15 Signs You're In Love With His Friend

So you finally meet a guy who checks off all the boxes on your “must-have” list. He’s tall, has a good job, a nice car, he lives alone, he loves children and animals, and he rocks your world in the bedroom. Everything is moving forward in the right direction, and you can definitely see a future with this guy…up until you meet his friend. All of a sudden, your world is turned upside down. It wouldn’t have been a problem if his friend was hideous and arrogant, but instead, he’s even cuter than your boyfriend with an equally awesome personality. Now you’re stuck in a dilemma. Although you care about your boyfriend, you can’t help but have the hots for his friend.

This scenario happens more often than you would think. But is this just a harmless crush, or are you falling in love with your man’s friend? Keep reading to see that signs that your heart may actually belong to you boo’s BFF.

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15 You Constantly Think About Him


If you really want to find out if you’re in love with your guy’s buddy, you have to pay attention to your thoughts. Are you constantly thinking about his friend? Do you catch yourself daydreaming about him and his perfect mouth, and those dreamy eyes at all hours of the day? If so, then it definitely sounds like this is more than just a harmless crush. When your thoughts are overran with everything pertaining to him, and you have a constant replay of your last conversation with him looping over and over again in your head, it’s pretty clear that you’re in love. When you get to this point, you have two options. You can either continue mentally obsessing about him, or you could try to divert attention to something else whenever he pops up in your mind. The choice is all yours.

14  You Want to Know More About Him


If you really want to win brownie points with your boyfriend, you will make as much effort as possible to get to know the people who are closest to him. But when you start to like one of his friends, simple “getting to know you” questions will turn into full-blown interviews. If you find that a conversation about his job turns into you asking him 101 questions about his life, his family, his dreams, his hopes and his fears, we hate to break it to you, but this sounds like a classic case of a girl falling in love with her BF’s friend. You shouldn’t know more about this guy than you do about your own boyfriend, and digging deeper into his history will probably cause your feelings for him to grow even more. As you get to know him better, you will become more and more emotionally attached to him.

13 Your Boyfriend is Suspicious


Have you ever heard of women’s intuition? Well, men have intuition, as well. And unless your guy has his head buried up his butt 24/7, he’s bound to catch on that something is amiss between you and his friend. If he is suspicious about your feelings for his friend, you better believe he’ll be on high alert at all times. He will be observing how you interact with his friend, he will be paying close attention to the way you look at him, and he will be waiting to catch any kind of inappropriate gestures in the act. If your boyfriend is at his wits’ end, he may even get brave enough to confront you about his suspicions. If things get to this point, just know that you’re doing a horrible job at trying to hide the fact that you’re completely in love with his friend! Your boyfriend is on to you, girl!

12 You Pop Up Where He Is


Thank the heavens that Facebook and Instagram allow users to tag their location, right?! Because now you have the opportunity to stalk - I mean - bump into your boyfriend’s buddy at all hours of the day. You sit and wait patiently for his next status update, and as soon as he posts that he’s “currently bored, waiting for this oil change to be finished,” you’re already out the door and on your way to Jiffy Lube just to get a glimpse of him. If this sounds like something you have done, just know that you’re completely in love with your boyfriend’s friend. Popping up wherever he is located is not only creepy, but it’s a sign that you’re way past the infatuation stage. You have completely gone over the edge, and sorry to say it but yeah, we’re definitely judging you right about now.

11 You Want to Impress Him


Of course you want his friends to like you, and you can’t wait to show off your baseball knowledge and give them a recap of the latest UFC fight. But when it comes to your boyfriend’s friend who you have the hots for, you will really go out of your way to impress him. You will pay attention to his favorite sports, music, television shows and hobbies, and you will start doing some secret research just so you can wow him with your knowledge the next time the two of you meet up. If you find that you’re spending hours digging around for information that you can use to impress your boyfriend’s buddy, you need to just admit that you’re completely in love with him. This goes beyond the normal things we do to connect with people and stimulate conversations. You’re essentially trying to mentally make love to your BF’s friend, and it isn’t cool.

10 You Always Invite Him Out


Before, you used to love your one-on-one time with your boyfriend, and you always looked forward to your weekly date nights. But now, you’ve noticed that hanging out solo with your boyfriend just isn’t cutting it. You enjoy having other people around instead, but not just anyone will do. You would much rather have your boyfriend’s hot friend tag along whenever the two of you go out. It has even gotten to the point where you’re actually going behind your boyfriend’s back to invite him out yourself! At first, your boyfriend didn’t mind because he enjoys spending time with his buddy, too, but ten outings later, and he’s starting to wonder if you’re being more than cordial to his friend. But little does he know, you’re actually falling in love…and it’s not with your boyfriend. You’ve definitely put yourself in a sticky situation. How will you ever get yourself out of this one? Smh.

9 You're Disappointed When He Doesn't Show Up


Speaking of inviting your boyfriend’s hot and sexy friend to hang out, one way you can tell if you’re really in love with him is to observe your emotions when he’s unavailable. If you’re constantly asking your BF’s buddy to meet up with you all, and you’re disappointed when he has other plans, then this is a sign that you’re really digging him. It’s more than just being disappointed that you won’t get to hang out with him. You’re actually upset that you won’t get to stare at his flawless physique, and undress him with your eyes. If your feelings for him were simply platonic, you wouldn’t care less if he showed up or not. But the fact that you’re night was ruined because he wasn’t available means you’ve gone over the deep end. You have officially fallen in love with your boyfriend’s friend.

8 You Stalk His Social Media


Ahhh, social media, you’ve gotta love it. But if you think about, these popular social media sites are truly a gift and a curse. It’s cool to be able to catch up with friends and family members to stay connected, but social media also gives us access to peoples’ lives like never before. It’s super easy to fall down the rabbit hole and get lost in dissecting someone’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat history. But if you’re paying way too much attention your boyfriend’s pal’s social media accounts, you may have a problem on your hands. If you’re the first to like all of his statuses, you’re constantly leaving comments on his pictures, and you replay his Snapchat stories over and over again, you’re dealing with more than just a harmless crush. This definitely sounds like a case of you falling for your BF’s friend, and things rebound to get messy at this point. You do realize your BF can see when you like and comment on his friend’s account, right? But you probably don’t even care at this point.

7 You Try to Get Close to His Family


It is always best to play nice with your boyfriend’s friends, because if you can get along with the friends who have had his back for years, it can make your relationship with your boyfriend that much better. But how far is too far when it comes to being cordial with his friends? Well, you will know that you have crossed the line when you go out of your way to befriend his friend’s family. That’s right, if you catch yourself adding his friend’s mom, siblings and cousins to Facebook and Instagram, you really need to take a step back and reevaluate your life. You’re definitely going too far, and this will only cause more problems in the long run. If your relationship with your boyfriend is important to you, it’s time that you think twice about going out of your way to infiltrate his friend’s family.

6 You Defend Him


When you’re in love with someone, they can do no wrong in your eyes. This is why we usually find ourselves sticking up for the ones we love, even if we know they’re in the wrong. So a simple way to discover whether or not you love your boyfriend’s friend is to pay attention to whose side you choose when the two of them get into an argument. Naturally, you should side with your boyfriend, but if you find yourself sticking up for his friend instead, then you could possibly be in love with him. And don’t think your boyfriend doesn’t notice that you’ve jumped shipped and have turned into his friend’s cheerleader. He is well aware that your allegiance has flip-flopped, and he probably isn’t too happy about it either. By choosing sides, you’re aligning yourself with the person you care about most, and it’s clear that person is his friend.

5 You Never Hook Him Up


When you’re in a relationship, and you have a single friend, it’s natural to want to hook them up so they too can enjoy the love and happiness that comes along with being a part of a couple. But for your guy’s friend who you’re secretly in love with, he’s out of luck when it comes to receiving dating referrals. Every time he asks you to hook him up with your BFF Michelle, you immediately come up with an excuse as to why she’s unavailable (even though she has been single since Obama’s first term in office.) You just can’t stand the thought of this fine specimen of a man being wrapped up in the arms of another woman…even if the woman is someone you would totally vouch for under any other circumstance. Not only are you being a complete hater, but it’s clear to everyone that you’re secretly in love with your boyfriend’s friend, and you want to keep him all to yourself.

4 You Want to be Close to Him


In life, we shun the things we dislike, and we are drawn towards the things we love. The same is true when it comes to dating and relationships. When we are attracted to someone, we want to be close to them at all times, and this is why you’re always scurrying to grab the empty seat next to your boyfriend’s pal when your group of friends go out for dinner. Even when you all are in a busy bar, you always seem to find a way to get close to his friend to chat it up. It’s like you implanted a GPS device in his underwear. Wherever he is, you will surely gravitate towards him. You may think you’re being undercover with your infatuation, but everyone around has taken notice how you always end up within two feet of him. You should definitely try to back off a bit if your relationship with your boyfriend is important to you.

3 You Dress to Impress


Now that you have your sights set on your boyfriend’s pal, you really want to catch his attention. But the same old clothes in your wardrobe just aren’t going to get the job done. So you head out to the mall to find the perfect outfit that will make him drool on sight: a pair of skinny jeans, a white crop top that shows off your svelte waistline, and a pair of lace-up stilettos. But as you sashay and make your way towards his direction, it hit finally hits you…you’re completely in love with your man’s friend! If you notice that you’re going way overboard to try and impress him and catch his eye, then your infatuation for him is crossing the line. You should be trying to impress your boyfriend, not his friend! It’s time to get your priorities in order, sister!

2 You Text Him Behind Your BF's Back


We won’t even get into how you got his phone number (even though we know you stole it from your boyfriend’s phone,) but texting your boyfriend’s friend behind his back is an absolute no-no! Are you seriously trying to start World War III here? Your obsession for this guy has gone too far, and one bad move via text message can not only get you blocked by his friend, but it can also get you dumped by your boyfriend! If you must have a text conversation with his friend, keep the convo casual, and make sure your BF is aware of the correspondence. The second you start sneaking off to send messages and selfies is when you’ll be heading down the path to doom and destruction. Imagine how you would feel if you found out your man was texting one of your friends behind your back? It would totally suck, right?

1 You Get Jealous When He Dates Others


And last but not least, the ultimate sign that you are in love with his friend is you will get jealous when he dates others. If your relationship with his friend is strictly platonic, you would be happy to know that he finally found a girl with a good head on her shoulders who treats him right and makes him smile. But since you’re secretly in love with him, hearing that someone else has stole his heart makes you feel bitter and crappy inside. You probably secretly wish you could be the girl in his life, but oh yeah, there’s just one thing standing in the way…your boyfriend. At this point, you have completely let your emotions take over you, and your jealousy will be hard to contain. We wouldn’t be surprised if your boyfriend caught on to your feelings at this point and promptly kicked you to the curb!

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