15 Signs You've Gotten Too Comfortable With Your Partner

We’ve seen this example one too many times unfortunately. We all have that one friend who somehow strayed away and got lost in the wilderness, and by wilderness, we mean a relationship.

Like everything else in life, relationships are built through a profound amount of work, if you’re not willing to put in the effort for a loved one, the same results will follow leading down to a path of destruction. A healthy relationship not only requires effort, but some serious thought is also needed to make it go the distance with minor bumps along the way.

Some long term relationships inevitably suffer from that scary word we want to avoid at all costs, “comfort”. That one delicate word can cause people to stray away from all the things they once loved and basically shut themselves off from the rest of the world. This my friends is an absolute “no-no”.

In this article we will take a look at several signs you may have gotten too comfortable with your partner. In addition, we’ll note some of the ways you can use to remedy such predicaments.

So without further ado let’s begin, here are 15 sings you’ve gotten too comfortable with your partner.

15 You’ve Lost All Your Friends

When you become too comfortable with a partner, you run the risk of losing yourself in the process. Following the same routine and constantly being comfortable with one person can cause you to neglect everything around you including your friends, who in most cases, were there with you since day one. Most people become so consumed with new love that they end up neglecting all of the people who were there for them from the beginning.

This is definitely a bad sign and one that shows you’re a little too comfortable. What happens if the relationship reaches a breakup? Will those friends you neglected still have your back? For that very reason, don't neglect your friends and family. That way you can make sure you maintain a healthy balance of seeing your love and your loved ones.

14 They Come Over Without You Knowing

When he/she's at your dinner table conversing with your parents and you walk in to find them sitting there waiting for you, that’s when you know things are getting a little too easy. Over the course of a relationship, family ends up playing a major role between yourself and your significant other. Often your family will become really attached to your partner. In some instances, your family and s/o become so close that they forget to let you in on certain plans (hence walking in to finding them in your home).

For a healthy relationship to blossom, boundaries must be set. One of those boundaries includes that your partner should always inform you on when they are coming over and does not show up unannounced.

13 Looking Forward To Alone Time

Yes alone time is also needed in a relationship, but being a little too excited for it, might indicate that things are a little too comfortable with you and your partner. Wanting to be left alone basically means you need your space, for the most part, the reason behind that is that fact that you see your partner a little too much. Know we’re not saying alone time is bad, on the contrary, alone time is needed, but we cannot take our partners for granted. We need to value and their presence.

In order to remedy such a problem, you might have to create a new schedule, one that will get you excited to see your partner. At times, seeing someone too many times turns in to a burden as opposed to a privilege. Properly mapping out your relationship will lead to valued alone time, along with a greater sense of happiness when with your s/o.

12 Can’t Be Alone

Ironically, on the contrary, some develop a pattern of not being able to say alone, away from a loved one. This is another alarming sign that you got way too comfortable and can’t fend for yourself once your alone. The result of this is pretty simple, you pretty much let go and put all of your eggs in the basket of one person. Although it feels right when you’re with them, it truly is not the way to go. Yes, you can fully love someone but you need to be a little selfish and value yourself as well.

Valuing your own personal self will lead to a better living style and one that doesn’t require you to depend on someone else 24/7. In terms of healthy living, this should be the way to go. As we discussed in the previous point, it is crucial to make time for both yourself alone and the time spent with a partner. Doing so will avoid the issue that sees you getting too comfortable and being unable to stay alone or in the other case we discussed, be with that person.

11 New Does Not Exist

After the honeymoon phase is over, some people continue to try new ways to keep the relationship interesting. Others tend to let the comfort get the best of them. Forgetting that relationships are hard work and require both people to continuously try to spice it up.

Again, it’s only normal to know your partner inside out, but that happens gradually over the course of a long period of time and should not occur too quickly. Even in healthy long-term relationships, couples still unravel new and interesting facts about their partners. It’s human nature, overtime things change and that’s the beauty of life. If nothing seems to change, then you and your partner have gotten way too comfortable and need to hit the refresh button quickly.

So spice it up and make sure to try and keep things fun.

10 Getting It On Becomes A Routine


The intimate part of a relationship is rather crucial to the longevity between two people. When we are satisfied in the bedroom, that’s a definite plus. What isn’t a plus however, is seeing intercourse as a routine. When things get too comfortable in a relationship, you seem to lose sight of how great this aspect truly is, rather than being robotic and just wanting to get it over with. This is an alarming sentiment to feel, but not too worry, getting out of this ordeal is quite easy.

A way to remedy this comfort factor is really simple, just put in the effort. Whether it be by booking a fancy hotel room, improving your body physically or even buying a new pair of sexy lingerie or underwear, these little things can create that spark needed for a relationship to fully thrive and not reach that level of comfort which turns the situation into a burden.

9 Lack of Personal Goals

As we discussed earlier in the article, getting too comfortable can cause you to lose sight of a lot of things around you. Previously, we discussed how friends can potentially be lost. In addition to that, your very own personal goals can seriously feel the brunt of a relationship.

When you become a little too comfortable, whether you know it or not, other things start to matter less and less. After a while, all that becomes relevant is your partner, while putting all those personal goals you once had on the back burner.

This is never the way to go. We said it before and we’ll say it again, you need to be selfish and chase your dreams. A partner who truly loves you will forever be by your side supporting everything you choose to do. Putting those things on hold however, will only have a negative effect and ultimately cause you to resent your partner for giving up on your dreams. Don’t let this be a symptom affecting your relationship.

8 Lack of Hobbies

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We’ve all seen this transpire in front of our very own eyes. Remember that jacked dude you would see at the gym like every single day, well, he gave up that hobby for some crucial Netflix time alongside his lovely girlfriend. What do you guys think, did he get too comfortable? If you answered yes, you’re one smart cookie.

The example above is just one of the many ways a man or woman, tends to lose themselves in a relationship. When you get too comfortable, you forget about the things you once loved. Hopefully, it isn’t too late once you realize that.

For a relationship to blossom, you must keep up with those hobbies you loved so much. Chances are, this is what your partner was drawn to, whether it be your hobbies or the fact that you live an active and fit life daily. These aspects must not be lost and should continue no matter what kind of relationship you're in. Those interests and hobbies made you the person you love to look at in the mirror. It’s crucial you do not lose sight of that.

7 Stop Buying Clothes

We all go through that same feeling, you go in your closet, see a mountain of clothes, yet you still feel the need to go buy something new. Why? It’s simple, to keep things fresh and keep looking brand spakin' new no matter how many pairs of jeans or shirts we own. If instead you opt to not buy anything else for a long period of time, chances are you'll become a little too comfortable and that’s really apparent in a relationship.

Now it isn’t absolutely necessary to live the life of a shopaholic, but it is however important to keep things fresh. Buying new clothes not only makes things feel fresh, but it also makes you feel good about yourself. Wearing the same old things when your too comfortable won’t give you any such feeling. Instead, you’ll feel outdated and chances are your self-esteem will also take a substantial hit. You don’t need to shop till you drop, but once in a while, make it a priority to spoil yourself.

6 Losing Yourself Mentally

This is one of those things that can occur over the course of a long- term relationship which has seen you in the comfort zone for quite some time. This is very dangerous for a variety of reasons, one of them being, your thought patterns. All those things you once loved, all of a sudden, have lost value. The only thing you have interest in, is at what time you and your partner will be seeing each other. Coming to terms with this can be quite scary and can cause some serious shock to someone over the course of a long relationship.

Avoiding this at all costs is crucial. To avoid this hump, separate your time wisely. Along with being a great person to your partner, don’t lose sight of your principles as a person and the things you value the most. Keeping all of this is not only great for your mental health, but can also improve your relationship dramatically with a new sense of enthusiasm and higher energy levels, as opposed to downing life and losing yourself in your mind.

5 Turns into a Routine


The word “routine” is pretty much synonymous with getting too comfortable with a partner. Like a robot, the relationship turns into a routine more than anything else. Each night is basically the same and it’s on repeat for months and months, aside from those rare family parties or the various holiday events you guys attend together.

A routine tends to be the silent killer in a relationship. Routines turn you into somebody that is complacent and unwilling to change after a while. Life needs change and you need continuity in order to grow as a person. Doing the same thing continuously is ok, but after a period of time, it will lead to the same results and the universe will stop working for you. Instead it will begin dropping hints that you need to change. Keep things fresh, don’t settle and always look out for the signs that indicate you should be spicing it up. After you have a new, fresh experience, we guarantee you’ll feel good and satisfied when it’s done with.

4 Netflix & Chill Everyday

Ok, we can't deny that we all love a good Netflix and chill session, especially after a long and tough day. Some of us love to just lay there while we watch Michael Scott manage his very own workplace. Seriously though, imagine if he was your boss? I’d be the first one to work every day.

Getting back on track, Netflix is great but when it becomes an everyday thing for you and your partner, chances are you’ve become way too comfortable. Understandably, chilling is a great way to spend time with a partner but there must be a degree of continuity along the way. Go for a walk, take a long drive, go for supper, do anything that makes you happy and doesn’t require sweat pants and an ass print on your couch. Keeping things fresh is great for a relationship and will certainly help to avoid that funk of getting a little too comfortable.

3 No More Date Night

Going on dates is a crucial component to a relationship. It is when you’re out and about with your partner that you can determine whether things will work out or not. If they do, some couples tend to avoid date night altogether and settle for the easiest thing which consists of an easier supper at home while watching some of your favorite shows. This certainly isn’t the worst thing in the world, however, you must still make time for the intimate outings.

Whether you realize it or not, going out on a one-on-one date with your partner will only strengthen a bond. Date nights tend to be intimate and also require some thought in deciding where to go. This just shows that you still care about partner, while keeping things interesting and not falling into the level of comfort which does not appreciate such efforts.

2 Develop Bad Habits

Going to the bathroom with the door open or unleashing some unnecessary gas while together are a couple of things we are talking about when discussing bad habits. Look, being close is one thing, and very nice, but developing such habits really shouldn’t be acceptable and if they are, this is a vital sign you’ve gotten way too comfortable.

Relationships need to have boundaries, you don’t need to share every single part of your day with a loved one, in these private instances, you’re better off keeping these things to yourself, after all, what good can come from going to the bathroom with the door open? 'Absolutely nothing' is the answer.

Keep things civil and remember to keep some things to yourself. Sharing them will only create a level of comfort you certainly do not want to tap into.

1 Weight Gain

We wrap up the article with the most common symptom of getting too comfortable with a partner, the dreadful weight gain.

Weight gain goes hand in hand with comfort, when you feel secure with someone, you tend to let go of everything else. How many times have you seen someone stray away physically once they embarked in a relationship? Chances are, a handful of faces just came to mind and sadly, you probably don’t even talk those people as much any more. Coincidence? Not really.

In order to avoid such circumstances, you need to stick to a fine balance. Life is all about how you manage your time and properly execute throughout the day. The proper balance sees you get a little bit of everything from work, friends, partner, physical activity and relax time. It’s crucial you properly assemble those components throughout the course of a given week. Remember, feeling good is the path to greatness!

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