15 Spine Chilling 911 Calls.... From Kids

Most of us dread that there ever be a day that we have to hear “911 what is your emergency?” through the telephone. According to the National Emergency Number Association an estimated 240 million calls are placed to 911 annually. Some 911 calls are of less urgent nature, but others involve homicides, kidnappings or other circumstances that are just as terrifying. We’ve all heard the chilling 911 calls that play over the news, but what if the person calling 911 is a child? On this list we dive into the most spine chilling 911 calls made by children. Some of these children are victims of home invasion, others of kidnapping and some even of murder. However, one thing they all have in common is that all the 911 calls recorded are the most terrifying circumstances ever.

15 7-Year-Old Saves Family From Home Invasion

Most of us dread being the victim of a home invasion, the eerie thought of someone breaking into the place where we sleep, eat and shower is enough to stir your stomach. But, what if you were home? This 7-year-old boy was home on a Tuesday morning when 2 men with guns broke into his home, pointing them at his mother and father in Norwalk, California. In the chilling 911 call above, the 7-year-old makes a 911 call from the bathroom of his home with his sister, the two men were still inside. In the harrowing 911 call, the boy says “they rang the doorbell and they have guns to shoot my mom and dad!” He and his sister stay on the line with the 911 operator, begging them to hurry and “bring some cops”. This brave 7-year-old not only escaped from the home invasion unharmed, but saved his family in the process. Listen here--> https://youtu.be/FNA_7RHXmF0

14 Maryland Girl Calls 911 After Being Kidnapped

We’ve all seen the episodes of 20/20 and Dateline, young girls who are taken right off the street and never come back. The epidemic that stretches across all states and borders is child abduction, most of them being young girls. Most of the children abducted never get to make contact with a 911 operator that can help bring them to safety. In this 911 call however, we listen as one of the rare cases of a child escaping abduction and then calling 911 unfolds. In Annapolis, Maryland an unidentified 12-year-old girl calls 911 to tell them that she was not only forced into a car, but she was touched inappropriately by an older man. The stomach dropping audio of the girl crying, trying to recount the details of her abduction are hard to hear. Listen here-->https://youtu.be/kXPNMjWYu4c

13 Miami Boys Trapped Upstairs In Their Burning Home

This next 911 call was made by two boys in Miami, Florida after their house had been engulfed in flames. Miami brothers Matt and Jordan made a frantic 911 call as they described the horror of being trapped in a bathroom as their home burned around them. The boys were in a 2nd story bathroom, clinging to any fresh air they could get through an open window. In the audio recording of the 911 call you can hear the younger brother screaming as Matt coughs and cries that they are trapped inside with fear that they might have to jump out. The brother’s stay on the phone with the operator as older brother Matt, tries to encourage younger brother Jordan to jump to safety. As the 911 call continues Matt is last heard shouting “I can’t breathe!” before they become unresponsive, luckily seconds later younger brother Jordan is able to grab the phone and tell the operator they are safely outside. Listen here-->https://youtu.be/e8mR_CLqfB0

12 "My Grandma Shot Me!"

Most of us will never have to live through the horror of being shot. Teenage boy Jonathan Hoffman lived that horror after being shot 5 times, by his own grandmother. News reports state the teen had been living with his grandparents and was going to a nearby continuation school after experiencing some behavioral issues. That day, his grandmother Sandra Layne would later say she was in fear of her life after believing the teen was under the influence of synthetic marijuana. In the chilling 911 excerpts above we can hear as the teen manages to call 911 screaming “my grandma shot me!” As if that alone wasn’t shocking enough, if you pay attention you can actually hear gunfire as the teen gets shot another time while on the phone with 911. In the last few seconds of the call Hoffman says “I’m going to die”. Listen here-->https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIQtgUSGb44

11 Texas 12 Year Old Calls From The Closet During a Home Invasion

Much like number 15 on the list, this 911 caller was a victim of a home invasion. However, 12-year-old Deion from Port Arthur Texas was alone when the home invasion took place. In the 911 call the courageous little boy run’s to his mother’s room to call police, starting off by telling the operator someone had just broken the window. The call escalated rampantly as the boy tells the operator that he’ll have to whisper because the intruders had begun to make their way inside. Seconds later, after following the 911 operator’s instructions to hide in the closet, he manages to let her know that the intruders were now in that very same room. As the operator lets Deion know the officers are turning on his street, she is met with silence for about a minute. However, Deion gets back on the phone and confesses to the 911 operator “this was actually the only thing I could think of”.

Listen here-->https://youtu.be/fJv1PISVYa4

10 911 Dispatcher Hangs Up On Friend of Shot Teen!

911 dispatchers could very well be regarded as the unsung heroes of law enforcement; often times they are the first person to know that a crime is occurring. They are the medium between the public and the police, guaranteeing your safety if you just dial those 3 numbers. However, on a warm June night in 2015 that wasn’t the case. On June 26th, 2015 a teen named Jaydon Chavez-Silver was at a party when he was ambushed and shot. Jaydon’s friend called 911 expecting to get help, but instead was told by the dispatcher that she could deal with it on her own and even subsequently hung up on the begging teen. Listen to the chilling 911 call as the dispatcher asks the caller if Jaydon is breathing, the conversation goes south when the caller yells back “he’s barely breathing how many times do I have to f*****g tell you!” The dispatcher then does something unthinkable, tells the teen she can “deal with it on her own” and hangs up. Jaydon Chavez-Silver did not survive.

Listen here-->https://youtu.be/h0KF9q02ieU

9 "I Shot My Parents!"

At number 9 sits the chilling 911 call made by 14-year-old Alex Crain after shooting his parents. Collier County, Florida was dispatched to the home of the 14-year-old 911 caller where they found his father Thomas dead on the master bedroom floor and his mother Kelly shot dead in the shower. The murder weapon was still in the bathroom when the police arrived. Listen to the 911 call as the teen claims he has no memory of shooting his parents, claiming he was asleep and then woke up with a gun in his hand. The teen contradicts himself recounting both where in the house he shot his parents, and where his father sustained wounds. Even more chilling than the double murder is the testimony of his peers. One friend stated that the day before the shooting Alex mentioned that it would be his last day at school because his family was being evicted. The police could find no record of an impending eviction. Another friend claimed he overheard Alex say he needed to gain his mother’s trust so he could kill her. Listen here-->https://youtu.be/tH-lgNEjxVI

8 "Why Did You Do It?!"

Suicide is one of the darkest corners in human existence, the decision to end your own life is one that not a lot of people make. However, when they do they leave behind all sorts of things they didn’t imagine would be affected by their absence. In this 911 call a young girl calls police to say she’s just come home to find her brother dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound and in a rare moment, we can hear the effect of a suicide. The little girl identifies herself as Nicky telling the 911 operator “my brother’s dead!” The dispatcher then goes on to ask her how he had committed suicide, Nicky screams “with a gun!” In brief intermissions where you can hear the operator trying to route emergency responders to the scene, Nicky is crying hysterically in the background. Near the end of the call we hear the girl shout to her dead brother, “oh why did you do it!”

Listen here-->https://youtu.be/TbLl7S10rCA

7 Said Sisters Make 911 Call While Being Gunned Down.... By Their Own Father

Most of us think of honor killings as a phenomena not identifiable with America, that somewhere far away these barbaric things take place. However, on New Year’s Day 2008, two sisters were brutally murdered by their father in the back of his taxi cab. The Said sisters Amina and Sarah were first generation Americans living in Texas with their Egyptian parents. At the time of the killings Amina was 18 and Sarah was 17. The 911 call reveals not only the circumstance of their murder, but the shocking assailant too. In the 911 call younger sister Sarah, screams to the 911 operator “my dad shot me!” Allegedly, the girls’ own father Yaser Abdel Said had shot both of his girls a total of 11 times and left their bodies in his taxi cab in a hotel parking lot. The motive for these murders is said to be because the girls not only had boyfriends, but boyfriends out of their race. Sarah’s last words are captured on the 911 call as she screams to dispatch “I’m dying!”

Listen here--> https://youtu.be/UdTZaD2B2sk

6 "My Mommy and Daddy Are Dead!"

In this 911 call a little girl, only 5 years old calls 911 after walking in on her parent’s murder. At the beginning of the call, it seems kind of playful because the little girl just says “hello” and the operator playfully answers her back. However, the call turns serious when the operator asks her if everything is ok and the little girl replies “um I think there’s a bullet on the floor”. As the 911 operator furthers her questions the little girl recounts what she sees by saying “there’s blood coming out of my dad’s mouth and I think he fell off the bed.” Later relaying to the operator that her mother was in a similar condition. Though the circumstances of death are unclear, it’s alleged that the girl’s parents had been murdered because they were suspected of turning certain people in to the cops. During the call the girl says she was sleeping, and was woken by the sound of gunshots.

Listen here--> https://youtu.be/Fe0jYztB1uM

5 "I Shot My Mom and My Sister"

On October 3rd, 2012 in a luxe suburb of Fort Worth Texas shots rang out in the Evans home. In a 911 call made by Jake Evans, a resident of the home, he tells the operator he just has shot his mother Jamie and 15-year-old sister Mallory. In blatant contrast to the other case of matricide on the list, Jake is not sobbing nor is he trying to convince the operator he is not at fault. He coldly and flatly states “I just killed my mom and my sister”. Evans even admits later in the call that he “wasn’t even angry” but that he had been planning on killing for some time before the act took place. The teen later wrote in his 4 page confession that he was inspired by the Rob Zombie film Halloween. The film is a prequel to the original 1978 film, chronicling a young Mike Myers as he kills various people he knows. Listen here-->https://youtu.be/nSsHV_ry668

4 Lisa's Call

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence approximately 20 people per minute are abused physically by an intimate partner in the united states. In this 911 call referenced famously as “Lisa’s call” Lisa’s mother is one of those statistics. As the 911 call begins the operator is trying to make contact with her through the 6-year-old’s hysterical cries. Lisa then says “my daddy is hurting my mommy”. As the 911 call begins the operator is trying to make contact with her through the 6-year-old’s hysterical cries. Lisa then says “my daddy is hurting my mommy”. You can hear in the background Lisa’s mother tell her to stop, most victims of domestic violence don’t report their situation to the police out of fear. Perhaps most chilling, is when Lisa screams over the 911 call “no you’re going to hurt the baby! Don’t take the baby!” She later tells the operator that her baby brother is a newborn and she’s afraid her stepfather will hurt the baby because he’s drunk. Just before the line goes dead Lisa tells the operator that her drunk stepfather has the baby. Listen here-->https://youtu.be/u-7J5akhSA8

3 12-Year-Old 911 Caller Watches as Her Mother Runs Over Her Father

Another sever domestic violence case is heard through a 911 operator’s headset as a 12-year-old girl from central Ohio calls in the soon to be fatal fight. The 911 call begins as the girl relays to the operator that her mother and father are in a fight that is becoming physical. She screams for help saying “my daddy is hitting my mommy I need help!” The violence from her enraged father then turns to the 12-year-old caller as she screams “Oh my god! He’s hurting me now”. The caller, her 9-year-old sister and her mother manage to make it outside when over the phone she screams to the operator that her father has caught up with them and broken her mother’s arm. In a struggle that is approaching life or death the caller, her sister and mother try to get in the car to flee as her father tries to stop them. They finally make it into the car and as the pre-teen is relaying to the operator that they are pulling out of their driveway, in a final twist, we hear the mother accidentally run over the father with the car killing him. Listen here-->https://youtu.be/usUxB4NUOkA

2 "My Mommy's In The Basement and It's an Emergency!"

In this brave 911 call by an 8-year-old girl we listen in shock as she walks up in on her father who is already dead and her mother who is nearly dead. The 911 call begins with the heartbreaking phrase “my mommy is in the basement and it’s an emergency”. The operator then asks the girl to put her mother on the phone when she’s met with cries of anguish that her mother is “almost dead”. The little girl and 911 operator soon find themselves in a race against the clock to save the young girl’s mother’s life. Finally as the girl reads the address to the operator, she asks the young girl what happened to her mom, she chillingly responds “she got shot”. When asked about her father, the little girl says he’s not breathing. The operator attempts to assess the situation by asking the little girl to give her father the phone, to which she responds “no, he’s dead”.

Listen here-->https://youtu.be/3PP5HcC_QD8

1 "They Killed Everybody In Here Besides Me, My Brother and My Sister"

In the final spot on the list lies a chilling crime scene from Louisville, Kentucky. In the 911 call a 9-year-old boy recounts to the operator “they broke into our house last night”. As the dispatcher probes for more information the true horror of what lay ahead unfolds. The frightened child describes to the 911 operator that he witnessed people break into his home and shoot his mother, his grandmother and one of his grandmother’s dogs in cold blood. The caller states that the shooting occurred the night before but he had been too afraid to call. He mentions that only he, his newborn sister and his four-year-old brother are in the house, relaying to the operator that he’s been up all night waiting to call police. Finally, just a few seconds before the call ends he says “they’re dead in my house, there’s blood splattered everywhere”. Listen here-->https://youtu.be/V2zZOveE6gQ

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