15 Snapchats That Show The Morning After Will Always Be Awkward AF

Whoever said that brief romantic interactions were easier than long-term relationships surely never had a really bad morning after. That walk of shame can feel far harsher than even the cruelest sting from a legitimate boyfriend or girlfriend. If you don't believe that, then maybe you wanna scroll through these absurdly awkward "morning after" shots courtesy of some very uncomfortable Snapchat users. Each of these people clearly regrets the few too many they had the night before or the sheer level of thirst they experienced. Because, when they woke up, someone they didn't expect was curled up next to them. Okay, let's get right into it, shall we? Here are 15 Snapchats that show the morning after will always be awkward AF.

15 Sometimes Those Morning Afters Are A Tad More Awkward Than Usual


Okay, waking up next to a complete stranger is one thing, but waking up to your best friend's ex is as bad as it gets, especially if you know that there are still some feelings flowing between them. Look, people make mistakes, but as this one goes... it's pretty darn bad. Unfortunately, no amount of tequila shooters will help to explain why these two let this happen.

14 This Takes The Blind Date To A Whole New Level


Can you imagine waking up to someone you have absolutely no recollection of meeting? Well, this is precisely what this girl -- let's call her Samantha because she looks like a "Samantha" -- had to experience. By the look of her expression, she hasn't quite put her situation together yet. Therefore, we can't be certain if she's entirely unhappy about this. By the end of the day, she could be laughing this off. On the other hand, she could remember that she's actually married.

13 A Classic Image Of An Incredible Walk Of Shame

Snapchat and Imgur

This is an absolutely classic image of a pretty standard walk of shame. However, there is something pretty "eye-roll worthy" about the clash of looks. The girl is dressed bright, modern, and with some confidence. On the other hand, her environment appears old, slightly impoverished and continuing some deep modest roots. The fact that she's running is also just downright hilarious as she probably doesn't want to be spotted by her old-fashioned parents.

12 Sometimes They Just Cling And Cling And Make Themselves At Home


If waking up next to a stranger wasn't made uncomfortable enough by the sting of not entirely knowing who they are, the fact that they just want to hang around forever certainly is. Like, dude, just pack up your things and GTFO. The whole point of a one-night-stand is that it's a ONE. NIGHT. STAND. It's over after the night. Frankly, you're lucky you were allowed to hang out this long.

11 An Epic Sleep-In At Her Expense


Once again, we have a clinger. Someone who has so easily made someone else's bed their own. Does nobody have any class anymore? Even in a drunken state, this guy was invited into a stranger's home. He should have some respect for her and not drool all over her pillows, as cheap as they do appear to be.

10 The Shock Of Finding Out That You Have No Clue About Anything

Snapchat and MTV

Going "black-out" is such an unnerving feeling. You could have literally done or said anything. Even worse, when you consume that much liquid happiness, chances are you're going to dream. These dreams could feel like extensions of the night, making it practically impossible to determine what was a dream and what was a reality. Even worse, you have no idea if the stranger lying next to you was who your friend wanted to go home with or not.

9 When You Don't Know If That Random Stranger Is Breathing Or Not

Snapchat and Business Insider

Ugh, and then they could pass away in your bed. How inconvenient would that be? Seriously, it's enough to have to deal with the shtick of the stranger in the morning. But having to deal with potential health problems just seems like such a hassle. We all have enough people in our lives that we care for, a random stranger who was just in your bed for the night is hardly your concern. Although this would certainly be a great start to a Twilight Zone episode.

8 We Can't Tell If She's Actually Unhappy Or Thrilled About This Surprise


Not every morning after experience is entirely awkward. Okay, it's almost always awkward, but that doesn't mean there isn't a silver lining. You could very well wake up next to a total fox. This guy seems half-way attractive, so maybe "Emma" here is happy about this. The monkey-face emoticon seems to suggest that she's not entirely disappointed.

7 "Um, Who Are You And Why Da Heck Are You Still Here!?"

Snapchat and Business Insider

With the bars over their eyes, it's hard to tell if the guy in bed is awake or asleep. If he's asleep, it means that he's still out of it and doesn't have a comprehension of his surroundings. However, if he's awake, he's just being a total jerk. Clearly, the other person wants him to leave... but nah... he's just too comfy.

6 Well, Why Don't You Make Yourself Feel Right At Home


Speaking off "too comfy"... that looks like a "to-go" cup... does it not? Did this guy seriously leave a complete stranger's house and come back with coffee? Sorry, this isn't sweet. It's invasive. GO HOME! This girl clearly isn't a fan and regrets having that extra strawberry cosmopolitan at the bar last night.

5 The Reason Why That Sixth Tequila Shot Was A Bad Idea


Oh yeah, this is a dude who doesn't want to face the consequences of ordering that sixth shot of tequila. The look on his face is of sheer terror. Well, unfortunately, most of us can relate. And if you can't, well, you can probably attempt to imagine. Just image yourself walking down the street without a single item of clothing on. Then imagine taking the nearest person you spot home with you... Because that's what this dude is feeling in this Snap.

4 When You Have No Idea Who She Is But You're Pleased As Punch

Snapchat and Huff Post

Here's another example of someone who isn't entirely sure who they spent the night with. However, it's highly unlikely that either of them is unhappy about it -- they both seem decently attractive. Seriously, those blurred faces are hot AF.

Sure, it may still be a bit awkward. The angle of this Snapchat suggests some level of discomfort between them, despite them just having been in some comprising positions with each other. Although they do look young so it's unlikely that they were that creative with their positions if you pick up what we're putting down.

3 Again, Is She Happy Or Sad About This One? Whatever, It's Still Awkward


This one may be a bit of a show-off. In the short term, she wants all of her friends to know that she just bagged a handsome stranger for the night. Long term, however, it's likely that she will feel pretty awkward about this. As will he. Especially when he finds out that this girl just took a bunch of Snapchats of him sleeping. Who knows what she's actually doing with them...

2 That Desperate Cry For Help On Deaf Ears


Okay, this one takes "clinging" a bit too literally. Being squished under the sweaty body of an utter stranger definitely wasn't on this woman's agenda when she hit the clubs the night before. However, this can be what you get in "morning after" scenarios. Frankly, she's lucky she didn't pick someone who had a thing for Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.

1 She's Going To Have To Wait A Couple More Hours Until She Gets An Audible Answer


Panic. That's what this young woman's experiencing right now. In all likelihood, her entire night is flashing before her eyes as she ephoralty tries to figure out how this total stranger fit into bowling night with the girls. Well, there was that pitcher of beer. Then the tequila shots. Oh, and then they moved to the bar down the street. And then there was an alleyway. Maybe even a hospital. And now, they're here... in one very awkward scenario. At least, it would be awkward if he woke the heck up!

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