15 Signs You're Not As Mature As You Think

Do you consider yourself to be mature? Most of us would say yes but if that was the case, our everyday interactions with people would be a lot more pleasant. There wouldn't be as much drama in our offices (or back when we were sitting in college classrooms) because we would be able to communicate and handle our differences. The truth is that most people aren't as mature as they would like to think that they are and they could seriously improve in this area. The problem? None of us want to admit that we're super immature. Being called immature is basically insulting and it's not usually said in a positive context. It's not the same as youthful or bubbly or young at heart. If someone calls you immature, they're trying to say that you need to grow up and FAST. Read on to find out 15 signs that you're not as mature as you think you are. And if you can relate, then sorry to say it but it's definitely time to act like an adult already.

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15 You Throw Tantrums

Tantrums are the ultimate sign of immaturity. Tantrums have a definite cut-off date, and chances are you should stop freaking out this way after you stop being a toddler. You should know how to express your negative emotions after that. Disagreements are an inevitable part of life, but part of being an adult is learning how to handle it when things do not go your way. If you have not figured out how to resolve disagreements without huffing and puffing and turning red, then you have some serious growing up to do. If every single confrontation that you have ends up in a screaming match, then you are approaching the situation all wrong. If you need to give yourself a minute to collect your thoughts, sure, do that. Losing your cool on a regular basis will only alienate people in your life. From here on out, tantrums are reserved for little kids.

14 You Can't Keep A Job

At some point in your life, you're probably going to get fired or laid off from your job, and it won't even be your fault. It will totally suck but just know that it has nothing to do with you. Companies downsize, there are management changes and all sorts of other things that are out of your control. But if your resume is five pages long before you're thirty, you can't really blame anyone else for that. Having too many jobs say that somewhere between getting hired and getting fired, you dropped the ball and/or just didn't know how to act responsibly at your place of work. Eventually, you're going to have a hard time landing new jobs because potential employers will see you as a flight risk. They won't know how long you're going be around or how useful you will be for them in the long run. And you'll get passed up on.

13 You Never Have Any Money (Even Though You Have A Job)

Do you have a decent job and go to work every day... yet you never have any money? If you do, then that's a huge red flag that you're acting way too young. Unless you have a chronic health issue or are in some kind of debt, you should at least have enough money to cover your basic needs. If not, then you need to evaluate where your money is going every month. Chances are, you're living above your means or are blowing it on stupid stuff. Going out is great, but if you're clubbing so much that you're spending half of your pay cheque on booze, then you need to make better decisions and create a budget. Not only will it help you in the long run, because you'll be increasing your savings, but it will teach you discipline, which is an essential survival skill. Just because you can buy something, doesn't mean that you should. Impulse buys are not the most mature and grown-up way to spend your hard-earned cash.

12 You Can't Admit When You're Wrong

It is not easy to admit when you are wrong. Admitting that you might not know everything or made a bad judgment call is something that most people would rather not have to do. It sucks. Big time. But doing so anyway means that you understand that you are not perfect, therefore are allowed and expected to mess up from time to time. Admitting and accepting this will not make you seem weak, either. Sure, some people might snicker at your mistake, but you should not worry about them since they are obviously immature themselves and have a little bit more growing up to do. Any mature adult will accept your admittance and, if necessary, the accompanying apology, and be on with their day. Admitting that you are not always right will gain you respect among your peers and colleagues and will make you a lot more likable.

11 You Still Live At Home

If you're 30 and still live at home, then you need to reevaluate what has gone wrong in your life. It may sound super harsh but the thing is that you don't really have any legit reasons or excuses as to why you're still living with your mom and dad at this age. By 30, you're a legit adult and you should have actually moved out a LONG time ago. You could even be married and have a kid or two by now, but instead, you're still mooching off your parents. Super lame. Sure, you can blame the economy, but there are a lot of other things that you could do instead of shaking up with your parents.  If you can't afford your own apartment, then you could get a roommate to help cut down living costs. You can even rent out a room in someone's house which won't cost as much as a real apartment. Seriously, you need to grow up if this is the case.

10 You Think The Silent Treatment Works

What is worse than someone who throws loud, obnoxious tantrums? Someone who throws silent tantrums aka gives people the silent treatment. Not only is the silent treatment passive aggressive but it's really annoying. You might think that this is an effective way to prove that you're unhappy but it proves how immature you are. It shows people that instead of wanting to end the confrontation, that you just want to draw it out as long as possible. And sorry, it makes you look like a total child. Instead of telling a person outright to back off or leave you alone, you resort to silence. This tells the person you're dealing with that you don't know how to process your emotions, and communicate them in a mature way. Instead, you try to get back at them by denying them your attention. Hello? Just tell them to back off. It's super simple.

9 You Think The World Revolves Around You

Sorry to tell you, but you are a mere speck in the grand scheme of things. Yes, your life is important, and you probably inspire lots of good, positive change for those around you, but when you look at things from a global perspective, your actions have no real bearing on the world. Collectively yes, but not individually. Learn this now and accept it. You are not the center of the world, never have been and never will be. The only people who care about what's going on in your life are your loved ones and those people who your actions might affect indirectly, like your co-workers or something. If you think otherwise, then you're only going to be disappointed in the long run. Look at the bright side, though. 100 years from now. No one will care about all of your dumb mistakes. Take solace in that and expand your perspective a little.

8 You Have No Close Relationships

If everyone that you've loved or been friends with has left you, then it's safe to say that you need help. This tells people that you're immature and you might even be a little bit of a jerk. You are the problem and there's no doubt about it. If you're a certain age and have no positive relationships in your life, you need to do a bit of self-reflection to try and identify what your problem is. You're doing yourself zero favors by doing this. You need people in this life. Whether that's for your professional or private life, you will need to have people in your corner. You don't have to be best friends with every person that you come across, but you shouldn't be recklessly burning bridges just for the hell of it. Eventually, you'll find that you'll run out of people, and you'll be all alone. No one wants that and you probably don't either.

7 You Like To Play To Victim

Victimhood isn't just unattractive, it's also a sign of immaturity. No one wants to be around someone who has a "woe is me" attitude." Sure, it can be comforting to always have the people around you checking on you and making sure you're okay. But if you're not careful, you might start to use it as a clutch and a reason to avoid personal responsibility. This impedes emotional growth because if you don't understand that you do have some control of your own life, as opposed to being a victim, you'll never work hard to achieve your dreams. You have to get out of that mindset in order to advance to the next stage of your life. This isn't to say that there aren't times when you need extra love and support. Sometimes, during times of grief, it's a necessary part of the healing process. But don't stay there too long, otherwise, you might not ever escape it.

6 You Always Say Yes

Are you a people pleaser? Does the thought of upsetting someone scare you more than the outcome of your possible advice? Here's an example: someone asked you if an outfit was unflattering on them. The outfit was hideous, had tons of stains, and was three sizes too small. But instead of telling them the truth (aka they look awful), you told them they looked amazing so you didn't hurt their feelings. They took your word for it and walked out of the house with confidence. But they were embarrassed because they looked plain awful. People might have even pointed and laughed. This would have been totally avoided if you had told the truth. If that sounds like you, then you're definitely a yes person, and definitely need to cut it out. Yes men help no one. Get a little backbone, and express your opinions. Stand firm in your convictions and if you need to say no, say it!

5 You're Intolerant

Having your own set of beliefs is perfectly normal. No matter what anyone says, you're not required to think the way that they want you to. You have free will and should be able to use it. But standing firm in your beliefs doesn't mean that you get to completely disregard other ways of life. Just as you would want people to respect your right to live how you choose, you should make sure that you extend that same courtesy to others. You don't have to agree, or even like it, but you should allow people to live how they see fit, as long as that's within the law. Not only is that the right thing to do, but if you fight every little societal change that occurs naturally over time, you're going to be very miserable. And, as the times change, and the majority of people shift their views to become more inclusive, you're going to get left behind.

4 You Can't Make Phone Calls

You have probably heard the older generations scoffing at millennials for subpar phone skills. They pretty much scoff at everyone younger than them for growing up in a different time period. But this generation totally sucks at talking on the phone and we have to admit it and own up to it already. We can talk on the phone or text our friends and family 24/7, but the moment we have to make a phone call for work or school, we tense up and forget how to speak. Unlike in-person communication, phone calls require excellent communication skills. It is harder to read people over the phone, as you are completely unable to interpret their body language. Texting and instant messaging have absolutely ruined phone calls but if you can't call someone when you need to, you are super immature. Just grow up and do it, there is no need for you to be so terrified!

3 You Can't Cook

Cooking is an essential survival skill, so you need to learn how to do it. If you're old enough to drink, but still can't prepare basic meals, then you're doing it all wrong. Seriously, it doesn't matter if you prefer your mother's cooking or have a boyfriend or girlfriend to cook for you, either. At some point in this life, there's only going to be you, your groceries, and a stove. Your ability to cook will determine whether you have a hot meal to eat or have to resort to cereal for dinner for the third day in a row. If no one ever taught you, that totally sucks. But that doesn't mean that you have to go through life like that forever. There are so many resources, paid and free online, that can get you up to speed. If you feel like you need hands-on experience, then a cooking class will surely benefit you. If you're good at following directions, then invest in a good cookbook. And, if you need in-home step by step tutorials, but don't have enough money to hire Wolfgang Puck, head on over to YouTube. That way, you can see real people make their dishes step by step, and can follow along in real time.

2 You Lean On Your Parents For Everything

Parents are the ultimate support system, that's for sure. You'll never find any people who will be there for you like your parents. No matter what you go through, they'll always be there to guide you through the many trials in your life. However, there comes a point where your dependence on them should be minimal at best. While you can always go to them for emotional support, you should need your parents to function on a daily basis. Your parents will not live forever, as sad as that may be. Because of this fact, there will come a day, where you'll have to stand on your own. It's better that you do this before you're forced to. What you're supposed to do is take their wisdom and life lessons and apply them to your own life. But they shouldn't have to physically be there with you, for your to get by. You're setting yourself up to fail, otherwise. So, please, stay in touch with your parents. Love, cherish and respect them, but allow yourself to mature and become an independent adult.

1 You Eat Like A Child

Kids need adults to guide them with their food choices because they're likely to choose unhealthy options for every single meal. However, by the time most reach a certain age, they would have learned the skills needed to create balanced meals for themselves. If the bulk of your diet consists of foods that would please your average middle schooler, then seriously upgrade your palate and your maturity level. It's okay to binge on junk food now and again, or even to eat it regularly in moderation. But come on, you shouldn't be eating pizza, chips, and hot dogs for every single meal. Of course, those things taste way better than steamed broccoli, but they're just not good for you. Our bodies can only sustain itself for so long without adequate nutrition. At some point, you have to let go of all of that and eat like an adult. Your body will thank you. And you will FINALLY be mature. Phew.

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