15 Snapchats These Women Should Have Never Sent

Snapchat is definitely one of the most popular social media apps these days, and it seems to be the app of choice for the younger generations these days. It's not hard to see why, either. With simplicity and social connection being its core tenants, this app appeals to pretty much everybody who can operate a phone and take pictures. It really makes you wonder what the next big app will be, and what kind of features it will offer. But while there are plenty of people who enjoy the app, there are also plenty of people who have experienced the twangs of regret after posting a Snap that they really shouldn't have posted...

On the other hand, some women seem to be totally oblivious to the fact that they have no business being on Snapchat or social media in general for that matter. Their posts and snaps are abhorrent, and nobody really wants to see what they're posting. These could be insensitive posts, posts that are bragging or attention-seeking, or posts that are just plain annoying. And interestingly enough, it's not only regular people who are guilty of doing this. Celebrities make mistakes on Snapchat too, and these are the ones everyone talks about...

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15 Don't Judge Me


It's really hard not to judge this girl after she makes this crazy, weird Snap, although she's begging us not to. It seems like a strange attempt at humor, and something tells me that this woman was actually intoxicated when she posted this. Let's just hope that the black marks all over her face were not permanent marker... But even without the markings, she seems like an utter lunatic based on her facial expression alone. It's a little bit funny, but it's also a little bit scary...

It's a pretty sage bet that she regretted posting this. Who knows, maybe she was intoxicated when she did it as well. That would make sense, because all those markings on her face might have actually been someone else. This is the kind of thing you see when someone is passed out and then people start drawing on their face....

14 Body Shaming


The first famous Snapchat in this article is one that shocked the world. The originator of this hurtful Snap is none other than Dani Mathers, former Playboy Playmate. After she posted this, she was actually fired by a bunch of the companies that had deals with her, and she was lambasted and shamed by the entire world. Media companies around the world posted articles about this ill-intended Snap. So what actually happened, and why was it such a big deal?

Basically, she posted a Snap body-shaming another woman at the gym while in the locker room. She posted a picture of them naked without their permission, and it also made fun of her body. Obviously she's in the gym to try to improve herself. Does she really need models making fun of her and shaming her on the internet at the same time?

13 Girl Look At That Body


There's really no words to even describe this Snapchat. It's unclear what we're even looking at here. Who knows if this was an attempt at humor or some kind of strange statement intended to make people feel uncomfortable. In a way, it is funny, but it's also very unsettling and definitely not a flattering photo to post on the internet for all to see. Why did she do it? And what's with the caption, "Girl look at that body?" Is this some kind of inside joke that none of us get?

As it turns out, "Sellotape Selfies" are actually somewhat of a trend on social media these days. Who knows how it started, but after a while tons of people started wrapping their faces in sellotape until they resembled ogres and goblins. This can't be good for your face, and one would assume that it helps create wrinkles...

12 Feeling The Natural Look Today


Snapchat is definitely a slightly vain social media platform as so much of the app is simply people trying to look attractive. It's just another example of the online popularity contest all of us find ourselves so invested in. Women especially use the app to make themselves seem very attractive and desirable for the men in their lives, and they often succeed in amassing thousands if not millions of loyal followers. They use all kinds of tricks to make themselves look hotter than ever.

Of course, tons of women spend hours on their makeup to make look at their best for their many selfies and pictures they post on social media. But most don't have the audacity to do that, and then claim that they're going for the 'natural look.' Surely the natural look would be no makeup at all, or at least very little. But this girl is absolutely plastered with makeup, and is about as far from 'natural' as you can get.

11 Who's This?


Snapchat is pretty much designed to help us share interesting moments in our lives. It differs from Instagram and Twitter because it's much more instantaneous. You take a picture, it gets posted to your story right away, and other people can reply directly with other videos and images without the structure of any real 'platform' in sight. It's just you, your life, and the photos you post. But sometimes, there are things which are better left unsaid, or more fittingly, unposted. The instantaneous nature of the app can lead people to post things they should've probably kept to themselves...

Case and point, this girl who decided to post the aftermath of her one night stand. It was even worse because she didn't even know who the guy next to her was. There's nothing wrong with one night stands, but most people would agree that it's pretty weird to be so public about your private, intimate life. In many ways, this seems like she's 'bragging' about the situation she's in. Maybe she's still intoxicated from the night before...

10 Drawing Flowers


Sometimes, girls can be very gullible indeed. But haven't we all been guilty of something like this in the past? We trust our friends not to embarrass us, and we let them do certain things that we allow other to do... Like draw on our backs with black markers... But with the advent of Snapchat and other social media apps, the potential for playing pranks and embarrassing others went up astronomically, and this Snapchat is a clear example of that.

For some reason, this girl let her friend (or boyfriend, not sure which) draw on her back. But he had no intention of drawing flowers, like he told her he was doing. Instead, it looks like he's copied the instruction for the beep test onto her back, which is both random and kind of funny. But why would she let him draw on her back with a marker in the first place? This is clearly someone who hasn't thought things through, and this Snap should've never been sent.

9 First Time Doing Laundry


Accidents happen to everyone. Sometimes things just don't go as planned, and fate ends up smacking us in the face. Hopefully, we learn from our mistakes and move on. But the internet has made it possible to immortalize our (and other's) mistakes, making it so that no one ever forgets what we went through. Snapchat has become an app which is commonly used to record fails, cringeworthy content, and other people doing really stupid things.

But what happens when someone actually posts their own mistakes? Surely you would want to keep that to yourself? They say the mark of a mature individual is the ability to laugh at one's self, but is it really necessary to expose your fails to this level? In this example, a girl posts what happened when she tried to do laundry for the first time. Yes, the machine caught on fire. But why is she just standing there taking pictures when she should be trying to put out the fire?

8 Turns Out It's A Bar Of Soap


Here's another stupid mistake that was posted by someone wanted to show the world how ignorant they actually are. We all know that Snapchat is often used by people who want to make others laugh, and there's nothing wrong with that. This app is can be one of the most entertaining and hilarious ways to spend your time on the internet for that very reason. But sometimes, people posting their own fails make us put our palm to our face instead of laugh.

This worker thought they had been given a nice piece of chocolate by their employers. But when they took a bite into the "chocolate" they realized that it wasn't a piece of chocolate at all, but a bar of soap. How can you not tell soap from chocolate? Surely the soap had some kind of scent that would give its true nature away? Who knows, maybe the soap smelled like chocolate...

7 Adolf Hipster


While people are becoming more and more accepting of risque and potentially taboo subjects, there are some things that will probably always remain frowned upon to make fun of. This includes Nazi Germany, Hitler, and the holocaust. Too many people died and suffered greatly for that ever to be funny. And those who have tried to make fun of it have been pretty much crucified by the media. A great example is the controversy of YouTuber PewDiePie in recent times.

This girl just didn't get that memo, and posted a picture of herself with a Hitler mustache with the caption "Adolf Hipster." Maybe she's young and she just doesn't know what's acceptable, but clearly this is stepping over the line. If she was a celebrity, she'd probably get blacklisted almost immediately. Maybe she regretted posting this, but then again she might not even care. But what's certain is that this is one Snapchat that should have never been posted.

6 Bella Thorne

Another famous Snapchat on this article comes from ex-Disney star Bella Thorne. Definitely one of the most controversial figures in recent years, Bella shocked the world with her transformation from an innocent Disney child star into a strong-willed, fiercely independent woman who wasn't afraid to get wild at times. Her presence on social media and the internet has always been very strong, and her Snaps are sometimes pretty out there...

One example of this is a particular Snap she made right after she broke up with Scott Disick. In this Snap, she actually posted herself topless, which got the attention of pretty much everyone. Lots of entertainment news outlets wrote articles about it, and she once again made headlines. While there's nothing wrong with showing skin on Snapchat, Bella Thorne herself obviously regretted posting the image, because she hastily deleted it after it got a lot of attention.

5 No Umbrella


Sometimes, the Snaps we hate the most are the ones that are rude, obnoxious, or just straight up cringeworthy. Then there are the Snaps that share way too much information - things we probably never wanted to know or see. But there are also Snaps which are totally uncalled for and annoying, and these are actually a very different type than you might be used to. The so-called "rich kids of Instagram" have spread to Snapchat, and they're making some pretty abhorrent Snaps...

This girl is a prime example of how bragging about your richness is totally uncalled for. She's showing everyone that she's so rich that she can use her Mac book pro as an umbrella. Obviously she doesn't value this expensive toy very much, and doesn't care that the majority of the world can only dream of one day affording such things. She's obviously just bragging about her wealth, and this is the type of Snap that you really hate seeing...

4 Take The iPhone For A Walk


Here's another blatant example of a rich girl bragging about how little she cares about her expensive Apple products. Most people who have saved up the hefty price tag for a nice iPhone would let their jaws drop at seeing a Snap like this. But that's pretty much the exact reaction she's looking for. She wants everyone to be amazed at how rich she is and how she can buy another iPhone and not even care about ruining her first one. She definitely should have never posted it.

This is probably even worse than the picture of the girl who used her laptop as an umbrella. The Mac book pro could probably survive a little bit of rain without much problems. But an iPhone's screen would take a serious beating from treatment like this, to the point where it would be pretty much unusable. This sucks because so many people have to make do with much less expensive phones. If you don't care about your phone, why not give it to someone who will actually appreciate it?

3 Cello Tape


Here's another strange sellotape selfie, and this one will make you wish people would just stop with this ridiculous trend. There have been some strange fads in the past when it comes to social media, but this one is probably one of the weirdest. It's definitely more bizarre than the ice bucket challenge, but then again, it's probably not as harmful as some others, such as the thigh gap challenge There's no denying that the internet would probably be a better place without these selfies, however.

What's the obsession with wrapping sellotape around your face like this? While it might seem like fun at the time, it's easy to forget that the things you post on the internet are there forever. What happens when this girl's potential employers google her and find this picture? Or what if her children one day find this picture of their mom on the internet? Clearly, she hasn't thought things through, and she probably should have never posted this.

2 Kaley Cuoco

Our last famous Snapchat is from none other than Kaley Cuoco. This actress is best-known for her role on the hit show The Big Bang Theory, although she's also acted in many other productions. Tons of people obsess over her, as she's obviously a very attractive woman. But sometimes, she gets the wrong kind of attention. During the infamous iCloud leaks where images of nude celebrities were hacked, Kaley Cuoco was one of the unfortunate victims.

She might not be a stranger to the world seeing her nude body, but does that mean she has to Snap pictures of herself topless for the world to see? The whole thing seems very forced and gimmicky. There are those who would say that if you're going to post a nude photo, at least make it artistic and tasteful. This looks like something a teenager would post. Kaley Cuoco expressed no regret for posting this Snap, and we can't really blame her... But she probably could've gone about it another way.

1 Too Many Breadsticks


While the majority of Snaps are posted by women in the comfort of their own home, or while they're out with their friends, sometimes the funniest ones are posted at the workplace. That was definitely the case with this girl, who posted a hilarious couple of Snaps detailing her discovery of a long-kept secret at work. Apparently, no one ever told her they have a 'reject pile' of breadsticks that were defective. And apparently, this pile is free for the taking.

However, judging by her facial expression, she obviously experienced some pretty intense regret about her decision to eat a grand total of 28 breadsticks. That is impressive, especially for what appears to be girl of average size. We're not sure if she regrets posting this Snap, or eating that many breadsticks. In the end, it's probably a mixture of both, but there's no denying that this Snap was well and truly comedic.


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