15 Stories From Bridesmaids Who Are Frustrated With The Bride-To-Be

Weddings are a time to celebrate the love shared between a couple, and a chance to hold a lavish party so that friends and family members can join in and make the big day an extra special one.

Most weddings are more about the bride than the groom because so much time goes into making the wedding the bride's day of her dreams, and this includes choosing the right people to stand up there at the altar with her. A bridesmaid has a very important role and she is there for the bride not just on the wedding day but in the build-up to that day, too, so you would think that the bride would show her some appreciation. You may think that, but if these confessions prove anything it’s that brides can turn into absolute monsters.

Below are 15 confessions from bridesmaids who have had enough of the bride-to-be and are frightfully close to pulling out her hair, or leaving the wedding party completely. What could be so bad to drive them to a breaking point? If it’s not the bride trying to make them look hideous in dresses that are frumpy and just plain ugly, then it’s the bride having a hissy fit about hair color or acting like a spoiled brat.

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15 They’ve Grown Apart And This Wedding Is Painful

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Asking someone to be your bridesmaid is a special moment, but this shouldn’t be a decision you make on a whim, or because you feel you need to invite a certain amount of women to stand up at the altar with you. You definitely shouldn’t be asking someone you’ve lost touch with to be your bridesmaid, but this bride did, and her friend said yes, knowing that they had drifted apart.

So, what happens in a situation like this? Disaster! According to the woman behind this confession, she made the worst decision of her life joining this wedding party. While she didn’t go into too much detail about why it’s so bad, she did reveal that she’s now stuck in a different state and is feeling miserable.

14 The Bride Was Ungrateful And Spoiled

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Weddings are expensive! If you opt to have a low-key wedding in your back garden good for you because there are so many unnecessary expenses for couples when they celebrate their big day with a lavish ceremony and party. But this big day is not just expensive for the couple but also for their family members and bridal party, and being a bridesmaid usually means you have to open your wallet at least a few times.

You have to buy your dress, shoes, and accessories, and maybe your bride wants you to pay for hair and makeup and contribute to her hens' party, and these costs quickly add up. This woman is a former bridesmaid who came close to ripping out the bride's hair because, despite the fact that she’s spent thousands on the event, she hasn’t received any thanks!

13 Her Goal Is To Make Her Bridesmaids Ugly

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Every woman wants to look amazing on her wedding day, which is why so much money is spent on hair, makeup, and a dress that could come straight from a Disney fairytale, but I will never understand a bride who tries to do everything she can to ensure she's not outshone -- it’s your day, all eyes are going to be on your anyway!

You shouldn’t be so insecure in yourself that you think your bridesmaids are going to steal your thunder, but some women clearly are, because this bridesmaid has revealed that the bride only has one goal, and that goal is to make her bride tribe look ugly! Does this mean she’s picking hideous outfits and awful headpieces? Whatever this woman has planned it’s sad that she feels she has to sabotage other people to be happy.

12 Everyone Hates The Bride

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Why would you agree to be someone’s bridesmaid if you can’t stand that person? This confession is so confusing to me because the bridesmaid claims she and some of the other bridesmaids hate the bride, and honestly, there is only one thought I have after reading this confession, and that’s why? Just why?

It’s frustrating that this person chose not to give any details about the reason they all dislike the bride; is it because they aren’t nice people and accepted her invitation to be a bridesmaid for a laugh? OR was it something the bride did during the wedding that has resulted in their mutual disdain?

You have to hope it's the second option, because going into a wedding knowing you dislike the person who asked you to be in their bridal party is asking for trouble!

11 The Bride Asked Her To Do What?!

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It seems there are a lot of things that can go wrong when you’re a bridesmaid and it can be incredibly difficult to deal with a bossy bride. But there is bossy, and then there is this woman who takes the demands made of her bridesmaids to a whole new level! According to the woman behind this confession, she ended up having a massive fight with the bride because she asked her to change her color.

Um, what?! I sort of understand if your bridesmaid decided to get bright pink hair two days before the big day and you weren’t expecting it, but knowing that your friend was blonde (or any normal, muted hair tone) and then asking her to change her hair because you want to be the only woman with that hair color is bizarre. It’s also incredibly rude!

10 Help! The Bride Has Turned Into A Monster

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Weddings are stressful and you don’t realize just how stressful they can be until you start planning your own wedding -- seriously, if you can afford a wedding planner and want to save yourself a load of time then do it! But the point I’m making is that some people react badly when they are under a lot of pressure which is why some brides turn into bridezillas.

And unfortunately, this bridesmaid is hating every minute of the wedding she’s a part of because her alleged best friend has become a complete member. This woman doesn’t go into detail about what the bride has been doing that's so bad, but the pair appear to have a really odd relationship because she claims that her friend was the maid of honor in her wedding and she never acted like a bridezilla, even though her friend tried to “sabotage” her big day. What?! Why the heck would you still be friends with this person if they tried to ruin your wedding?

9 Sometimes Being Laid Back Is More Stressful

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For most bridesmaids, the biggest stress in a wedding is when the bride loses her cool. You would then assume if the bride is really laid back and chilled about everything that it would be great to be apart of her wedding party, right? Well, apparently not, because according to this bridesmaid, this is the worst wedding she has ever been to and that’s because there doesn’t seem to be much organization taking place.

There has been no wedding rehearsal and the wedding is just in a few hours, so this has left the bridesmaid feeling really frustrated, and she's clearly wondering if everything is going to go smoothly. Still, it could be worse, the bride could have been picking out hideous dresses and changing hair colors.

8 The Dresses Were The Final Straw

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What would it take for you to drop out of a wedding? Would you finally say no when the bride asked you to fork out more money on things you didn’t think were necessary? Would you walk away because she asked you to change your hair, or said something rude to you? Or, like the bridesmaid in this confession, would the final straw be because the bridesmaids' dresses are absolutely hideous?

This bridesmaid has revealed that she was forced to drop out of the wedding because the dresses were not only expensive, but they were also the ugliest things she'd ever seen. And who wants to spend loads of cash on a dress that is going to make them look frumpy and flat-chested? I’ll tell you, no one, which is why this bridesmaid said bye!

7 It’s The Worst When You Straight Up Hate The Bride

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A special moment like a wedding is something that is celebrated with family and friends and because of this, the bride and groom often try to include these people in their wedding party. This confession comes from a woman who was included in a wedding because the person who is getting married is her brother-in-law, and his bride decided to do a nice thing by asking her to be her bridesmaid.

There’s just one problem: this woman hates the bride. The good news is she didn't go into the wedding with bad intentions, knowing she couldn't stand the bride, rather it seems as though this woman has gradually come to find out that she is no fan. Let's just say there is no chance these two women will be besties once this wedding is finished.

6 Watch Out For The Bridezilla

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You’d think that being someone’s bridesmaid is not only a great privilege but also a lot of fun, after all, you get to drink as many bubbles as you want and help pick out beautiful dresses. Not to mention plan an epic party for the bachelorette.

This would be the ideal bridesmaid experience, but if these confessions prove anything it’s that a lot of bridesmaids are left feeling underappreciated, cash-strapped, and just miserable in general. This confession comes from a woman who claims that this experience is fast becoming one of the worst experiences of her life, and not only that, but it’s a hugely expensive event. This should serve as a warning to all future brides because you need to have realistic expectations and can’t expect people to spend loads of money on your day, especially if they don’t have the money.

5 The Bride Is Her Sister But Has The Nastiest Things To Say

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If you’re in your sister’s wedding you would expect her to treat you the best out of all of the bridesmaids, right? After all, you share the same blood. However, the person behind this confession has a particularly nasty sister, and you can’t forgive her actions just because she consumed too much alcohol or was stressed on her wedding day.

So, what did she do that was so bad? Well, as you can clearly see from the confession, this woman’s sister thought it would be perfectly OK to tell her that out of all the bridesmaids she had in her wedding, the one who looked the ugliest was her. How can someone say this, let alone their own sister? And if the bride really thought this then maybe she should have found them better dresses.

4 Even Her Own Sister Is A Nightmare To Deal With

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Bridezillas are a real thing and these confessions prove it! This confession comes from a bridesmaid who is actually sister’s with the bride, and if they weren’t related then she may have left the bridal party a long, long time ago.

According to this confession, the bride has transformed from a normal person into a bridezilla and she now hates everything. In fact, this bridesmaid's desperate failed attempts to make her sister happy are taking their toll, and her confession makes it sound as though she’s completely exhausted. It should come as no surprise then that she cannot wait until the wedding is over, and she will probably need a nice long break from her sibling.

Wedding horror stories like these really make you think twice about becoming a bridesmaid, don’t they?

3 This Wedding Will Be The End Of Their Friendship

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It’s a sad day when a wedding sees the union of two people, and the dissolution of a friendship. How bad must things be for you to vow that after your friend’s wedding you’re never going to speak to her again? If we take the woman behind this confession at her word, then her best friend has turned into a complete monster during the planning of her wedding and her actions have been so selfish that this woman would be more than happy if she never saw her again.

She chose not to go into detail about why she wants to end the friendship, but we do know that the wedding was the cause of it. Hopefully, the bride realizes that she’s been unbearable and puts in the work that’s needed to save her friendship because this confession is truly saddening.

2 This Is The Last Time She’ll Ever Be A Bridesmaid

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There are some bridesmaids who have dropped out of the wedding party because the bride was unbearable or selfish, then there are others who suffer in silence because they feel as though it’s their duty to stay loyal to their friend or sister. And then there are those who have been put off being a bridesmaid for life.

Seriously, if you had an awful experience you’d be reluctant to ever say yes to another bride again, and this is exactly the way that the woman behind this confession feels. According to her, she could never be a bridesmaid again because her best friend has turned into a complete nightmare to deal with, and because the two women are so close, she has become the recipient of all the bad tempers and mood swings.

1 Couldn’t She Have Kept Quiet For Her BFF?

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Brides are not always the nicest and happiest people because they have 101 things on their minds and feel incredibly stressed, and that’s really why the bridesmaids have their role. They are meant to be the ones who calm down the bride and give her a reality check if she’s acting out, they are definitely not meant to suddenly decide to get a conscious days before the wedding and potentially ruin the whole thing.

This confession comes from a maid of honor, who decided one day before her best friend's wedding that she should share with one of the groomsmen that the bride had a year-long affair with another man. That affair seems to be over, and there's no excusing the bride's actions but it was not her friend's place to decide to come clean. If she wanted the groom to know, there were plenty of other opportunities before this!

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