15 Stars Who Bleached Their Way To Blonde (&10 Who Are All Natural)

Blonde hair will never go out of style. Though different shades come in and out—2019 is looking like it’s going to be all about icy white, yellow blonde, cream soda, toasted coconut, champagne pop, balayage, and pastel trends—there’s always some variety of blonde hair that’s on point.

Women all over the world look to the stars of Hollywood for inspiration when it comes to finding that perfect blonde tone that suits them just right. So it gives fans a warm, fuzzy feeling to know that those celebs they look to don’t always have naturally fair locks. Sometimes they have to fake it, too!

There’s nothing wrong with needing help to be blonde, especially since the trending shades are very rarely naturally attainable anyway. Some stars maintain their tresses so well and have been fair for so long that most fans don’t realize that they’re actually brunettes in disguise.

On the flip side, there are also celebrities who are known for their dark locks but were actually born blondies. Bottom line: when it comes to hair color, no one can trust anybody, ever.

Keep reading to find out which of everyone's favorite blonde stars aren’t naturally blonde, and which ones are!

25 Not Natural: Lady Gaga


When Lady Gaga first broke out onto the music scene, we knew her as the offbeat artist with lots of different wigs. As she rose to prominence she wore wigs with bangs, wigs with soda cans in them, and the infamous wig with raw meat on it.

But what did all these wigs have in common? They were all platinum blonde.

Fans may be surprised then to know that the singer’s natural hair color is brown. She's been highlighting it since before she graduated high school.

24 All Natural: Katy Perry


Katy Perry’s transition to blonde is a recent move in terms of her professional path, which has now spanned over ten years … or is it? Although we knew her as the blue-eyed, black-haired beauty, Katy Perry’s natural hair is actually blonde! We're not kidding.

Lately, she’s been sporting a cool-toned icy blonde look, but her natural locks are more a soft, medium kind of blonde. Still, it’s hard not to think of her hair as the raven color we’ve known it as for so long.

23 Not Natural: J.Lo


Basically for as long as she’s been in the game, we’ve known Jennifer Lopez to have the highlighted honey blonde color that we now associate with her.

But if you look back to footage of the triple threat early in her rise to fame, you can see that’s she’s actually a brunette, not a blonde.

Every now and then, she reverts back to her natural color—we loved her as the brunette Marisa Ventura in Maid in Manhattan.

22 All Natural: Margot Robbie


In recent years, Margot Robbie has made waves as Hollywood’s newest blonde starlet. And as it turns out, the Australia-born star didn’t have to change much to achieve the look. Famous for her roles in The Wolf of Wall Street, Goodbye Christopher Robin, I, Tonya, and Peter Rabbit, the actress was born with dark blonde locks.

In her recent film Mary Queen of Scots, Robbie deviates from her standard look to sport red hair as Queen Elizabeth.

21 All Natural: Blake Lively


Blake Lively rose to global recognition after starring as one of TV’s favorite blondes, Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl. It looks like the role was made for Lively because this California gal has naturally golden hair.

Most of the roles that Lively takes today are blonde, although she did wear a short black pixie cut in Rhythm Section. In her recent film, A Simple Favor, the actress can also briefly be seen sporting fire-engine red hair.

20 Not Natural: Jennifer Aniston


When we first got to know Jennifer Aniston, she was starring as another one of TV’s most famous blondes. Rachel Green changed her hair quite a bit on Friends (creating a new fashion trend every time she did) and in the early seasons, her hair was more a cross between brown and blonde.

Toward the end, though, Rachel was clearly a pure blonde.

But Jennifer Aniston, on the other hand, is actually a brunette. Though she’s consistently had a warm blonde shade for most of her acting stints, she was born with darker locks.

19 All Natural: Jennifer Lawrence


Actress Jennifer Lawrence is most commonly seen as a blonde, but she does tend to experiment with different colors for her various film roles. She rocked dark hair to play Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games and next to Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook as the young widow Tiffany Maxwell. She was also brunette for half of her spy movie Red Sparrow, where she played Dominika the former ballerina.

She’s mostly a blonde, though, and that’s probably because she’s a natural blonde.

18 Not Natural: Charlize Theron


Charlize Theron is another star who we have trouble picturing as anything but blonde. Since early on in her professional life, she decided that blonde was the way to go, and appears that way in most of her projects and on red carpets.

But before she started dyeing it, the actress’s natural color was actually a reddish brown.

For 2000’s thriller/drama The Yards, the South Africa-born star cropped her locks and dyed them a dark brown, which made her almost unrecognizable.

17 All Natural: Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie is different from a lot of the other stars on the list in that we don’t really know her as a blonde. When you think of her, you tend to think of brunette, even though she changes it up with highlights every now and then. But the truth is the A-list actress is actually a natural blonde.

She does darken her hair a little bit in order to complete her look, rather than the other way around. And she’s lucky enough that both shades look amazing on her.

16 All Natural: Leighton Meester


Shock of the century: another all-natural blonde who we didn’t realize was blonde at all is Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester. That’s right!

The actress had to dye her hair brown in order to play Blair Waldorf on the show.

If there’s one thing we can’t imagine the Upper East Side princess as, it’s fair-haired. Her natural blonde isn’t quite as platinum or bright as this, but the actress, who’s now married to Adam Brody of The O.C. fame, is definitely fair.

15 Not Natural: Marilyn Monroe


Even bigger shock of the century: perhaps the most famous blonde of all time, Marilyn Monroe, wasn’t a natural blonde. Only a few images remain of the icon before she started bleaching her hair early on, but it’s certain that she was born with darker tresses.

She still looks beautiful with her dark hair, but like a totally different person. It’s okay if you feel lied to. We do too, especially after she starred in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

14 All Natural: Taylor Swift


One of the most famous blondes of our era is country-turned-pop star Taylor Swift. And as it turns out, Swift is definitely a natural blonde.

She’s played around with her look throughout her impressive time in the spotlight, but she rarely strays from some kind of golden color.

She’s not afraid to throw on the odd dark wig for a music video, though. In the past, she’s experimented with platinum blonde or softer colors, but naturally, she’s a darker blonde.

13 Not Natural: Britney Spears


Britney Spears has been blonde for the majority of her musical fame, but if you remember back to her days in the Mickey Mouse Club, you’ll know that she’s actually got brown hair to match her eyes. She became lighter and lighter as she rose to prominence, going from a light brown to platinum blonde at the height of her fame.

Occasionally she’s diverted to black hair, and even no hair at all, but she rarely sports her naturally brunette tresses.

12 Not Natural: Mariah Carey


Another star who’s spent the majority of her professional life as a blonde is Mariah Carey, who normally opts for a deep honey shade.

The singer rarely, if ever, can be seen wearing a medium-brown mane, but that’s the color she was born with.

If you look at old footage from very early on in her life, you can see that the singer is actually a brunette. She’s another lucky one who can pretty much wear any color and still look amazing!

11 Not Natural: Celine Dion


When we think of singing legend Celine Dion, we usually think of that warm blonde tone she’s been rocking forever.

For more than 20 years, the vocalist has rocked golden highlights that give her more of that music royalty vibe.

But if you look at early pictures of Dion, when she was still an up-and-coming singer, yet to find her big break, you’ll see that she was definitely a brunette. She almost looks like a different person with that pixie cropped brown hair!

10 All Natural: Cameron Diaz


Throughout her lengthy and impressive acting resume, Cameron Diaz has played some famous blondes. One of her most notable roles is as Mary in the Farrelly Brothers flick, There’s Something About Mary. The actress also starred in the ‘90s flick The Mask, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Charlie’s Angels, The Sweetest Thing, The Holiday, and more recently, Bad Teacher, The Other Woman, and Annie, all rocking her fair locks.

The former model is one blonde gal who is all natural.

9 Not Natural: Madonna


Madonna has proudly worn both dark and fair hair. As she’s risen to the coveted position of Queen of Pop, she’s tended to stick with her signature blonde.

That must take a lot of commitment because the songstress has actually got down brown hair.

Given that she’s of Italian descent, it’s not that surprising that she’s a brunette and not a blonde by nature! She did start her rise to fame with darker locks but shed the image as she reinvented herself.

8 Not Natural: Miley Cyrus


We know for a fact that Miley Cyrus can work both blonde and brunette hair. Simply watch one episode of Hannah Montana, where the former Disney star was playing one blonde character (via wig) and one brunette, and you’ll see that she suits it all.

Lately, as she’s emerged from her shell and left the Disney image behind, Cyrus has opted for frosty, multi-tonal blonde locks (that are typically cut very short). But naturally, she’s all brunette.

7 Not Natural: Kate Hudson


It’s surprising that Kate Hudson isn’t a natural blonde, first and foremost because some of her most memorable characters have been fair. Think Penny Lane from Almost Famous and Andie Anderson from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

The other reason why it’s hard to believe that her roots are actually darker is that her mom, Goldie Hawn, is another one of Hollywood’s most famous blondes.

Alas, when the actress’s hair was growing back in this picture, it was clearly a shade of brown.

6 Not Natural: Nicole Kidman


Nicole Kidman is another one of Hollywood’s signature blonde leading ladies. But it’s all down to the work of an amazing hair stylist (or several stylists) because the actress’s hair is actually ginger (and super curly). Early in her professional life, she did sport shades that were closer to a strawberry blonde, but the Hawaii-born star has since ditched the red for a classic golden blonde that has come to be her style.

She’s also swapped the curls for a smooth blowed-out look.

5 All Natural: Emma Stone


We’ve seen actress Emma Stone with all shades of hair color. She famously sported red locks for a while but went blonde to play Gwen Stacey in The Amazing Spider-Man films.

Stone is naturally blonde, but she’s another one of these blessed souls that basically looks good in any color she goes for.

She normally rocks a copper color, but she’s everything from rich brunette to platinum blonde. We’re officially convinced that nothing looks bad on this girl!

4 Not Natural: Scarlett Johansson


What other star in Hollywood can wear a potato sack on her head and still look gorgeous? Scarlett Johansson. She’s another actress who’s bounced between browns and blondes, so most people probably aren’t aware that her natural color is a mousy brown.

Most of the time, she opts for light-blonde and short, which highlights her features. She’s also changed it up and become flame-red for her role in The Avengers—a look which most people probably couldn’t pull off.

3 All Natural: Sofia Vergara


Most people probably expect star Sofia Vergara, who is originally from Colombia, to have naturally brown or even black hair.

She’s most often seen sporting lighter brown with highlights or honey blonde, but as it turns out, the Modern Family star is actually a natural blonde!

Who knew?! There aren’t many pictures of her with her natural locks on show, but there are some. They show a young up-and-coming star with light tresses. Another shock of the century!

2 Not Natural: Rachel McAdams


Rachel McAdams was blonde for one of the most iconic roles on her resume: Regina George in Mean Girls. And it totally suited her! She’s been blonde in other roles too, and rocked a lighter shade in The Notebook. We’ve also seen her with raven-colored hair, and even pink! But simply because of Regina George, we can’t help but picture this actress as a blonde. Surprisingly, she’s not even close!

The Canada-born star was actually born with medium-brown hair.

1 Not Natural: Ariana Grande


Ariana Grande hardly ever changes her high ponytail look, but the color of her locks varies all the time. She began her rise to fame as a pop star with warm brown hair and has lightened her way to blonde.

Before that, when she appeared on Victorious, Grande was known for her Ariel-red hair.

Sometimes she’s white blonde, sometimes she’s golden and sometimes she’s still light brown, but we’re yet to see her sporting her natural, dark brown and curly hair.

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