15 Signs You Need To Get In Shape

Sometimes in life it takes a lot to finally realize change is needed. Physical activity can go a long way in helping change your life. Not doing so for an extended period of time can lead to many consequences such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer.

Weight loss can ultimately help repair some major damage that was done and also can eventually improve the quality of your overall life.

Exercising can lead to improved overall health, higher self-esteem, lower stress, boosted immune system, sharpen memory and many other positive attributes that go along with it.

It’s best to figure out when it’s time to lose weight before it gets to out of hand. Ultimately, the more you wait, the steeper the hill becomes.

Here are 15 signs that will get you on your way to burning fat quickly, enjoy!

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15 Every day feels like Sunday

In the world of fitness Sunday is regarded as that day to get in some well needed relaxation and indulge in some fatty food. If this is the case for you every day, well it might be time to make a change and increase your physical activity levels. Being able to relax and eat what you want should be regarded as something that is fun and something that you earned through your hard work during the week. It should definitely not be something you do on a regular basis. Doing so will most certainly lead to weight gain and eventually other negative symptoms that go along with eating and relaxing constantly. If every day feels life Sunday, it may be time to make a change.

14 Snoring

Snoring believe it or not can be a sign that you need to lose weight. Being overweight can actually cause sleep apnea which causes you to stop breathing for 10 seconds or more during sleep. Sleep apnea also causes a decreased level of oxygen in the blood leading to several awakenings throughout the night. Sleep apnea is often caused by excess weight or obesity. Losing weight is deemed as the best way to combat this sleeping disorder. If you’re snoring way too loud, losing weight may be what is needed to fix this issue.

13 Avoiding things that involve physical activity


Avoiding physical activity is a huge sign that it’s time to lose weight or just get active. People often try to combat this with excuses, ultimately the excuses are only prolonging the process to get active. For some, fitness in the gym just isn’t for them and that’s understandable. Though this does not mean all physical activity should be cut. Play sports or go for a walk or jog on a regular basis. These are simple ways that you can stay active without having to join a gym. Don’t make excuses, find solutions.

12 Spend your day sitting


If you spend most of your day sitting in the office or at school or even at home make it your priority to stay active and on your feet following those long hours of sitting. Too much sitting can eventually lead to higher risk of heart disease, weight gain especially in the abdominal area and an increased risk of poor overall health. Make it a priory to stay active following long hours of sitting.

11 Drinking every week

If you are drinking on a regular basis it may be time to slow things down. Consuming alcohol on a regular basis can put your body under much added stress leading to heart problems, liver problems and increased weight. Drinking can also cause fatigue to come quicker, stomach distress, lack of coordination and malnutrition. Hard liquor is the biggest “no no” when it comes drinking every week. If you are doing so, it’s time to break this habit and develop new and improved habits in a hurry.

10 Clothes don’t fit

Clothes’s not fitting is one of the most influential and eye opening ways to really see how much weight you’ve gained over time. Many people use this tactic as a way of motivation in order to drop weight fast and fit into those clothes that once fit perfectly. Jeans are one of the most telling pieces of clothing, gaining inches in waist size may be a big sign that you need to lose weight asap.

9 BMI indicates your overweight


Measuring your BMI is an excellent way to find out where you rank in terms of your health. BMI measures your height, weight, age and more. Adding these elements together will give you a number identifying what it means and where you rank health wise. Your BMI stats can be a big sign in identifying that it’s time to lose some weight.

8 Shortness of breath

Respiratory capacity gradually decreases as you gain weight. Shortness of breath can also be due to the fact that you are inactive. Inactivity causes your heart and lungs to work at a slower rate because you aren’t giving them an optimal workout on a regular basis, constant relaxation of these organs leads to diminished activity over time. If you are experiencing these symptoms it may be time to up your physical activity levels in a hurry before things gradually worsen.

7 Always hungry

Always being hungry is due to the fact that you do not have any type of nutritional structure in your diet. Having a healthy diet filled with dietary fats, proteins and carbohydrates will leave you feeling happy, healthy and full. Having a lack of nutritional structure leads to you not being full despite eating plenty of calories which are called “empty calories”. Empty calories consist of calories stemming from one type of macronutrient like carbohydrates for example. Constant hunger can also be a sign of insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes. Losing weight is the best way to remedy these conditions. Make sure your diet contains a healthy balance of protein, fats and carbohydrates.

6 High blood pressure or high cholesterol

Losing weight can be the best way to fight these conditions, believe it or not weight loss can be more effective than actual medication. In addition losing weight is safer, cheaper and more sustainable than taking a drug for these elevated conditions. Long periods of inactivity can make people twice as likely to develop heart disease as those that are active. Staying active physically is the best way to remedy these future complications.

5 Lack self-confidence


Lacking self-confidence can be a sign that it’s time to get in shape. People who lack confidence often feel trapped and are constantly down on themselves. Feeling good physically and liking what you see in the mirror can change that fast. Not doing so can keep you stuck in a rut for a long period of time. This can lead to constant negativity, lack of motivation, troubling relationships, low threshold for trying new things, lack of problem solving skills and other troubling characteristics developed over time. Taking care of yourself physically can go a long way into changing these characteristics and eventually developing a new positive way of life. Many turn to fitness as an escape, this escape ultimately leads to a passion which betters your life in all aspects. If you’re feeling down fitness is one of the best remedies.

4 Joint Pains

Having knee, hip or back pain can be due to the fact that you are carrying around extra weight or need to get in shape. This pressure can lead to joint pain and tearing of the tissues that are trying to hold themselves together. Exercise can alter this by strengthening your joints as opposed to weight gain or inactiveness which weakens them. Weight loss will also help to put less stress on your body while carrying around that excess weight. Weight training is the ideal solution to get rid of those nagging joint pains.

3 Weak immune system

A weak immune system can cause your body much distress physically causing you to be constantly tired. In addition, a weak immune system can make you much more easily prone to illnesses leaving you sick more often than not. A strong balance of physical activity with a well balanced diet can definitely help change a poor immune system. Getting in good foods which are strong in vitamins and strengthening your body through physical activity is the best way to boost your immune system in a hurry. If you’re constantly sick, exercise and eating right is one of the most effective ways to go.

2 Always tired

One of the most common symptoms of weight gain is constantly fighting fatigue. Internal inflammation caused by fat can lead to long stages of fatigue. Many other factors play an important role in this as well, a poor diet and constant inactivity are big factors of this. Your body gets used to eating empty calories along with inactivity, overtime this makes your body adjust to this way of life and ultimately makes you consistently tired. A well balanced diet will give you fuel, while physical activity will supply your body with more oxygen giving you more energy overall. If you’re always tired, try these two incredibly effective methods, they can be life altering forever.

1 The Scale

The scale is the most eye opening indicator that it’s time to lose weight. The scale can also play a very motivating and inspiring role in someone’s fitness goals. Don’t see a scale as a burden, see it as something that will drive and motivate you to lose weight. Gaining weight steadily over the years can be apparent and very eye opening when it’s reflected on a scale. If you’ve gradually gained weight every year it may be time to put an end to this trend and get active.

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