15 Signs You Might Be A Stalker

Nowadays you don’t need binoculars and a black hoodie to be claimed a stalker. They make it so much easier these days. In this new day and age of social media, stalking has a whole new meaning. From following people's Facebook news feeds, following your boyfriends every move through Twitter and creating fake accounts just to get to know someone. All these are just a few of the many signs that are on this list. The truth is, you might be a stalker and not even know it! We're going to help to prevent you from entering complete "stalker status."

15 You're A Chronic "Liker"

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Instagram has opened up a whole new window of opportunity to stalk people. If you like a picture here and there, it is totally okay. That's what Instagram is for. Everyone always has those reliable "likers" who they can count on for a "like." But there also comes a point where it can get weird. How about liking a ton of pictures that someone posted 3 years ago? Yeah, okay thanks for taking your time to scroll down through hundreds of my pictures just to find that one picture of me with braces. It is those who stalk in silence you have to watch out for.

14 You Scroll Through His/Her Instagram Pics...Every Day

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Do you ever find that one person who previously liked your picture and then unlikes it just to like it again? And when they comment on a picture weeks later after liking it saying how good you look? Okay I guess it's cool that you really like that selfie of her but dude, she got the point the first time. No need to show your love again.

13 Bae-Watching

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Many of us have glanced at our partner's social media page just to make sure everything is good. Ok we look to see if any competition is lurking but we don't do it often enough to think we have a problem. When this starts to become an everyday thing, you need to take a moment to tell yourself to stop! No driving by his house to see if he's home or running by the coffee shop he says he will be at. Relationships are about trust so if you don't trust him there seems to be a more important problem you need to fix.

12 You Show Up To A Location After A Post

Everyone loves to share where they are at all the times on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Las Vegas, Santa Monica Beach, or the mall. One thing that would make it super awkward is if you decide to show up where that person (that you most likely have a crush on) is at. Okay, the mall might be fine because everyone goes to the mall. But showing up in Vegas at the same hotel four hours after they let everyone know where they were at? That's taking it way too far. Just stay home.

11 You Subscribe To His/Her News Feeds

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Facebook and Twitter give people a chance to follow other people's news feeds. It allows you to make sure you see that individual's every status, uploaded picture and every photo they like. It even sends you a notification the instant they post it! Personally, I think that is crazy. Don't subscribe to their news feed unless they are family because there is no need to see their every move unless it's your grandma who you absolutely love.

10 You Stalk Your Ex

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Stalking your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend might be the worst kind of stalking there is in this world. It's not good for them and it is not good for you either. Checking out if they have a significant other in their life or if they are having fun without you may be tempting to see but it just won't make you happy at all. First thing you should do is delete them as a friend from your social media account. It didn't work out between you two for a reason and you'll be way for happier not seeing them in your news feed. Move on!

9 You Photoshop Yourself Into Pictures

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Photoshop has allowed many people live their deepest fantasies. You want a picture with Brad Pitt? Bam. No problem! You want a picture with you and the President in the Oval Office? Easy peasy. You want a picture with your crush? Wait...that might be a little weird. Photoshopping a picture of yourself marrying your crush might be a secret you want to keep yourself and for your eyes only. Keep it on the down low for sure.

8 You Harass Their Best Friend

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So you want to know more about your latest crush or see how your ex is doing? You always think getting to their best friend is the best way to do it, but it really isn't. Best friends are best friends for a reason. They tell each other EVERYTHING. You think they are going to overlook the fact you asked them a ton of questions about someone you wanted to know more about? Probably not. Don't do it.

7 You Stalk Private Profiles Until They Change

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It is always so tempting to open up something that we are not supposed to. You find a private profile about someone you want to know more about? Your goal is to find out what they are hiding and the mystery behind their one profile picture. If you are constantly going back to check and see if that private profile is now not private, that does send off some obsessive and stalker vibes. It's private for a reason. In the words of Frozen, just let it go.

6 You Re-Tweet Their Stuff

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Twitter limits you with 140 words per post but you can do a lot of other things like re-tweeting (RT) and favoriting posts. Some people use this as a way to show some love to their "stalkee." Truth is, RT-ing and favoriting every single tweet they post is strange and can make for an awkward situation. Maybe once or twice every couple days is cool. Every single day? That kind of sends the message that you don't have much to do with your life. Do yourself a favor and go and bake a cake.

5  You Write Journal Entries/Songs About Your Stalkees

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Writing about someone you are slightly obsessed with in your journal is definitely acceptable. No harm to anyone. Writing love songs about someone you don't know but only kind of know them through their social media accounts can hint that you might be just a little bit of a stalker. But hey, if that song makes you the next Taylor Swift, by all means go ahead with it!

4  You Call Their Phones To Hear Their Voice

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So you got his or her number and you feel like you hit the jackpot. You finally have the chance to talk to your crush! Turns out that you are too chicken, but just to hear their voice will make your day. You tell yourself, "Please go to voicemail." Then it goes to voicemail and you are very satisfied. Okay, calling someones voicemail just to hear their voice is really creepy. Get some guts and talk to them or just don't talk to them at all.

3 You Create Fake Accounts

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Creating a fake account just to stalk someone is the all-time low and definitely makes you the all-time stalker. Cat-fishing someone is never a good idea. Someone always turns out hurt or betrayed in the end. Thanks to MTV's Catfish, we all know that so well. Words of wisdom: The best way to get to know someone is just to be who you are without pretending to be someone else.

2 You Meet Someone New And Cyber-Stalk Them

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Meeting new friends is always fun. Making sure you can trust them or not might be a little tricky to find out. Stalking a new friends Facebook or Instagram page is usually the route you go. You can find out if they love to party, love dogs and overall just see if they are interesting enough to be friends with. To make it seem a little less stalker-ish, wait a few days to see if they are friendworthy or maybe be a little old-fashioned and get to know them in person first.

1 You Tell Yourself "I'm Not A Stalker"

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If you tell yourself, "I'm not a crazy person," it is most likely you are a little crazy. You tell yourself, "I'm not a stalker," the chances are you might be a bit of a stalker. Admitting it is the first step to get rid of your horrible habit of stalking. Following all these signs and making sure you don't fall into any of these categories will help you live life stalking-free. You'll be happy, trust me.

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