15 Signs You Feel Too Much (And You Need To Get It Together)

If there’s one thing most young people today have in common, it's that they're way too emotional. Seriously, a really great show just ended and everybody’s depressed. A Kardashian just got pregnant and everybody’s excited. You’re kidding us, right? Girl, we get it, it’s a trend to be emotional and be easily affected by, well, everything. But if you could just get those emotions back in, especially when it comes to your personal life, that would be great. It’s cute that you’re crying in your boyfriend’s apartment because you lost your dog. That’s understandable. But if the dog ran away 3 months ago and you’re still crying like it just happened yesterday, woman that is so not cute anymore. Feeling too much and being so emotional that you can’t control it is what’s going to ruin your life and relationship with amazing people. Get your sh*t together, will you? And if you’re not sure you’re feeling too much, here are some signs to help you out.

15 You treat minor issues like a big deal


People who feel too much treat every single incident like it’s life-and-death situation. We’re not saying you overreact all the time, but yeah, you kinda do. Nobody really cares if you lost your job because everybody knows you’ll find a new one before you know it (you’re bada$$ like that, remember?!) And most certainly, nobody cares if the douche left you. He’s a douche. The breakup was painful. You loved the wrong person. What else are you crying about? Are you really just going to spend your life treating small things like big things, and big things like massive, unsolvable problems? Get your act together and show the world what you’re made of. Show that douchebag and show your former boss that they were the ones who lost an amazing person, not the other way around. Stop acting like a child who cries until midnight because of a lost lollipop

14 You’re a worrier and it’s ruining your life


Woman, if you don’t take control of your ridiculous worrying right now, you’ll probably die because of it. We know that sounds harsh, but you tend to worry so much about things that don’t need to be worried about in the first place. And really, that’s just a plain waste of time. You worry about the things and the people around you even when they’re perfectly fine. You are like, always 100 steps ahead and all you see are danger and risks. You feel like everyone around you is at risk of something, is feeling pain due to something, is in need of someone to talk to… woman, you have your own self to worry about. Even if that’s your partner we’re talking about. If he doesn’t want to talk about it, stop worrying and just leave it be. He will talk once he feels like talking about it.

13 You react even when you’re not asked to react


People who feel too much also tend to be over-reactors, if that’s even a legit term. See, women like you love to react on everything and anything going around. You don’t scrutinize the situation first, see if you or a loved one is directly affected by it before you react. And yes, sometimes, reacting about something bad even when not directly affected is okay. This is what social life is all about, after all. You can’t just ask someone to stand by you if you don’t know how to stand by other people. However, your reactions are just way, WAY too much! You think everybody needs you to react and to say something. Girl, that’s not the case most of the time. Chances are, people would appreciate you more if you keep those thoughts and reactions all to yourself, and just express them when (1) you really need to or (2) when you’re asked.

12 You’re a huge perfectionist


Of course, over-sensitive people who feel too much also tend to be perfectionists. Girl, you really need to get those emotions back in and start feeling less. Don’t mold someone into perfection because no matter how hard you try, that’s not going to happen. He is never going to be the perfect boyfriend or the perfect husband. Stop asking for perfect, stop working too hard about it because it is just never going to happen. The thing about folks who feel too much is that they believe in perfections. You have so much love in you, so much emotion in general, and you think all of these are perfect. You think all of them are a sign of perfection. Well woman, you’re wrong. Being a perfectionist and having little to no control over your overflowing emotions are two obvious signs of the polar-opposite of perfection. And really, that’s okay.

11 You could barely think logically


Logical thinking is something next to impossible for people who feel too much. Folks like you, as expected, are people who let their emotions rule their lives. You let your emotions do the talking and thinking and pretty much do everything. Which is why you're like, almost always a mess. There’s nothing wrong with asking your emotions to step in, if that’s what you’re thinking. However, there is something wrong when you’re letting your emotions take over the driver’s seat. Girl, keep in mind that thinking logically is a skill that needs to be honed, and by that, we mean you need years and years of practice. Thus, it’s important to start learning to get those emotions back in and control them (real well) and then learn to think logically, unless you want the rest of your life to be a complete mess.

10 You don’t understand the idea of “the big picture”


Big pictures don’t really exist for people like you. What’s important is what’s happening NOW and what you’re feeling NOW. And while there’s nothing wrong about this, keep in mind that sometimes, we need to feel bad about something because, in the long run, it’ll result in something good. Keep in mind that you are part of a big picture, whether you like it or not, mainly because that’s how life works. Now if you don’t want to play your part in that picture, there’s nothing we can do about that. However, know that people wouldn’t enjoy it much if they see you refusing to play your part while they’re trying their best to live a good life; to deal with today’s troubles wisely because looking at a picture, they know it’s for the good of many. Girl, instead of letting your emotions take control, we suggest you use your big brains and make them work.

9 You have problems trusting others


For people who just feel too much, it’s normal for you to think you cannot trust anyone – not even your closest friends, your partner, or your family. For some unknown reasons, you feel like the only person you can trust is you. You think other people do not and will never understand the way you think and the way you live your life. You think they always have an agenda against you. Girl, we know this world is cruel but it’s not as cruel as that. We understand that while there are some people who always have negative agendas, there are also people who genuinely care about you. Unless you teach yourself to stop being so paranoid, you won’t see this. Keep in mind that this world is so much bigger than we can imagine. We’re sure you’re surrounded by kind people you can trust.

8 You take forever to decide


Deciding is one of the most complicated things to do for every person who feels too much. And if you’re not sure if you’re that kind of person, just observe how long it’ll take you to make a decision over a small thing – that should be enough sign… we’re not saying everyone who takes forever to decide is people who feel too much. Heck! It often takes forever to decide between yogurt or ice cream! But when it comes to adult stuff and life in general, it doesn’t matter if it’s a big thing or a small one. People who feel too much usually take forever to decide mainly because there’s just too much emotions clouding their thinking. They need to entertain all those emotions and scrutinize them well before making any decisions. That’s just plain exhausting, dear reader. If you want to start enjoying life, you should really consider forgetting about those emotions for a while and just decide, and stand by your decision no matter what.

7 You’re obsessed with physical contact


Just because this is all about people who feel too much doesn’t mean there’s no physical contact involved. For people like you, who are also clueless on whether they’re the type who feel too much or not, you tend to be obsessed with physical contact. You’re like touchy-feely but touchy-feely to the highest level. You know no barriers when it comes to physical contact. Your friends may have gotten used to it but sometimes, this is what’s putting other people off. They tend to stay away from you because, aside from the fact that you have loud thoughts all the time, you’re also way too physical and it’s making them uncomfortable. Woman, just take it a little slow, will you? We get it, you need to find ways to express those emotions, but sometimes, you should also find a way to push them back inside.

6 You cry A LOT


Of course! People who feel too much also cry too much! You cry when you’re happy and when you’re sad and when you’re stressed out and also, also when you’re mad and pissed off. Basically, there’s like not a single day in your life where you don’t cry. For most women, this happens only when they’re almost in their red days because, well, hormone festival! But even then, they don’t cry a lot. They just cry over things they usually don’t cry about, and then get mad, and go back to normal, like a vicious circle. For people like you who feel too much, crying is like breathing. You never run out of tears and you’re really good at justifying why you’re crying and why the incident is worth your tears. Stop it, girl. You’re now a grown-up. Learn how to handle your excessive feelings and put them back in before your life turns ugly because of too much crying.

5 You fake confidence


This may come a surprise to some people but yes, people who feel too much also have the huge tendency to fake confidence. See, because your emotions are always overflowing, you find it a challenge to feel them one by one. And by that, we mean really scrutinize them. You end up just faking confidence because you’re not sure if you’re feeling real confidence or you’re actually super scared. That is a little confusing, we get it, but that’s just how life works for folks whose emotions are often all over the place. There’s too much going on that you end up choosing to fake confidence from time to time and deep inside, your emotions are dancing a chaotic dance with one another. Instead of faking confidence, we highly suggest you check in with yourself, take the time to step back and spend a few minutes scrutinizing exactly how you feel. Faking confidence is not really fun.

4 You suffocate everybody around you


Because you’re always around worrying and crying and being touchy-feely, you tend to suffocate people around you. From colleagues to close friends to partners, these people usually end up finding an excuse to hang out with you less and less until one day, they just stop hanging out with you. They just disappear. They just decide to hang out with other people – other friends and other colleagues. Do you think that’s an enjoyable life to live? Obviously not. Stop letting your emotions roam around freely and start taking control of them. Shove them back if you need to. Because letting them roam around is going to ruin your relationship with every amazing person in your life. And the next thing you know, all you have are new friends who won’t stick around for long because they will be gone once they feel suffocated too.

3 You’re afraid to do anything new


Now because you feel too much, you’re often afraid of, well, everything. Okay, almost everything. You’re afraid to try something new. You’re afraid to get outside the box. You’re practically afraid to live an amazing life. You need to get out of your comfort zone. And we’re not saying in order to have amazing life, you absolutely need to get out of the comfort zone and do something you’re scared of, but it does play a huge part. It's how you grow. Doing something you’re not used to or something totally not up your alley is a great way to get to know yourself better. But for people who feel too much, well, you get preoccupied with your brain thinking of a thousand things to make you step back from doing something great. Girl, it’s time to shove those emotions back in, start feeling less and just do it. Believe it or not, even you will be amazed at your own capabilities.

2 You find it a challenge to let go of toxic people


Because you feel too much, you tend to hold on to people, even when they are toxic and just bad for you. You find it a huge challenge to say NO and to let go of those who are already hurting you or taking advantage of you. Girl, keep in mind that while you think you still love them or you still care for them, you also have yourself to love and to care for. We’re not saying it is wrong to love someone and as in, love them too much. But it’s wrong if you choose not to let go even if you know that that person is no good for you. Even if everybody around you – friends and colleagues and family – are telling you to stay away from that person because he’s just hurting you over and over again. We get that you feel too much and you’re probably hoping that if you stick around a lot longer, he will change. But woman, staying and being hopeful isn’t always the right choice to make.

1 You need to have a physical moment after every single date


For people who feel too much, being physical is a very important aspect of their life. Even if that’s just your first date, you feel like you have to have a physical connection right after the date. This is because you easily get attached to the person. One date is enough for you to get super attached; being intimate is like just the icing on top. You feel like you have so much love and care and passion to give and you think other people function just the same as well. Apparently, they don’t. So don’t force it right after the first date. Don’t convince the guy to do it especially if he’s not showing any interest to do it. Girl, you’re so much better than this and you deserve someone who truly loves you. Someone who truly cares for you. You may not realize it, but sleeping with someone you just met isn’t really ideal. You never know, maybe he’s got some dark secrets.

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