15 Strange Parenting Things Only Pink Would Do

On June 2nd of 2019, Pink took to social media to wish her daughter, Willow, a happy eighth birthday. She posted a cute throwback photo of her baby daughter, who was nestled in her famous mom's arms.

Pink loves being a mom to her daughter, Willow Sage, as well as her younger son, Jameson Moon. She and her hubby, Carey Hart (who is an off-road truck and motocross racer who used to compete in freestyle competitions) are devoted to their children.

Pink fans will love this list considering it's loaded with fun facts about Pink as a mom. Pink's parenting style is as unique as her personal style. Strong, caring, and bold, Pink inspires audiences and inspires her own kids. This high-energy mom is able to juggle a lot of responsibilities with grace.

15 Pink Wants Her Daughter To Wear What She Likes


Pink has an edgy style. She's not afraid of short hair and she doesn't care if other people don't like the way she dresses. She encourages her daughter to dress as she pleases. At the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards, Pink, her husband, and Willow all wore matching suits, according to Usmagazine.com.

14 She Wants Her Kids To Be Strong, Just Like She Is


Pink dazzles fans with her strength. She wants her kids to be strong, too. Some women are really inspired by the way that Pink is honest about parenting struggles. One mom who met Pink at a grocery store told the singer that "she gets strength from my parenting," according to Goodhousekeeping.com.

13 She's Letting Her Kids Decide When She Will Stop Touring


Pink may seem like a tough cookie because she is so strong, but she's really a big "softie" when it comes to the kids. She has said that she will let her kids decide when it's time for her to stop touring, because the children are her number one priority, according to People.com.

12 Pink Takes The Kids To Exotic World Destinations


When Pink takes the kids on vacation, she heads for exotic world destinations. Pink and her family visited Bali in 2018, according to People.com, and Pink loved the energy there. She also loved the people. The holiday was a relaxing break from touring, but Pink was soon back on the road.

11 Pink Encourages Her Kids To Be Totally Creative


Pink makes the most of every moment with her kids. In May of this year, she made dream catchers with the kiddies, at an art night event held in Shreveport. Ultimately, Pink believes that love is the hidden ingredient of great parenting, according to People.com. It's hard to argue with that.

10 And When She's Busy, Hubby Swoops In For The Win


Carey Hart is a hands-on dad. He takes over when Pink is busy, and by busy, we mean out there onstage surrounded by screaming fans. Pink and Carey have created a strong family unit. Pink and Carey have taken long breaks, according to Eonline.com, but managed to stick it out long-term. Their kids keep them close.

9 Pink Takes The Kids To... Cemeteries?


If you're in a place like New Orleans, taking the kids to a cemetery really isn't so strange. Pink likes to hit the tourist attractions with her kids, including New Orleans' Lafayette Cemetery, which is a heritage site. This site was a location in the film, Interview with the Vampire, according to its Wikipedia page.

8 She's Also One Of The Most Playful Moms


Pink's kids make forts out of pool noodles and bedsheets. They do traditional fun stuff with the help of mom and dad. Pink lives a life that would exhaust most moms, and she does get tired, according to Theguardian.co.uk, but she pushes through fatigue to make life special for Willow and Jameson.

7 The Hubby And Kids Go On Tour When Mama Needs To Be A Superstar


One of the coolest things about Pink as a mom is the way that she takes the whole family on tour. The kids get to see new things in every city and get quality time with dad while mom is working. According to People.com, it's "exhausting" and "tricky." Willow particularly enjoyed visiting Berlin.

6 Pink Knits Blankets For Her Children


Pink is unique. She's ultra-modern, but she knits and she takes her children to work. She's a fascinating blend of character traits. You might not expect Pink, who is feisty and outspoken, according to Popculture.com, to sit around knitting blankets, but she does, and she loves it when those blankets keep her kids warm.

5 One Of Hollywood's Most Adventurous Couples


Pink doesn't just knit blankets, dazzle fans and express strong opinions. She also likes a taste of adventure. She and her hubby have that in common and they share their love of adventure with their two children. Pink has given her daughter skiing lessons, according to Okmagazine.com. She loves having fun with the kids.

4 She Puts Her Son In Some Funky Outfits


Pink has admitted that she loves dressing her little son in funky overalls and other cute outfits. She's pretty sure he'll be embarrassed when he sees pics of himself in these outfits when he's older. She's passing on her eclectic sense of style to Jameson, whom she describes as "delicious," according to People.com.

3 She Rides Motocross Bikes With Her Kids


Pink and her hubby, Carey Hart, sometimes get shade online for some of the activities that they do with their kids, including riding motocross bikes and using weapons. Pink is used to dealing with trolls. Pink has turned off social media comments in the past due to trolls, according to Aceshowbiz.com.

2 Her Kids Get To Meet Kangaroos!


Most little kids don't get to travel the world and hang out with kangaroos, but Pink's kids get to enjoy the perks of touring. Pink has earned 175 million bucks over the years, according to Celebritynetworth.com, so she's able to provide her children with amazing experiences all over the globe.

1 Mommy Is A Superstar


Pink's loyal fans don't care that she gets overlooked at awards ceremonies so often, according to Imdb.com. They stick it out with Pink through thick and thin. They believe in her music. Willow and Jameson have a mom who is a real superstar. They've got a mom who really stands out.

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