15 Snapchats These Teens Will Probably One Day Regret

"Regret" doesn't tend to be a word in a teenager's vocabulary. It's one of those things that only rears its head later on in life. This sense of invulnerability can prove to be beneficial. After all, we all need to take risks in life. It's one of the ways we learn from our mistakes, open up doors, and explore. But most teens are dumb AF; especially when Snapchat is involved. The following teens are all the type who need to regret the images they've taken and shared with the world. Some may never have the capacity to have regret, but some will certainly evolve and learn from their terrible, albeit hilarious, Snapchat mistakes. So, let's get into things, shall we? Without further ado, here are 15 Snapchats these teens will probably one day regret.

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15 There Will Be Consequences When Mama Wakes Up


Okay, so this is downright funny. There's no question about it. There's a great deal of creativity here. But something tells us that this mama doesn't give a flying F about creativity. We think that she's going to wake-up and give this kid a swift kick in the butt. Maybe then he'll regret that he ever got a good idea.

14 Sooner Or Later The Government Is Coming For That Watch And All Of Daddy's Assets

eBaulm's World and Film Daily

Someone who posts this kind of Snap deserves all the regret in the world. Nobody likes a showoff, but one that complains about the expensive gift he got is a real piece of work. But, in all likelihood, his dad is under investigation for money laundering or tax fraud. So once the government comes for the assets that this kid broadcasted to the world, he'll likely be feeling less than hot.

13 Well, At Least Somebodies Making A Move... This Snapper Will Be Alone Forever


We've all seen some pretty awkward public encounters. But broadcasting them for the world to see is pretty cold-hearted. It speaks volumes about the person Snapping. Because of this, it isn't outlandish to presume that this Snapper wished someone would flirt with them. Once they realize why nobody would touch them with a ten-foot pole, they're going to regret this.

12 No, Dude, It Will...


If this isn't a future dudebro frat-schmuck, we don't know what is. This photo seems incredibly staged. It's plausible that he got his friend to draw this image and caption it the way he did. Which just tells us that he's practically begging for some action tonight. And what did we say about desperate people? Yes. Nobody wants to ride their carpet. Rub their lamp. Feed their tiger. Or any other Aladdin double entendre.

11 This Is The Only Thing That Will Be Laying On Him...

eBaulm's World

A surefire way never to get any real action is to lay shirtless in bed and cover yourself in money. Firstly, money is full of germs and there's nothing attractive about it physically. Secondly, you just come across as an arrogant schmuck who's clearly compensating for something. It's likely that this kid will regret this Snap when he's single at 47.

10 When The World Finds Out You're Desperate

eBaulm's World

There are a few of these staged "bae" photos floating around the internet. One thing that they have in common is that they make the Snapchatter appear to be desperate AF. And we all know that desperation is far from an appealing trait in a mate. Nobody wants to date someone who'd take a photo like this. Especially when they were unintelligent enough to forget about the mirror behind them.

9 Yeah, But It Doesn't Count If You Bribed The Instructor

eBaulm's World and Moviefone

It's a strong possibility that this Snapper will feel the Felicity Huffman/Lori Laughlin guilt after the world finds out that their parents bribed the driving instructor to pass them. Yep, this teen definitely wasn't the only person who received a Rolls Royce recently. Then again, this car won't last for long after it's inevitably crashed when coming out of the driveway.

8 And Then Go Back To Class...

eBaulm's World

We're not sure if we've ever seen someone spell "Olive Garden" like this before. Mind you, Olive Garden's clientele doesn't tend to be of the highest caliber, so perhaps that's how they think it's spelled? Either way, this teen will certainly regret her unfathomable stupidity when the college admissions office comes across this Snap.

7 Soon After, She Found Out Her Mom Was Actually Dating Her BF

eBaulm's World

Is it just us, or is mama sending out a signal? We believe that this girl's boyfriend, who obviously received this snap, will think some things once he opens this. After all, teen boys always have absurd fantasies. And this mama just created the opportunity to turn his fantasy into a distinct reality. Once this girl realizes this, she'll be regretting that she ever took this in the first place.

6 Being A Little Bit Too* Honest

eBaulm's World

And you don't care about anyone but yourself. And you don't know a thing about the King's English. And you think everything you say is important. And that you are destined to change the world... Blah, blah, blah. Once this girl realizes that too much honesty about being a teenager isn't a good thing, she's certainly going to regret this Snap.

5 Mom May Not Have Cared, But Dad Was One Angry MF

eBaulm's World

Now, this kid has some serious attitude problems. It's likely that his mom lets him act this way. We just get the feeling like he's a major mommies boy. If he wasn't, he'd be too scared of Snapping something like this. But once dad gets home, it's likely that this snotty little brat will rue the day he took this Snap.

4 Nobody Wants To Be A Real-Life Snapchat Filter

eBaulm's World

On the one hand, it's nice that this girl is embracing her perceived flaws. After all, nobody wants to be a real-life Snapchat filter. Some of them are pretty grotesque. But we think that she'll regret this image after she grows out of this prolonged awkward phase and her new romantic partner finds these images buried away on her social media.

3 Her Future Employers Will Soon Know She Had Really Bad Judgement


Most employers will do a thorough background check on their prospective hires before they make any decisions. This usually includes a creep on their social media pages as well as a Google-image search. So, what do you think her potential employer will think when they see this Snap? Probably that she doesn't have the judgment to even run the deep-frier at Mickey-Ds.

2 Right On, Sista! You're One Cool Chic...

eBaulm's World

This is the epitome of an embarrassing teen Snap. It's not taken with any distinctive style or grace that would contribute to it being funny. It's just cringeworthy. Great, you're on a toilet. Good for you. What's next? We think she'll be pretty unhappy with herself that she shared this with the world. Instead of it being comedy gold, it's just so utterly random, blah, and dumb that it's not even worth discussing.

1 He Won't Be So Proud Once He Finds Out The Little One Is His


They didn't use protection. C'mon, we all know that, right? This is the face of a dude who thinks he's invincible. But, guess what? He won't be feeling so hot once he realizes that there are consequences to not sheathing his dagger. Actually, there's one very specific consequence and it's coming in 9 months.

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