15 Strange Things That Celebs Have Asked Their Assistants To Do

Even though celebs love to claim that they're all just like us, we know they're not. For one, we don't have personal assistants to run errands for us like grabbing us an organic lunch or picking up our dry cleaning (pfft, like we could even afford to get our clothes dry cleaned). As hard as they might try to live a normal life, celebs are anything but normal. And since they employ people who are just like us to do simple tasks for them, it's easy for these famous folk to step up to a level that is totally beyond one that we could attain.

While most celebrities can't get around the fact that they need to hire someone else to help them maintain some semblance of a normal life – and even avoid the paparazzi – they tend to not completely abuse their star power. However, there are some cases of personal assistants coming forward with juicy deets that not only reveal some dark truths about their employers, but even mention names. 

Luckily, we were able to learn of some of the most unbelievable requests that some celebs have asked her assistants to do for them. While juicy and shocking, it just goes to show you that these famous peeps are just completely oblivious to what is considered "normal".

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15 Kylie Jenner Is A Total Smoothie Diva

DrinksFeed & Daily Mail

When someone is as rich and famous as baby Kardashian sister Kylie Jenner is, it's only natural that she'll have people take care of her on the regular. Even though she doesn't have much of a career, Kylie still has her very own assistant, whom she beckons for every morning. Whenever Kylie rises from her slumber, she makes her assistant prep a smoothie for her every day for breakfast, since throwing a few frozen fruits into a blender must be far too much effort for this social media lover. What's worse is that Kylie demands that her assistant make the exact same smoothie for her every day. On the off chance her assistant might ask her what flavour she'd like, Kylie responds with, "You should know the flavour."

14 Ashley Graham Had Her Assistant Deliver Her Stool Sample


Ashley Graham's career is getting hot, hot, hot, which is why her busy schedule requires the help of an assistant to take care of every day tasks for her. And while you'd think that celebs would handle hella personal errands like picking up prescriptions or delivering, er...personal waste, they'd make the time to do it themselves. Unfortunately, you'd be wrong. For Ashley, she just couldn't make it to her doctor's office to deliver a very delicate parcel. The model had to have some tests done on her fecal matter, and she made her assistant carry it and drop it off for her! She admitted that, "She had to make all these errands holding my stool, and then had to do a delivery of my stool. She’ll do anything for me." Her assistant may be up for doing anything for Ashley, but we're not sure she ever imagined doing that. 

13 Pink Asks Her People To Pinch Her Lady Bits Before A Performance

PopSugar.com & BusinessInsider.com

Pink has always been a bit rebellious, a bit unladylike, and a bit intense, which is exactly why we love this incredible singer and feminist. But when it comes to getting jazzed before she takes the stage, she requests something a little more unusual than simply downing some energy drinks or listening to some loud heavy metal music. For Pink, all it takes is a little pain directed at her chesticles. That's right. When Pink is about to perform, she asks her assistants to pinch her lady bits to get her amped up. But she doesn't just ask, she demands. When about to take the stage, she simply beckons, "Ni**les! Ni**les!" and someone is right there to do the deed for her. Oh my, that's certainly one way to perk yourself up.

12 Lady Gaga Requests That Her Bed Be Warmed Before She Sleeps


Lady Gaga is the super extra pop star that reminds us all that it's okay to be a little different and to wave our freak flag proudly. With all of the positive lyrics and bizarre fashions she's never afraid to wear, you'd think that Lady Gaga would be a confident and totally secure person. But in reality, this role model is far from it. She often requires simple comforts to ease her mind and soul, like a warm bed. While it's not that crazy to enjoy a warm, cozy bed, Lady Gaga gets her assistant to prep the sleep zone in advance before she hits the hay...by way of laying in it. Instead of investing in a heated blanket or cranking up the temperature in her room, she requires body heat to get her blankets warmed to her liking. If that wasn't enough, she sometimes requests that her assistant stay in bed with her as she sleeps.

11 Mark Wahlberg Makes His Assistant Get Him Out Of Bed


Celebrities always have the most ridiculous schedules. They're either sleeping in until early afternoon, or are waking up at the crack of 3am to start shooting a movie. Mark Wahlberg is no exception to these crazy routines, which is why he can't rely on an old school alarm clock or even his phone to wake him up to begin his day (or night). Instead, he requests that his assistant take the lead on this task. Mark regularly uses his assistant as a personal alarm clock in order to make it on time to work out, get to a movie set, or even pick up his daughters from school. We can't help but wonder, if an alarm clock isn't strong enough to wake this actor, how does his assistant get the job done? Shaking him? Splashing water in his face? We'll never know, but we giggle just thinking about it.

10 The Kardashian Sisters Make Their Assistants Take Care Of Their Pets

OK Magazine & Daily Mail

If you've been following the Kardashian clan on their reality show for the past decade, you'd know that the rich sisters just love furry critters. It seems that with each new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, there's a new fur ball waddling around their mansion or being carried around with them on the daily. From kittens to pups, these sisters rotate their tiny pals often, and it's the family's assistants who have to do the dirty work. Not only do the sisters never train their pets or clean up any of the animal's messes – including litter boxes – but they often get bored of their tiny pets as quickly as new fashion trends turnover. When this happens, the assistants have to take care of the discarded fur babies and find new homes for them.


9 Taylor Swift Is Obsessed With Starbucks & Her Order Is Memorized By Her Team

Yahoo, Zimbio.com, & GotCeleb.com

When it comes to celebrity requests, Taylor Swift is a pretty simple gal with not too many needs. She's independent and often loves to do things for herself, from caring for her multiple cats to baking cookies. But there is one thing that Tay just can't shake off when it comes to asking her assistants for help. Taylor has got a serious Starbucks addiction and she requests that her people arm her with caffeine on the daily. Her assistants have her order memorized: one grande iced Americano with soy milk & two Sweet'N Low's, one grande iced caramel latte with two Sweet'N Low's, and one slice of pumpkin loaf. They also know that if it's before 11 am, they should definitely have this order in hand before meeting with the superstar. It doesn't take much to make Miss Swift happy, just a little caffeine.

8 Kanye Wants All Of His Drivers To Only Wear Cotton

Zimbio.com & AliExpress.com

Every time Kanye makes it into the tabloids, it seems that it's relating to some off-the-wall statement, performance, or incident. It's almost never positive, but always mildly shocking. If calling himself "God's vessel" wasn't bizarre enough, we've learned that the complicated rapper also pushes his views on his assistants. His driver's specifically have to adhere to a strict dress code of only wearing 100% cotton – absolutely no man-made materials. While it's a "uniform" that has got to be pretty comfortable, we're asking ourselves so many questions. Like, why is it that only his driver's have to wear cotton? Does this request include sweats, cause we're totally curious as to what kind of pants they can get away with wearing.

7 Prince Charles Is So Rich That He Doesn't Even Dress Himself

Fashion & The Guardian

When it comes to the royal family, there are just so many things that regularly prove to us that these people are a whole new – or old – breed of ridiculously extra celebs. For Prince Charles, his level of extra is so high that he has a team of "personal dressers" on his staff. Every day, someone undresses him and puts his clothes away, proving that the reputable prince barely has to lift a finger. Often referred to as being a "style icon", Prince Charles is deceiving us all. Since he's not the one who is selecting, buying, or even coordinating his outfits, it's his assistants who should not only be getting the "stylish" credit, but should also be recognized for going above and beyond in making sure Prince Charles is even wearing clothes at all that day.

6 CeeLo Green Is Extra Sweaty, So He Needs Extra Hands To Help


The former The Voice coach and rapper, CeeLo Green, is a big man with personal assistants doing small things for him. In fact, the tasks he requests his assistants do for him are so small that CeeLo could easily do it himself. High up on his list of requests is for people to wipe the sweat off of his face! Yeee-uck! Like, he couldn't wipe his forehead on his own? Now that's just degrading, and so gross! Since the man sweats so much, he requires a team to address the excessive perspiration, but that's not all he asks for. CeeLo also makes his assistants unwrap pieces of gum for him! We're not sure why he can't do this himself, but maybe those big fingers of his just can't manage the tiny wrappers, or maybe he's just afraid of working up a sweat?

5 Beyonce GOTS To Have Her Juicy Chicken Legs

HipHollywood & IBTimes UK

Who doesn't love themselves a plate of delicious, juicy chicken? Even for super celeb, Beyonce, she's not above enjoying the simple protein just like the rest of us. But her love of chicken isn't just reserved for a casual dinner at home. When Bey goes on tour, she requests that her assistants prep her dressing room every night with a platter of "heavily seasoned" baked chicken. She requests that only wings, legs, and breasts be prepared using fresh garlic, cayenne pepper, seasoning salt, and black pepper, and her people must be generous when using those ingredients. Bey loves her some spicy chicken, and we don't blame her! But while most celebs request water, fruit, and other "light" menu items before hitting the stage, Bey chooses to fill her tummy with a heavy load of meat.

4 Ludacris Doesn't Take Responsibility For His Toys

Net Pendant

Ludacris has had quite the career. From rapper to actor to entrepreneur, it's no surprise that this forty-year-old requires the help of a personal assistant. Lately, Ludacris has been keeping busy with his restaurant, Chicken N Beer, managing his liquor business, Conjure Cognac, and trying to get his app and card game, Slang N' Friendz, to achieve success. The latter is a slang-friendly game that is similar to Scrabble, but includes slang words like "lit" and "turnt". The rapper has always been a big fan of gaming and gaming devices, which is probably why he went into that line of business, and also why he requests that his assistants always carry extra batteries for his Game Boy. The busy man can't be bothered to tote around the extra energy himself, so his people must always come prepared to power up his Zelda on-the-go.

3 Paula Abdul Makes Her Assistants Tivo Her


Paula Abdul has always been a little needy of attention, which was always painfully obvious whenever we watched her on American Idol, The X Factor, or Dancing With The Stars. It seems that every time Paula gets in front of a camera, she's trying to show off. So when we learned that she asks her assistants to record every television mention of her on DVD, we weren't even surprised. It turns out, Paula's assistants have to pay close attention to her Tivo and watch anything that may mention the former LA Lakers cheerleader. If they happen to catch a reference, they should record it for her collection. If that wasn't self-obsessed enough, she also asks her assistants to regularly remind her that she is a "warrior, survivor, and a gift". Can someone say "coo coo"?

2 Angelina Jolie Is A Little Too Sensitive About Her Work


In recent years, Angelina Jolie has been stepping out of the spotlight to focus more on her family and to pursue a slightly different career path: directing. Back in 2015, Angie made her director's debut with the movie By The Sea. Since the film was never met with the positive reviews she expected from critics or audiences alike, her ego was hurt and she required an emotional boost. Turns out, when the movie came out on DVD, she gave a copy to all of her assistants and told them to not only watch it, but to return and share with her only positive feedback about the film. Talk about working with a fragile person! While it's not the most frustrating of tasks to perform for a celeb, it's certainly an unusual request.

1 Frank Sinatra Was Ashamed Of His Balding Head

Pinterest & MPG Live

The beloved crooner, Frank Sinatra, was once a man who won over the hearts of many female fans. The combination of his voice and handsome features totally made his audience swoon, but it turns out that those good looks of his was more difficult to maintain than anyone realized. Back when Frank was at the height of his career, his assistant had to maintain a secret that not many people knew: the singing gent was hiding a bald spot! Instead of wearing a toupee or investing in hair plugs, Frank opted to spray paint the exposed area on the daily, and his assistant had to do the honour of working that can of faux hair. Every day without fail, someone would have to help Frank in creating a flawless coat of silky hair atop of his head.

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