15 Signs You're Cute But Psycho

You throw temper tantrums, you get jealous, you speak your mind, you have crazy mood swings, and you're completely unpredictable. It's all right to admit it. We prefer that you did. You're totally cute but completely psycho. At times, it can be hard. You have a difficult time relating to your peers and even some of your closest friends. You feel exhausted by the unstable aspects of your life and wonder what it would be like to have some normalcy. You hate the fact that all of your relationships have some sort or turmoil and are skeptical about what your future holds. Still, you'd never apologize for who you are. After all, your "cute but psycho" reputation isn't an act. You've always been this way and you know you always will be. Don't worry, we'd never want you to change either. Read below to find out fifteen signs you're cute but psycho.

15 You Can't Stand It When Things Don't Go Your Way


If something doesn't go your way, you don't hesitate to show the world how unhappy you are. You've lashed out at your bosses when they've disproved of certain ideas you've brought to the table. You've threatened to break up with your boyfriend because he didn't want to eat dinner at the same restaurant you wanted to go to. You've gotten in fights with you friends when they didn't make your birthday party absolutely spectacular. You can't stand it when things don't go your way and you have a hard time keeping your feelings inside. So much so that people are often afraid to disagree with you or let you down. Your boss constantly worries that you're going to embarrass the company at important meetings, your boyfriend says he always feels like he's walking on eggshells, and your friends complain about feeling "too much pressure" to hang out with you whenever you want to hang out.

14 You Have Crazy Mood Swings

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When you wake up in the morning, there's no predicting how your day is going to go. You're highly emotional so even the smallest things can tick you off. If you get out of bed and stub your toe, you may have an emotional breakdown and decide you don't want to face the world that day. If you get out of bed and read an email that says you got your dream job, you'll cry tears of joy and dream of all the possibilities ahead. What's crazier is that your emotions can go from A to Z in a matter of minutes. You'll be out at a bar with your boyfriend, having the time of your life... until he says the wrong thing and you stomp out of the bar like a child. On top of that, your emotions are full blown. If you're angry, you scream. If you're sad, you wail. If you're excited, you jump in the air. The kicker? You have absolutely no control over them.

13 You Speak Your Mind

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If you're at a dinner party and a political debate ensues, you don't hesitate to add your two cents. Even if you don't know anyone in the room, you'll stand your ground and argue until you feel heard. If you're on the first date with someone you seemingly like, if he does something that's disappointing, you let him know, no matter how uncomfortable the situation will be. If one of your friends asks your opinion of something, you're straight up. In fact, you've even insulted some of your friends with your honesty. You're not afraid to let random strangers know they're being rude and you're not afraid to be rude to random strangers. On the other hand, you're also extremely kind. If you think someone is beautiful, you tell them. If you like someone's bag, you compliment them. You have zero filter, you're just simply yourself one hundred percent of the time.

12 You Have A Lot Of Crazy Ideas

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You're a dreamer and you can't help it. You always have been and always will be. Because you're such an imaginative person, you tend to have a lot of crazy ideas. You're constantly coming up with conspiracy theories that surround global events, even though you hardly know anything about the government. If you have a boyfriend, you don't hesitate to convince yourself that he's cheating on you despite the fact that he's done nothing to suggest he is. You make up stories in your head about your neighbors, your colleagues, and random strangers that have no basis in reality. In your free time, you come up with schemes that will "change the world," that would be completely impossible to achieve, but that doesn't stop you. Your mind never ceases. You're always creating stories, ideas, and having stimulating thoughts. You're someone who thinks outside of the box... way outside of the box.

11 You Change Your Mind A lot

When you were a child, you changed your "career aspiration" daily. One day, you wanted to be a policewoman, the next day, you wanted to be a teacher, and the day after, you wanted to be a nurse. As an adult, not much has changed. You've had multiple careers, many of which had nothing to do with the other. On top of that, you've changed your mind about exactly "what you want" out of life multiple times. One day you want to get married, have five kids and settle down in the country, and the next day, you want to stay single forever because you hate kids. What's crazier is when you change your mind, you're sure that it's what you want for the time being, despite the number of times you've changed your mind in your life. You drive your bosses, your friends, your family, and most of all, your boyfriends completely insane with your indecision.

10 You Act Before You Think

There's no denying that you're impulsive. If a thought comes into your mind, you act on it without thinking first. If you think your boyfriend is cheating on you, you follow him one night. Of course, you don't realize how crazy you seem, you just need to know if he is or isn't. If your boss insults you, you quit your job on the spot despite the fact you love your job and need the income. If your roommate is driving you insane, you decide that you're just going to move out, even if you have nowhere else to do. You're someone who thinks it'd be awesome to go to South America so you buy a plane ticket and leave the next way, abandoning all responsibility for an adventure. In short, you're a "jumper." The only time you "think things over" is way after the fact and way beyond the point of "too late." You're always finding yourself saying, "sh**, I shouldn't have done that," but you never change your ways. After all, it's who you are.

9 You're A Wild Child

In college, everyone knew you as "the party girl." You could stay out way later than everyone else and always worked up the energy to keep the party going. Now, your friends call you if they want to have a crazy night out on the town because they know you will always show up. Somehow, it never fails you get invited to private parties, strangers' limos, and experiencing things people only see in movies. When you party, you go all out. You have experimented with almost every drug, been to every hot club in your town, and you always say "yes" to the opportunities that present themselves. Of course, you have gotten yourself into trouble a couple of times as well. You are the girl who has been carried out of clubs because you drank too much, kicked out of bars for making a scene, and even arrested for acting inappropriately in public.

8 Everything Is Black And White With You

With you, there's no middle ground. If you're angry, you're furious. If you're sad, you're heartbroken. If you get in a fight with someone, it takes you forever to see their point of view and you're always the last to apologize. If you really like someone, you're always the first person to say "I love you," and cling onto them for dear life. There's no such thing as "grey area" when it comes to you. If you workout, you go all out and push yourself to your limits. If you order a pizza, you don't have only one slice, you eat the whole thing. If you're going on a vacation, you turn your phone off and disconnect completely from the world. If you open a bottle of wine, you drink the entire bottle. If you're throwing a party, you invite everyone you know and turn it into a rager. You don't understand the concept, "everything in moderation." Instead, you follow the motto, "go hard or ho home."

7 Your Life Is Unstable

It seems like every different relationship you've ever had in your life has always had some sort of turmoil. When you were a kid, you fought with your parents and your siblings constantly. If you're in a relationship with someone, it's filled with drama, heartbreak, and tons of ups and downs. So much so, you're not even sure what it means to be in a "normal, adult relationship." Your friends come and go in your life. You know so many people but it's hard for you to maintain relationships with them. You have a hard time keeping steady jobs. You move from town to town, constantly seeking something. Everyday, you're growing and changing and therefore, redefining what's important to you in life. When you go to sleep at night, you have no idea what the next day holds. Your life is filled with open-ended questions and can be exhaustingly unstable.

6 You Have A Reputation

Like all cute but psycho girls, you have quite the reputation. In college, everyone knew you were a bit unpredictable and "hard to handle." Guys were either completely intrigued by how mysterious you are or completely terrified to get involved with you. At work, people talk about you behind your back and say things like, "she is a genius but she is completely insane." You can tell that when you meet strangers, they seem to have some preconceived notion about who you are as a person. Why? They have been warned by someone else because of your behavior in the past. You make an imprint on every single person you meet and always find yourself to be an interesting topic of discussion for your peers. You do not mind, though, you have been talked about your whole entire life. At this point, you are used to it. But hey, at least you are cute, right?

5 You Never Apologize For Who You Are

There's no denying it: In your life, people have made you feel bad for being yourself. Your parents have told you that you need to "calm down" or mature. Your ex-boyfriends have told you that you're "way too much to handle" or that you "crave drama and attention." Your teachers have told you that you need to "find inner peace" and your friends have tried to advise you on various life decisions. Of course, you know deep down that they're all probably right in some way. You're not an idiot, you know there's always room for evolution, However, you don't care. You're happy with who you are as a person and wouldn't change for anyone. Even though it's hard to get their voices out of your head, you do your best to shut them up and stay true to yourself. After all, you'd rather be cute and psycho than boring and generic.

4 You're Always The Center Of Attention

At parties, you never fail to become the center of attention. You're always the best dancer of the dance floor and make tons of new friends. At bars, you spend the night cracking jokes and making everyone laugh, including the angry bartenders. When you were a kid, you learned to steer the conversation so that you could either talk about yourself or entertain people. You were either the class clown, the homecoming queen or the rebel without a cause. At this point, being the center of attention has almost become second nature to you and you hardly realize it. In a crowd, you stand out. You dress differently than everyone else and hold yourself in a way that demands everyone's focus. When you walk into a room, people stare. When you leave a room, they miss you. If you can't attend a party, people wonder where you are. Women are jealous of you and men are either intrigued by you or completely terrified. Simply put: You're a force of nature.

3 People Are Scared Of You

Even though you don't mean to scare people, you do. Because you're open with your thoughts and feelings, you often times "say the wrong thing," or "rub people the wrong way." You've been told by random strangers that you're "weird" and many have even made it clear they don't want to be around you. Men that have dated you have told you that they're scared to be with you because you're unpredictable and unstable. Men that have broken up with you have told you they were scared to leave you because they don't know how you would react or what you'd do if they started dating someone else. Some of your friends have even told you that when they first met you, they were intimidated by you and didn't ever think they would end up being as close with you as they are. You've always been someone who's challenged authority and from a very young age, you've had "power struggles" with various teachers, bosses, and adults in your life.

2 You Find Yourself Un-relatable

Unfortunately, you are no stranger to feeling like a loner. You often find that when you share your deepest thoughts and emotions with others, they have a hard time understanding what you mean. Even if they are your closest friends, you still pick up on the fact that there are certain aspects of you they are never going to be able to fully grasp. On top of that, there are parts of your closest friends that you find completely confusing. Long story short, you can be "un-relatable." In romantic relationships, you never fail to be "misunderstood" or unable to clearly communicate what is going on with you. Often times, you have different opinions and reactions to things in addition to having different values and moral codes than other people in your life. Of course, in your head, everything makes sense. However, when you say it out loud, it's a different story.

1 You Live Your Life To The Fullest

If you're in an unhappy relationship, you get out even if you're terrified to be alone. If you hate your job, you quit even if you need the money. If someone makes you upset, you don't pretend like "everything's okay." If you want to do something, you do it. You live your life to the fullest and you truly believe there's not a day that should be wasted. You feel things that others are scared to feel. You do things that other's hesitate to do. You go places others would never dare to walk. You know that your life is your journey and the decisions you make on a day to day basis define where you go. You'd never set limits for yourself. Instead, you make a point to expand those limits. Of course, this may make you come off as "crazy' or "offbeat" to other people but you don't care. Why? Because you're too busy living your life and there's nothing and no one that can stop you.

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