15 Stages Every Girl Goes Through When Getting Over Her Ex

You sometimes can't avoid the inevitable break up and everything that it comes with. It's certainly not the best feeling in the world to have your heart broken. You may know a thing or two about a break up, but maybe it's time you knew every stage that you truly go through when you are trying to get over an ex. The results vary, but I think we can be honest with ourselves when it comes to the 15 stages every girl goes through when getting over an ex.

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15 Cry A Bit

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It's okay, girlfriend. You're in your feelings and the best thing you can do at first is just giving yourself a pillow, some cozy PJs, and a good tear sesh. Once you've gotten all of those justified tears out, you're ready to move on to the next phase of sorrow; raising hell.

14 Telling Your Friends How Much Of An Idiot Your Ex Is

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In this stage you're probably in a mixture of shock about getting dumped so your first instinct is to be angry on top of sad or let down. So you go on this rant about all of the things they did to lead up to this moment and convince your friends that you were better off without them.

13 Go Out With Friends

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Now is your chance to hit the town with a brand new single attitude. You probably won't have much of a limit on this evening out but you'll try to swear you're fine. Your friends know you're not and they'll have to help you call an Uber but it's okay.

12 Watch Sappy Soaps

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You slept off a little bit of that alcohol and you want to keep yourself entertained. It's a Saturday afternoon and everything on TV is boring, so what do you switch it to? Something that's probably a little more dramatic than your current situation. Not only will you probably laugh, ok maybe cry at some parts, but at least it'll make you feel better knowing that there's other jerks out there too.

11 Spot-Check The Entire Apartment For Their Things

Get rid of all that crap! The more things that belong to them scattered around your home, the more likely you'll be mentally checked out and back down memory lane. This can lead to texting someone who doesn't want to talk to you or going back to the initial stage; tears.

10 Create The Saddest Playlist On Soundcloud

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So many feels. You initially go into making a playlist of slow songs you enjoy but notice a pattern of heartbreak, loneliness, and melancholic lyrics strung throughout the entire playlist. There's no turning back now so you complete the playlist with a Bill Withers classic: Ain't No Sunshine.

9 Download Tinder

You've finally convinced yourself that you're better than this and they never deserved you in the first place. After you download the app you'll turn dating into a rebound game for your next potential suitor knowing good and well that you're far too emotionally unstable to trip up into another relationship.

8 Delete Your Ex

Block, delete, hide, remove - all of it. They need to be gone. It's wayyyyy too soon for you to be checking in on their social media to find out they've already met a floozy or worse, doing better than ever. This is a very important step you will have to make.

7 Cuddle Your Pet

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Your furry friend may look at you wondering why you're suddenly in an affectionate mood, but trust me, they'll love a good cuddle. Cuddle with them anytime you want to cry and hopefully they won't choose their dog bed over yours.

6 Get Lost In A Netflix Series Or Book

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Depending on how much attention you have at this point, you may decide to get lost in a good book or a Netflix Series. Sometimes choosing to stay in instead of hitting the town just for some quality ex-less alone time is good for the soul.

5 Wine-O-Clock

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You'll always have a bottle chilling for a while. Get used to it. You may find yourself at the liquor store stocking up but that's completely normal just as long as you have some great pals you can go through the bottles with. Otherwise, try to limit your wine intake as things may go 0-100 in no time at all.

4 Take A Getaway

Go somewhere sunny, warm and drama free by way of passport and live the good life for a while. All of that vacation time you've been holding onto has led to this moment so embrace it with a skimpy bikini and an adult beverage on the beach.

3 Forgive And Forget

By now you should be ready to forgive and forget. An important part of this stage is that you won't even have to contact them for you to simply forgive them. Let life go on peacefully. At this point, the only person's emotions you're responsible for are your own, so doing yourself that favor will pay off in the long run.

2 Change Your Sheets

Cleanse your spirit tangibly by washing your sheets and starting fresh. You will be happy to have sheets that don't reek of your exes cologne or perfume that you never liked in the first place, and you can purchase a feminine linen spritz to get you through the night. I suggest something with lavender and vanilla.

1 Gain Confidence

Whether we like to admit it or not, being in a relationship takes a lot of energy. We put our trust into one person for a while and before long, all of the confidence you had in yourself when a break up hits suddenly goes away for a short time. It's important to keep yourself in high spirits, confident in yourself and happy about your own life regardless of who is in it.

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