15 Signs You Are Ready To Get Married

Only you can really determine if and when you’re ready for the next step, the big step –the final step in your relationship. But be warned, marriage is not the stuff movies are made of –those big-screen romances only work in movie land and are made for big dollar. Marriage is work, really hard work. And many times, you’ll feel like quitting and you might actually quit sometimes. But you’ll get back there if the marriage means anything to you.

Marriage means not quitting, actually. It means making a commitment not just to another human being, but to yourself. After all, anyone can quit, it’s easy. But the sign of someone who wants to be triumphant is in the level of their perseverance. That, girlfriend, is what makes the difference. Keep on keeping on despite the toughest of tough moments. So before you start thinking about glorious wedding plans and dresses and cakes and flowers and honeymoons and television propaganda on the lives of married people, you’d better sit down with yourself and have a chat. This is not for the faint of heart –marriage is for the courageous.

15 You find going out boring

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While you were once the life of the party, any party, you don’t feel the same about going out as you once did. Previously, you didn’t miss a night out for anything, not for anything, girl. And if that wasn’t enough, you were seen at the coolest of the cool spots drinking and dancing with the coolest of the cool –they loved taking your pics, girl, you were all the rage. The scene was your life and you were feeling and looking good, flossing the hell outta some serious fashion. But now you think about how nice it would be to stay in with bae and cuddle up watching Netflix or having a little nookie. The nightlife has lost its appeal. And even though you’re wearing your best outfit, eyebrows on fleek, and they're playing your song and everything, you feel that you’d rather be anywhere else.

14 You find some friendships shallow

Your besties are not looking or feeling like your besties anymore. They talk but you just don’t understand them. Or you understand them, but you are realizing that you’re no longer part of that world anymore. You wonder, what world are they from? What world do you belong to now? And you’re looking at everyone like they are aliens. No one feels like part of you anymore or what you’re about in this phase of your life. You quickly realize that they aren’t a part of you or your life. And that’s OK, friends come and go and each friendship serves its purpose. Something has changed. Did you grow TF up? Did you mature overnight? Who knows. But the truth is, you are probably looking for some deeper meaning in your life and that’s powerful. If your friends only talk about fashion, boys/girls, and things, then it might be time to look for a solid partner.

13 You have stronger feelings

So if you’re currently dating someone and if you just can’t stop thinking about him/her, then you’re most definitely, undoubtedly in love, head over heels, and on cloud nine, all at once. As each day passes, your love for your partner blossoms. While this might not be any major sign, it could indicate that you are moving on a path towards marriage. We understand flings. We enjoy them, actually. But we know when something is not a fling, when it’s not an experiment. Our female instincts tell us this. And even if it’s not marriage, per se, it’s something more serious than the average thing. That feeling tells you that you want, if nothing else, to pair up with someone with whom you can create memories. If you’re not partnered up, but your desire to be in a relationship that grows, you are not ready for marriage, honey. But keep your radars on because you never know when the one will come creeping into your life.

12 You are faithful

The idea of being in a monogamous relationship feels right. And while human beings are not known to be the most honest of partners, both male and female, what this commitment means is that at the very least you’re willing to try. Some of y’all are made for monogamy whereas others not so much. Some of y’all will never settle for monogamy and that’s fine and cool. But either way, if your faithfulness levels sky-rocket or simply start to exist out of nowhere, it sounds like you could be inching towards a partnered life. Wanting to be intimate with only one person is a huge commitment ordained by some religions, so maybe, if anything, you’re having a sexual or spiritual enlightenment. It might not mean you’re definitely ready for marriage, but you’ve thought about it a bit. Give it some more time.

11 You are coveting a special someone

You once loved hanging with your siblings, family dinners, or movie night with friends, but now you feel a little, well, you know, empty inside. Plus, everyone is annoying you like crazy because it’s seems as though everyone is paired up. You becomes hyper-sensitive to all the sounds and habits and conversations and silence and everything that happens between couples. And you’re starting to notice all kinds of relationships around you more often, too. You study them, you pine over them, you tell yourself, that’s what I’m missing, all this other stuff if bogus. At night, you fantasize about having a partner or if you already have one you imagine things getting pretty serious. You look at old couples and hope you’re lucky enough to grow old with someone you love. The longing for another person is a sure sign you’re ready to say goodbye to the single life. You might not be ready for marriage, but you’re tired of being alone.

10 You feel at home

When you’re with your partner things feel right, like super duper right. With this person, you can share anything, literally anything –all the deep, dark, dirty secrets of which you might have a lot. Your confessions, fantasies, fetishes, all the way up to bodily functions, you don’t hold anything back when you’re both together. And guess what? Your partner loves you just the same. Nothing bothers you about him or her either. As time passes, your affections grow and your levels of peace increase. These are excellent indicators not only of a potential marriage, but a good, solid healthy relationship. If you have not already had the tie-the-knot talk, you might want to bring it up. After all, y’all are so much in love, what’s stopping you from taking the next step? What’s stopping you from making a home together?

9 You envision a family

The future seems so certain because you see your partner with you and perhaps a few kids or at least a pet. That’s a major step, well, at least it’s a major fantasy that shows you’re jumping on the marriage ferry. If you start to imagine what your kids will look like, the family vacations, the family dinner table talks, and the rest of the family togetherness dream, then you are probably ready for marriage. If nothing else, you are considering kids and that might have a direct correlation with your biological clock. Having kids is nothing to take lightly, so be sure you know what you’re getting into. And before you continue entertaining such ideas, make sure your partner is into the idea of having kids. Before real life kids, try a pet first. And when you decide you’re ready for kids, consider adoption –the world is full of innocent children who need love. Adoption is a gift for a child who is suffering.

8 You are tired of trying to impress

Being single means competition. This means competing with others for partners. It means having the latest and greatest outfits and shoes, it means make-up on point, it means contouring and hair colors, it means awkward blind and first dates and ultimately, it means so much time and money. And you’re not really competing for a partner, but against all those who could be potential candidates. In the long run, it’s all too much. This is the way snagging a partner has been done for at least a few centuries, so not much is going to change, you either get used to it or get out. But if you feel like you’re tired of the old cat and mouse game, of putting on your best face when you want to show your resting b*tch face then, girl, you are either ready for couplehood or maybe you’re just ready to chill on your own for a while. Either way, figure it out. Pulling yourself from the pool of competitors could just be what the proverbial doctor ordered. You might need a rest from social pressures which makes total sense.

7 You enjoy simple pleasures

You used to be the first one who would be popping bottles and all that. You’d be the first to go to that fancy restaurant that just opened in the neighborhood or hit up that crazy new massage place with the new-age mani-pedis. Those all-inclusive group vacations, the group concert tickets, the group everything –all those were your ideas, yep yours darling. But somewhere along the line you felt ennui at the mere thought of planning such an event. All those extravagant plans have lost their luster. And you’re starting to think about what couples do, you’re even sighing at cute old couples in coffee shops or at bus stops. And if you’re partnered up, you’re probably more satisfied doing the simple things with your boo. Walking in the park –dreamy. Chilling with Netflix –perfect. While it might not be marriage you seek, you’re definitely in the steady couple zone, for sure.

6 You prefer the company of your partner

Doing things alone or with friends and family doesn’t have the same appeal as it once did. It seems that while you love your friends and family to bits and pieces, you just feel better when you’re with your partner. This doesn’t mean you can’t or don’t enjoy spending time with other people who aren’t your partner, but you just prefer being with your partner. And that’s ok. If you haven’t had the chance to bring your partner around to family functions or friend gatherings, but you’re realizing you want him or her there, you are swimming in marriage waters. Or maybe you simply prefer their company to anyone else's. With your partner you feel comfortable. And things that others do around you don’t matter. Actually, you don’t even notice what others are doing because you are so immersed in any moment spent with bae.

5 You feel at peace

Everything feels right. It’s hard to put it into words, really, but when you’re with your partner, you feel so light and bright. You both seem to float along. Birds sing in the morning, owls coo you off to sleep. The stars twinkle more often, rain showers are refreshing, and the moon is the most romantic thing you can think of. When you two are together the universe feels rights. Both of you are beaming lights that are hard to ignore. And maybe others notice. Actually, there’s no doubt they notice, for when true love arrives, it captures the attention of all those nearby. They might be annoyed by how much you’re in love or comment on how connected you both are. For you, that just makes it more certain that you’re ready for something more committed, maybe even marriage. So if that’s what you want, good for you. Here's to you being in love.

4 You have no doubts

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When considering spending the rest of your life with your partner, you don’t have to think long. You are just so certain. You can see yourselves growing old together and the thought of watching your partner age is one made of bliss and peace. Just imagining his or her wrinkled face almost brings you to tears. Your heart is telling you this is your other half, this is you reflected back in another form, another body, another face. It’s all so magical, really. And so much of love is hard to explain. Like when you’re so sure it hurts. So if that’s what’s happening to you, marriage could be the next step. But at the very least, you’ve found your twin flame or soul mate, maybe even from another life. This is just one of the many lives you’ve spent together and one of the many you may share together in the future.

3 You feel whole

While we should feel whole when we’re apart from our partners, we can also, and strangely enough, feel even more whole when we’re with our partners. This probably means you share similar life paths or missions, have tons of things in common, or feel high vibrations when with your partner. If this is happening to you, you are one of the very few –you are blessed. Your partner brings more wholeness to your life and that’s a beautiful thing. And if this is what you’re feeling, then it seems inevitable that marriage or at least an honest lifetime commitment is what’s in order. Many relationships that work on these high vibrating levels don’t need a piece of paper to prove their love, but some might like the security and support that a marriage license provides the couple as a whole.

2 You see things differently

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Life feels complete with your partner, but also completely different. Being away apart is OK, you can actually manage it because you’re mature, but you wouldn’t want to be with another. When you two are together the world becomes a new and exciting place, full of possibilities, full of love, full of positive energies. And it’s something that you both couldn’t possibly explain to others. Or you could, but you might get some odd looks. When you’re together, the world seems to be made of different colors altogether and it dulls down when you’re apart. As a couple, you feel called to be better people, to help people, to be givers. That’s powerful stuff and it could indicate that your frequencies are so strong when put together that you might have the potential to make some serious impacts on your lives and the lives of others. Go ahead and take the plunge.

1 You just know

As women, we have instincts. And we can apply those instincts to ourselves, family, children, pets, and even partners. We get these feelings in our bones, they course through our veins, they do something to our hearts. It’s the sixth sense, the real sixth sense –female intuition. That being said, if we are complete and doing proper self-care, when we meet our partner we will just know. It will be a little voice that says, yes, him or yes, her. You cannot deny the heart what it wants, especially if what the heart wants is a fulfilling, positive life with a particular partner. Don’t deny life and don’t let others second-guess your instincts. We have been given the gift of life and with that comes great responsibility and power, even the power to know things we can’t explain with words. If your body, mind, and spirit are all in agreement, then marriage seems to be the only response you can give the world.

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