15 Strange Beauty Treatments You Can Get Today

Is there anything you would not do for younger, healthier looking skin? How about a fuller head of hair? For most of us, we are willing to try nearly anything, even if it means smearing on unknown ingredients that promise us a youthful glow. Aging is not always fun and the longer we can prevent wrinkles and sagging bits, the better.

That is why some women will travel the world, seeking out strange and unusual beauty treatments to test out. If they work, great! Let’s tell the world about them, but should we really be smearing poop on our skin just because an ancient culture did it? Should we put ourselves through pain and exotic forms of torture just to look beautiful? Heck, yes! Anything is fair game when it comes to keeping and regaining the youthful skin of a 20 year old.

There are the safe, all-natural beauty treatments we have all heard of and even tried. Coconut oil, sesame oil pulling, and a honey hair mask are tame treatments compared to what is “out there” and, believe me, there are a lot of strange beauty treatments available for the right price. But before you think you are being risky by breaking out the kitty litter to make a clay mask for your face, you will want to read about these unique beauty treatments.

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15 Placenta Hair Treatment

You may have heard of the back to nature folks who bury their baby’s placenta under a tree, but how about the beauty folks who are putting the stuff in their hair? Brave and adventurous women are claiming that placenta hair treatments found in some beauty supply stores actually makes their hair stronger, softer, and fuller. The placenta used in these products comes from animals and are said to be rich in bioactive components, causing increased hair growth and less hair shedding. The results are not instant. Since the placenta is applied to the hair and scalp and not taken internally, it can take up to six months of daily use before any real benefits are noticed.

14 Thigh Gap Therapy


The thigh gap is the space between your legs, for those whose thighs do not touch. Most of ours do and it is usually just the super slim runway models that have this thigh gap. Women have become obsessed with trying shed enough fat to have a thigh gap and will go to extreme measures get it. A clinic in Dallas, Texas has cashed in on this body obsession by providing a service called Thigh Gap Therapy. By using cold laser treatments, the therapy is supposed to zap your thigh fat away. Tough many claim that this procedure does not work, women have been lining up to have it done.

13 Snail Mucus

Forget the escargot, those snails are better off alive. One of the latest trends in skin care requires you to lay back and let the snails do all the work. This alternative skin treatment lets snails excrete mucus onto your skin. The mucus, rich in proteins, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants is believes to rejuvenate skin and make us look younger. Hyaluronic acid, by the way, is the stuff sometimes used as a lip filler in plastic surgery and is often harvested from rooster combs. It is used topically to heal wounds, burns, and as a moisturizer.

12 Vampire Facial


Technically called a Dermapen treatment, this bloody skin treatment was made popular by Kim Kardashian in her episode of Kim and Kourtney Take Miami. What is shocking about this facial is that it takes your own blood and injects it onto your skin. Your face becomes blood soaked in the process. The result is firm, more youthful skin with only a minimal amount of pain, or so we hope.

11 Bird Poop

Sometimes I think we will put nearly anything on our face just to look younger, but bird poop? Seriously? Called the Geisha facial, this pricey skin treatment uses the poop of specially fed Japanese nightingales to give one the appearance of youthful skin. The treatment, used since the 17th century by Geisha girls, is said to repair damaged skin and it is a natural skin bleach. The smell, however, is exactly what you’d expect: kind of stinky and reminiscent of a bird coop.

10  Bleaching your privates

Yes, apparently bleaching is not just for the adult actresses anymore. Spas are offering the service to customers by first waxing and then applying a bleaching lotion or gel to your lower bits. Some services allow patrons to apply the bleaching agent themselves and, for some ladies with darker skin, the bleach needs to be applied up to two times a week for eight weeks.

And if bleaching your anus isn’t extreme enough for you, you could always bleach your vagina. Apparently, the perfect vagina needs to be pink. That’s a big slap in the face to those of us with olive skin, but no worries. We can hop on the internet and buy a jar of My Pink Wink and start bleaching our parts right away.

9 Surgically Enhanced Private Parts

If bleaching your privates is not enough, you can always have your genitals tended by a scalpel. Vaginal cosmetic surgery is one of the latest trends to leave Hollywood and go mainstream. Women are finally able to look through catalogs of different shapes and choose the designer part that is best for them and their partner, whether they want liposuction, a reduction, or lipoplasty (yes, down there) for a contoured look.

Women aren’t the only ones affected by this trend. Men are also having cosmetic surgery on their private parts. The most common surgery being the one that lengthens the penis (of course) and another one that injects fat into the penis to give it more girth.

8 Breast Slapping


What would you not do for bigger boobs if it meant you would not have to go under the knife? Khemmikka Na Songkhla, a Bangkok beautician, claims she can give women larger breasts using her all-natural enhancement technique that she learned from her grandmother. The treatment involves massaging, slapping, and pounding the breasts, and, yes, it is as painful as it sounds. Songkhla claims that the treatment is safer for the body than plastic surgery and that she can increase a women’s breast size after a single treatment. Think of it like this: if you pound on anything long enough and hard enough, of course it is going to swell up.

7 Fire Skin Treatment


Baby, you are one hot lady. No, for real. You’re on fire! That’s the beauty trend in China where trained professionals will lay an alcohol soaked towel onto different parts of your body and light it on fire. The treatment doesn’t actually burn the skin. Instead, it warms an elixir that is first applied to your face, back, or legs. This treatment is believed to have numerous health benefits. Not only does it stimulate the skin and increase cell regeneration, some have gone as far as to say that it cures the common cold.

6 Leech Therapy

Leeches have long been used by doctors to clear up infections and promote blood flow, but now leeches are being used as a beauty treatment. Actress Demi Moore has latched onto this beauty trend and claims that it has helped her keep her youthful appearance. The trend involves a quick dip into turpentine and, after the stinging stops, placing leeches onto the body. The leeches will latch on and drink until they are full. After they let go, you will continue to bleed out a little, similar to the vampire facial. This form of leech therapy is believed to detoxify the blood and increase your health.

5 Totally Bull

Dry, brittle hair? Beauty salons in the United States and London are offering up a hair mask made with bull semen. Called the Aberdeen Organic Bull Semen Treatment and said to be the “Viagra for Hair”, an ounce of the resulting semen is added to the hair treatment. The concoction was massaged into the scalp and hair. The treatment was said to strengthen your hair and promote new hair growth. The cost wasn’t expensive, only $7. The smell? Don’t worry. The semen is chilled before it goes on your hair and does not have an odor.

4 De-stressing snakes


A treatment that is not for those who have any fear of reptiles. This seems like the most unsettling and unnerving spa experience possible but for the owner of Ada Barak's Carnivorous Plant Farm near Tel Aviv, Israel- it can be very relaxing. This treatment is not too pricey at $70 a session, and includes 6 non venomous snakes slithering over various parts of your naked body. Once again, this treatment is not for the faint of heart.

3 Wine and Bathe

Stop your whining and do something about that butt cellulite. Vinotherapy is a fairly recent spa treatment that is said to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, tighten skin, and help reduce cellulite. All you need to do is take a swim in red wine or get a red wine body wrap in an expensive salon. The wine contains grapeseed oil and is high in antioxidants. To get the full benefits, people are bathing in and getting wrapped in red wine for 20 minutes and then rinsing off. The process helps improve skin circulation and can give your skin a healthy glow.

2 Smothered in Chocolate

It is every woman’s dream to be smothered in chocolate, and now you can do it and call it a beauty treatment. Chocolate body wraps are being praised for their ability to moisturize the skin and help you lose water weight. The chocolate wrap treatment is available in some upscale salons, but some women also do it at home by melting dark chocolate chips in a double boiler or microwave and blending it with a few strawberries. Some recipes say to then add some honey and champagne to the mixture and voila. The warm chocolate mixture is applied to your skin and left on for about 15 minutes. The paste is then misted to keep it moist and a plastic wrap is used to cover the chocolate areas for another 15 minutes. When you are done, the chocolate paste is washed off with warm water.

1 Butt Facial

It is all about the butt, these days and as butt implants increase, so do other butt beauty treatments. One of the latest trends for the butt is the butt facial. This involves a body scrub on your butt cheeks to remove dead, dry skin and a butt massage. Some spas are taking butt facials even further with the use of microcurrents. A microcurrent therapy machine is used to send bioelectric signals to your butt to reduce and eliminate cellulite. These are the same machines that are used to give people non-surgical facelifts.

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