15 Strange Things JLo's Kids Aren't Allowed To Do (And 5 Ways They're Completely Normal)

Whether she's riding the Six Train, acting in a blockbuster hit, dancing on stage, or singing the chorus to the latest hit song, Jennifer Lopez somehow manages to do it all with a smile and her twins in tow. Emme Maribel Muñiz and Maximilian David Muñiz are JLo's saviors, as she refers to them.

According to the multifaceted star, her twins saved her; they helped bring her back to life. Perhaps that is why growing up, her kids had some restrictions. But after taking a closer look, these kids do have some normal kid tendencies, despite all the fame that surrounds them. And at only 10 years old, Emme and Max really are growing into their own individual people with their own unique interests that their mom gloats about all of the time.

Because JLo isn't just a singer, songwriter, actress, perfume creator, and clothing line owner — she's also a mom and she tries to make sure her kids know that every day. After all, she's still just Jenny from the block. Still, she makes sure they know who's the boss by drawing the line on some things.

Ready to find out what 15 things JLo's kids can't do, but what few ways they are still totally normal? Or maybe just looking on some pointers on how to live that JLo life. Keep reading.

20 They'll Never Fly Coach


It's only natural that kids of a celeb don't get too comfortable flying in coach. The star leads a pretty busy life that is often jam-packed with travel. This requires her and her twins to be up and about at a moments notice. This means that whether she needs to be in Las Vegas for a show or in Florida for a music video, she needs to get there fast, and as a solo mom (until she weds A-Rod), she needs to get there with her twins in tow. That's why the singer who's estimated at a little over $400 million usually has a private plane fly her where she and her little coconuts–as she calls them–need to be.

19 It'll Be Pretty Hard To Live In Just One State


Jennifer Lopez and her twins split their time from their Vegas home to their home and family in New York. "It is a little bit insane," Lopez said to Savannah Guthrie while visiting Today. "I take it one day at a time. Me and the kids are like gypsies. We're traveling all over the place and just getting it done and doing what we can," the singer-songwriter said. As kids living in more than one state at a time is not usually something "normal" kids get a chance to do. It must be pretty cool to live on one coast for a few weeks and then change it up, at least the kids never get bored.

18 Junk Food? Not For JLo's Kids


Except for ice cream, JLo's kids live a very healthy lifestyle. Unlike 'regular' kids that love to chow down on junk food after school or on the weekend, JLo's kids eat their berries and veggies and respect healthy eating, with the exception of ice cream. The singer and the twins are notoriously known for heading to the ice cream shop. They have even taken selfies with their cones when soon-to-be-step-dad A-Rod attended one of their ice cream runs. But then again, who doesn't love a little ice cream every now and again?

17 They Can't Just Play With Mom Anytime


JLo said in an interview that her son has to text her to schedule a picnic with her the following Friday since he knows she's busy. "You know, they're always first," Jen told the staff of The Real. "When you put them first, then everybody else understands the hierarchy. My son said to me this week, he goes, "Mom, I'd like to schedule... a picnic with you this week cause I know you've been, you know, working hard." She added, "He was with me in New York, but still, he was like 'Um I'd like to schedule a picnic for next Friday because we need more quality time.' And I was like, 'Okay baby.'"

16 JLo Isn't A Coddler


JLo has a philosophy of not hovering and letting her children make their own mistakes. "I'm just a very loving mom who wants them to be aware of the world around them. I want to teach them by example. I work hard; you have to work hard," the accomplished celebrity said of her parenting style and her children. Normal kids often have mothers who want and often try to protect their children from every little thing, but with a mom as busy as JLo that type of round the clock surveillance has to be hard work. So instead the singer insists that she wants to let them live their best life, no hovering required.

15 You Don't See This Family Driving While In NY Often


JLo's kids live a pedestrian life, regardless of where they are. JLo is used to it, being a native New Yorker herself, the actress turned fashion designer turned Vegas show liner, knows that there are a lot of benefits to walking the walk. In nearly every paparazzi photo, the star and her twins can be seen walking around one coast or another. From added exercise to a lot more quality time with the kids, her kids lead a life that is far from average, they aren't just the average type that has a minivan-driving-mom that chauffers them around from one event to the next.

14 You Won't Catch These Two Eating Meat


To lose the baby lbs JLo put on when carrying her twins, JLo went vegan and so did her kids. It was a real challenge the singer says, "You got to work out, you got to watch what you eat,” she told Us of staying fit. “It’s a job – you’ve got to buckle down.” Since she went vegan five years ago, the singer and her family have since started eating fish again and incorporating some non-plant-based foods back into their lives, like ice cream. As for her kids, making sure to eat vegan because mom has to look good for the camera, isn't really something normal families have to do.

13 Private Birthdays? Not Here


When JLo's twins turned 10, the whole world knew. There was no way this proud mom could have kept that a mystery. So much for hiding out on one's birthday! For JLo's kids, there is no such thing as not being a birthday person. Only kids like hers could ever receive over a million happy birthday wishes because of their mom's social media post. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE LIGHTS OF MY LIFE. You have brought me nothing but joy and happiness since the very second you were born. I am so proud of who you are and the beautiful loving caring people you are growing into."

12 They're Not Allowed To Forget About The Less Fortunate


Jennifer Lopez was quoted talking about just how much she still is "Jenny from the block." She mentioned that she realizes how much her kids have, compared to how she grew up and she really wants to instill in them a sense of understanding humanity and being charitable. "I try to be charitable, so they know they have to be charitable because they're growing up more privileged than I was. I want them to be loving, I want them to be generous, I want them to be kind," the mogul told Cafe Mom in an interview. So when other kids are thinking about making lemonade stands the twins have to think about donating lemonade.

11 No Sleepovers On Award Nights


Think JLo's kids have something better to do on a Saturday night than go to an award show? Think again. JLo's kids can't schedule a sleepover on the same night she is up for the best actress, or singer, or designer, or novelist award. The kids need to be present because her success is a family party. The twins enjoy going to the award shows from what it looks like. They are always looking adorable alongside their mom on the red carpets and giving her hugs and kisses before her acceptance speeches. Even though it may not be a normal way to spend your weekend, an award show getaway isn't a bad way to spend time as a kid.

10 Living A Non-Celeb Life Is Impossible For These Two


Even JLo's new finance is a celebrity. Her children are constantly surrounded by A-listers. Like many children who grow up in the limelight, being a child of a celebrity doesn't seem to faze them much, but it still doesn't make their lives normal. Whether its at school or somewhere else, the children are constantly reminded of just how famous their famous mom is. From wearing the latest fashions to having the best selection of food, housing, and vacation packages, these kids hardly do anything that normal kids do, being surrounded by people that are everyone's biggest stars is just one more thing to add to the list.

9 Say No To Adventure


Since JLo loves her kids, she wants to take them everywhere with her, that means the two of them undergo a lot of travel. Let's be honest, the twins at age 10 have probably amassed more travel miles than I ever will in a lifetime. That just makes their 'say yes to adventure' type of lifestyle all the more rewarding for them, but all the more separate from what 'normal' kids their age are doing or experiencing. And little Timmy thought he was adventurous for taking that camping trip last summer with the summer camp, tell him to take a gander at the twins...

8 Wearing Makeup Is A BIG No


For 10-year-old Emme, makeup like mom is a no-no. Unlike other girls of the same age, Emme is remaining all natural, no make-up, or at least not yet, that's one of mom's rules. Aside from JLo probably just not wanting her little girl to grow up too fast, makeup is something Emme has her entire life to explore and experience. So, for now, she can just watch mom get glamoured up before shows and interviews. Honestly, her natural beauty just makes little Emme all the more adorable. While other girls are playing dress up she gets to watch and take notes for later on how to really steal the show.

7 These Twins Will Never Have A 'Normal' Mom


JLo's kids have said that they don't care that she's famous. "They heard from school because kids will say things at school now like 'Your mom's famous,' or 'My teacher loves you, is your big fan' things like that," JLo said in an Elle Magazine interview, adding that they've seen her and their dad Marc Anthony perform but don't think much of it. "They don't care. They don't care at all. I'm like 'Mommy needs to work.' They're like, 'WHY.'" Kids will be kids, but at the end of the day they will never have a "normal mom," but with JLo as your mom, why would you want to?

6 Body Image Issues? Not In JLo's House


JLo says she wasn't raised to see anything bad with body image, she's raising her children the same way. "When I grew up, I grew up with a bunch of women [from Puerto Rico], so our bodies were what they were. There was never any [embarrassment] in anything. I noticed that about my mom. It was always, 'This one has a big butt,' or 'This one's chunky,' but nothing was ever talked about in a negative way. [Living large] wasn't bad. Skinny wasn't bad. It was all fine. I think that's how you have to be — not put ideas in their head of what's better than the other, just you're fine. Just be healthy, take care of yourself," the singer said of her philosophy.

And here are five ways they're completely normal...

5 Normal: Celebrating Holiday Traditions


You know the way kids get super excited around the holidays? To the point where they are almost giddy with cheer? They can be seen checking off their list of things they want for the holidays and asking mom and reminding mom a few times of that new thing that they recently saw on that commercial that they just have to have. Well, luckily for JLo little Max and Emme are no different. Emme being a few minutes older than her brother, of course, gets first pick. But just like every other kid, they get to get excited and celebrate around the holidays with their family whom they love.

4 Normal: They Carpool To School


Just like other kids who live outside of bussing districts, JLo takes care to make sure her kids get dropped off in the morning to school safe and sound. Like other kids whose moms enjoy carpooling, while the event of actually getting out of the car to go to school may not be super thrilling, having that morning ride with mom, and in the case of Alex Rodriguez's kids, step-mom is priceless. That makes these celebrity twins just like normal other kids, family time, school time and all the fun in between, sure the audience of millions of people who know what carpooling was like maybe an added extra but still...

3 Normal: They Do Their Own Homework


This adorable social media post from the star of her helping her kids with their homework was one of the most relatable images for parents and kids alike. Just like every other kid around the US, they too have to sit down after school or on a Sunday afternoon and write papers and go over homework assignments with mom. The best part is, no matter how busy the star is, she still takes time out to go over every last question with the twins, sometimes triple checking their work to make sure it's all done correctly. Talk about normal mom and child behavior.

2 Normal: They Have Major Screen Time Rules


In this day and age, it's nearly impossible to find anyone under 25 and over the age of about four who doesn't have his or her fair share of screen time. JLo's kids are no different. Just like other kids, JLo's kids cozy up on the couch with mom and check out their iPads or laptops and do kid stuff, whether its social media accounts or playing games or learning through fun interactive ways, these kids get their screen time in. So much so that Jennifer Lopez's son, Max said on the Ellen Show that he is "a gamer." While the star admits she tries to balance screen time and play, it can be hard with such a demanding schedule.

1 Normal: They Love Their Days At The Park


Sure, they're probably better dressed than any other kid at the park, but little Emme and Max still go to the park with their mom, just like any other kid. They are often accompanied by bodyguards and a nanny, but they still go to the park. See, JLo's kids can be just like any other kid. Now all we need is to add in some playground pieces and a little mud and bam! We have the recipe for a typical day at the park. Regardless of how the star and the twins choose to spend their outings, the best part is that they are not deprived of doing the basic kid stuff most every kid does.

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