15 Signs You're Hotter Than You Think

Are you a hot girl? You probably have literally no idea how to answer that question. After all, it's not like you walk around thinking that you're god's gift to humanity and the truth is that sometimes you don't have a clue what makes certain people attracted to you. You can spend hours and hours putting on makeup, doing your hair, and picking the perfect outfit... but if you hate yourself and you're super insecure, then you're going to have an awful time and it's going to show all over your face. You have to embrace who you are and that's honestly the key to looking as good as you possibly can. There's no one way to look good, of course, even though standards of beauty have been pretty rigid for way too long. But be who you are and you just might find that tons of guys think you are awesome exactly the way that you are.

Here are 15 signs that you're hotter than you think.

15 You're Confident

Confidence is super hot, whether or not you believe that and whether or not you have realized that yet. If you don't think that you're hot, then guess what? That means that you're not. Okay, okay, so you might think that your mindset and what you think about yourself has absolutely nothing to do with your actual looks. This is literally why so many guys say that they love girls who wear comfy, casual clothes, who don't spend hours straightening or curling their hair, and who generally just embrace a natural look. You might be confused because everything that you've been taught and told is that you have to spend a long time working on your outer self, but it's truly your confidence that makes you hot or not. Go ahead and feel super good about yourself and who you are and what you're doing with your life. It will honestly make you hotter than you could ever have imagined, and that's pretty cool.

14 Your Personality Is The Best

You might not think that what you're like on the inside has anything to do with what you look like on the outside. But ask any guy and he will tell you that it does matter. That's why sometimes guys will think that they want to be with a super perfect supermodel type (you know the one -- she's probably got legs for days and blonde hair and perfect makeup and clothes), and then after hanging out with this person, they realize that, oops, they were super wrong. They think this woman is the worst because she has such a bad personality. That's why if you're a really funny and smart and witty person who can actually hold down a conversation, you're going to have a much better chance of having a real relationship since tons of guys will be super attracted to you. Seriously, just try it and see. You might be surprised at what your awesome personalty can do for your love life.

13 You're Humble

When you are humble, you are hot. Plain and simple. They should totally make t-shirts and bumper stickers and posters that say that. Okay, okay, maybe not. But you should be as humble as you possibly can. There is a difference between being full of yourself and being confident, and being humble is basically the sweet spot. It is in the middle of both those things and it is what will make you hotter than other people. After all, do you think it is hot when people brag about who they are and what they have done and how successful they are? Definitely not, right? Just think about how much you hate going out with a guy who is super arrogant and will never stop talking about who awesome he is. You do not think he is that hot once you hear his conversation topic, even if you originally were super attracted to him.

12 You Have Fun No Matter What

The thing is that having a super positive attitude toward your life and about yourself is something that really matters when it comes to how attractive you are. If you're someone who has fun no matter what is going on, then you're definitely hotter than you think. You believe that life is too short to not enjoy yourself and you don't want to let a bad mood or even a bad day ruin things. You probably have no idea how attractive this makes you, but think about this: do you want to date someone who is negative or positive? Definitely the latter, right? Being negative and complaining and hating life is a total turn off and you've probably said no to tons of second dates because you couldn't stand the way that a guy was going on and on about everything that sucked in his life. Keep embracing your optimistic side because that makes you super hot.

11 You Don't Get Involved In Drama

It's not cute or funny or charming to be super into drama. This is more and more true the older that you get. If you still behave like a teenager (or, worse, a junior high student), no guy is ever going to find you hot. It doesn't matter how good you look or anything like that. A guy will disappear faster than you could even predict if you prove to someone that you just started dating that you're super dramatic and love getting involved in other people's business. If you're a crazy gossip who practically lives for other people's pain and suffering, do you really think that makes you attractive? Definitely not, right? It pretty much makes you the opposite of attractive since it proves that you're lame and awful and petty. That's definitely not what you want. Sure, gossip is fun sometimes, but if you want to be hot, ignore it.

10 You're Healthy

Health is super hot, and that's becoming more and more true as time goes on. Thankfully, right? If you're healthy, then you're really attractive, even if you're not so sure about that. Guys don't want to be with someone who lives on jelly beans and potato chips and doesn't care about their long-term health or happiness. It's attractive when you care about yourself enough to take care of yourself, whether you head to yoga on a regular basis or you're a runner. You may be embarrassed about the fact that you trade fries for salad most of the time and that you care about how you feel and how healthy you are. Because let's face it, sometimes it's not that cool to turn down a night out with your friends because you have to wake up early to work out. But if you're healthy, that's actually really cool, and it makes you hotter than you realize.

9 You're Not A Stick

Okay, so if you're naturally thin -- as in that's your body type and you're not starving yourself -- then that doesn't mean you're not hot. You totally are because you're embracing who you are. But if you're naturally curvier and a bit bigger, then that's totally hot too. You might not think so because traditionally, women are supposed to be super skinny and bony. That's definitely what you see when you look at a bunch of models over the years and over the decades. The truth is that being who you are is what is the hottest thing of all and if you're bigger, then you should totally and completely own it. Guys will love you for it and they love something to hold onto, as they say. There's really nothing wrong with having hips and a stomach -- what, you're going to quit your day job and work out with a trainer for 8 hours a day? Because honestly, that's the only way to have a perfect body, and you're not going to be that happy. So you're definitely hot, curves and all.

8 You're A Goal Getter

You're not someone who just writes down goals and then figures, hey, you don't have to actually achieve them. You're not a dreamer with your head in the clouds and no idea how you're even going to do that stuff. You're a goal getter and that makes you hotter than you think. Guys are really into girls who can go after what they want and get it. That's what you love about the guys that you have dated, right? You're never going to be attracted to someone who is super lazy and has absolutely zero work ethic. That's a recipe for disaster. It's really cool when you find someone who has ambition because it proves that they are just a really amazing person. So guys definitely think that you're hot because of your goal setting and getting, even if you don't think that this is the case. You need to have some more faith in how awesome you are.

7 You Care About People

Being a caring, compassionate and loyal person to your friends, family members, and coworkers means a lot. It makes you a really cool person and it also makes you really hot. You may not believe that because who thinks that being caring and nice is hot? But lots of guys do and that is why so many of them want the girl-next-door type who is actually a sweetheart. It is a different idea to embrace since hot girls in movies and in some TV episodes always seem to be the meanest people ever. You know, like the mean girl/popular girl thing. But those girls do not end up getting the guy in the end, do they? No, they definitely do not. That is definitely because it is what is inside that counts, no matter how cheesy that sounds, and if you are sweet and caring, then that makes you hotter than anyone else.

6 You Don't Follow Trends

You can technically look super hot if you want to look like your favorite actress or model or if you follow fashion trends. And yet you're just as hot (if not more) if you embrace your own unique and totally different style. You will turn heads and people will think that you're just the coolest, and smartest and most creative person ever since it matters to you that you look cool and interesting. You may feel the pressure and the urge to look like other people, even if it's just your friends that make you want to embrace another kind of style because it's human nature to want to fit in. But the truth is that being yourself is always the hottest thing ever, even if it can be really hard to admit that sometimes. You may not think that people really appreciate or get your sense of style but they probably admire it more than you realize.

5 You Try New Things

It's really hot when you just go for it and try new things and experiences. It doesn't matter if you're actually feeling brave or if you're terrified deep down inside. That's not what matters here. What honestly matters is that you love life and that you're willing to make some changes. It's not hot when you're a scaredy cat who cries all the time and freaks out at the smallest sign of change or the smallest suggestion that you do something different. Sorry, but it needs to be said. If you can be willing to do something new, then you're super hot, and that will probably serve you super well in your dating life (if it hasn't already). Just think about all the new adventures you can go with your cute new BF. You probably find that quality attractive in a guy, right? So you can totally see how it works both ways.

4 You Ignore What Doesn't Matter

If you are someone who sweats the small stuff and gets caught up in the little annoying things that happen to everyone every single day, then you are not hot, no matter what you might think. You have to ignore what is unimportant and what does not matter at all. That means taking the high road more than you want to (because let's be honest, no one ever wants to take the high road, even if they pretend otherwise). You want to be known as a good, solid person so you would never jeopardize your reputation by freaking out over little things or getting petty or melodramatic. That just would not be a good idea at all. Seriously, think about the guys that you date -- do they sweat the small stuff and freak out about everything that happens? Probably not because those just are not attractive things to do. So stop doing it!

3 You're Independent

Independent women are the hottest ones out there and if this is you, then you totally fall into the super hot category. Awesome, right? You probably already know that it's not too attractive to be a damsel in distress who needs a man to do everything and anything. If that has been you in the past, then you've probably recognized that it was a massive mistake and you would never, ever act that way again. You should definitely be proud of who you are and the life that you're leading, and that means being self-secure and self-sufficient no matter what. Even if you get into a serious relationship, you're still super independent and you never, ever lose your sense of self. That would be the worst thing ever in your eyes. Chances are your BF would find this super hot and it would be one of the reasons why he would want to date you.

2 You Don't Try Too Hard

It's not hot to try too hard when it comes to how you look. That means stop buying a new lipstick every week and stop believing that you have to dress like a rich and famous celebrity in order for people to take notice of you. People will definitely pay attention if you can be true to who you are and look like, well, you. The hottest women that you know probably barely even wear makeup, right? And they definitely don't shell out way too much dough for fancy clothes. You have to be who you are and stop trying so hard. That doesn't mean that you should put absolutely zero effort into your appearance because that won't be super hot, either (sorry but just speaking the truth here). It just means that you know that there are things in life that are more important than having perfectly plucked eyebrows and fancy outfits.

1 You're Happy

A miserable person is not a hot one. That might be against every single thing that you believe about beauty and life, since let's face it, some of the so-called hottest people in history are models who basically have super depressing looks on their faces all the time. Ugh. So not hot. If you're a happy person, you may think that has nothing to do with your physical attractiveness but here's the truth: you're hot if you're happy. Period. End of story. Why? Because you're a really fun and interesting and enjoyable person to be around. You lift other people up instead of bringing them down because you never, ever make them feel bad about themselves. Since you're happy, you can compliment other people without feeling like that reflects poorly on you, and you will never ruin the mood because you think it's fun or something equally ridiculous. So go ahead and embrace your happy, hot self.

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