15You Whine About Being Single

You absolutely cannot stand being single. When you go out and you see some guys hanging around, you not only find a way to introduce yourself, but you work in your complaints about being single. For the next thirty minutes you whine and pout about how lonely

you are, that you have no one to snuggle with, and that you wish you had a man in your life.

If the guys stick around through all the self pity, you start talking about all the great things you like to do for your man, like give him baths and wash his hair, hand wash his underwear and iron his shirts. Not that you actually ever did that kind of stuff, but you are trying so hard to impress a guy who might be looking for a house maid.

Drop the self-pitying “I hate being single” act. You sound desperate and that is a huge turn off for men.

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