15 Situations Where Any Loyal Man Would Completely Fail And Cheat

Cheating is wrong under any circumstances. It might be hard to imagine a loyal man being unfaithful in a committed relationship, but it’s possible in some situations. It doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to sleep with another woman. Maybe, but emotional cheating is just as bad as physical cheating. Look — most people in a relationship are tempted by another person at some point. Not everyone falls into that trap, but not everyone can resist the temptation.

All relationships have its ups and downs. Sometimes, cheating isn’t planned; it’s something that just happens. It’s the sad truth. When you’ve been dating the same person for some time, a lot of things might have changed. The affections that were there at the beginning of a relationship slowly fade. Like with many people in a relationship, you might take him for granted after dating him for a while. Basically, he feels neglected, and when things like this happen, he thinks he’s not good enough. He might find comfort in another woman, and that can lead to cheating. He might consider looking elsewhere to feel better about himself.

Regardless of the situation, cheating is definitely not the best way to deal with relationship problems. No excuse is good enough to cheat!

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15 He's Constantly Accused Of Cheating Even If He Never Cheated


Let’s be honest — nobody wants to be falsely accused of cheating on their partners. It’s not fair. Maybe you get annoyed when your man responds late to your text, and you wonder, “What is he doing?! Is he with another girl?” Maybe you get jealous when he talks to a pretty girl even for a few minutes. Many thoughts run through your head, and you start to doubt his loyalty. When you constantly accuse your man of cheating, it can get exhausting for him especially if he never cheated. It might actually drive him to cheat on you. He thinks it wouldn’t make a difference if he’s unfaithful because he’s already being called out for being a cheater. This way, he’ll be accused of something that he actually did as opposed to something he didn’t do.

14 He Does It Out Of Revenge To Spite His Cheating Partner


Revenge cheating is at the top of the list for infidelity. Anyone who discovers that their partner has cheated on them will be devastated. So, it’s possible that he might cheat on you out of revenge to spite you. Depending on how far you went, he might go just as far whether it’s sleeping or flirting with another person. He probably won’t hide his actions, either, because he wants you to notice. He’s angry with you because you hurt his feelings when you cheated, and now he wants to hurt yours. It’s his way to make things even with you and feel less resentment towards you. He thinks to himself, “If she did this to me, why can’t I do it to her?” Basically, he wants to turn the tables on you.

13 A Long Distance Relationship Could Take A Toll On Him


Many people struggle with maintaining a long distance relationship. It can definitely be tough. Unfortunately, it’s common to cheat in this type of relationship. You and your man might communicate a lot through texting and talking on the phone, but it’s not the same. He doesn’t see you often because you live far apart from each other, and Skyping isn’t the same thing. When you’re not physically with him, there’s a feeling of loneliness, and like in any loving relationship, it’s natural for him to crave intimacy. It’s true that if he truly loves you, then he won’t cheat on you, but long distance relationship could take a toll on him even on a loyal man — loneliness could get the best of him. Sometimes, love isn’t enough to make a relationship work.

12 He Wants Freedom Because He Feels Trapped In A Relationship

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There’s a chance that your man might cheat on you when he feels trapped in a relationship. Many men want some freedom to do what they enjoy doing while they’re in a relationship. He wants to hang out with his friends without you giving him the third degree every time he's out. It could be suffocating for him, and he might have the urge to break up with you, but he can’t. He feels obligated to stay with you because too much time and emotions have been invested in the relationship. Maybe it’s a financial issue — he fears you won't be able to live on your own or even have another place to stay. There are other reasons, but basically, he feels responsible for you because he made a promise to always be there for you.

11 He Feels Under-Appreciated And Gets Criticized For Everything He Does


Every man wants to feel valued in a relationship. When he feels under-appreciated, he might choose to look for appreciation elsewhere. Apparently, one of the reasons men cheat is because the other woman makes him feel better about himself. She gives him full attention and makes him feel desirable again. Another situation why he might cheat is when you criticize him for everything he does. He feels emasculated when you nag at him all the time, and when you always point out his flaws, he’s likely to think he’s just not good enough for you. When you emasculate him, he’s likely to find another woman who can make him feel like a man again. It’s not to say he’s going to sleep with her, but emotionally cheating is just as bad as physical cheating.

10 An Attractive Woman Who Knows What She's Doing Approaches Him


Let’s be honest — most people in a relationship are tempted by another person at some point. It’s true that not everyone falls into that trap, but not everyone can resist the urge to cheat. Gorgeous women are everywhere, and some are bound to turn your man’s head. It doesn’t mean he’s going to be unfaithful to you when any pretty woman flirts with him, but it’s possible that he might have a hard time resisting the temptation to be unfaithful when a pretty woman who knows what she’s doing approaches him. If you watched He’s Just Not That Into You, then you know Bradley Cooper cheats on his wife. He meets Scarlet Johansson at the grocery store, and everything changes. She goes skinny dipping in the pool and even invites him to join her.

9 His Ex-Girlfriend He Still Keeps In Touch With Makes A Move On Him


Most women don’t like it when their man still keeps in touch with his ex-girlfriend. It’s because there’s a possibility of him and his ex rekindling feelings and getting back with each other, probably behind your back. They text and talk on the phone more often than you’d like. They probably even share relationship issues they have with their own partners with each other. When you question him about his friendship with his ex, he tells you he’s over her and that they’re just good friends now. While that may be true, things can change when she makes a move on him. When she tries to kiss him, he might not stop her. Maybe it’s the alcohol, or he remembers the good times they had together. There could be other reasons for his action.

8 He's In A Different Country Traveling Without His Partner


It’s pretty common for people to cheat when they’re traveling in foreign countries without their significant other. He’s constantly meeting new people, so there’s a chance that your man might be unfaithful when he’s traveling alone. He’s in a new place, and he’s feeling adventurous. The fact that nobody knows him gives him an adrenaline rush. He can flirt with other women without worrying about your feelings. It’s possible that friendly flirting could lead to physical cheating. Overall, the situation is similar to a long-distance relationship. Loneliness could get the better of him. It’s also easier to cheat when he’s in a different country because you may never find out if he never tells. So, when the opportunity arises, he might think to himself, “Why not?” Sometimes, even a loyal man can’t escape from the temptation.

7 He Spends Long Hours With His "Work Wife" Because Of Work-Related Things


Apparently, having a work wife makes men happier at work. A work wife and work husband are colleagues who help each other out in the office environments. Their platonic relationship might seem innocent at first, but their relationship could gradually turn into something more. They spend long hours together in and out of the office because of work-related things, so it's possible to develop romantic feelings for each other. They probably have insides jokes, and they know a lot about each other because they spend a lot of time together. They might be closer than you think. They already have what most relationships are built on like support, trust, and respect. He doesn’t necessarily have to sleep with her for it to be considered cheating. Emotional cheating is just as wrong as physical cheating.

6 His Insecurity Could Get The Best Of Him Like Think He's Being Cheated On


Your man might cheat on you when his insecurity gets the best of him. Men are more insecure than they appear regardless of the strong face he has on. When you check out other men or are being friendly with them, it might make him feel unattractive and undesirable. When you unexpectedly change plans with him, he might think something more exciting than seeing him came up. He might also think you're still hung up on your ex for no reason. Maybe he's been cheated on before in a previous relationship so that he thinks he's being cheated on again. Basically, he doesn't think he's good enough. He gets too worried that you might break up with him because you don't love him anymore, and that kind of thinking could drive him to cheat.

5 He Gets Drunk And Let His Inhibitions Go


Alcohol should never be an excuse for cheating, but it definitely helps let his inhibitions go. So, it’s possible that your loyal man might cheat on you when he gets drunk at a party or a bar. It’s more likely to happen when you’re not around than when you are because he might not think about you so much when he’s having fun with his boys. Basically, cheating could happen when he’s drunk because he’s not thinking straight. Maybe his subconscious mind wants to kiss or sleep with another woman. There’s also a chance that he might not be aware of what he’s doing when a woman throws herself at him, and he just goes with the flow. Let’s be real — every man knows a lot can happen under the influence, and that includes being unfaithful.

4 He Feels Like He Doesn't Give You Enough Pleasure


When your man’s not confident in bed with you, he’s likely to look elsewhere to boost his confidence. It can be difficult for him to deal with when he feels like he doesn’t give you pleasure in the sack. Men tend to take a lot of pride in their bedroom skills, and when you’re not satisfied with him, it could annoy him. He probably doesn’t want to openly talk about the problems in the bedroom, either. Instead, he might cheat on you with another woman to prove to himself that he’s actually good in bed. He might even go back to sleeping with his ex he's still friends with to learn tricks hoping to satisfy your needs in bed. Either way, it doesn’t matter what his intentions are because cheating is always a bad idea.

3 He Wants To Get Out Of The Relationship But Doesn't Have The Courage To Breakup


Breaking up can be hard to do. Some people who are unhappy in a relationship don’t know how to end the relationship or just don’t have it in them to breakup with their partner. Instead, he might turn to cheating as a way to get out of the relationship or to wait it out until you want to break up with him. Basically, he’s a coward because he doesn’t have the courage to do the dirty work. Maybe he feels too guilty to break things off with you because you guys have been through so much together. Maybe he thinks it might be better if you were the one to dump him because then he won’t have to deal with you asking him questions like, “Why are you breaking up with me?”

2 He's Tempted To Cheat When He's Very Unhappy In A Relationship


Apparently, being unhappy in a relationship is one of the most common reasons people cheat on their partners. That said, your man might be tempted to cheat on you when he doesn’t get the attention he wants in a relationship. It happens to a lot of people — you start to take your partner for granted after dating him for a while. You don’t make him feel special like you used to at the beginning of a relationship. You don’t make an effort to do the little things for him anymore and instead put your needs above his. Men want affection just as much as women do. When he feels like you don’t care about him, and most importantly, he doesn’t feel loved by you, he’s likely to cheat. He might seek affection from someone else.

1 A Lack Of Intimacy In The Bedroom Could Drive Him To Be Unfaithful


Your man might cheat on you when he doesn’t get something from a relationship he’s in — a lack of intimacy in the bedroom. Intimacy is important in a committed relationship, and without it, your relationship will start to crumble. You're probably aware that men think about you-know-what more often than women. When you tell him you're too tired to do it with him every time he makes a move on you in bed, it might tempt him to cheat when he gets attention from a cute girl at the gym or a cafe. The excuse, “We don’t do it enough,” is not a good enough reason to cheat. No excuses are, but when his needs are not met, he’s likely to find someone who can fulfill his expectations.

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