15 Signs You Have No Chill

Having or not having chill is often something that we're born into. It has to do with our personality type, and while sometimes you're more aware of certain personality traits than others, if you have no chill you just have no chill. Sometimes when you act on impulse, that opens doors that wouldn't otherwise be opened and you can find yourself in some adventurous situations. On the other hand, sometimes you wouldn't necessarily go through those doors anyway if you had more time to think carefully before you acted. There isn't always a lot of time between seeing something and reacting, so your mouth might move a bit faster than your brain. The good thing about this though, is that it also comes across as a wonderful zest for life. You're excited by things that other people aren't, so you see a lot of good stuff. Here are 15 signs that you have no chill.

15 You Said You Weren't Drinking... Then You Did

Whoops! Did it again. You seriously had no plans to drink any alcohol this week following that last bender, and you made the fact known when you accepted the next round of plans. You might have even laid out in specific detail to your friends why you were not going to drink, which included reminding them of how poorly things went last time. Perhaps a happy hour turned into a rager and you turned up at work the next day firing on a few too many cylinders. Maybe you drunk texted an ex last time you were drunk, or are trying to lose weight and want to skip the empty calories. Whatever your reasons are, you made it clear that it wasn't going to happen. But then you show up and decide you can handle one drink, which as usual turns into a lot more than one drink, and next thing you know you're involved in a dance battle that ends up breaking the heel off your favorite shoe. The next day you're like WTF how did that even happen, and you're friends are like "Yeah, you have no chill."

14 You Take The Question "How Are You?" Seriously

Sometimes casual hellos involve casual questions like "Hey, how are you?" but people don't really expect an honest response to it besides "I'm good!" But you? Yeah, you're more likely to really take that time to discuss how you really feel, which is generally a little complicated. At any given moment you are going to be both excited about something and stressed out about something else, and occasionally you're experiencing both of those emotions at once about the exact same thing. Answering how you are involves a complex answer full of personal details and feelings. You know this is a little out of the ordinary but you can't stop yourself because you have no chill. You realize sometimes that people are staring at you blankly and maybe even trying to figure out a way to wrap up the conversation before it's too late, but on the other hand, they asked you, so you feel like you have a right to respond.

13 You Say It's Over When He Doesn't Text Back In Five Seconds

You have no chill in general, but you doubly have no chill when something is a little stressful. Dating and relationships can be very stressful, and you have so much invested in them going well. You like to feel like you know what's going on in a relationship and you don't like to feel like things might not be going your way, so you tend to be a bit reactive over small things as an effort to stay in control. When you text the guy you're dating you expect a response to come back really quickly because you know he has his phone on him, so when it doesn't happen your mind quickly starts to consider the worst case scenario. But you're not just worrying like that something might have happened to the guy, you're assuming that he's seeing someone else, and perhaps is even with her right this very minute. The nerve. You get so fired up so quickly that you feel like the relationship is over or heading that way... for no reason. And then when he does respond to your text a few minutes later you forget all about your fake fury and continue on as normal.

12 You Yell When You Get Excited

Having no chill means that you get overly excited by fun things as well as overly fired up about bad things. Babies, puppies, foam art on coffee, a cute pair of shoes, one of your friends. When you see something like that you have an audible reaction whether it's a dramatic gasp, an OMG, or an inaudible squeal of delight. You can't even help it, it just comes out, because you are SOOOOO EXCITED. You might even be one of those girls that people make fun of for screaming and running into your friend's arms like you just found your long lost sister... even though you guys saw each other yesterday. But to you, you feel that excited, so why on earth would you want to censor your exuberance? You do notice that sometimes people look at you weird for doing it because your outbursts tend to be at a level a bit higher than the average ambiance in the room. You're used to the stares (and occasionally the dirty looks from the grumps) because you've always been this way.

11 You Try To Slow Down Your Text Responses

When you have no chill you're ready to respond to a text message at a moment's notice. Sometimes you even have the text message section of your phone already open when you're expecting someone to text you. Perhaps you're even reading through the past texts that you got from someone (and evaluating their tone) when they text you again so you're ready to respond in a split second. But since you know that responding super fast to someone can come off as a bit, needy desperate, or just like you have no life, you have to try and purposefully slow down your text responses. When you see a text come through you have to pause and take a deep breath, maybe even talk yourself through the process of why it would be a bad idea to respond too quickly to someone, and then by the time you do that it might be a reasonable amount of time to respond. You are not capable however, of walking away from a text or waiting like an hour to respond to someone because it stresses you out.

10 You Feel Anxious A Lot

This hyped up anxiety can pour out in a myriad of ways, and that it does! You get excited about good stuff, but you also get excited over nothing, and sometimes that comes out as some weird anxiety. It's like you have too much energy coupled with too many thoughts, and that can do some weird things. When you're home alone trying to relax your no chill mood can pop up and lead to you doing things like: texting everyone that you know, going next door to talk to your neighbor while she's doing chores, cleaning out your entire closet and throwing away some things that you might later regret, cooking food that you don't actually want to eat, or drinking too much wine on your own for no reason. No chill. You might be able to mellow out your body if you're watching something interesting on TV, or you might be able to mellow out your mind if you're doing something active with your body, but you can't get both to mellow out at once which often leads to you doing too much.

9 You Can't Go With The Flow

You're super confused by the whole "go with the flow" idea. You just can't do it. It's just not you, because you have no chill. In some ways, the fact that you can be moved by a moment means that you do go with the flow in a certain way, but it's not in a relaxed way which is what the saying is referring to. Going with the flow means doing so without resistance or trying to swim upstream against the flow. You're sometimes in the flow but heading over the edge of the waterfall because you took the wrong fork in the stream, sometimes you're swimming backwards or sideways without realizing it, and sometimes you're actually on the bank of the stream while everyone else is flowing by. All over the place. You watch people do this go with the flow thing but even when you try it you're likely to either hit a rock or let your control freak nature take over and choose a different course entirely.

8 You're Ready For Commitment ASAP

You have no chill, so when you meet a guy that you like, your mind starts going in circles and you decide pretty much instantly that you're ready to be in a relationship. The courtship phase doesn't make a lot of sense to you, you feel like you know right away whether something will work or not and you start fantasizing about moving in with him, marrying him, and having his babies before you're even on the second date. Of course, this over excitement and no chill also means that you're not always right about the fact that you should be with someone because you haven't even really gotten the chance to know him yet. When you're vocal about wanting to hurry things along, some guys respond by being totally freaked out. When you happen to match up with someone who is the exact same way, however, you two might be in a relationship before many of your friends even knew there was a first date. You tend to turn up with new boyfriends all the time, and then consequently end up having a lot of breakups that are also not that chill.

7 You Start Stories With "Whoops..."

So many of your stories start out with the fact that, oops, the fact that you have no chill led you to do too much yet again. You try and think about the consequences of certain things before you do them, but then you get caught up in the moment and all of those thoughts fly out the window. Later when you're looking back on things this actually mind boggles you, and sometimes you even get really mad at yourself. Like you knew exactly how much money you had in your bank account and that you were likely to overdraft it if you spent too much money, but then you also had in the back of your mind that maybe that check would go through in time and somehow worked it out that an impulsive shoe buy was a great idea. And then you overdraft your bank account like you knew that you would, and the only thing you can say besides the F-word is whoops. The problem is that things like this happen all the time and you don't know how to stop doing it because you just have no chill.

6 You're A Hypochondriac

Since you have no chill, you're always going to assume the worst about any symptoms that you might be experiencing and decide that a horrible fate has been chosen for you. You are the one that is googling the tiniest thing like "ingrown hair" and then end up going down the WebMD spiral where you determine that you're pregnant and have multiple untreatable and extremely rare diseases. Shoot. It's so hard for you to shake these notions off that you have to call your best friend to talk you out of your panic. She will, for example, remind you that you haven't been intimate since your last period so the chances are pretty low that you're pregnant.  She will also point out that those rare diseases only exist in other countries in a specific climate and other circumstances that do not apply to you, at all. She will remind you that you just simply have an ingrown hair. You might feel better in the moment, or at least act like you feel better, but you'll still be freaked out when you go to bed tonight and maybe pray away the horrific diseases just in case. No chill.

5 You're Bad At Keeping Secrets

You're probably as good hearted as can be. But trusting you with a secret is not the smartest idea because if you have no chill, it's going to come out whether you want it to or not. You might get too excited and tell someone, you might feel like you're literally going to explode from the pressure of keeping it all in and tell someone, or you might be tricked into revealing it. Even if you aren't actually saying it people can usually tell based on your face that you're keeping something in and will call you out on it, at which point you'll try to lie to cover and it won't work at all. You have no chill, it's written all over your face. You have a love/hate thing with secrets, because on one hand they can be very exciting and you love to be entertained. On the other hand you often let people down by spilling the beans or you are constantly stressed out that you are about to spill the beans when you're trying your best to keep the secret. It's a lot of pressure for someone with no chill and sometimes you cave into it.

4 You Always Jump To Conclusions

A good sign that you have no chill is that you jump to conclusions. You hear one single detail about something and you think you already know the entire situation, no backstory needed. However, you're often wrong because jumping to conclusions skips over a bunch of steps that usually include some other crucial information. Sometimes you jump to conclusions about thinking that someone was bad mouthing you when they weren't talking about you at all, assuming that a relationship is ending for no reason, thinking that your coworker stole their idea because it was too good. You know those sorts of things. The problem with jumping to those kinds of conclusions is that if you act on the thought you can cause some pretty confusing circumstances to arrive. People don't like to feel attacked, and they don't like to feel accused, and sometimes you do it by accident because it's just where your mind goes for some reason. Instead of taking the time to gather the facts your no chill mind just hops to the end line.

3 Sometimes You Feel Like You Need A Babysitter

When you have no chill, people often tell you to chill out, and since you don't know how to do that, sometimes you feel like an incapable adult that could benefit from having a babysitter around. You actually daydream about this babysitter/personal assistant and how much more productive your life might be if she could force the chill onto you. You might go to bed earlier, spend less money, react less to things that you don't even need to be thinking about, do what you said you were going to do without getting distracted, etc. You think she could keep you on your diet, prevent you from texting people that you shouldn't be texting, and remind you not to sass your boss when she's being annoying. Would be nice. You don't totally understand how other people seem to get through the day so smoothly without making impulsive choices that just make things more complicated because that's okay. It's just because you have no chill.

2 You Experience Every Emotion In A Single Day

You are an emotional rollercoaster all on your own. You don't even need another person to come along and stir the pot, you're totally capable of doing it all in your head. When you have no chill you experience pretty much every emotion in a day. You wake up and bound out of bed with an alarming amount of excited energy, and then you're disgusted by the lack of food you have in the kitchen. You're irritated that you haven't heard back from someone, super stressed out about the amount of work that you have to get, worried that you're going to do it wrong, angry that you inherited your dad's curly hair, and feeling regretful about the fact that you forgot someone's name yesterday. There are many emotions all the time, and that's even before you make it out of the house in the morning. You've heard that some people only cry like once a year which to you is wild. You cried at an inspirational commercial yesterday and when you ran out of gas the day before that.

1 You're Bored

You get bored a lot by things that entertain or preoccupy other people because, well, you have no chill. It drives you insane and it's one of the things that usually leads you to making random decisions. You'd rather have something going on than nothing, even if that something is not the best something. You get so bored that you don't even like going to bed at night because sleeping sounds boring to you. Not that you're necessarily feeling entertained just being there awake either, you might actually be bored. You have a hard time listening in work meetings because you have no chill and pretend you have to go the bathroom so you can go flirt with the guy down the hall instead. You said you needed to stay in tonight and then end up dragging your friends out against their will anyway. You are at odds of becoming bored at any given moment and always doing your best to make sure that it doesn't happen. You clearly have no chill, but hey, at least you have fun.

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