15 Signs You're Secretly A Lazy Person

Most people would deny being lazy. That term generally doesn't have a positive connotation... unless you're describing a much deserved lazy Sunday, in which case we like to think we earned it. But the truth is that a lot of us are holding onto bad habits that are really just laziness in disguise. This isn't entirely our fault... it's really not! Over the past few years, we've become super used to being on social media all the time, being super connected at all times (even on vacation!) and just generally having a lot of things handed to us. Sure, we can chalk that up to progress, and our modern society has a lot of great things going for it. It's not always a bad thing to be lazy about certain things. But, on the other hand, it's not the greatest idea either. Here are 15 things that you do that prove you're super lazy. If you don't have any idea that doing these things is lazy, don't worry -- everyone else feels the same way as you! But you could be a lazy person in disguise so you might want to keep an eye on these 15 habits.

15 You Order Food When You Could Walk

These days, you can order pretty much anything with the handy help of an app, but that doesn't mean you should. First of all, you don't need to pay for delivery when you're capable of picking something up yourself, and additionally walking is actually a healthy choice and on same days might be all the exercise you're getting. Taking this a step further, it would be even less lazy to actually take a shopping trip to a grocery store to stock up some food to cook throughout the week instead of relying on last minute takeout all the time. It will save you money, and it will also save you a lot of calories and other weird additives that you don't need in your food. If you've been meaning to change up your diet or lose weight, being in charge of what goes in your food is a perfect first step. Not to mention, there's that whole portion control thing.

14 You Hang Out With People You Hate

If you spend a lot of time with people that you don't really like, you might be being lazy about your social life. Just because they're there doesn't mean you need to keep them there, whether these are friends, acquaintances, or people that you're in romantic relationships with. There are a couple reasons why it's a lazy choice to hang out with meh people. For one thing, you're not making an effort to find people that you actually connect with, which you totally could. For another, you can always just spend some quality time alone with yourself, but if you have a hard time doing that you might be making yourself overly busy to avoid it. Generally, it's the time we spend alone where we start to do our deep thinking, healing, changing, and growing... and if that freaks you out, then it's a good sign that you need it.

13 You Don't Put Clothes Away

You don't put away your laundry. Nope, you basically dump your clothes into a nice pile on the couch to sort through piece by piece. Or you just leave it in the hamper while you start a new dirty pile on the floor next to it since the hamper is currently being occupied. This is pointless and you know it but you do it anyway. The thing is that it's basically just causing clutter and slowing you down when you're trying to look for something that you need, so really you're so lazy that you're just slowing yourself down, even more, when you're trying to get out of the house in the morning. Not being able to find your black shirt is a great excuse for why you were late to that meeting, but do you really need to be the kind of person who is making herself late for no reason? No, you really don't. So maybe you have to start taking better care of your clothes.

12 You Watch TV Shows You Hate

Of course, in general, if you log a ton of couch time on a regular basis and watch tons of TV, that can be a pretty lazy habit. But this is really lazy if you're watching stuff that you don't even like (or worse, if you totally hate this stuff but keep watching anyway). The truth is, watching TV can be a really fun way to relax but if you're not even engaged in what you're watching you're probably better off doing something that does engage you. Like catching up with someone on the phone, or reading, or doing all of those chores that you "don't have time" to get to during the workweek, or building your empire. If you start to think about how much time you spent seated in front of a TV doing nothing, does it feel like a good use of time? If you can't rationalize it to the extent that it's going on, you probably shouldn't be doing it.

11 You Can't Help Others

No one wants to be at someone else's beck and call at all times, especially if they aren't gracious when we do things for them. But if your initial reaction is "no way" to literally any request that comes from another person, it might be stemming from your overall laziness. Being unable to do things for other people means that you're probably pretty focused on yourself...but at the same time, you're not actually giving yourself credit for being able to juggle multiple things in life and be generous some of the time. One reason why you might not feel like you have the time or resources to be on anyone else's schedule is simply because you're not actually making good use of your own time either because you're being lazy. Time has a way of ticking by even if we're not doing anything with it, but it also tends to expand when we try to fit more stuff in it.

10 You Don't Wash Your Face At Night

You still don't wash your face every night before bed, or maybe you don't brush your teeth after the end of night snack. Even though you know that these things are important for your hygiene as well as the way you look. The thing is, it is not like you ever forget that these are things that should be done, you've just gotten really talented at pushing the thought away when it comes into your mind while you're watching TV because you're too lazy to get up and do it. Neither of those things are very taxing activities, and only good comes out of doing them...so why aren't you doing it? This kind of laziness might seem harmless enough, but you can be pretty sure that if you're this lazy about super easy stuff like your personal hygiene, well, you might be lazier than you think about bigger stuff too.

9 You Wait Too Long To Try Something

You have been meaning to get into yoga, or do some charity work, or some other interest that is slightly outside of your regular schedule... but you don't. When you actually take the time to think about it, it might have been a freakishly long time that you have been claiming to be interested in it. If you have not made the leap to try it, there is some sort of laziness coming on. Sometimes this stems from fear about trying something new, because you are not sure what is going to happen and you would have to give up some sort of control to go and see. Rationally you know whatever happens is not going to be actually dangerous, but there is always the possibility that expanding the mind is going to change you. Change often requires you to stretch and grow, which means being emotionally active... and not lazy.

8 You Always Wonder Why You're Like This

On some level you know you need to make a change about something... but you haven't. You find yourself thinking the thought "why am I like this" all the time, which you might even do in a laughing matter. Why don't I ever get my car washed? Why can't I answer the phone when people call instead of text? Why do I still spend time with people that I don't like to spend time with? If you have the thought, it's reflective something in your reality back to you that is probably worth looking at. The good news is that having awareness is always the first step towards change, so if you're thinking about it at all you can give yourself a pat on the back for not living in total denial anymore. But then you still need to act on those thoughts to make sure that you're moving forward in your life and achieving what you want.

7 You're Haunted By Unpaid Bills

During the day, you have a really easy time not opening your mail or "forgetting" to make the payments that you need to (aka you have to pay your bills!). But then comes nighttime and you wake up sweating when you realize that your unpaid parking tickets are probably doubling in how much you owe because they're so late. But then in the morning you get up and move on to other things as opposed to actually doing something about it. This is laziness at it's best. So avoidant that you can trick yourself into thinking that you don't need to handle important things that you do. You might everything else seemingly together, but if you can't handle paying your bills on time without pushing yourself to the brink of an anxiety attack first...you're dealing with some toxic form of laziness that must be resolved, because it's only holding you back in other ways.

6 You Have 76 Reasons To Skip The Gym

You know that working out or going to the gym is good for you in about a billion ways, and you might even have some personal goals around staying fit and feeling good in your body. And yet you still can come up with some of the wildest excuses for skipping the gym. One really popular excuse is being tired, but that really just means that you're being lazy. You're not usually as tired as you think you are since so much of that is mental or related to what you're putting in your body. Generally, when you start actually moving your body it will not only wake up to workout but also start improving your energy levels overall. Another excuse is not having time, even though any amount of exercise counts and you have plenty of time to scroll Instagram. How about checking your social media from a plank position.

5 You Know You're Holding Yourself Back

If you have any inkling that you're not living up to your potential, then that honestly means you should start listening to yourself a lot more. You're being super lazy when it comes to your life and your future. We can't all be our most awesome selves all day every day, but overall we should be heading in a good direction, and if we're not then something needs to change. It could be jobs, relationships, habits, pretty much anything. If there is something that is constricting your ability to grow and thrive, other alternatives should be looked at. The thing is, it can be really challenging to make changes, especially positive one sometimes. But the fact that you're not doing it points to the fact that you're being lazy about your life, so you might want to ask yourself why you're doing this (or not doing anything, as the case may be).

4 You Don't Even Take Out The Trash

It takes like maybe a minute to take out the garbage but instead of doing it right when it needs to be done you prefer to start a new trash bag with the Trader Joe's bag you just brought home from the store. But then you don't get to taking it out until that bag is also full, and then it's too much to carry in a single trip and you only end up just taking half out anyway. Rinse and repeat. Lazy! When you first become an adult it's sort of a novelty that no one is around to force you to do chores, but adopting them as a habit anyway is just part of what makes you an adult. It's probably never going to be thrilling to throw on some shoes and take out the garbage when it's cold and you don't feel like running into any of your neighbors, but that's also just the way it is. When you get in the habit of handling these things as they arrive it frees up your mind and space for better things.

3 You Have Too Much Stuff

Spring cleaning... what is that?! The concept seems nice but you never seem to get around to it. At this point, you're working with just a couple feet of closet space because there's so much in there it's not even worth looking at. Instead of sorting through it and getting rid of things you don't need you've managed to force yourself out of your own space. Hmm. As annoying as it can be to try and get organized and also to part with something that you "might be able to use for Halloween sometime in your life," you know there's some stuff you could clear out. Just pretend like the process is some sort of magical situation where if you make room for new and better stuff it will come into your life. Because that's basically how it really works if you believe it (like anything else in life, really). Do yourself a favor and quit being such a hoarder.

2 Your Sundays Are Lazy

It is not that you are necessarily hungover on every single Sunday, but you still never seem to turn that down time into the productive time that you so desperately need during the busy week. By Wednesday morning you are already so overworked that running errands after work is not sounding appealing, so you swear you will get it all done over the weekend. Getting your car maintenance, working on your future hit screenplay, learning to cook...those all sound like awesome weekend activities. And then somehow something always seems to come up and they get pushed back and pushed back again. By the time Sunday rolls around you feel like you deserve a long binge watching break on the couch, or a boozy brunch to shake off the stress and prepare your mind for the week ahead. You have got to live... but also take care of business in the meantime.

1 You're Super Busy But Have No Idea Why

Being overly busy can be a form of laziness as well, even though it might not be what you traditionally associate with the word lazy. When you jam pack your schedule with so much nonsense that it doesn't leave you any time to get important things done, there might be a part of you that is doing this on purpose and therefore procrastinating and avoiding things that are frightening to you. This is a similar move to going shopping instead of paying your phone bill, which of course in the back of your mind you're fully aware that you're going to have to deal with later. The point is that you're not taking the responsibility to deal with it when it actually needs to be dealt with. Sorry but your priorities are way off. If you find yourself tired out but not actually getting important things done, it might be time to reassess your next move.

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