15 Signs You're Not A Priority

Each and every one of us makes tons of mistakes in love -- probably more mistakes than we want to admit. We can't help it. Sometimes we fall for the wrong person and we know deep down in our hearts that we should break up with them, but for whatever reason, we're going to stay in this crappy relationship for as long as we possibly can. It's like a race to see how long we can keep a bad thing going. But as we get older and have more experience with love and dating and relationships, we realize that we don't have to settle for total losers anymore and that we should always be treated like the amazing people that we are. If you can relate to this, then you've probably had a boyfriend who treated you really badly and didn't act like you were an important part of his world. That ends now! Don't agree to this awful type of relationship ever again. You have to be a priority in your boyfriend's world and vice versa. Here are 15 signs that you're not a priority and should walk away.

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15 You Don't Know His Friends And Fam

Relationships involve a lot more than just the two people directly involved. When you're dating someone seriously, you tend to introduce them to the people that you adore, from your parents to your adorable little sister to your best friends who you cherish because they're always there for you no matter what. If you've introduced your new boyfriend to the people in your life but he won't introduce you to his own friends and relatives, that's a huge red flag that something is seriously wrong. You should know his people and he should know yours. You want to share with everyone you love the person who means the most to you. And you want them to meet this person who makes you so happy, as well as you, want to meet the people in their lives too. There's really no reason to explain this away. It proves that you're not a priority and you're probably never going to be.

14 You Never See Him

If you only see your boyfriend on weekends, he's honestly not even your boyfriend! Okay, he might be in theory and he might hold that title in your world, but you're not getting the most out of the relationship, and things definitely aren't as amazing and perfect as you think they are. You should see the person you're dating all the time. Maybe not every single day -- you have your own life and friends and career, after all. But definitely a few times a week -- plus weekends. He should want to see you 24/7 because he should think about all the time and be unable to live without you. If he doesn't feel that way, he's never going to in the future, because he's never going to really make an effort to make you part of his world. He's decided you're one small part, not the whole thing, and you should be everything to him.

13 He's Mysterious

Nope, a mysterious guy isn't hot, dark and fascinating. He's just a loser. He's 100 percent hiding something from you. You shouldn't feel like the way that he spends his time is a total mystery to you and like you have no idea where he goes, what he does and who he's hanging out with. You shouldn't exactly be spying on him and know his schedule every moment of the day -- that's just creepy and you're getting into total stalker territory. But you shouldn't think your boyfriend is still as mysterious as he seemed on the first date when you were first getting to know each other. You should know him by now, period. You should know him pretty well by now and keep learning new things about him, not wondering all the time about him because you don't really know anything at all.

12 He Claims He's Working 24/7

When a guy gives you the work excuse, you know that it's over, or it's super close to being over. So get ready for the break-up speech to come pretty soon. If he claims he's working all the time, you know that he's really not. That just means he doesn't care about the budding relationship as much as you do or as much as you think that he does. You want him to think of you as his number one priority because that's how you think of him but that's just not what's actually happening here. He would rather lie about working than see you! That says something pretty horrible about how he feels about you. Sorry, but it had to be said. You deserve someone who would rather see you than do anything else. He's just not good enough for you and you honestly should say goodbye ASAP.

11 He Plans Trips Without You

He wants to go to Cuba... but he's not thinking about taking you, his supposed girlfriend or at least someone who's approaching that title. He wants to go with his buddies instead, or even his family. If he's planning trips without you, then he definitely doesn't see you as an important part of his life. He should want to spend that alone time with you and take you on vacations. It hurts to know that but it's the truth and you might as well figure it out sooner rather than later. It's just not natural for couples to travel without each other for the most part. Of course, there are exceptions like family vacations and it always depends on how long you've been together and how comfortable you are together. But for the most part, you should be wanting to travel together and have this new experiences as a pair.

10 He Makes Big Decisions On His Own

It's not that you have to make the decision that your boyfriend wants you to and you can never make your own choices once you become part of a couple. Of course not, it's not 1950 anymore! But you should definitely involve your signification other in your decision making and get their advice, help, and suggestions. Usually, the big decisions that are weighing on you remind will totally weigh on theirs, too, and they might be affected by what you ultimately decide. So if your boyfriend is making big decisions totally on his own and barely tells you what he figures out in the end, let alone asks for your advice, then you know you're not a priority. That's a real shame. It's even worse if he doesn't even think enough of you to tell you what's going on. That's when you know it's time to move on.

9 He Shuts Down Emotionally

Okay, so guys aren't known as the most emotional people on the planet. It can be kind of unnerving when you see a guy cry for the first time because they're known for being so strong and manly all the time. But when you're in a series relationship, you should definitely see your boyfriend getting emotional sometimes, because if you spend enough time with another person, you really get to know each other, and you face the good and the bad times together. It's impossible to hide from your boyfriend when you had a crappy day at work or are in total fear of losing your job. So he shouldn't be hiding how he feels from you or not telling you when something huge is going on in his life. If he's totally shutting down emotionally, that's a horrible sign because he should be coming to you for literally everything. That's the role you should be playing for sure.

8 You Feel Heartbroken

It's totally possible to feel like you're nursing a broken heart when you're still dating someone. You're super confused and frustrated because you can't imagine feeling so terrible when you haven't even been dumped. But sometimes it can feel even worse to be ignored and neglected in a relationship rather than being on your own because you expect things to be so much better and so different. Unfortunately, if your heart is totally broken because this guy won't give you the time of day when he's supposed to love you, you have to walk away and you have to do it now before things get any worse and you get hurt any more. The truth is that he's not going to change and he's not going to be the BF that you want and need him to be. You need to be a priority and you're not going to get that from him.

7 You Fight All The Time

You might think you're still a priority if you're fighting with your boyfriend all the time and no one could blame you. We tend to think that fighting all the time is super dramatic and passionate and that it's great because you care about each other enough to fight. But that's actually a pretty ridiculous way of thinking. This isn't the movies. You shouldn't be having that many arguments -- sure, some disagreements every now and then are totally inevitable but they shouldn't make up the fabric of your entire relationship. If you're fighting all the time, you're just not a priority because he doesn't care enough about investing in the relationship and making it better. If he really was into you and respected you, he would stop fighting ASAP and tell you he wanted to reconnect and fix things. But he's not doing that, and he's not going to.

6 You're Doing All The Work

If you feel like you're the only person trying to keep your relationship alive, then guess what? You probably are. You should never have to feel like you're the only person putting in the effort, and that goes for any type of relationship, whether it's your mom, aunt, sister, friend, coworker, etc. You should never do all the work in your relationship. A relationship is like a dance, it takes two to tango. That's just crazy. If you're planning all the dates and making sure that the two of you spend time together, then yeah, you're not a priority at all. Instead of working so hard to make sure that you're still hanging out and that you're still keeping in touch, why don't you stop and think about why he's not doing anything? If you ignored him forever, maybe he would ignore you right back, and that's not true love, is it?

5 He Never Buys You Anything

He doesn't give you presents for Valentine's Day or Christmas... and you can totally kiss your dreams of a super romantic birthday gift goodbye because that's just not happening. He doesn't even pick you up a coffee from Starbucks when he leaves your place on Sunday mornings for a quick stroll. So no, it's not about the money and you're not a gold-digging girlfriend who expects lavish presents and to wait on hand and foot. He can't even spend two bucks on a coffee! If he never, ever buys you anything, then that proves that he's super selfish and never thinks about you enough to wonder what you would like. He's not going to spend a dime on you, and that's super lame and pathetic. Your relationship is never going to get any better and he won't suddenly turn into the best gift-giving boyfriend that there ever could be, so stop wishing for this to change.

4 He Disappears

No one should freeze you out every once in a while or refuse to get in touch, and that goes for friends, family, clients and boyfriends, too. If you go days without hearing a single word from the guy you're calling your BF and if he stops answering your text messages and Facebook messages sometimes, well, that's pretty crazy, right? You don't just suddenly stop talking to someone with no reason when you're so used to talking to each other on the reg. That just proves that he could live without you and he could honestly take you or leave you. That doesn't exactly sound like the foundation for true love or real romance. If you would feel weird telling your mom and your best friends about the way that this guy treats you, then that's a sure sign that you're not a priority. You should never have to lie about your boyfriend or wonder why he's treating you so badly.

3 He Lets You Down

You were really counting on him to accompany you to this big work event you're hosting on Saturday night because you're super nervous, you're been working on this forever, and you want him there to support you and share in your big moment. But nope, at the last minute, he says he's not feeling well and he stays home and drinks beer and plays video game. You want him to come see your best friend do stand-up and he agrees but again, at the very last second, he says he's meeting some friends to watch the game downtown. If your boyfriend constantly lets you down, even when at first he swears he's going to be there for you, then you know he doesn't care enough about you. That's pretty pathetic and eventually you're just going to get super embarrassed, and why should you feel bad? You should be totally kicking him to the curb.

2 He Spills Your Secrets

The worst thing about a bad boyfriend is that they do pretty much everything you don't want you to do. In other words, they're all about opposites, and it sucks as much as you think it would. If you tell your boyfriend to keep your secret about how you really feel about a certain co-worker, or if you even spill one of your best friend's secrets, if you're not a priority, he's going to mention those things to anyone that he wants to. If you bring him to a work event or Christmas party, he might even tell that very co-worker how you really feel about them. Talk about a recipe for total and complete disaster. He'll never keep your secrets, no matter how much you ask him to, and that just proves he doesn't respect you in the very least, let alone consider you any kind of priority.

1 You Nag Him

Becoming a nag is pretty much the worst thing you can do in a relationship. All you're going to go is become a real nightmare of a girlfriend. If you know that your boyfriend doesn't consider you a priority and that you're not a real part of his world, you're going to become a real nag, and there's pretty much nothing that you can do about it (well, besides dump the jerk, of course!). You'll feel horrible nagging him about everything under the sun: why you haven't seen him in a week, why he keeps inviting his loser friends to tag along on your date nights, why he never texts back until hours later. You'll keep nagging him until eventually, you get a reaction out of him, but it's never going to be the kind of response that you're looking for, and eventually he's going to get sick and tired of all the fighting and dump you. So you might as well be the bigger, better person and dump him ASAP. You need to be the most important and best part of someone's world, and why not? You know you deserve that, so go ahead and set yourself free so you can find the right person.

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