15 Steamy Photos Of The Cast of Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy has been our go-to guilty pleasure television show since its debut in 2005. Spanning an incredible 14 seasons, the creative genius Shonda Rimes never lets us down. As one of the longest-running ABC shows in history, Grey's Anatomy has consistently delivered medical drama to loyal fans.

It doesn't hurt matters that the cast is made up of very good looking doctors. Historically, we've fallen in love with McDreamy, McSteamy, Dr.Karev, and most recently, Jackson Avery. The female leads are nothing to scoff at either, with consistently cute Meredith, fiery redhead April and gone but not forgotten Callie. The seasons have brought us new relationships, love affairs and more hookups in the hospital than we can shake a fist at. Although the show remains tame, our imaginations are tested with every shirtless doctor we see.

So what does the cast look like when they're not on set? Who are the real people behind these characters that we've fallen so deeply in love with? Off set, they are different people with completely unique and interesting lives. And in those lives, they are free to do as they please including frolicking around in skimpy clothes on the beach, for example. Because we can't get enough of the staff of Grey's Anatomy, we've dug deep and found some pretty telling photos of them. Here are 15 Steamy Photos Of The Cast of Grey's Anatomy


15 Meredith Grey Has A Naughty Side

Meredith Grey's character is extremely calculated, poised and under control. She doesn't take too many risks in love (it took her a loooooong time to move on from McDreamy) and doesn't like when life gets too hectic. In real life, however, actress Ellen Pompeo is a little more sassy. She is a wife and devoted mother, and had admitted that she is more of a homebody than a party girl. (That sounds very much liked our beloved Meredith.) Despite this, Ellen seems to be a little more prone to dressing up, wearing some lacy lingerie or taking a risk! There are some pretty hot photos of Ellen on the internet, if you look hard enough- but nothing that will completely blow your mind. She is still a calculated and responsible lady, in and out of character.

14 Jackson Avery Making Us Sweat In Those Scrubs


A good episode of Grey's Anatomy offers at least one dreamy doctor with their shirt off. If we're really lucky, it's Doctor Jackson Avery, played by the smoking hot Jesse Williams. The former model keeps himself in great shape, as can be seen in this recent beach pic. Well, it's good that he's keeping in shape, as he has recently filed for divorce from his wife of 5 years, Aryn Drake-Lee. Rumours have been circulating that he is divorcing his wife because he wants to experience the single life in Hollywood; Jesse reacted quite strongly to those allegations, expressing his frustration that people thought he was just throwing away a 13 year relationship for ridiculous reasons. More recently, he has been linked to actress and babe Minka Kelly, who he is working on a video game with.

13 Callie Torres Proves That Hot Doesn't Have A Size

One of our favorite ex-stars of Grey's Anatomy is Dr. Callie Torres, played by actress Sara Ramirez. Her feisty and passionate character was instantly appealing; and we loved the romance between her and Dr. Arizona Robbins. She was fiery and feisty, with a huge heart of gold, and her departure from the series' in season 12 left us sad and blue. Now that she's retired from Grey's, she has been focusing on her work as a producer, and spending more time with her husband. She is also very involved in philanthropic causes, namely, supporting LGBT rights and volunteering for the Locks of Love organization. One thing's for sure, we definitely miss her quirky humour and big smiles on Grey's.

12 Jo Wilson Is Too Hot To Handle


Dr. Jo Wilson, aka, Dr. Alex Karev's ex-girlfriend, is a total smoke show. Her character is fun and bubbly, with a very vulnerable side, due to a tragically abusive past. Her relationship with Dr. Karev got heated in the last season, when he assaulted Dr.Andrew DeLuca within an inch of his life. We're still waiting for it to come out that Jo was actually not being assaulted by DeLuca; will the producers address that or let it lie? Either way, season 14 is kicking off with Jo badly missing her man, so expect a reunion any day now. With two people who are that beautiful, it's only natural that they should be together! Time will tell what the future holds for these two! Camilla Luddington, the actress who plays Dr. Wilson definitely brings the heat!

11 We Haven't Forgotten About McDreamy

Dr.Derek Shephard, affectionately known as McDreamy, might have been killed off in Season 12, but the memory of his perfection lingers on. As the kindest, most sensible and handsomest husband, and the most respected surgeon, he swept us off our feet with every twinkle in his steel blue eyes. Nowadays, Patrick Dempsey, the real life guy who brought us this fantastic character, spends a lot of his time racing and collecting cars. His passion for cars was one of the main reasons that he decided to leave Grey's Anatomy after 12 seasons, and explore another passion. He is a also a devoted husband and dad, and wanted to be able to be more involved in his children's activities. What a perfect guy, we miss you oh so much McDreamy!!

10 April Kepner Is White Hot


April Kepner's character is the epitome of vanilla. This religious babe is not one to take big risks, in life or love. Although we love her calculated approach to life, sometimes we wish she would step out of her comfort zone and do something a little crazy! Sarah Drew, the real life actress behind the April character, is a little more of a wild cat (it's not very hard to be wilder than April!) Although, some similarities between the two exist. Sarah is also a practicing Christian, and both her father and her brother are pastors. This commonality between her real life and the April Kepner character probably helps her deliver such a convincing performance. One thing's for sure, she is one of our favorites, and she's quite the natural beauty!

9 McSteamy Dresses Up Well

Another gone but not forgotten Grey's babe, McSteamy looks good in and out of his medical scrubs. Dr. Mark Sloan captured our hearts when he arrived on set as a guest star in season 2. He would fill a full time position from seasons 3 through 9, when his character was killed off in the infamous plane crash that ended the season on a sour note. His biggest love story was that with Meredith's little sister, Lexie Grey, who sadly also perished in the fateful crash. Real life actor Eric Dane left Grey's to pursue other roles, namely his lead in TV show The Last Ship, where he plays Captain Tom Chandler. Another role where we get to see this hunk in a uniform? Definitely worth checking out.


8 Lexie Grey Was A Looker


Chyler Leigh came into Grey's Anatomy at it's prime and it was a fresh of breath air. She added comedy and emotion to show. Her character, Lexie Grey, the surprise little sister to Meredith first appeared in season 3, as am ambitious and quirky intern. When Meredith found out that they were half-sisters, it wasn't an immediate sisterly bonding experience, but Lexie soon grew on her. Tragically, Lexie succumbed to injuries sustained in the season 8 finale's plane crash. Her true love, Dr. Sloan, also perished in the aftermath of the crash. While they were alive and well, these two made a steamy couple. Lexie might've started out as the "little sister" but she soon blossomed into a very cute and very sassy lady. We miss her character, and the silly sister moments that she and Meredith shared over the years.

7 Izzie Made Us Dizzy

Remember back in the day when the greatest plotlines on Grey's Anatomy all revolved around Izzie Stevens? First, there was her weird friendship/love with George O'Malley. Then the Denny Duquette love. Then, finally, the marriage of Izzie and Alex Karev, which goes through ups and downs, and ultimately, Izzie dies of cancer and there is no happy ending. It's arguable that the first six seasons were probably among the best, in terms of gripping storylines and cliff hanger finales. Real life actress Katherine Heigl is not as adored as her character Izzie, though. Co-stars and producers for various works that she has been involved in have all complained that she behaves like a diva on set, and isn't very easy to get along with.

6 Nathan Riggs Might Be The Next McDreamy?


Although Dr. Nathan Riggs has only been around for a couple of seasons, he was quick to join the hot doctor's club. As Meredith's most recent love interest, he just might end up filling the (very large) shoes of Dr. Derek Shephard. Although, a twist at the end of season 13-involving a wife that was presumed dead suddenly reappearing-just might put a wrench in those plans. Time will tell, but for now, we can't help but drool over this New Zealand native, with his perfect jawline and salt and pepper locks. We welcome any and all scenes of him with no shirt on, too! This doctor definitely knows how to keep his hot bod in shape! Heck yeah we miss Doctor Derek McDreamy Shepherd, but at least Shonda gave us someone equally yummy to look at in return!

5 April Wasn't Always The Only Fiery Redhead

Before April, there was Addison. Who can forget Dr. Derek Shephard's fiery ex-wife? She appeared in a few episodes of season 1, and then joined the main cast until the end of seasons 3. After that, she made periodic appearances as a guest, but for the most part, left Derek and the team alone. Although Meredith fans weren't totally down with Addison, she did have some redeeming qualities. And take a look at actress Kate Walsh, who played Addison. She is smoking hot! Addison actually landed a main role in Grey's spinoff, Private Practice, which essentially revolved around her career in Santa Monica, California. The series aired for six seasons before being cancelled. Kate Walsh is pulling this skimpy bikini off was more than we could ever!

4 DeLuca...Need We Say More?


Andrew DeLuca is one of those characters that creeps up on you with his good looks. At first, he just sort of blended in with all of the interns, but when his character started getting more attention, we couldn't look away. He was a recurring cast member in season 11, and then graduated to full cast member in season 12, so his storyline is fairly new. Once he got involved with the Jo/Alex Karev drama, we were hooked. Not only is he a super nice guy, he's smart and reliable, too. It's a shame that he hasn't gotten too lucky with the women of Grey's yet (we can't count the one night stand with Jo that nearly cost him his life.) He had a brief stint with Maggie Pierce, but that was short-lived. We hope to see him shacking up with a cutie of his caliber soon.

3 Arizona Robbins Dresses To The Nines

Arizona Robbins is by far one of the most loveable doctors on Grey's Anatomy. She first appeared in season 5 as a recurring cast member, but to loyal Grey's fans, it's as if she has always been a part of the show. We love her pure heart and the fact that she's the best children's surgeon. Her loyalty to those she loves is just another perk. Real life actress Jessica Capshaw is the step-daughter of iconic director Steven Spielberg. She grew up in the shadows of Hollywood, and always knew that she wanted to be an actress. Grey's Anatomy has been her most prominent role to date, but we're sure that she will have no trouble landing follow up roles once the show stops airing!

2 Owen Hunt Is One Hot Ginger


Owen Hunt has been around since season 5, and we'll loved him ever since we got a glimpse of his big blue eyes. This super dedicated surgeon suffered a major heartbreak early on, when Cristina left him hanging at the alter on their wedding day. Despite this big breakup, he did find love again, with McDreamy's sister, the second Dr. Shepherd. Their marriage hasn't been looking so hot these days, with both suffering through their own issues (dead siblings, siblings coming back from the dead, secret brain tumours...the list goes on). Clearly, they have some things to work out. Meanwhile, we'll just sit back and drool over our favorite anxious ginger, and wish we were there to give him consolatory hugs every time he feels blue.

1 Teddy Is Pretty Cute!

Speaking of Owen Hunt, remember Teddy his "person"? She was a main character in seasons 6-8, but will be making guest appearances in season 14, as well. She wasn't an instant favorite, because when she arrived on the scene, Cristina was still around, and she caused more than a few jealous moments. Her very close friendship with Owen was always seen as a threat, and that storyline is definitely going to be revisited this season. Real life actress Kim Raver has landed a few recurring roles in other television shows since her full-time stint on Grey's expired. She also played a doctor in the acclaimed Ray Donovan. Although Teddy is a bit of a firecracker, we've grown to appreciate her character.



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