15 Signs You're Only Physically Attracted To Him

Guys are pretty hot – well, some of them, at least. As much as we want to love them for who they are, we just can’t help but fall for those who are absolutely, mind-blowingly good-looking. They capture our attention like a foghorn going off in an otherwise silent auditorium. It’s basically a form of mind control. Guess what? We don't mind at all, and we don't think that you do either... except when it becomes a problem in the relationship. You probably don't want to hear this, but Mr. Good-Looking is not always the same person as Mr. Right. Unfortunately, when we're attracted to someone, that can totally blind us to who they really are and that makes us stay with a person who just isn't good for us. We could spend years entrapped in their handsome embrace... only to find out that they were completely wrong for us when we finally snap out of their spell. A lot of the time, we mistake this feeling as love at first sight but really, we just can't believe someone this hot actually exists in real life. Now, there isn’t anything wrong with just hooking up with someone who is hot as hell, but when you try to develop a relationship with them, it will become super obvious that the two of you aren’t a match made in heaven but rather only a match made in the bedroom. If your relationship is struggling, it might be because you’re only physically attracted to him. Here are 15 ways to tell if you're totally focused on how your new guy looks and are under his spell.

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15 Your Mind Goes Fuzzy Around Him

There has to be a name for this because let's face it, it's super common. You've definitely been at a loss for words the second a hot guy rounds a corner, right? You can barely focus on what he's saying because his hotness has pretty much taken away your entire brain and verbal function. If you’ve been with this guy for a while now and you still get this sense of mind fuzz whenever they’re around you simply because their attractiveness distracts you, you might only like him because he’s physically attractive. It’s almost impossible to form genuine feelings for somebody when you can’t even form a coherent sentence around them. If your new boyfriend is confusing you and making it hard for you to speak properly, you should definitely consider the possibility that his good looks may be skewing your perception of how you feel for them.

14 You Get Annoyed With Him Super Fast

No matter how handsome or how much of a Prince Charming someone seems, if your personalities aren’t matching up, then you're definitely going to get annoyed with him eventually. This becomes even more obvious when you spend excessive amounts of time with someone. If you start wishing he would shut up so you could enjoy the way his mouth looks closed, it could be time for you to re-evaluate your true feelings for him. You should be able to spend ample amounts of time with the person you’re in a relationship with or trying to be in a relationship with without feeling like you want to clobber them in the head with a dead fish. So if you tend to keep the visits between the two of you really short in order to avoid getting mad or annoyed with him then it’s more than likely you’re only physically attracted to him and your feelings won’t develop past his good looks.

13 You’re Not Yourself

As stated above, sometimes the presence of a very handsome man can cause our minds to go all fuzzy and even completely blank depending on their level of hotness. That being said, these hotness-induced blinders can also cause us to act WAY differently than we normally would because of how we feel toward the hot guy. Normally when this happens we behave like a drunken girl trying to hit on a guy. We shut down everything that makes us who we are and replace it with a personality that screams, “GIRLY,” “FLIRTY,” and even “NOT AN INDIVIDUAL!” If you (or your friends, because we all know they’ll tell you) truly feel like you don’t act like yourself around him – even if you’ve been together for a while – it could mean that you only have physical feelings for him and nothing more. Do yourself a favor and move on to someone who allows you to be who you are.

12 It’s All About The Bedroom

What’s better than staring at an amazingly good-looking man? That’s right! Sleeping with him. And if your relationship is based entirely on getting physical (even if it's amazing), then it could be because you’re only physically attracted to him. A true relationship should be based on your personalities and chemistry. Attraction should never be the highlight of the entire relationship. If you only ever spend time with each other to rip each other’s clothes off, it’s a sign you’re only physically attracted to him. You should be able to spend time together and get to know each other before jumping into bed and getting it on. But if you’re skipping everything else and just getting to know him in the sack, it’s likely that you don’t have real feelings for him and you just like the way he looks… and, well, maybe some other stuff, too.

11 You Barely Know Him

You have to get to know the person you’re in a relationship with and I mean you have to get to know them for more than what they can do in bed. A person is more than just how they are physically, it's about that deeper connection and level you two get on once you've truly begun to like each other for who you are. If you feel like you have no idea what his fave food, color or movie is, then you need to start spending some quality time together... and that would be outside of the bedroom. When you barely know someone to and don't even know what they do for fun, that's definitely not a great sign. The truth is that you’re probably only physically attracted to him if that’s the case. When you’re only physically attracted to someone you just don’t take the time to get to know them for real because you just don’t care, as long as they look good.

10 You’ve Never Met His Friends Or Fam

Depending on how long you guys have been dating, this can be a massive deal. It’s obviously pretty normal to wait a decent amount of time before ever meeting your significant other’s parents but if too much time goes by and you’ve never even had the desire to meet them, it could be because you don’t have real feelings for him and you only like him for his looks. When you actually care about someone, you always want to meet the people he spends most of his time with. You want to meet those who are really significant to him because you hope to be significant to him, too. But when you’re only physically attracted to him you don’t really even think past his long lashes and dazzling smile. That definitely means you’ve never even thought about becoming friends with his mom and hanging out with his guys. You only think about how handsome he is.

9 You Never Get Jealous

Jealously is obviously a pretty bad thing in a relationship, but it can also be helpful because it teaches you what's really going on. In other words, it shows you the truth. People get jealous for all kinds of reasons: they're, they’re greedy, they don’t want other ladies putting their paws on their man. The list really goes on and on. But the one thing hidden beneath every jealous girlfriend’s rage is the important thing and that’s how much she cares about him. When you actually care about someone for more than just their looks you form a sense of protection over them. You feel that you never want to let them go because you fear life without them being unhappy and miserable. Therefore, if you only like someone because they’re hot as hell you don’t actually get jealous of the fact that they’re flirting with other girls or when other women are checking him out. If this sounds like you, it might be because you only like him for what he looks like – or you’re a super chill, secure chick. So it's probably the first option.

8 You Don’t Think About Your Shared Future

It can be a bit much to start planning your wedding when you meet a new guy that you're really into, but honestly, if you're imagining marrying this person, that doesn't mean you're crazy -- that can actually be a really great sign. It means you like this guy enough to envision a life with them and you're thinking about your shared future. If you don’t have true feelings for someone and are only physically attracted to them you’re not going to be thinking about the future. You'll be daydreaming about the next time you two are together in the bedroom or the night you just spent together getting physical. You won’t repeatedly go over your career and goals as if you have to make room for someone else like those of us who do have feelings for our boyfriends. When you only like someone for their looks, you completely skip over the future because deep down, you don't actually feel anything for them.

7 You Don’t Actually Go On Dates

A date? What's a date? If you consider Netflix and Chill to be a real date because that's all you and your current eye candy do, then you need to reevaluate. And by Netflix and Chill, we don't mean the obvious meaning of the term but the one millennials use these days. It's definitely not a date. Date nights are important for a few different reasons. You get to spend quality time together without distractions, talk about things that matter, and get to know each other more and more with each date you go on. If you’re only physically attracted to someone then you won’t really see the purpose of going on dates because you’d rather skip to what comes after a night on the town. When you’re completely happy to never go on a proper date with the man you’re seeing then it’s a pretty obvious sign that you don’t have real feelings for him and you’re only physically attracted to him.

6 Your Texts/Calls Are Only About Lust

Of course, if you have a long-distance boyfriend, you have to get pretty creative, and so chatting on the phone about more than just, you know, your daily lives is going to happen, and it's going to happen a lot. Which isn't a bad thing because it is important to still leave your man wanting you and vice versa. But if you two see each other pretty often and your conversations are always focused on pleasing each other, that definitely means that something is wrong. A relationship is all about balance and substance. You have to grow with each other and really get to know each other. When you don't discuss anything real or even talk at all, that definitely can be a sign that you're physically attracted to him and that's about it. Sure, it's normal if you're still stuck in the so-called honeymoon phase, but  if you're way past this stage, it's a problem.

5 Your Morals Don’t Match

Do you know how he feels deep down about really important issues in the world? Could you tell someone exactly how he intends to live his life going forward? If not, then you have something wrong in the relationship. You know this by spending time with him and talking about things that reach deeper than just surface level. When you truly care about someone you want to know how their mind works and if it will work in unison with your own. If you don’t have the same morals and you know this, your relationship is not based on anything stable or important. It’s actually probably only based on physical attraction and you know what? That is not going to last very long. Soon enough his hotness effect will wear off on you and you’ll start to see that two people with morals that don’t match can’t be in a real relationship.

4 You Don't Care When He's Upset

Whether your boyfriend lost a game on Xbox or lost his job, you need to be upset whenever he's feeling down. If he's not happy, you shouldn't be happy either, because you care about him a lot. If you have real feelings for someone, that's going to be you, too. But if you're only physically attracted to someone, you're not going to take on his emotions and problems in the same way. You'll just be annoyed that he's not smiling his knee-weakening smile. If you would rather leave your boyfriend alone to deal with his problems than be by his side assisting in any way you can, you definitely need to rethink how you truly feel about him because, by the looks of it, you’re only physically attracted to him and don’t care much about him at all. Next time he gets sad or mad think about how you feel about it.

3 You Love Showing Him Off

When the two of you do manage to break away from each other and make it out of the house, are you happy? Or do you just ant to run back inside and continue where you left off? You may think yes of course but what are you even happy about? Is it the fact that you get to be out in public with such a piece of manly deliciousness that other girls can be jealous about or is it because you get to spend time going somewhere new or trying a new activity? If you’re only happy to go out and show off his hotness so you feel better about yourself and you really couldn’t care less about the fact that you get to spend time with him, it means you’re only physically attracted to him. If you truly liked him you would be jumping for joy at getting to spend quality time with him to talk about life.

2 You Talk About His Looks Only

Your friends are there for you all the time, and they definitely love hearing all your gushy mushy feelings about how much you love and care about your new guy. But they really don't want to listen to your gushing about his cheekbones and jawline. You should be  telling them all of the things you find so incredible about him but if those things are only about what he looks like, it poses a problem. If you don’t actually know what you tell them about him or don’t realize that you’re only talking about his looks, just ask them! I’m sure they would be more than happy to tell you what you really talk about. But if you do tend to only mention how hot they are, your friends will more than likely be annoyed and tell you this anyways. You should be bragging about all the things you like about him. If you only talk about his looks it’s a sign you’re only physically attracted to him.

1 You Don't End Things

The real way to tell if you’re only physically attracted to him or not is if you see the relationship progressing in any way, shape, or form. If you know without even thinking about it that the relationship won’t go past a certain point and you’re more than likely never going to end up with him, then you probably only like him for his looks. This is especially true if you realize this and don’t break things off because he’s just too handsome. Relationships are supposed to be about being together for the rest of your lives. It just so happens that not all of them work out that way. But if you know it’s not going to work and you still hold on because you’re enjoying the lust you feel for your handsome boyfriend, it’s a surefire sign that you only like him for how good he looks.

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