15 Stories From Inexperienced Babysitters

There’s not a teenager out there who hasn’t experienced at least some form of babysitting. Whether you’re stuck watching your little brother on a day off, or you’re making a little extra cash by looking after the neighbors' kids a few nights a week. Babysitting is one of the easiest ways for kids to make some cash. Not only is it a great practice in learning how to be responsible, but it’s also a necessary thing. Every parent needs a little time off from their kids, whether they want to admit it or not.

It’s not about not loving them; it’s about taking a break and keeping your passion and your independence alive! That’s what babysitters are for. Sometimes, though, the babysitters aren’t as good as you might think they are. You never know what’s going to happen when you leave them alone. While we don’t often hear about anything bad happening, we do know that some babysitters take way more liberties in the house than others. Read on and hear about what the nanny cams have caught, what the babysitters have caught the kids doing, and what other naughty things are happening when all those trusting parents go out and play.

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15 This Is Every Babysitter's Worst Nightmare

Paranoia is the WORST, especially when it comes to our jobs. How many times have we been worried about something that we haven’t even done, just because we know our managers, security, or higher staff is watching us? It’s a weird feeling, especially if you’re an honest person with nothing to be worried about. We all get paranoid, and if you’re a babysitter the fear is even worse. People find it difficult to trust others with their children, and if something did go wrong... Well, just imagine knowing that every move is being caught on the nanny cam. You can’t hide anything, including that extra snack you took out of the kitchen cupboards! On the bright side, if something did happen that was out of your control, you’ve got some video evidence to back it up.

14 Some Babysitters Just Have That Magic Touch... Or, You Know, Zzzquil

We’re on the fence about how we feel about this one. While sleep aids aren’t the worst thing in the world, and most are safe for kids in small doses, we do worry when people abuse things like Zzzquil. We’ll admit that it’s helped us on a few occasions when we’ve been particularly sick, it’s not something to be used every night. And it’s especially not meant to be used as a sleep aid when you’re not feeling gross! We hope that some parents caught on to what was happening with their kids. Stuff like that shouldn’t go on forever, even if there’s no damage happening. We’re surprised this babysitter ever managed to get the kids to try some in the first place… Kids HATE taking that sort of stuff.

13 Looking After Someone Else's Kids Is Such A "Draining" Experience

You’ve heard of sibling rivalry, but we bet you’ve never heard of siblings trying to flush their other siblings. It’s a vicious and adorable act, as long as the kid is big enough to not actually fit down the drain. Imagine if their parents were there! No doubt Mom would have a fit trying to get the baby out of the toilet, while the babysitter was probably killing themselves laughing. It’s not that the baby is in any danger! At two years old they’re definitely big enough to be safe sitting in the drain. While 5-year-old logic dictates that this is the best way to get rid of a baby brother (or sister), real logic says that it just won’t work… But it sure is adorable!

12   This Girl Wins The Award For Being The Most Vicious Babysitter

When babysitters go bad, everyone gets hurt. Emotionally, at least. This babysitter is the most vicious we’ve heard of, getting way too personal with her child charge. The kid might have been trying to be mean, but more likely is the fact that they were just speaking their mind. Kids are inspiring when it comes to opinions and truth. They seldom know what’s appropriate or not, and often don’t let themselves say anything but what’s on their mind. This babysitter shot back with whatever was on her mind, and we love her for it. While it’s maybe not a good idea to make your babysitting charges cry, it’s definitely a sign that she’s the one in control. And that’s always a good thing to keep going when you’re a babysitter.

11 When That Night Of Easy Money Turns Into THREE DAYS Of Free Childcare

Can you imagine that? You agree to take on a babysitting job, thinking that it’s only going to last the evening. Then, you fall asleep on the couch. It’s 2 or 3 am and the parent(s) aren’t home yet. You wake up the next morning expecting the mother or father of the child to be nudging you and offering you a ride home. What do you see instead? A hungry child tugging at your shirt sleeve. You can’t leave the kid alone, so you just keep watching them. It’s scary and ridiculous. Who just leaves their kid for three days?! Moreso, who gets thrown in jail and doesn’t think to call the babysitter to let them know? We don’t know what we would have done in that situation, but we’re glad the kid is okay.

10 You Have To Be Careful Whom You Let Into Your House... Including The Babysitter

Yikes. This could get everyone in trouble. While nanny cams have had some backlash just because of the fact that they show a blatant lack of trust, we think they’re totally fine when it comes to protecting your home and kids. Especially when it’s a person whom you might not know very well. Case in point, this babysitter. While this Mom might have thought that she was leaving her kids with a responsible girl, she learned a different fact fast. No doubt she noticed that her vodka was tasting a little bit lighter than normal, and wanted to get to the bottom of it. While we hope the babysitter wasn’t drinking on the job, any young teen shouldn’t be ingesting anything illegally. Especially if they’ve also stolen it! That’s a BIG no.

9 "Are You My Mommy?" Never Sounded So Sad

Oh no. Talk about sad. While there’s nothing wrong with being a single parent (in fact, we have a whole lot of respect for it) it does get a hard sometimes. Especially if your child is young enough to not really understand where mommy or daddy went. While normally we think that kids should be excused for these silly kid logic mistakes they make, this is one of those situations that just makes us sad. This isn't an innocent case of child logic… That’s the parent not being able to make the child understand what’s going on. It’s hard when you’re dealing with a whole bunch of adult stuff. Hopefully, the kid will be okay, though it sounds like the babysitter took it harder than the kid! It’s okay, though. The cartoons will help.

8 Babysitters Get The Sweetest Revenge On Their Terrible Kids

This is the type of revenge we can support. While we worry a little about the fact that this babysitter left the kids ALONE, we don’t believe that it’s the end of the world. If they’re old enough to think about locking their caregiver outside, they’re probably old enough to handle being alone for 5 minutes… And it sounds like it was well worth it. This babysitter was definitely playing hardball, and the payoff was so, SO sweet. But not for the kids! It serves them right, being so cruel. No doubt the babysitter had a hard time explaining that one to the parents. “What did you and the kids get up to?” “Oh, you know, they locked me out and then I broke their hearts with some sweet ice cream.”

7 Some Parents Need To Get Their Priorities Straight

This is hilarious. Firstly, the fact that someone would hire a babysitter instead of taking their kids out for the walk. Babysitters are expensive! While it’s not quite unreasonable, it is funny that this person decided it was worth it to catch some imaginary animals. Why wouldn’t you bring your kids along, though? Kids love to go wander around, and no doubt they’ve heard of Pokemon before. It would be great exercise too! But alas, this parent decided they were ready to have some alone time. While we’re glad they hired a babysitter, we’re hoping they actually paid the babysitter. Pokemon won’t buy you food, even if a Pikachu is a pretty sweet Pokemon Go catch. Maybe the lesson should be to let the Pokemon come to you… Also, don’t get mad at the babysitter.

6 This Girl Is More Super Hero Than Babysitter

Holy. We can’t imagine someone breaking into our own houses and apartments, let alone it happening when we’re inside somebody else’s. That’s the kind of thing nobody really teaches you about at babysitter school. How are you supposed to deal with someone bursting into the home when it’s just you and the kids? No doubt the parents were shocked when they got back. We’re really glad that the girl who was babysitting had pepper spray in her purse. Pepper spray is a protective measure, but it doesn’t necessarily threaten in the same way a weapon would. It protected them while keeping them safe, and no doubt gave her time to call the cops. Or at least Mom and Dad! She did everything right in this scenario; it’s the robber who should get the punishment.

5 The Sign Of A Good Babysitter Is Loving The Kids Like Their Own

This confession is actually really sweet. The girl in this confession is really adamant that she wants to have kids; we totally respect that! While there’s a lot of push to know what you want when you’re young, some people just don’t have that. Neither way of living your life is correct. You can be happy and know exactly what you want, or you can be happy not knowing whether you want kids or not. The point is that your life is yours. You have control. This girl definitely knows what she wants, judging from how she feels about the kids she babysits. While we aren’t pushing to have kids anytime soon, it doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t! And babysitting is a great replacement for actually having your own.

4 Who Would Say No To Such A Delicious Benefit Of Babysitting Those Kids?

You know that feeling when you used to come home on a break from school and eat all the good leftovers in the fridge? Babysitting is kind of like that, except you get leftovers without the obligatory “how’s school” conversation. Just imagine all the home-cooked meals you can get your hands on without having to deal with nosy family members. It sounds like a sweet life. That is until someone starts to ask about why the kids complain about never getting any leftovers! Unfortunately, kids aren’t great at keeping secrets. They just don’t tend to do it. Especially when it comes to food. Kids are honest, almost to a fault. This isn’t a great thing for babysitters who are sneaking food out from under the parents’ noses!

3 At Least "Muscleman" Didn't Hurt Anyone

What even is Muscleman? Does anyone know? We definitely hadn’t heard of it before, before hearing about this story. This kid has big dreams or a grand sense of self. We think it’s adorable when kids do things like this, though it gets annoying after the age of 9 or 10. At that point, they should start learning some social cues and to learn how to calm down a little. We know that that’s hard, and not an easy process for parents to teach their kids. If they don’t, though, things like this happen. Embarrassed babysitters at a waterpark not knowing how to deal with a half-undressed child running around screaming about his made up superpowers. Don’t squash that belief in himself, though! That’s something precious that few people take into their grown-up lives.

2 This Babysitter Was Definitely Never Allowed Back

Talk about sad. Hopefully, the kid is okay, but we wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up in the hospital. Any good babysitter should have taken her to the emergency, just to get checked up on. Concussions can sometimes be deadly, and generally not very comfortable. We know that we don’t want to end up with anything bad happening to our kids, and babysitters need to be twice as careful with their charges. The kids aren’t theirs, which means someone else’s kid is on the line. While sleepwalking isn’t the worst thing in the world, it can sometimes have deadly consequences… Like this girl. One day, if they didn’t take precautions, they might have ended up with some sad news. Things worked out okay this time, but next time… Watch out!

1 Spinning Chairs Are The Bane Of Every Babysitter

Spinning chairs have provided some of the most fun moments of all of our childhoods. If you never played on a spinning chair, you’re missing out. Whether or not you’re actually better off not having scrambled your brains on a spinning chair is up in the air. We believe that kids will be kids, and kids should be allowed to spin to their heart’s content. This kid definitely went too far, which is unfortunate. She spun and spun until she found that she was all mixed up. And then… YUCK! All over the carpet! What would you have done if this was your kid? We hope the babysitter apologized and quickly cleared out. We know we would have! Imagine how that conversation with the parents went after…

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