15 Signs You're Secretly A Khaleesi

We’ve all watched Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones and wished that we could one day become her. In between her command of giant beasts and huge armies, her skill as a leader and her unwavering determination to get what she wants, it’s safe to say that the Mother of Dragons has it going on! Since this is the real world, none of us will ever really be a real-life Daenerys Targaryen. We know, it’s tragic. But when you consider all the amazing things that make Dany what she is, are they really out of our reach? She may exist in a magical land, but her lovable characteristics, like having a huge heart, carrying on without fear and excelling in the face of adversity are really elements that us normal gals could have too. So as it turns out, you don’t need to be able to touch fire or tame dragons to be a Khaleesi!

15 You Aren’t Intimidated By Men


Khaleesi may be a lot of things (seriously though—have you ever heard her introduce herself?) but being intimidated by the fellas isn’t one of them! It’s clear that key male characters outweigh key female characters on the show, so if you’re going to succeed in that world as a woman, you have to be okay with competing with men. Khaleesi isn’t scared of them one little bit, and they’ve put her through some pretty horrible things. If we had a penny for every time a big dopey man who thinks he’s being tough has said something biased to her, we’d have enough to buy the freaking Iron Throne for ourselves! She’s had men try to kill her, abuse her in all sorts of ways, and threaten her, but she never lets them stop her. If you maybe work in a male-dominated industry and don’t let it bother you, you could be a closeted Khaleesi!

14 You Stick To Your Values


Everybody knows that Daenerys sticks to her values, and unlike other characters on the show, has a solid sense of what’s right and what’s wrong. It takes a lot for somebody to get her to betray her feelings on certain subjects. She has a strict anti-slavers policy and a relentless need to punish the bad guy, even if it gets her in trouble. If you always stand by your beliefs and standards, no matter what, then you might be more like Khaleesi than you think! Lots of people are more than happy to throw their beliefs out the window as soon as it’s convenient, but if you’re Dany’s twin, that will never be you. You always stick to your guns, so to speak, no matter how uncomfortable things get. Even if it makes complete sense to betray something you believe in for a greater cause, you always have a hard time doing it.

13 You Don’t Fall In Love At First Sight


One sign that you might have a little Khaleesi in you is if you don’t tend to fall in love at first sight. From what we can see, Daenerys is the type to begin a relationship totally disliking someone, and then in time, she falls for them. Obviously she was sold to Khal Drogo in the first place, so of course she didn’t like him when they met! But he did grow on her, and that’s the key. She doesn’t just shut people out and never give them a chance again as soon as she realizes that she doesn’t have feelings for them. Instead, she lets the feelings develop naturally. We think that love at first sight is kind of overrated anyway, so if you are like Daenerys in this regard, it isn’t too bad a thing at all! You give people chances, and that’s how the best love can sometimes bloom!

12 You’re Brutal


Khaleesi has a big heart, but let’s face it: the girl is kind of brutal. It all stems from her clear sense of right and wrong and her strong morals. She’s a big believer in justice and giving people what they deserve. She will hunt down those who hurt others because she’s empathic and feels the pain of people who are suffering. And you better believe she will hunt people down if they cross her personally—in the past, she’s entombed people while they were living, had people executed before masses of people who didn’t agree with her decision, and quite literally burned people to a crisp. But they all deserved it! You might be a Khaleesi inside if you believe in making sure justice is served. Obviously we hope you aren’t running around setting people’s homes on fire to teach them a lesson, but it’s okay if you’re doing the modern-life, non-violent equivalent.

11 Your Family Hasn’t Always Supported You

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As we all know, Daenerys doesn’t come from the greatest family who ever lived. All the houses on the show have their bad seeds, but House Targaryen almost gives the Lannisters a run for their money! Daenerys’s father was a hot-tempered, sadistic lunatic who enjoyed seeing people burn, her oldest brother went around taking women against their will, and her next brother was a whiny, self-absorbed sociopath who sold her. So, she isn’t exactly blessed when it comes to families. If you have a family who is also less than supportive (even if they’re not as terrible as the Targaryens!), take comfort in the fact that it makes you a little bit more like Khaleesi! It would be nice to have a loving and encouraging family base, but none of us have control over the conditions we’re born into. If yours sucks, aspire to be like Daenerys and rise above it!

10 You’re Smart

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She may not be the brainiest character on the show, but Daenerys is still a smart cookie! Thinking with her heart over her brain is sometimes her way, but for the most part, she comes up with great ways of outsmarting various jerks on the show. Case in point? When she was looking to purchase the unsullied army, the Master she was buying them from was tearing her apart in Valyrian, right in front of her. It would have been tempting (and the reaction of most people) to answer him back in Valyrian to shut him up, but instead, Khaleesi let him keep saying horrible things about her. Only after she’d gotten what she wanted did she let him know that she understood everything (before having him burned to said crisp). If you actually know how to use your brain to get ahead, that’s a definite sign that you’re a little bit like Daenerys!

9 You Have Your Own Style


Daenerys is instantly recognizable because she has a style that differs from everybody else on the show. Okay, she does have naturally silver hair which definitely helps her to stand out, but she wears it differently to the other powerful ladies we see. It could just be because she’s on the other side of the world and living in a different culture, but in any case, Dany isn’t afraid to rock her own look! It’s a clear sign that you have a bit in common with her if you too have a style that’s maybe a bit different from the norm! You might like to wear your hair in a way that’s actually different to the Kardashians, or you might like to play around with your clothes or even your makeup. The important thing is you wear what you want, and you don’t care what people think of your look!

8 You Forgive People


We’ve mentioned that Khaleesi is a little brutal, but you can be brutal and forgiving at the same time. When it’s warranted, Khaleesi is prepared to forgive people! Obviously if they’ve totally betrayed something that’s really important to her and letting them live would go against her beliefs then it’s a no-go, but she’s been known to show mercy in the past! Particularly with people she loves dearly, she has a tendency to be a little more lenient. You can’t be ruthless all the time, so if you are capable of showing forgiveness and moving on, then it’s a definite sign you’ve got some Khaleesi in you! Each and every situation is different, but forgiving someone usually gives you a sense of peace, even if they don’t deserve it. You and Khaleesi both know that you don’t let people walk all over you, but you also don’t maintain unnecessary tension by holding grudges!

7 You’re A Leader


The most obvious characteristic that Daenerys has is her ability to lead like nobody’s business! Sure, she makes mistakes on this front every now and then. As we said, she does like to follow her heart over what makes the most sense logically. But mostly, she’s got the makings of a top queen. Empathy for her subjects? Check. Ability to delegate responsibilities amongst her team? Check. Charisma and confident public speaking voice? Check. Dragons to back her up in case things get out of hand? Triple check. Unlike her brothers, Dany just has a natural gift for standing at the head of thousands of people and being adored. You probably won’t get a chance to lead an army in the near future, but if you are a good leader in other ways, you have that in common with Dany, and if our world was the GOT world, you would probably be a Khaleesi!

6 Animals Are Drawn To You


We all know what kind of animals are drawn to Daenerys Targaryen! Being the Mother of Dragons, she casually has three of them that are a little out of control but are still loyal to her. The most important thing to note about Khaleesi and her dragons is that she doesn’t treat them like pets or property, but she genuinely loves them and treats them like her children. Hence her title. She just has this maternal instinct around them, and if you have it too, it’s a clear sign you might have what it takes to be a Khaleesi! You probably won’t ever get the chance to see how dragons react to you, but you can test it out with regular, non-mythical animals. Animals typically have a good sense of judgment, and they’re attracted to some humans, while repelled from others. The secret Khaleesis in our world definitely attract them with their motherly vibes!

5 You’re Kind

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Overshadowing Daenerys’s severe policies and her strong moral fiber is her ginormous heart, which we all love her for. There really aren’t too many other characters on GOT who care about people other than themselves, but Dany actually suffers when her people suffer. She might be strict, but she isn’t cruel. It could be a sign that you’re secretly a Khaleesi if you too have a huge heart, and can’t bring yourself to commit any form of cruelty. Sometimes there is no easy way out and not every person can leave the situation unscathed. But you never enjoy seeing people suffer. You’re generous and compassionate and really feel for people in other situations. Some people might perceive kindness as weakness, but as we can see from looking at Daenerys, it’s actually a strength! If you are a naturally kind-hearted person like Khaleesi, you should feel totally proud of that!

4 You Know Your Worth


A lot of people have doubted Khaleesi in her time, but she still knows her worth. She grew up with a brother who told her he was destined to avenge their House, and she was only good for helping him to secure alliances through marriage. She’s had men threaten her and talk down to her, and people imprison her and try to make her feel small. But people can say whatever they like to her—she knows that she’s the Mother of Dragons and she’s destined to do great things. You could be a Khaleesi if you trust in yourself rather than listen to people’s negativity, and don’t believe people when they tell you lies about yourself. Really, you’re the only person who knows the real you anyway, so it doesn’t make sense to trust other people’s opinions! Knowing your worth is a quality that some people can’t stand to see in you—keep it up!

3 You’re Determined


It’s taken Khaleesi six seasons to just acquire a fleet and sail across to Westeros, but she’s had this dream for a long time, and she’s never given it up. She’s one of the most determined people on the show, and even though a few obstacles and distractions are thrown her way, for the most part, she keeps her eye on the metaphorical prize and chases what she wants. If she wasn’t a determined person, she probably would have perished out in the wild a long time ago! We don’t know what’s going to happen to her in the future, but whatever it is, she’s come a long way from where she started. So being determined and focused is another sign that you’re secretly a Khaleesi. If you pursue what you want relentlessly, never lose focus, and work hard until it’s yours, you probably have what it takes to be the next Mother of Dragons!

2 You’re Brave


Another sign that you’re more like a Khaleesi than you thought is if you’re brave. Remember that brave doesn’t mean you have no fear; it just means that you have fear, but you carry on as if you didn’t. That’s truly being courageous! Daenerys had to face things that surely made her feel afraid—she had to marry a guy she didn’t know, take on these dragons without any hint of an instruction manual, conquer cities, trust strangers, and fight her way out of traps. But her courage means that she faced all those things without ever running away! Let’s make it clear that being brave doesn’t mean you have to do battle with scary soldiers who want to steal your throne. You’re brave if you can do anything that scares you. Even if it scares you just a tiny bit, and even if other people think it’s a silly fear to have in the first place!

1 You Rise Above Challenges


The biggest sign that you’re secretly a Khaleesi is if you are able to overcome the obstacles in your path and pick yourself up when you fall down. Daenerys has had to do this more than once! With nearly her whole family annihilated, she was basically born into bad luck. A lot of horrible things have happened to her, including a marriage that we’re going to go ahead and label as unhealthy, even if she ended up loving him. She was also abandoned, left to starve, manipulated, betrayed by those closest to her, targeted for assassination and kidnapped. It isn’t easy being a Khaleesi! But she never rolls over and dies—she gets up and keeps going. If you have ever had to face something difficult in your life, and you’re still standing here today in any form, you can clearly rise above challenges. There’s definitely a least a little Khaleesi in you!

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