15 Strange Beauty Home Remedies That Work

Women of every age strive to have beautiful skin. Between the creams, the facials, the treatments, we try just about anything to make ourselves look and feel our best. However, this can get pretty pricey. And the worst is when you spend all this money on something that doesn’t end up working. Wouldn't you rather do it right, with something you know that will work, but won’t cost you tons of cash in the process? Well, duh. Instead of running to the pharmacy or the dermatologist to pick up those high-priced treatments, stick to what you have at home. There are tons of natural, home remedies that give you the same results - if not better - than those expensive treatments. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to open the fridge and search the medicine cabinet, because we have 15 kooky-sounding beauty solutions that can be found right in your home.

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15 Toothpaste Spot-Treatment For Zits

You wake up with clear skin but as the day goes on a random zit pops up on your face, and when you get home to put something on it, you realize you're out of your Clearasil gel from when you were 16. No worries. Grab a tube of toothpaste and dab a small amount on the zit. It might sting a little at first, but that’s okay, it just means it’s working. The active ingredients in toothpaste not only help whiten your teeth and freshen your breath, but can zap a zit on your skin - even getting it to shrink down a size by the next day.

14 Vegetable Oil For Breakable Nails

If you are like many gals out there who experience brittle nails that constantly try using vegetable oil on those flimsy things. Soak them in a bowl of oil for a few minutes or rub them down before going to sleep. You can even wrap your nails in plastic wrap for a few hours or overnight to really intensify the treatment. You’ll not only wake up with some seriously strong nails (after continuous use), but your skin will be soft and smooth too. Who doesn’t like a two-for-one kind of deal in their beauty regimen?

13 Apples For Whiter Teeth

We all know eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away because it helps maintain a healthy body, but did you know eating an apple can actually help whiten your teeth? Forget those expensive teeth whitening systems, just reach for an apple in the kitchen and get chomping. The type of acid found in an apple can help remove stains on your teeth, which in return gives you a brighter, whiter smile you don’t have to pay a lot of money for. On the plus side, it’s said that apples can even strengthen your teeth, so the benefits are pretty much endless.

12 Papaya For Smoother Skin

Looking for a healthy way to get cleaner, smoother skin? Use papaya and oatmeal to do the trick. You’ll need to peel the papaya and then put it in a food processor to get it on the creamy side. After that, you can add oatmeal to the mix to make it more like a paste that is much easier to apply to your skin. Allow the mixture to sit for about 10 minutes and once you rinse it off you’ll instantly see and feel a difference. Your skin will glow and feel much softer, while also preventing any pimples from arising, thanks to the particular enzyme found in the papaya. Those dead skin cells will be diminished and all you'll be left with is downright gorgeous skin.

11 Pepto-Bismol For Acne & Wrinkles

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We all need a facial now and then to make our skin look its best, but sometimes we can’t always make it to our favorite spa - or afford it. Let’s be real, facials can be pretty costly and even though we love them, we can’t always justify shelling out the money to get them. That’s where Pepto-Bismol comes in. If you’re looking for a cheap way to get the facial benefits without hightailing to an expensive spa, rub some Pepto on your face for about 20 minutes then rinse. The antibacterial ingredient, bismuth subsalicylate found in the stomach reliever can help tighten your skin and rid your face from pimples.

10 Visine For Acne

Whether you’re prone to acne or get the occasional pimple now and then, you know what a nuisance it can be. That red, pulsating bump, that mocks you every time you look in the mirror, is a constant reminder of your teenage years even though you’re well into adulthood. No one wants them, and most of us use just about anything we can find to get rid of them. But instead of those over-the-counter creams, why not try Visine? It actually helps remove redness, not just from your eyes, but from your blemishes, while also calming inflammation.

9 Flax Seed For Healthier Lashes

It seems like everyone is onboard with getting longer lashes. If you’re not vamping them up with mascara, you’re adding fake ones in to make them fuller and sexier. But here’s a thing you may not have tried: Flax seed. Yes, the same ingredient that is good for your insides is actually good for your outsides too. It’s packed with plenty of omegas and B vitamins that can help your lashes grow lush and long. And the best part is, if you have any damaged lashes that are brittle and short (remember when you ripped them after taking off the fake ones?) flax seed can help repair those too.

8 Duct Tape For Warts

No one likes a nasty wart, so it’s essential to nip it in the bud right away. But you may not have wart remover tucked away in your bathroom with all of your other secret beauty supplies (hemorrhoid cream, anyone?). Don’t fret, you can actually use duct tape on warts and get a better result than other types of treatments. For real! Between the suction-like seal and the adhesive of the tape, the wart dies off quick. All you need to do is apply the tape on the wart and leave it for about a week. We know, it’s not pretty, but really, neither is the wart? After the week is up, remove the tape, clean the area, and rub a pumice stone on it. Cover again for another week and voila! The wart is gone.

7 Aspirin For Dandruff

Everyone knows aspirin helps beat minor ache pain, along with preventing heart attacks, but not everyone is up-to-date on how it actually helps rid dandruff. It’s able to shed away dead skin like an intense dandruff shampoo (or acne medication, removing the nastiest of flakes. The end result? Your scalp is clean and your hair is sexy. All you need to do is crush up a tablespoon of aspirin and mix it with your favorite shampoo. Allow the shampoo mixture to sit on your scalp for about 5 minutes or so before rinsing. Then dry and style as usual.

6 Krazy Glue For Cracked Heels

How many creams and lotions do you have to buy in order to get your heels smooth and soft? Too many. And no matter what you try, nothing really seems to do the trick, right? We know. We’ve been there. But don’t worry because there really is a simple alternative. Instead of spending all your cash on expensive foot creams, slab a little Krazy Glue on your heels. Sure, it sounds nuts, but it really works. After the shower, rub your favorite lotion on your feet (because you already spent the money on it, you better use it) and then apply the glue where the cracks are. Keep your feet away from just about everything - including your hands after application- while drying. Once they are dry, you'll be blessed with crack-free feet that you'll want to show off.

5 Potatoes For Puffy, Red Eyes

For the longest time, we have been using cucumber slices to rid our tired, puffy eyes. And while that sometimes works and feels good on the skin, there’s something else that does an even better job: potatoes. Simply apply two raw pieces of potato over both eyes and allow them to stay there for 10 minutes. When you remove them, you’ll instantly see your eyes are puff-free and feel more relaxed. Doesn’t that sound fantastic? After all, your eyes are the windows to your soul. You need those peepers looking and feeling their best.

4 Mayonnaise For Dry, Damaged Hair

An oldie but a goodie, mayonnaise used for your hair has been a staple in many women’s beauty regimens for years now, and that’s because it works. This homemade deep conditioning treatment is a go-to because it leaves hair looking and feeling soft and lush. Who needs those hot oil treatments when you can easily use a few scoops of your favorite condiment and get the same result? Lather the mayo in your hair and let it set for 20 minutes before rinsing out. For the perfect hot oil-like experience? Blow dry your hair with the mayo in it for a few minutes before rinsing. 

3 Honey For Dry, Cracked Lips

Aren’t chapped lips the worst? When they are dry and cracked it’s merely impossible to wear gloss or lipstick. Who wants wear hot, vampy red gloss only to highlight their chapped lips? Not us. But luckily, that’s no longer an issue, because there’s something that works. Instead of opting for the chapsticks that claim to rid your lips from dryness, slather on some honey. While you may not want to do this right before you go out (it’s a tad sticky), you can do this while hanging out at home or right before you head to bed. You’ll wake up with beautiful, soft lips that'll look damn good in red. 

2 Vaseline For Dry Cuticles

Dry cuticles can sometimes be the hardest thing to cure because nothing seems to help. No matter what type of cream you use, your cuticles are still cracked and nasty. This could be because you end up washing your hands after you use the cream and since it doesn’t seep into your skin, it gets washed away. Well, Vaseline is a jelly that can go deep into the skin much easier than a standard cream, lasting a lot longer and keeping your cuticles soft. Rub your cuticles with Vaseline before bed and let it melt into your skin overnight for the best morning surprise of your life: beautiful cuticles you don’t want to nibble.

1 Tree Oil For Pimples

If you have the occasional pimple (you know, like right before your period?) and also have sensitive skin, chances are you need something mild to help clear up your face. Skip the harsh treatments and use tree oil instead. The oil is packed with both antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ingredients but it’s gentle enough so it won’t dry out your skin. After you wash your face, pat the oil directly on the pimple. Be sure to leave it there for awhile so it really seeps into the skin. A great way to ensure this happens is by applying at nighttime right before bed so you it can work while you sleep.

sources: naturehacks.com, stylecaster.com

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