15 Snapchats Of Women In The Delivery Room

There are some things in life that are so sacred that we often do not get to experience them with other people. This can create a distance between one another that makes people uncomfortable. With the invention of social media, we are closing that divide. Nothing is too sacred to share with our friends, family and followers. All we have to do is press a button to record what we want to share, then hit send. We broadcast our most personal thoughts, intimate moments and even health complications. Where do we draw the line between what should be public and what should be private?

The latest trend in social media sharing seems to be sharing the birthing process. Expectant parents and their visitors are taking to Snapchat to share the realities of the labor and delivery process. There are no major censors on Snapchat, meaning we get to see everything that they decide to share. This can include everything from contractions to the baby’s head crowning. Seeing what these women are going through can be an eye-opening experience, especially for those who have never been in a delivery room. See what these brave souls put out on Snapchat during one of the most vulnerable moments of their lives.

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15 Pain Relief Can Be A Game-Changer

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When you talk to an expectant mother, you may hear her talk about her birth plan. This generally consists of how the mother wants to give birth and if she wants to have an epidural. Some women feel that an epidural does too much harm, so they move to push on without one. An epidural can be an absolute game-changer during the birthing process. The pain can become unbearable to deal with and an epidural can provide great relief.

Of course, if you are not far enough in the process, they cannot perform an epidural. This means moms experience a great amount of pain before getting relief. Reliving this pain may make them decide not to have any more children. At least, that may be what they say until they hold their baby.

14 It May Take Time To Stabilize

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After giving birth, many people anticipate that the mother gets to hold a clean baby and begin the healing process right away. Babies do not come out of the womb clean. That takes some time, as does any stitching that needs to be done. Birth can be a stressful process on both mom and baby, which could require additional medical intervention.

This mama looks like she had to get some oxygen in order to stabilize her vitals. Her baby likely needed something to stabilize his or her vitals as well. This can be additional heat, oxygen, a food source or a number of other medical procedures. It can be scary in the moment, but once mom and baby are stable, happiness ensues. They may even start welcoming visitors.

13 Some Moms Want To Look Their Best

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Birth is an exhausting process. Some women are in labor for days, while others only in labor for minutes. There is a lot of strain put on the body and many mothers make sure they are at their most comfortable. This means no make-up, hair in a messy bun and modesty thrown to the wind.

This mother-to-be wanted to make sure that the pictures she had of her giving birth and her first pictures with her baby were ones she would be proud of. She applied a full face of make-up while lying in her hospital bed. It appears she is a make-up artist who wanted to go the extra mile. While it is a great idea, it may not be practical for the mothers who are experiencing more difficult births or who are not experts in make-up.

12 No Food Allowed

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Mainstream media shows that once expectant mothers get to the hospital, they are given ice chips to chew on. In many scenes of movies, people will rush to go get the woman more ice chips if she seems grumpy. This is not generally explained, as it likely was not to this couple prior to getting admitted.

Once a mother goes into labor and is admitted to the hospital, she cannot eat solid food. These moms are only allowed to have clear liquids. Ice is supposed to trick the brain into thinking that they are eating since they cannot have real food. This is just in case they need to have an emergency medical procedure. Food can interfere with anesthetics and with the actual surgery, which is why these mamas are put through even more torture.

11 Getting Things Moving

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Thinking of the birthing process, many people picture a woman lying in a hospital bed in pain, tracking contractions. Some mothers are able to move around, especially if they do not get an epidural. This can help them manage their pain and can help the baby come faster.

This woman is standing with a nurse on the other side of the bed. She is bracing against her pain and getting an oxygen treatment, but by moving around, she could be helping her baby come a little faster.

For some women, this is not an option because of where their placenta is or because of other medical conditions. As soon as a woman gets an epidural, she cannot leave the hospital bed. This method is not often shown on television or in movies. Snapchat kept it real.

10 Dance It Out

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Desperate times can call for desperate measures. This mama had a doctor in the room and devices strapped to her belly, but she had to get up and dance. Her labor may not have been progressing quickly or dance could be her form of pain relief because of the endorphins that get released. She let it all out in her nursing bra and mommy diapers to get the job done.

It looks like the doctor may have even joined her at the end. It looks like this mom may have been trying to bounce on the exercise ball to get labor going first, but knew that dance would help her more. You can take the girl out of dance, but cannot take the dance out of the girl.

9 Will Things Ever Be The Same?

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Cesarean sections, also known as C-sections, are generally the result of labor that is not going well or a high-risk pregnancy. There tend to be arguments about this form of delivery, saying that it is less natural than vaginal birth. Some people will even mommy shame those who got a C-section.

This mama had a C-section and took to Snapchat to share her battle wounds from the procedure. She has a long scar along her tummy from where they had to remove the baby. These scars can be difficult to get rid of, but they do get a little duller over time. It is quite a story to tell and can be considered as a battle wound from delivering that specific child. This mama has no shame showing what she just went through.

8 While One Mom Cries Out, Another Smiles Through The Pain

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When many people think of pain, they often imagine crying or screaming, not smiling. This mother-to-be started getting contractions, then her picture started being taken.

This person was evidently poking fun at her, as the caption implies that the mother is in pain while the photographer is pain-free. The smile across the mother’s face seems genuine. This could be excitement because contractions mean she would soon meet her new baby. It could also be a smile to hide the pain of the contraction.

Women are strong, amazing humans who find the strength to be nurturing and smiley even in the worst type of pain. Some women even laugh while giving birth as a way of releasing the stress. This is great to see as it makes birth seem worth it in the end.

7 Dads Have All The Fun

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Boys will be boys, even while a mother-to-be is in a hospital bed waiting to bring a human into the world. This woman looks tired, in pain and ready for the birthing process to be over. This process was captured with a phone application that allows people to catch Pokémon in a variety of locations. This father-to-be was lucky enough to catch a Pokémon right on the mother’s bed, and then uploaded this to Snapchat.

Dads have a lot of time to waste before they can do something that is truly productive, whereas the mother-to-be has to endure pain and has to try to rest up to push a baby out. Women often get frustrated with their partner during birth, causing tension. This may be why.

6 Baby Wants Out

Baby Faces wants out 😂🙈👶🏼

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An expectant mother’s body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy. They are growing a human within them. This Snapchat photo, which was re-uploaded to Instagram, shows the stretch marks that a mother can get during pregnancy. When the belly stretches, the skin gets thinner in areas and could lead to stretch marks.

This picture shows that you can see when a baby is moving. That extra little bump on this mother’s tummy is the baby working its way down the birth canal. Babies can stick their little limbs out and make any part of the mother’s tummy stick out or harden in certain areas. The movements can become so clear that the body parts are evident. Cool and alien like all at once. The baby being so low could even indicate labor is coming.

5 Labor Is Hot, Literally

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Labor can send a woman’s body into complete chaos. Hormones are running rampant, pain levels are spiking and the woman is likely hungry. There is much going on within her body that the mother can quickly get overheated or exhausted. This can lead to complications with labor later on.

This mother took to Snapchat to show that her man was fanning her with a paper because she was so overheated during labor that she was feeling ill. The father looks much more excited about this Snap than the mother, but she was sharing some labor realness with the world. She could be freezing in a few minutes, but it looks like this significant other will make sure she is comfortable, regardless of what he has to do to get her there.

4 Mothers May Be Hooked Up To Multiple Devices

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In movies, a woman goes into labor and they rush her to the hospital. Within moments, it seems like she is already pushing and then is holding the baby with no issue. What movies and television shows do not seem to capture is all of the science behind having a baby. DJ Khaled documented his fiancée’s journey through the birthing process. This shows all of the devices that a new mom can be hooked up to. There are straps all across her belly to monitor the baby while she is experiencing contractions.

Doctors often claim they "have to" monitor both mom and baby during labor to make sure no one is in distress. What they fail to inform women of is that this is a choice, and opting in for the monitors without a clear medical need for them can increase the risk of other interventions being used and drastically slow labor when it keeps a woman limited in position or stuck in bed. This, of course, does not include if she is hooked up to any IVs or an epidural. So many devices!

3 Mom May Be Crying While Visitors Are Smiling

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Women in labor, or women that just birthed their child, tend to get a lot of visitors. These visitors are excitedly anticipating a new baby to swoon over. They generally do not pick up on the social cues that the mother may be giving out that she wants to be alone. She is likely experiencing a great deal of discomfort and small talk is not her forte.

Instead of clearing the room when this mama was crying in pain, this woman’s sister decided it was the perfect opportunity to take a selfie. While the non-pregnant sister has a beaming smile, you can feel her sister’s pain. No wonder so many mothers say they feel like a zoo attraction. They cannot escape, but people just keep coming, taking pictures and interrupting the natural flow of life.

2 It Is All Worth It In The End

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After all is said and done, a baby is brought into this world. Instantly, the mother forgets everything that she just went through to get the baby into the world. All she wants is to hold her baby and take in the entire experience. Even celebrities get this way, as Blac Chyna showed after baby Dream Kardashian was born.

Mothers may be full of emotions, but they are often smiling and cooing at their new baby. Sharing the big news with everyone is important for a lot of people, making Snapchat one of the easiest ways to do that. Even better, since the little human is here now, Snapchat filters will likely work on them, hence the flower crowns on this mother-daughter pair. Getting as many pictures as possible will be the mother’s goal for the next eighteen years.

1 It's Been A Long Time Coming

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It is widely known and accepted that pregnant women cannot drink. It can cause a variety of medical conditions for the baby, including Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and other complications. After months of being pregnant, many moms are excited to have their first drink once they get out of the hospital.

This mom wasted no time and had a bottle of wine in her hospital bed, along with her baby. She must not be breastfeeding her little one since alcohol can get into the breastmilk, which then cannot be given to the baby. Pregnancy and the birthing process can be stressful on a mama. Maybe she just needs to relax a little bit and unwind. All mothers have different priorities once their baby arrives. This mom is learning how to juggle early.

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