15 Signs You're A Drama Queen

Being called a drama queen is probably the worst thing you can call a woman and the biggest insult. If you think you aren't one yourself, you are bound to have at least one friend who is the ultimate drama queen. So you can understand what one is, right? Someone who loves being center of attention, gossiping and stirring up drama all fall under that category.

The real question is, are YOU a drama queen and not even know it? Does drama always just seems to follow you where ever you go? Do you always cause a big scene when your Starbucks order isn't right? Do you live and breathe other people's drama? Well, we came up with a list of 15 signs you might be a drama queen. Check it out!

15 You Personalize Things That Aren't Personal

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If you take every little thing that is done or said by your friends, family, co-workers or strangers on the street in a very personal way, you may be a drama queen! As a drama queen, you tend to be very emotional about things that are said concerning them. Stop taking things personal because not everything is about you!

14 Having A Bad Day Means The End Of The World

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So your boss was yelling at you all day, you dropped your lunch on the floor and you locked yourself out of your car. All those things together is a recipe for a bad day and if you are drama queen, you actually believe that your world is coming to an end. They tend to create small situations or mishaps and turn them into very big issues. Drama queens just can't help it.

13 Everything Seems Like A Disaster

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When you are a drama queen, you have no sense of proportion! Little events like somebody spilling wine on their shoe, you gaining half a pound, or forgetting to charge your cell phone are viewed as ultimate disasters. There are no minor mishaps in the drama queen's world!

12 You Love Being The Center of Attention

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The biggest thing a drama queen craves is being the center of attention. She's not fussy about how she achieves this as long as the spotlight shines brightest on her. The drama queens sense of entitlement is deeply ingrained and if she has to manufacture a scene to switch the attention to herself, it's not a problem for the true drama queen.

11 You Love To Talk And Gossip About Others

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Drama queens love to hear their own voice. It's like music to their ears. They also think everyone else loves to hear them talk. Turns out, they really don't. To take it to the next level, drama queens also love to talk and gossip about other people. Talking about people's relationships or their friends is what they live for. It's not one of their favorable traits.

10 You Love Watching Drama Unfold

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Watching other peoples drama unfold is your kind of movie when you are a drama queen. First, you are just happy that drama isn't happening to you personally. Second, you try to immerse yourself in drama that isn't yours because you might be bored and have nothing else to do in your dramatic life. Either way, you get a thrill out of it if you are a drama queen!

9 You Stir Up Drama

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Drama queens absolutely love to stir things up! They gossip and manipulate situations to cause trouble and arguments between other people. Why do they do this? The payoff is that she is the center of attention, one thing drama queens love to be (like we mentioned before). They also absolutely love drama. It's as simple as that. Let's just hope you don't fall into this particular category!

8 You're A Control Freak

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Do you feel like you should be in control over every detail of your life or anyone else's life? Do you believe you should have the right to direct your next office meeting, romantic date or your parent's birthday party? If you find yourself doing this, turns out there might be a big flashing light pointing down on you with the sign drama queen. Yeah, even being a control freak can make you fall under the category of being a drama queen.

7 You Are Picky

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Drama queens are picky with everything! Food, guys, clothes and friends. While eating at a restaurant, expect the drama queen to send her dinner back until it achieves perfection...the entree is rarely cooked to her taste, and the vegetables are never quite crisp enough. Drama queens expect everything to be perfect and every one who serves her should anticipate feeling her disdain and hearing all of her complaints. Poor waiters!

6 You Compare Your Life To Others

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Comparing your life to others is just what drama queens do. It is something they constantly find themselves doing, whether they notice it or not. Why do drama queens find the need to compare? Because it makes them feel better about themselves! Having a better pair of shoes than the other person satisfies them. It's really unfortunate.

5 You Criticize Everything and Everyone

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One thing a drama queen loves is criticizing people and everything that surrounds them. Something about it makes them feel very mighty and like they have a higher power. Drama queens criticize buildings, cars, friends and strangers. This is another unfavorable quality about a drama queen.

4 You're Obsessed With Your Looks

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One thing drama queens just cannot get enough of is their looks. They obsess over every little thing. Their hair, nails, make-up, and wardrobe of course. It is so important for drama queens to look their best wherever they go. If they aren't looking good, they take it out on everyone and it's not pretty!

3 You Get Stressed Out Easily

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If you find yourself constantly in tears or feeling overwhelmed by the slightest stimuli or by changes in your routine, congratulations! You just joined the drama queen club! It's understandable to be emotional or upset at times, that's normal especially for women, but if it happens every other day or even once or twice a week, look out! You're well on your way if you have't already arrived.

2 You Love Sharing Your Life Drama On Social Media

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Whether they are long-winded essays about how once someone did you wrong or calling out someone on your Facebook page that you don't like.  As a drama queen, you tend to share it to all your peers on social media. That is a drama queen move for sure. They are master's of the passive aggressive social media sneak attack. Beware of befriending these kind of people. You might be their next target!

1 You Never Apologize For Your Mistakes

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Drama queens think they are never wrong, and always right. They can lose their cool and knock a bunch of innocent bystanders down in the process, and it will never be their fault. And rather than say the magic words— “I’m sorry”— you’ll hold a grudge until the end of time. I would hate to be friends with that drama queen.

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