15 Simple Ways To Save Money In 2017

One thing we all have in common is the need to survive the economy, to make a living. Hopefully saving some of our money for our goals in the future, and making the dough doing something we all love. Money seems to always be the root of problems, and what creates selfishness in the world, but learning how to spend and what we should be spending our hard earned money on that will actually benefit our well-being can also be the key to saving our funds as well!

Simple saving tips that will actually be useful this coming year will help you plan for the future as well. Spending your money on experience rather than materialistic things that just weigh us down and drown out what really truly makes us the happiest we can be. This list will help pinpoint specific ways you can save a buck, and what to spend money on that will benefit you in the long run. You’ll fill up your piggy bank in no time!

15 Stay Focused

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Staying focused can be one of the hardest and most beneficial aspects to apply to your daily life. Being able to stay focused on the task of saving money, just the matter of keeping it in the back of your mind to remember throughout the week can help you save up that change and stray dollars lying around rather than forgetting about them. You’ll be surprised at how easy saving up can be just when you are mindful about your plan and what you need to do to accomplish your job. Staying focused will help you remember your goals and where you want to be in the future. Do you want to save up and be able to afford that experience? Or would you rather disregard a few pennies, and miss out on experiences you will have forever? Whatever your goal is, it is very important that you stay focused because it is the only way you will succeed. 

14 The Jar

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The simplest and most popular way to slowly add up your change over time. A jar with a cute label of your goal, the reason you are saving up. It could be just to save up in general or to save up for a specific trip you would like to take. Nowadays it is always harder to get change with debit cards and credit cards taking over our lives, but trust me it is still possible every once and awhile and it will slowly add up over time, you will be shocked! The jar of change can be an easy way to start saving without thinking about it to the point that it just consumes you and that’s all you focus on, keep it in your line of sight when you work at your desk and you’ll have healthy reminders whenever you look that direction, instead of just unhealthy focusing on money!

13 Doing Not Buying

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I have always lived by the philosophy of doing not buying, experiencing experiences that stick with me forever, that can be documented by photography and other creative means, instead of buying things that have no real value to enriching my life. Doing will help you grow as a person, you will see the world differently when you go on a trip to Europe opposed to staying home and buying a materialistic item. Do not get me wrong, we all buy unnecessary material items and that is perfectly okay, just make sure there is a balance and either one does not get too overhand. Experiences help you learn and become a better person, you will be changed and you will have a better understanding of the world and the people in it. Becoming more cultured and more aware of the world around you is so much better than buying that shirt you really want that you will probably only wear once. You are richer if you travel. 

12 First 1000

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One thing that has always helped me when I try to save is the 1000 method I came up with a few years ago. Saving up $1000 dollars for a safety net. So far it has worked and it has taught me the value of saving and how much it can really help and motivate. It also does one more thing, it puts things into perspective, the value of a dollar, and the importance of having a backup plan when it comes to money. I know money does not rule your life, but it is an aspect of the world that plays an important part of survival, as unhealthy as that might seem, 1000 can help you boost your motivation to actively save for things that matter rather than things that you will lose interest in less than a week. And when you start seeing that number grow, you are less likely going to want to spend it and more likely want to keep saving, so really it's a win-win!

11 Minimalism

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An important lifestyle that has not only helped my health but also helped my overall life. Saving, cleanliness, style, personality, outlook, and how I manage my life, minimalism has been my personal answer to saving up for experiences for 2017. With a trip to the UK next winter, I have my eyes set on a goal and it is slowly taking shape, using these tips I have mentioned in this list, and actively participating in a minimalist lifestyle, I have been able to easily sort out what matters and what does not. What I should purchase and what I should put back without thought. Focusing on food and basic needs rather than my wants. Usually only spending on something special once a month is my active goal, and usually, it is not even something physically, either a night out, a special drink, etc. It feels good in the end because you get a reward!

10 Eco Travel

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One thing I would recommend purchasing would be a reusable way to travel if you can commute to work closely, and/or you work from home. Having a way to travel that has less of an imprint on the earth is a bonus. Buying a bike, skateboard or walking are just a few examples. I’m all about saving time just as much as money, they’re both valuable in their own ways, but make sure if you choose these forms of travel that you aren’t wasting too much extra time. Make sure that you can go places like to get groceries quickly this way, time is just as expensive and precious as well, you don’t want to waste it! If you choose to eco travel to get groceries, your daily coffee, and local food, make sure you stay safe and learn the correct etiquette when it comes to traveling like this. For your safety and the safety of others.

9 Vegan

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This isn’t for anyone, but you’ll be surprised to know that this is probably one of the cheapest and most creative ways of eating out there, as well as good for the planet.

Vegan eating consists of some of the most accessible healthy food out there, beans, rice, lentils! An easy base of food that’s healthy and pretty cheap! Dress it up with some fresh produce and you have a filling meal a delicious dinner, and saved more than 10 bucks if you went to your local fast food place and bought that unhealthy burger. Like I mentioned above, this lifestyle change has given me a new perspective when it comes to money and how I personally choose to live my life. I’ve learned that things can be beneficial to many things not just one specific thing, I’ve learned that with changes to lifestyle even as uncomfortable as that might seem, it’s possible to make those changes and fall in love with them.

8 Giving

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Over the years, this practice usually goes hand in hand with minimalism, but it also is very effective on its own as well.

Giving can be a huge beneficial factor in anyone’s life, whether it be to a charity shop or just giving your friend that shirt in your closet you love but never wear. It decreases the space of clutter around you and will shift your perspective to focus on what really matters instead of physically things that do not benefit our lives directly every time we think they will. Go through your closet, have a yard sale and give the rest to a charity shop of a friend that really likes your style, you will be in shock to see how fast the change adds up even from a simple winter yard sale. (the best time to do one!) Being able to see the smile on someone's face after giving them something they need is a reward in itself. 

7 Experience Fund

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Just like the jar above, the experience fund focuses on saving up your digital cash for the future. Use your planner to dedicate days where you set aside some of your paychecks and place it into this fund, there are plenty of sites you can do this, you could even just use Paypal as a separate account so you do not spend it, and just move it back to your bank account when you reach your goal. A modern practice that comes in handy when trying to save up, but you can't save up change that fast because of modern technology. Having an experience fund will put your goals on the table in an almost physical form, you will be able to see how far you have come, and how far you want to go instead of just waiting in mystery until you cash in your change! This is a great tip!

6 Do What You Love

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Doing what you love can sometimes be a process to find out exactly what that is. Anything from going to the park on Sundays, to even just visiting the local art museums on the weekends. Sometimes what we love can be an experience, but still, cost money when we’re trying to save up for our bigger goals. You need to include these on the way to that goal, remember that smaller experiences are still just that, an experience that’s valuable to you, and just because it’s not a huge outlandish goal or a huge travel trip, doesn’t mean that you have to write it off until you accomplish something else.

We have to value every experience we get big or small, and the smaller ones can sometimes have a bigger positive impact than we know. Doing what you love is key to making big strides in your saving methods, and keeps you motivated.

5 DO more, Buy Less

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You can probably tell that there is a theme, doing more, buying less. Because really there is no better advice anyone can give you, so consider it!

Learning the differences between wants and needs is key to properly implementing this into your life until it’s a daily habit, it won’t just happen overnight. If you do more and value those experiences I’ve found that you won’t need to buy more things to compensate. You’ll feel better, lighter and less weighed down by stress, you’ll be able to breathe and pull your life together even when times are bad. Learning how to do this method may take the time to get used to, especially if you have something you constantly buy, I even still struggle with this and minimalism has helped me combat it. Find what works for you and your daily life, everyone is different, and you have to experiment to find out the answer.

4 Plan

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The key to living in this day and age and not losing your footing is to plan away!

My trick is to use an undated planner and plan each month out in advance so I can really think through my plan of action for the month, when I am paid, how much I will put in savings, how I will spend money weekly on groceries, and other needs, special things I need to purchase during that time, and how my days will flow. It's good to get an idea of what you are working with, even though you can't plan your finances to the t because after all things do happen. But lucky for you if you have saved some money with these tips then any emergency will not scare you because you will have that extra money. This is something that’s surprisingly helped me more than just writing out a financial plan, it gives me a daily perspective and makes it less scary when looking at my saving goals among my daily plans. It normalizes it and in turn, forms a habit that actually sticks and I always fill in from then on in my planner.

3 Be Thankful

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With the holidays around the corner (and almost over), this is a biggie we should all try to remember to do not just during the holidays. Sit down this weekend and really think about what you’re thankful for.

Start by taking a notebook and pen and making a bullet list of what you’re thankful for this past year to be more specific, not just family and friends, but specific things that have happened this past year. Now turn the page and make a list of all the things you want to be thankful for next year, write your goals, but don’t just write them down with one word, make the effort to truly think about what each goal is and write down how you’ll see it through. This method of goal writing will change you see goals as this far off thing that will happen eventually, it instead turns your goals into something real and reachable. You’ll put your plan into action and achieve what you set out to do!

2 Capsule Wardrobe

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An easy aspect of minimalism that helps you save money and be trendy!

Capsule wardrobes consist of 10 or so pieces of staple clothing, not including shoes and accessories. These clothes should be comfortable and trendy, unique and basic, an equal balance. You should be able to mix and match each piece and create new stunning looks! The capsule wardrobe you put together should perfectly reflect the current season, and when the next rolls around change the pieces and pack away the ones that are no longer appropriate for the weather. An easy way to minimize your life in one way to save money, and also challenge your brain how to be creative and find new ways to wear pieces of clothing. Wearing a simple t-shirt backward with a pair of simple jeans is an easy and fresh look to rock that’s different and also re-purposes a shirt you have to a high neck and high fashion classic look.

1 Skip That Cup Of Joe

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It is number one for a reason, the hardest thing to pass up.

Passing up a coffee shop without stopping every time is a rough thing to do, honestly sounds a bit funny but it is something small that I always convince myself most days that it will not really matter. It is just a small harmless coffee, right? Nope, this could be anything to you, anything you find yourself buying just because it is small and reasonably cheap, that it will not affect your savings, but it does, a lot.

We all have that one thing we struggle with cutting out of our lives, and I do not believe we should just cut it out completely when it is a treat every once and awhile, but making sure you find balance is key. Not only is it a tip of life, balance is the key to saving for 2017 as well.

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