15 Steamy Pics of Kristen Bell That Will Make Any Man Sweat

Kristen Bell is just the best. She's hilarious, she's smart, she's one half of the cutest couple ever, and oh yeah, she's super adorable, too. She has had an amazing career so far, starring on the beloved (and amazing) teen drama Veronica Mars and movies like Frozen and You Again. These days, Kristen's the lead on the incredible sitcom The Good Place, and we couldn't possibly love her any more than we do. We love following her on social media and are always interested in what she has to say, whether she's chatting about being vegan/vegetarian or raising kids.

Okay, so we're also pretty into the fact that Kristen Bell's married to the super hot Dax Shephard. The two got married in 2013 and some people think that they started the whole #relationshipgoals thing. Yup, that's a pretty big deal, and it just proves how insanely cute they are. We tend to focus on how cute and sweet Kristen is since she's on the petite side, but of course she's also super beautiful. She's even more gorgeous because she's so humble. That really makes someone attractive, right!? We compiled the 15 hottest photos of Kristen Bell, and you may have never seen her looking like this before! Check out these 15 dangerously beautiful pictures of Kristen Bell!


15 Poolside Princess

Yup, that's Kristen Bell. We might not think that this was her, especially considering the fact that she's rocking some serious cleavage here. She's not the first female celebrity that we would think of when we think about cleavage. But, of course, she's super hot and she looks amazing here.

There's just something about a super tight red bodysuit. It makes any woman look 100 times more beautiful. Not that Kristen needed to be any more beautiful. Nope. She was already at a level 100 and now this outfit has brought her to level 1000 (or even more than that). We're sure that her handsome hubby was pretty into this picture, too. How could he not be?! We can't stop staring and we're not even married to her. Whoa.

14 Kissy Face


Again, we probably wouldn't expect to see Kristen Bell posing for a photo like this, considering the fact that we basically never see her showing any skin. She's always wearing regular, casual clothes, like for her roles on Veronica Mars and The Good Place. 

This is definitely one photo of Kristen Bell that is dangerously beautiful. Let's face it, her body looks like total and complete perfection here. She's clearly in amazing shape and the kissing face that she's making is absolutely adorable. See, even when Kristen Bell looks hot AF, she still manages to look adorable. That's just her trademark and brand. She can't help it. We're also into her longer hair, although of course we like the way that she's wearing her hair these days as well. What can we say? We're big-time Kristen Bell fans and can't say a negative thing about her.

13 Lovely In Lingerie

Another dangerously gorgeous photo. Kristen's got a super sly and adorable look on her face that we're really loving. She totally knows that she's posing in a seductive way and she's probably thinking that this isn't the way that she normally looks. But, hey, she's going to have some fun. Why not?! She's definitely beautiful and she should believe it.

This photo makes us wonder what her workout routine, which is definitely our number one thought when we see photos of female celebs looking amazing. What can we say? We're always looking for a workout that we actually want to do and that will make us look really good. We don't think that's too much to ask for. In August 2016, Self magazine talked about Kristen's exercise habits, and it turns out that the actress runs, does pilates, and goes for a lot of walks. Sounds good to us.

12 Beautiful Bedhead


Guys always think that women look the most beautiful when we first wake up in the morning. If we've ever heard a boyfriend say that to us, it's the sweetest thing ever, and it's also incredibly romantic. It just makes us feel really great to know that he thinks that we're super pretty even when we've got no makeup on and our hair is super messy.

We think that Kristen Bell looks really beautiful here, since she looks like she really did just wake up. She's got the mussed up hair (aka bedhead) and, of course, she's wearing a black bra and underwear. We love this photo because it was done in a really tasteful and elegant way. We wouldn't expect anything else from Kristen, though.

11 Just Lying Around

Kristen looks incredibly beautiful here, and it's not about the girly, fancy dress that she's wearing or her soft makeup here or her perfectly styled wavy bob (although those things make her look good, sure). The reason why she looks so great is definitely her confidence. Right?! We can just tell that she's proud of who she is and that she enjoys her life and that she's not going to waste time worrying about anything.

Okay, maybe that's a lot to get from a photo, but this is honestly the impression that we have of the super successful actress. She wrote an essay for Cosmopolitan magazine and said, "In high school, I came to the realization that my delusional sense of strength actually did have an attributable source: It came from being nice to others. Acts of kindness gave me an endorphin boost and made me feel emotionally and physically strong." Interesting, right?!

10 Is It Hot In Here?!


Is it hot in here or is just us?! We've probably never seen Kristen Bell like this and this photo totally makes us do a double take. Yup, that really is her.

Her body looks insanely good. If we didn't like her so much, we would be jealous AF. Since we love her so much and she really seems like a good person, we can't possibly hate her. So we're just going to say that if we had this body, well, we wouldn't complain a day in our lives. We swear. Just look at her. She's literally wearing fishnets all over her body, from her legs to her stomach, and she looks amazing. It takes some serious skill and beauty to wear fishnets when it's not Halloween and look awesome.

9  Flawless Beauty

In that same essay for Cosmo, Kristen Bell talked about dating her husband Dax Shepard and starting to get into the whole comparison trap thing. She was wondering how she fared compared to other female celebs in Hollywood, and it sounds like she was having kind of a tough time with it. He said that she would become totally miserable if she kept doing that, so she should just embrace who she is and not compare herself. Solid advice, Dax.

After seeing Kristen looking so beautiful in this photo, we can't imagine her ever needing more self-confidence or wondering about how she looks compared to other actresses. The thought seems so ridiculous, it's not even funny. But it's nice to know that even crazy beautiful stars like Kristen Bell get insecure sometimes. It's just comforting to know that we're all human at the end of the day.


8 Black And White Vibes


This photo makes us go "WHOA" and now we know exactly how Dax feels about his lovely wife. He must be so thrilled to be with such an amazing person and she must feel the same about him. Oh man, we can't even take how adorable they are. We wonder if they get annoyed AF by how everyone always thinks that they have the perfect relationship... Actually, they probably do, since they've been fairly open and frank about how they're not really flawless and that they go through stuff like any other couple. But they're definitely the definition of true love.

Kristen's rocking this leather jacket and now we're in the mood to wear leather with some massive rings. How cool are those rings?! They're a really cool touch. Props to the stylist for sure. Kristen's hair looks incredible like this, all messy and wavy and big, and her smokey eyes are really hot, too.

7 Chilling Out

Doesn't Kristen look so happy here?! It's like we've taken a ten-second vacation, all by looking at this photo of the star lying by a pool. That was definitely a cheap trip, right?!

Okay, now we're back, and we can't believe how pretty Kristen looks. She also looks really happy. Sure, she could just be grinning because she was posing for a photo and she didn't exactly want to frown or scowl. Maybe she was having a bad day and wasn't even in the mood to smile. But... for some reason, we just don't think that's the case. She honestly seems like a really happy person, and we think that's really something to admire. She's just such a sunny human being, isn't she?! Go Kristen Bell. Just the best.

6 The Prettiest Picture


Kristen Bell looks a bit younger here, so this was probably taken a few years ago, and it's got a really pretty vibe. Let's be real here, this is a bit of an awkward pose since she's leaning backward with her knees bent on the floor and one foot is halfway out of her high heel. This awkward pose could have absolutely resulted in a super awkward photo, but that's not what happened at all. Instead, Kristen looks gorgeous, and we don't think that she could possibly look any better.

She's wearing a pretty interesting outfit -- a shiny black leather bra/crop top, a long black sweater, jeans with chains, tons of bracelets, and striped high heels. We like that she's basically fully clothed (besides showing off her awesome abs) because she always looks so classy.

5 Lady In White

They say you can't wear white after Labor Day, but that rule clearly doesn't apply to the lovely Kristen Bell, who looks amazing in this white dress. Well, we assume that it's a dress, even though we can't see more than her chest area.

What can we even say about how pretty she looks in this photo? It's almost nuts to see how good she looks. She's got gorgeous wavy blonde hair, a flawless makeup application, and smiling eyes. We've all noticed how she totally smiles with her eyes, haven't we? It's honestly one of the prettiest things about her. Everyone else is grinning with their mouths and Kristen Bell is just so beautiful that she smiles with her eyes, too. No wonder we're such massive fans of her.

4 Super In Suspenders

KRISTEN BELL in Norma Jean Roy Photoshoot

Suspenders are one of those things that we might not think would look good on anyone. Nope, we wouldn't even think that they would work on a gorgeous actress like Kristen Bell. Honestly, this item of clothing has never really been in style, and has always been associated with really geeky guys. Just putting it out there.

But this awesome photo has changed our mind about suspenders forever and now we might even want to rush out and buy some. Or maybe not. That might be a bit much. But we definitely don't hate how Kristen Bell looks in these cool striped pants and graphic t-shirt and suspenders. It's a different look and it's one that looks beautiful on her. We also love the cheeky grin on her face.

3 Pretty In A Pink Bikini

Look, it's not hard for a beautiful actress to look hot in a bikini. It kind of goes without saying that they would look good, and that's even truer if they log some serious gym time or care a lot about maintaining their physical appearance.

Kristen Bell, however, looks like the prettiest girl ever in this pink bikini, and we don't think that anyone could pull it off better. There's just something about this shade of light pink that makes her look so beautiful. Maybe because it's kind of young and innocent and sweet. Okay, okay, we also have to talk about her incredible abs. Because those are some serious abs. It seems like she works out regularly and she's said over the years that she's into everything from running to pilates to yoga, so it's obvious that she takes care of herself. And that's hot.

2 Photo Shoot Perfection


This was taken as part of a photo shoot, judging from the formal pose and Kristen's hair (it's clearly messy on purpose/it's a really cool style), and we love it so much.

Kristen looks edgier here than she usually does and it works for her. Her face honestly looks like perfection. It's like her face belongs in a museum. No, we're not being dramatic. We swear it's true. Just look at it. She's got the best cheekbones ever and she's the definition of a true beauty. Since she's so down to earth and seems like a celeb that would make a great friend, that makes her even more beautiful. If she was a diva, then we wouldn't think that she looked good at all. Thankfully, though, she's the total opposite of a diva.

1 Denim Dreams

This pretty photo is part of a larger photo shoot that Kristen Bell did for Shape magazine. The lovely star was on the cover, and we can't think of a better cover star.

She shared tons of wisdom in the cover story, including how she's gotten really into yoga. She said, "I enjoy the physical and mental reset I get in yoga more than any other workout. Being in a meditative state while I'm challenging my body is ideal. I like the fact that you set an intention because there's always something that I'm working through in a day, and it helps me do that. If I have a choice, I will always go to yoga rather than sit on the couch, because I feel so much better afterward." If we could go to yoga and feel good and less stressed and also look as great as Kristen Bell, totally sign us up.



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