15 Signs You’re Half Of An Annoying Couple

There’s nothing wrong with being happy in your relationship and enjoying every aspect of being someone’s partner. When you're in love (especially if for the first time), it feels like you're on top of the world and absolutely nothing can bring you down. You're so smitten with your boyfriend and you want to shout it from the rooftops. But there are definitely times when couples take their interest in one another and turn it into a full-blown fixation. Everyone has had the displeasure of being exposed to a seriously annoying couple at one time or another. You know... that one couple who drives everyone crazy and is notorious for oversharing specifics about their relationship while shamelessly bragging about how perfect they are for each other. Whether you’re single or taken, these people never fail to totally gross all of us out. These pesky pairings are a nuisance to everyone around them and they don’t care. Their codependent relationship consumes all aspects of their lives and they can’t go a moment without saying or doing something that is wildly obnoxious. If you can’t relate, then I hate to break it to you, but you’re probably half of the problem. You and your boyfriend probably are that annoying duo. If you still need convincing, here are 15 signs that you’re half of an annoying couple.

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15 You’ve Become The Queen Of Canceling Plans

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Ditching your friends to hang out with your boyfriend is lame. Unless you have a valid reason to cancel, don’t be the girl who becomes notorious for choosing a guy over her girlfriends. Those same friends you habitually make and then break plans with have been there for you through past relationships and breakups, so don’t take them for granted. Having a boyfriend can be definitely exciting, and your friends know and totally understand that, but try not to get caught up in the hype. Once you become associated with being an unreliable friend, the invites will stop rolling in altogether. Why should anyone put in effort when they already know you’ll be a no-show? Keep in mind that there are other people in existence besides you and your significant other. Being consistently inconsistent with everyone else just to spend more time with a guy who you already see too much of is super irritating; so give it a rest already.

14 You Doc Your Every Move On Social Media

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Spare us the long-winded statuses about how much fun you two had this afternoon while frolicking through the park hand-in-hand, as lovers do. Nobody cares if you jointly “checked-in” to Applebee’s for dinner, or if you’re celebrating your five-month anniversary. While we're sure these things excite you, they don’t exactly pique anyone else’s interest. If you find the need to regularly update everyone on your love life, you should probably give it a second thought. Odds are high that most people don’t have any desire to see intimate details of your relationship plastered all over their computer screen. Chronicling every waking moment of your fairytale romance is obnoxious, and all 463 of your closest friends shouldn’t be forced to see it. Despite what you may assume, we aren’t just jealous of your undying love. And no, we aren’t “haters” either. We simply just don’t care.

13 You Use Pet Names 24/7

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Please do everyone a favor and stop referring to each other by nauseating pet names while in the company of others. Not only is it ridiculously annoying, but it’s completely unnecessary. Nobody wants to be around you if you do this. Your lovey-dovey nicknames might be adorable to you, but nobody else feels the same. The sound of you beginning and ending each sentence with the term “babe” is equivalent to nails on a chalkboard. He has a name, and it’s probably Mike or Steve, not Sugar Lips or Boo Bear. Seriously, can you do us all a favor and keep pet names to a minimum? Even better, refrain from excessively using mushy terms of endearment altogether. Or at least save it for text messages so no one else has to listen to it.

12 You Completely Change Your Personality Around Him

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You don’t have to change yourself for a man, and if you decide to go into chameleon-mode every time you get a new boyfriend, then you are definitely super annoying. Nobody else understands your personality overhaul, and everyone prefers the real you over this synthetic version any day. You think that maybe if you share more of the same interests that he will like you more, but that’s just a recipe for disaster. You can try to model yourself into what you think is his ideal girlfriend but having no independent thoughts of your own is pretty lame. It's not cute when it seems like the two of you share the same brain. Honestly, it's pretty repulsive. If you’re struggling with an identity crisis because you can’t be yourself around your partner, you are in an obnoxious relationship.

11 You Finish Each Other’s Sentences

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Can you do anything without him? Honestly, this is universally annoying. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, you two are completing each other’s thoughts. Do you really have to? Can’t you let the guy finish what he was saying without having to interject? This kind of behavior makes us wonder if you practiced answering questions at home just so you can finish each other’s sentences in public. When someone asks him a question you don’t need to be his spokesperson. It’s not impressive, it’s actually slightly embarrassing. It’s lovely that you two connect in such a way where you seem to mirror each other’s every move, but can you give us all a break already? Your attachment is viewed as an obsession at this point and it makes others reluctant to be around you. From now on, how about he speaks for himself and you speak for yourself? Thank you in advance.

10 You Prefer Hanging Out With Other Couples

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Double dates and even group dates can be fun in small doses, but it's just weird if you only want those types of hang-outs. Not every event has to be exclusively for non-singles. While it’s understandable that other like-minded pairs might appreciate your company more than the average single, that doesn’t make it alright to exclude those of us who are riding solo. You aren’t better than anyone else just because you’re in an almighty relationship, and only surrounding yourself with other couples isn’t a good look. Put the shoe on the other foot. It wasn’t fun to be left out of couples-only activities when you were single, so why make anyone else feel that way now? Maybe other people in relationships just get along with you better, but don’t burn bridges with people because you’re coupled-up and they’re not.

9 You Talk About Your Significant Other Incessantly

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No matter what the conversation topic, you immediately bring it back to your boyfriend or your incredible relationship. Nope, not everyone wants to hear your dating advice or stories about your boyfriend that you think relate to the conversation. Those stories? They definitely aren't relevant. We get it -- when your entire life is centered on one thing (or person in this case), it’s pretty hard to shift gears and talk about anything else. You carry on and on about what makes him so great and how this relationship is so much different than any other you’ve ever been in, to the point where people politely excuse themselves or just up and leave altogether. We don’t want you to not telling us about your life, even if that includes your love life – we just don’t that to be the only thing you talk about. There are so many other potential conversation starters… like, anything really. Let’s talk about the weather if you must, as long as we don’t have to sit through another hour of you telling us about how your boyfriend completes you.

8 You Can’t Go Anywhere Without Him

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Just the thought of spending a few brief minutes without him gives you separation anxiety. Are you two a couple... or Siamese twins? If you and your boyfriend are attached at the hip, it’s pretty irritating. You’re always together everywhere you go, and you assume that just because you’re invited somewhere that he’s invited, too. Bringing him along occasionally is totally fine, but subscribing to the notion that he’s welcome to crash girl’s night is a unanimous “no” from everyone else. It’s okay to do some things on your own. You survived twenty-something years before you met, we're pretty sure you won’t die if he leaves your side on select occasions. It’s great that you two are so involved with each other’s lives, but come on. His friends don’t want you around all of the time and your friends certainly could do without him popping when they least expect it.

7 You're Glued To Your Phone When Apart

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We didn’t think it could be done, but when we finally convince you to hang out without your boyfriend tagging along, we feel like we just moved mountains. We’re eager to get you out alone so we can have a few moments back with the girl we know and love, but you burst our bubble by being preoccupied with your phone the whole night. Maybe you don’t quite get it – we want to spend time with you! Put your phone away and engage in the conversation, have some fun, or at least humor us by pretending to. There’s no need to keep checking in on your boyfriend every waking second that you’re away from him. Rest assured, he’s a big boy and he’s fine without you for a couple of hours. Calling and texting him multiple times instead of interacting with anyone is rude. Can’t you give us the at least a fraction of the effort you give him and loosen up a little?

6 You're Into PDA

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There’s nothing wrong with being affectionate with your man in public, but there’s a vast difference between a sweet peck on the lips and a full-fledged make out session that makes innocent bystanders want to lose their lunch. Some things should be kept sacred, and this is one of them. Public displays of affection should be tasteful, not tacky. Nobody needs to see what the two of you do behind closed doors, so please be considerate of your surroundings before you decide to go all-out with your heavy petting. We’re happy that you’ve found someone who gets your motor running. Really, we are… but let’s not make it awkward. If you’re being told to “get a room” by people you hardly even know, then congratulations - you deserve the most annoying couple award.

5 You’re On Again/Off Again

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You’ve broken up and gotten back together so many times that nobody actually has any idea whether or not you’re together anymore. Although you may try to project the image of a seemingly perfect bond, there seems to be a few noticeable flaws. It’s a touchy subject and we’re afraid to bring it up because we’re hesitant to get involved. One minute you hate him, and the next minute he’s back in your good graces as your everlasting soulmate. We can’t comprehend how two people can be so hot and cold and we don’t really know how to react around you. We wish you could either work past your differences or move on instead of dragging everyone else along on your relationship roller-coaster.

4 You Fight Like An Old Married Couple

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Your unapologetically loud and boisterous arguments over absolutely nothing make people uncomfortable. Your relationship shouldn’t be stressing us out! The combo of both your tempers is a total ticking time bomb that can go off any second, and we just don't want to be around when it finally does. The two of you go together about as well as oil and water and everyone else sees it but you. You argue so much it makes us wonder why you even got together in the first place. Did you ever like each other? Was there ever a honeymoon phase? The frequent disagreements and blow-ups make it challenging for everyone around you to just relax. We’re always walking on egg shells, just waiting and wondering when the next brawl will take place and if we have enough time to make ourselves invisible before it does. You may try to excuse your unrelenting squabbles by saying you’re just passionate, but you’re actually just certifiably insane and we want nothing to do with that.

3 You Ask For Advice But Don't Take It

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When you come to us for relationship advice, we're super genuine and honest with you. We put a lot of time and consideration into being there for you when you need us, so when you ask for our opinions, don’t just toss them away without a second thought. It’s frustrating when you keep asking for our help and then refuse to take it. You’ve brought up the same points of contention so many times that you sound like a broken record, and we try to support you but you don’t make it easy. I have no problem serving as your personal therapist, that’s what friends are for - but at some point I may have to start charging you a fee for my services. Do yourself a favor and listen to us every once in a while. Stop being so stubborn and accept a little constructive criticism, even if it’s about your relationship. We’ve all been there before, and we don’t judge you for it, but seeking advice without the intention of following through with any of it is taxing…and annoying

2 You Think Nothing Else Matters

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In case you didn’t know, the world doesn’t revolve around your relationship. You put your boyfriend above anyone and anything else, and it’s super annoying. You live to make him happy and would do anything to appease him. You're pretty quick to forget any of your other responsibilities, and certain aspects of your life suffer because of it. Regularly showing up an hour late for work because you stayed up late with your boyfriend and slept at his place on the other side of town is what got you fired. Taking his side even when you know his opinion wrong is what damaged a few friendships. Whatever the case may be, there are plenty of other good things you can take interest in aside from just your relationship. There’s no need to be careless and irresponsible because you only find significance in being someone’s girlfriend. What happens if things between you and him don’t work out and your left with nothing in the wake of it all? Don’t be that person.

1 You Have Joint Social Media Accounts

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No, I will not accept a friend request from anyone named “BeckyandBob” or “Bennifer”. Nobody wants to befriend those annoying hybrid accounts that are used by both you and your boyfriend. Why can’t you just have you own and he can have his? Why do you have to do absolutely everything together? Besides, everyone knows that the only people who have joint online accounts only do it because one of them cheated, or is likely to cheat. There’s no other reason why your partner should have anytime access to your social accounts, other than flagrant insecurity, and it shows. We’re on to your games, and we don’t want to play them. Do me a solid and don’t comment on any of my photos with your mutually-shared Instagram account, you look like a fool. And did I mention it’s annoying?

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