15 Snapchats These Girlfriends Should Have Never Sent

We live in a universe swamped with technology. It seems that pretty much everyone is walking around with one foot in the real world and another in the virtual realm. Social media is all the rage, and virtual spaces like Snapchat are the new means of communication, flirting and dating.

These fifteen girlfriends need to go back and take social media 101 because the snaps that they are sending out are oh so wrong. Ladies, what on earth were you thinking? Fellas, there is a good chance these once taken women are now totally single. Up for grabs if you don't mind their constant, cringe-worthy snaps.

15 Guys Like A Natural Woman

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Feeling the natural look today, are you? Are you also feeling the "single" look today? Perhaps. There is something to be said for slaying your eyebrow game and wanting the entire world, boyfriend included, to celebrate with you. Show your artwork off to the world, so long as it doesn't look like a five-year-old painted on your face.

14 Spelling Bee Champion

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A general rule of thumb for all social media users is that one shall not enter the realm of virtual conversing until general language conventions are grasped. It. Is. Olive. Garden. Put the phone down and get on the school bus kid. I think I speak for the universe when I say that you are grounded.

13 Yikes. Put Down The Marker!

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Nope. We don't know your story, but we are guessing that if we did, we would be haunted for the rest of the days. This behavior is not normal, and we are willing to bet that if this got sent to a prospective partner, no response would be coming back. Addresses might get changed though, and perhaps a stint in the Witness Protection Plan might be in the works.

12 We Aren't Judging. We Are Straight Running.

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Well, that's a pickup line we have not heard before, and hope never to hear again. Making a homemade meatloaf in the oven might bring all the boys to the yard, but making something that smells similar in the bathroom will send all the boys running for the hills. Keep the bathroom talk off of social media.

11 Sunday Dinner Just Got Awkward

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He might laugh when he gets this snap, but he also might never be able to look your mother in the...face ever again. I don't know how many bottles of vino this mom threw back before getting the genius idea of photobombing her teenage daughter, but chances are she is going to regret her shirt-less decision come morning time.

10 Pure Regret

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No snap sent after eleven p.m. and after consuming an entire bottle of wine will ever be anything but an abysmal choice. This life decision is going to hurt in the morning, and so is this girl's head. Nothing creates more morning pain than a hangover and snap regret. Nothing. Next time you need to go on a bender, hide your phone from yourself.

9 Not The Kind Of Pic He Was Hoping To Get

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When this gal's boyfriend requested a pic from his honey, he was probably thinking of something a little more flirty and a little less...itchy. Oh well, sometimes you get what you get. We are feeling pretty badly for this gal. No making out you two. That stuff spreads like wildfire!

8 No Prom Invite For You!

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Yeah, maybe next time try sending him a snap of you wearing a more favorable fashion choice. There is nothing cute and inviting about matching the tiles on the school's bathroom walls. This won't earn you a prom invite, back to the drawing board and back to the shopping mall. This one is a flop.

7 Wifey Material


You will probably make him question just how far this relationship is going to go with this snap. Send him an image of a freshly baked lasagna, not an image of you torching the house down while trying to clean your clothes. Guys like a woman who can cook a warm meal, not create hell's fire in the family home tending to domestic duties such as this.

6 Time For A New Man

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Ummmm, if THIS is his response to your "Get-It-On" outfit, then it is high time to get out there and find yourself a new man. We don't care what is going on over there on that television's screen; this lady deserves a little more attention than this! When that game is over, he is going to kick himself of choosing the screen over his girl. Trust that.

5 Savage

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Breaking up via social media messages is the ultimate low, most vile thing a person can do. This girl has a lot to learn when it comes to the treatment of other human beings. Maybe the guy she is dumping should be thanking his lucky stars for being rid of this savage female. No good was ever going to come from being with a person who finds this acceptable anyhow.

4 Too Much

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Again, no bathroom snaps. Ever. Even if you consider you and your man to be thicker than thieves, with no secrets between the two of you, there is such a thing as too much sharing. He knows you poop. Everyone poops. There is no point in discussing it or sharing it.

3 Um. Okay.

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What is she gets bored again and shaves off YOUR eyebrow next time? If shaving off body parts out of sheer boredom makes your gal happy, then you should very much consider living the single life. This girlfriend is not a stable human being. Put the razor down girl and find an actual hobby. Preferably one that won't land you in a mental institution.

2 Nope He Did Not

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Ugh. These kind of snaps are the pits! There is no greater quest for attention than a young person pretending to be loved and adored on social media. Someday a real person will come along and snap endearing images of you snoozing. Until then, don't pretend. Just focus on maturing and growing up.

1 Grammar In A Girl Is Overrated. Kidding.

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Oh, the irony here! Please people, PLEASE check and re-check all spelling and grammar that you choose to ink. Thanks to this girl's inability to pay attention in English class, and her tat artist's failure to check his work, everyone who comes within three feet of her will know that he IQ is considerably low.

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