Asta Kuncevičienės won the Lithuanian longest hair competition with thick tresses measuring over 7.4 feet! As with most of the Rapunzel look-alikes, Asta braids her hair to keep it from dragging across the ground. Trying to keep hair healthy while it drags through who-knows-what must be pretty tough, not to mention the number of tangles they have to brush through later. Women with long hair have to be a little more careful than others, simply because it only takes one person to accidentally step on those pretty tresses and suddenly a Rapunzel can be jerked back and wind up crashing to the ground! It can also be seen as a safety concern, since it's so easy for hair to wrap around everything from work equipment to a Rapunzel's own legs!

8 Andrea Colson Has 64-Inch Hair!


According to The News, Andrea Colson's hair is longer than most girls are tall! Her hair measures five-feet, three-inches and flows gently down her back. She explained a bizarre hair care regiment that includes the use of peanut butter and coconut oil, but what really gets people interested in this Rapunzel look-alike is how closely some believe she resembles Disney's Rapunzel from Tangled. She loves her hair and would never dream of cutting it off or dying it any other color since the natural golden blonde hues look so nice. It takes Colson about half an hour to braid her hair just so she can perform her daily chores without getting her locks snagged on handles or caught underfoot. While she obviously loves her hair, it's tough to say whether it'd be worth the maintenance.

7 Gorgeous Locks - Abril Lorenzatti


At the young age of only 7-years-old, Abril Lorenzatti from Villa Carlos Paz (in Cordoba) decided that she would stop cutting her hair. According to The Mirror, she won't even let a stylist trim the ends. She explained, "I did not like [having my hair cut] and decided to grow it and never cut it again."

Now 17-years-old, Lorenzatti's hair has grown a remarkable length, earning her a title in the Guinness World Records for being the woman with the longest hair. To keep her silky locks nice and shiny, Lorenzatti washes and conditions her hair every single day and, with help from her mother, brushes through it before allowing it to air dry. Though her hair is gorgeous, she has admitted to nearly tripping over it on windy days or while walking upstairs!

6 Yes, Dashik Gubanova Freckle Is Her Real Name


With a name like Dashik Gubanova Freckle, one might assume she has a few quirks about her, and one would be correct! Freckle's extravagantly long hair has earned her over 215 THOUSAND followers on Instagram and she plans to keep growing it out! While one might assume long hair might be too much of a burden, Freckle is only too happy to maintain her beautiful hair. On one Instagram post, Freckle stated "Today, I grow hair. My goal is to grow them to toe (Sorry for my English)."

Well, judging by some of her latest posts, it would seem her goal of growing her hair all the way down to her toes is quickly becoming a reality! Will she be the next Guinness World Record holder? Only time will tell.

5 Natasha Moraes de Andrade - The Teenage Rapunzel!

Daniela Dacorso/Barcroft USA

According to Odd Stuff Magazine, this Brazilian teen hasn't cut her hair even once in her life! She explained it costs over $600 each year to purchase enough shampoo to keep her locks beautiful and she can take four hours just to get it clean! While the rest of us take months to go through our bottles, Moraes de Andrade flies through one bottle of shampoo a week! Unfortunately, the price of the maintenance is too much for her family and she will be forced to sell her hair. She is hoping to make a $5,500 profit for her gorgeous locks and that will (hopefully) be enough to provide much-needed repairs to her home. While her situation isn't as glamorous as some of the other real-life Rapunzels, Natasha's love for her family shines through the darkness of having to cut her tresses.

4 Lianne Robinson - The Instagram Rapunzel


Like other real life Rapunzels, Lianne Robinson has several thousand followers on her social media sites, all of whom want to see all the different styles she can create. Of course, many admirers also want to know how she keeps her hair so healthy as well as how she keeps it from getting caught on things. According to Mirror,

Robinson has caught her hair in car doors several times but claims, "I don't suppose there are that many drawbacks to having hair this long - it's quite alright to maintain."

So how does she "maintain" her hair?

She washes it and has to lay in the bath to shampoo and condition it fully. Afterward, she never blowdries it and she doesn't want to damage it by straightening it either. Instead, she relies on air-drying. Notice a trend yet?

3 The Longest Dreadlocks In The World?


According to her blog, Asha Zulu Mandela came to America to work as a nanny in Brooklyn. While caring for the children, she decided to grow locks. When she realized her hair was only growing longer and longer, she began referring to it as "my baby" and became over-protective of it. In 2008, she began receiving several compliments for her hair and was certified with Ripley's Believe It Or Not for having the "World's Longest Locks" in 2012. Once her hair reached the floor, she just kept letting it grow and, during a time of illness and injury, her hair began to become less healthy and broke in some areas. To keep the weaker areas from further damage, she began tying her hair in knots! She now refers to herself as "The Black Rapunzel."

2 Xie Qiuping - A Guinness World Record Holder


According to the Guinness World Records, Xie Qiuping of China had the world's longest documented hair for women. It was measured at 18-feet, 5.54-inches on May 8, 2004, and she admitted she has been growing out her hair since 1973! She was thirteen when she decided to stop cutting her hair and claims "It's no trouble at all. I'm used to it. But you need patience and you need to hold yourself straight when you have hair like this."

Qiuping has several glamorous shots of her hair arranged in several styles. How she manages to get around with hair that long is a mystery, but if you ever see her walking around in China, she seems to be only too happy to pose for photographs, armed with a large, genuine smile!

1 Rapunzel? Is That You?


Stand back, ladies! No one said you have to be a woman to be a Rapunzel! Tran Van Hay, a Vietnamese herbalist, was long known to be the man with the longest hair in the world. According to Oddity Central, Hay's wife reported he hadn't cut his hair in over half a century due to a suspicion it would cause him to become sick. When he was 25-years-old, he got sick after cutting his hair and that was all the evidence he needed to keep from cutting his hair ever again. His hair was so long, he had to balance it on top of his head like a hat or carry it like a baby. At the time of his death, at the ripe age of 79-years-old, his hair weighed over 23 pounds and measured over 22-feet-long! Talk about a real-life Rapunzel!

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