15 Signs You Intimidate Every Guy You Meet

Men (at least some of them) and women alike claim that they are all for gender equality and female empowerment. After all, not even a hundred years ago, women were treated as second-class citizens, fighting for their right to vote and being relegated to housewives and mere baby-making machines. The landscape has changed significantly for women in modern times, as today, females have practically equal rights with men. And as a result of the struggle the female population has had to endure in gaining any form of recognition from the world, they have emerged stronger and more driven than men. Even in television and movies, there have been more roles of women being portrayed as strong and independent.

But the fight isn’t over and the struggle is still very much real. There are still issues of gender inequality in the world, professions where women are not getting the same salary as men and countries where women are mistreated. So as women continue to fight for their rights, they continue to grow a thicker skin and continually become more and more intimidating to the male population.

15 You have a successful career


Gone are the days where the farthest a woman could climb on the corporate ladder was as a senior secretary in a pool of administrative staff members. There’s a reason, after all, why women are the better choice as secretaries than men. It’s because females are quite meticulous and pay close attention to detail, which are two traits that a low-level staff position entails. But these traits have served women well in the long run, because coupled with perseverance and hard work, it has enabled them to rise from the ranks and hold managerial positions in big corporations. In fact, it’s getting more and more common for the female to outrank her partner in terms of job position. Some guys don’t mind, but others feel like it’s a blow to their ego to be dating a woman who’s a CEO while he is simply just mid-management in his industry.

14 You look like a model


Many may remember the reality TV show “Beauty and the Geek,” which featured a group of gorgeous women who were to be paired up with the geekiest of male geeks and see if a guy and a girl who are poles apart in terms of looks and interests would actually hit it off. The drawback to this kind of set up of course, is that any man with an ounce of insecurity in his bones would feel absolutely intimidated with a woman who even slightly resembles a Victoria’s Secret angel on his arm. This can cause him to turn tail and get the heck out of a potential relationship with her. You see, beautiful women don’t necessarily have it easier than homely-looking ones. In many instances, men may feel that a gorgeous girl would only want to date rich, equally-gorgeous men, making the chances of these girls to get into a normal relationship slim to none.

13 You come from a wealthy family


It’s always quite the challenge in any relationship when one person is wealthier than the other. The impact is even greater when one of you is a scion who stands to inherit not just millions of dollars, but a family business empire as well. If the woman is the one who has more money or is from the more prominent family, it can scare off any potential partner. If he’s even from a middle-class background, he can easily be viewed as a gold digger, trying to dip his hands into his wife’s family fortune. And no one, especially men, wants to be seen as an opportunist, especially by the family of his lady love. It can be equally humiliating if upon marriage, he’s pressured to join his wife’s family business and work for his father-in-law. Men who have pride would adamantly have nothing to do with his spouse’s money and try to make it on his own, never mind that she’s accustomed to a certain lifestyle that he can’t provide.

12 You’re crazy intelligent

When you were growing up, were you always one of those people who never needed to study and got straight As anyway? Did you graduate at the top of your class and ended up getting into every university you applied to, including the Ivy Leagues? Did you graduate from one of those Ivy League schools with the distinction of being summa cum laude? Were you courted by all the top firms in your field of study to take you in as their youngest officer? Well, congratulations on being the epitome of intimidation for any man! Intelligence is certainly a gift to be embraced and it’s something that should be put to good use in all aspects of life. But while your brains may take your career to great heights, it can also result in the lack of a love life because no guy would feel they can live up to you. As they say, it’s lonely at the top.

11 You’re oozing with confidence

If you’re one of those women who walks into a crowded room and every head turns in your direction and all eyes are immediately drawn to you, it’s most likely because of the aura of confidence that you exude. You may not necessarily be the most beautiful woman in the world, but you draw everyone’s attention with the way you walk, the way you hold your head up high, and the way you take in the room like you own it. This basically renders you difficult to approach. Guys hardly want a doormat for a girl, but neither do they fancy someone on the opposite end of the spectrum, which is a girl who can basically burn you with just a simple look. Confidence is a great trait to possess and hopefully, a girl can find someone who’s man enough to not just accept, but admire her self-assurance.

10 You’re the take-charge kind of person

There are natural leaders and natural followers, and the personality traits usually comes with how you were raised and the circumstances of your family life. In general (and no, this isn’t true for everyone), people who are the eldest of several siblings have a bossy nature because they have to lead their pact of younger brothers and sisters. Someone who’s the youngest in the family may tend to be more of a follower, as she’s used to her older siblings making the decisions for her. If a girl has that take-charge kind of attitude, it will serve her well when it comes to getting things done in various aspects of her life. But in relationships, this kind of trait can be off-putting to a guy because he wouldn’t want his authority to be undermined by anyone, least of all his significant other.

9 You have a clique of friends who are intimidating


It’s pretty easy to approach someone who is sitting by her lonesome, having a cup of coffee or immersed in a good book. But if she’s in a big group of rambunctious friends, then the chances of going up to her and not getting stared down at are nil. There’s that saying that birds of a feather, flock together and that’s true in the sense that when a big group of friends are gathered together, they tend to act in similar ways. They laugh loudly, tell silly jokes, and yes, even gossip endlessly about other people. It’s a different case all together when you look at these people individually because you’ll see that they all have different personalities. So if a girl is actually a nice person on her own, she may seem intimidating when she’s around her band of noisy friends, especially if said friends are of the catty nature.

8 You have the resting B face


What is a resting bitch face? It’s a term coined in recent years to describe a girl who only has one haughty expression, regardless of what’s going on in her head or what she’s feeling. She’s someone who rarely smiles, not because she’s not happy or amused, but because the muscles of her face are naturally created that way. It takes an immense amount of conscious effort for her to plaster a smile on her face in an attempt to look as approachable as possible without looking phony. Girls who were born with a resting bitch face are highly misjudged because people think that what you see is what you get. If she has that kind of face, then it’s assumed she’s indeed uptight. This can either turn a guy off or intrigue him more, depending on his personality and preferences. But most of the time? He may not think it’s worth the risk to get his head bitten off.

7 You have an opinion about everything

No one likes a spineless person, someone who doesn’t let her thoughts or feelings known, to the point that she has no voice and she gets trampled on by people around her who have louder, stronger personalities. The opposite of this kind of person is someone who has very strong opinions about everything and her opinions veer towards the negative almost all the time. She’s trying out a new restaurant? The bread is stale and the wine tastes cheap. She’s in a rush to get to work? Traffic is a pain and can the little old lady crossing the pedestrian walk be any slower?! In other words, this kind of girl has something to say about everyone and everything and it can honestly be so emotionally draining to be around people like that because they just can’t seem to be content about anything. This implies that she may be difficult to please in the long run.

6 You have a specific talent that puts you in the spotlight


We are all born with natural gifts and talents. It’s just a matter of discovering what that talent is, honing it, and turning it into a passion that can help others. For some people, the talent is obvious on the onset. Someone who can sing before she can talk can grow up to be the next Beyoncé. Or maybe she has mad math skills and breezes through all her math classes, even the advanced ones. This puts her in the category of mathematical genius and she becomes a top Wall Street broker. Whatever talent she has, as long as it’s recognized and acknowledged, it makes her a celebrity of sorts. And anyone who’s in the spotlight for something they’re really good at can be intimidating to anyone, let alone a guy who may be interested in her romantically. Because her constantly being the center of attention will mean he may just be pushed to the sidelines as a mere spectator.

5 You don’t care what others say about you

One of the illnesses of our society is that everyone is so conscious of what other people say about us. And with all the hate that is easily spewed over the Internet by people who can so conveniently hide behind fake social media accounts, it seems like even the most innocent of people fall victim to cyber bullying. And it makes us want to retreat within ourselves because it seems like the more we share online, the harsher the judgment we receive. But guess what? We don’t have to care what other people say about us, especially if we aren’t doing anything wrong. And rare is the person who is immune to what other people say about her. She just goes on her merry way and does what she pleases, successfully able to brush aside haters. This kind of woman is admirable to say the least, but most definitely intimidating.

4 You’re confrontational


There are some people who feel that bottling up one’s feelings and thoughts, especially the negative ones, is quite commonplace. If someone wrongs you, you just cry it out, confide in someone how hurt you are, swallow it down, then move on. This is what people who are non-confrontational do, simply because they want to avoid tension, stress, and some sort of verbal showdown because that’s where they think it will lead. Being confrontational can be both good and detrimental. If someone has offended you, especially if it’s a person who’s close to you, it would be in your best interest to talk to that person and calmly and respectfully tell her what she did that hurt you. Tone and words are everything, that’s why it’s better to talk about it once you’ve cooled off. The worst thing you can do that can put off anybody is facing that person head on with guns blazing at the height of your anger. Because for sure, you’ll say many things you’ll regret when you’ve calmed down.

3 You’re a non-conformist


In this world that we live in, it’s quite the challenge to be “unique” because the mindset is, if you’re different from everyone else, you’re a freak. How many gifted kids are there out there who try to hide their giftedness for fear of being bullied for being weird? Or yet others who go around with pink hair and tons of piercings having to endure censorious stares everywhere they go, just because they’re not your regular jeans-t-shirt-and-sneakers Janes? But there are those who are brave enough to be themselves, never mind what the general population thinks. When people try to get them to conform, they firmly put their foot down and say “no,” just so that they don’t lose their sense of identity. It’s tough for non-conformists in this world because they will always be met with resistance. It’s stressful to say the least, not to mention it can scare off potential partners from your life.

2 You’re just as happy being single as when you’re in a relationship

Despite women being more independent nowadays, there are still the few who seem to jump from one relationship to another and the reasons for this vary greatly. But the most common reason is that some women can’t stand the thought of being alone. They let their romantic relationships define who they are and so they feel that when they’re single, they lose their sense of self. And that’s the worst way to go about getting into a relationship in the first place. Because no relationship should define who you are. That’s something you figure out and discover on your own, separate from your relationships, whether they’re romantic or not. It’s refreshing to see girls who are just as happy being single than being in a relationship, especially if a previous relationship was a toxic one. It means that she’s strong and independent enough to be happy either way, single or taken.

1 You’re a single mom


Being a single parent can be tough, no matter what situation you’re in. Whether your partner has passed away or is around, but only helps when he can, being the primary guardian of a child (or children) all on your own is difficult. You have to work one or even two jobs just to put food on the table and be able to afford daycare for your kids. You barely have time for a social life because you’re too busy splitting your time between work, caring for your kids, and doing other household errands. Single moms are usually perceived to have tons of excess baggage, both emotionally and physically, because let’s face it, it’s not easy for an easygoing single guy to get attached to a woman with children that aren’t his. If he really loved her and cared genuinely for her children, then that’s a totally different story. But in the dating phase, it’s not uncommon for a man to get scared off when he finds out the woman he’s attracted to is a single mother.

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