15 Signs You Are One Strong Woman (And You Have No Idea)

How many times have you doubted your strength? Or thought that you’re not good enough or strong enough or capable enough? I’m pretty sure it has crossed your mind at least a couple of times already. We all have those moments when we think we’re not strong enough to do something and honestly, there’s no need to be ashamed of it. We all experience this insecurity and worry at one point or another. And then there’s the fact that we all have some form of hidden strength. Sometimes, we live in fear for so long that we think it’s normal. Sometimes we think we’re meant to sit on the bench and watch the game of life go on without us. But beyond the cowardice is a strength we have yet to notice. Maybe we just need a reminder or a good friend to tell us about it. Here are 15 signs that you are super strong (and you have literally no idea).

15 You Can Be Happy On Your Own

If you can be happy on your own, then chances are that you are a strong woman. Do you know a person who cannot survive a single day being alone? As in, can’t eat on her own in public, can’t shop for clothes on her own, and can’t jog on her own? There are tons of people out there who think this is normal but really, it’s a small sign that is often unnoticed. If you can be happy on your own and do these things all by yourself, then you're definitely a strong woman. I’m not saying if you can’t eat at a restaurant on your own then that automatically means that you’re not strong. What I’m saying is this is a sign that most people miss. Maybe you think that you can't ever be happy without a relationship or even just hanging out at home alone, but the truth is that people can change. If you allow yourself to change, that's when the growth comes in.

14 You Welcome Criticism

Do you know how hard it is for most people to accept feedback and criticism? Most people think that all criticism is bad and that all feedback is meant to take them down. They think feedback is all about pointless, negative comments that are meant to hurt their feelings, so they build walls to protect themselves. Strong people do not care about negative comments. Sure, they listen to and even value the comments, but they also know how to pick which comments make sense and which comments are just plain old destructive. You probably have this characteristic. Maybe you never noticed but let me point it out to you. The more you welcome criticisms and feedback, the more you teach yourself which feedback and comments really do matter, the stronger you become. Maybe secretly, but in time, this strength will find its way out. And this makes you the strong woman you are today!

13 You Are Always Present

Strong women have the ability to be present all the time. As in, every single time. If you think this is normal (probably because you know lots of people who can stay present easily), well, the truth is that it’s not. There are tons of people out there who find it super difficult to stay present. But if you can always live in the moment and enjoy yourself no matter what is going on in your life, then you are officially one strong woman. You just haven’t noticed it yet. Sometimes, there are crappy moments in life where all we want to do is disappear. Moments where everything is just too confusing or stressful that we have no clue how to be present. But for a strong woman like you, you somehow find a way to still be present. Or maybe, you’re never confused about it in the first place. Maybe being present is typical and automatic for you, like breathing. Which is probably why you don’t even notice it.

12 You’re Compassionate

If all men think that all women are compassionate, then they’re definitely wrong. Paging all men, we are not all compassionate. In fact, only a few women find it easy to be compassionate all the time. Are you shocked? Why? Do you think it’s easy to be compassionate 24/7? Do you think that's innate in all women? Just because a woman sounds calm and polite and caring doesn’t mean she can be calm and polite and caring all the time. It takes lots of practice to keep the compassion in you flowing. And that’s exactly what happens in the mind and body and soul of the few compassionate and strong women. They took the leap and spent many months (maybe even years) practicing and perfecting compassion. Because they know that it plays an important role in life. If everyone was angry all the time, well, the world would be a pretty awful place.

11 You’re Not A Yeller

Speaking of anger, well, yelling is a huge thing for angry people. I know a lot of people who are obsessed with yelling. Okay, maybe it was just a bad day for them or maybe they are naturally short-tempered, but you get the point. Most of us find it easier to yell and go wild and be mad than to stay calm, keep our senses close to us, and breathe. It takes courage to do that, dear. And to do it all the time. So to the strong women out there who find it easier to not yell all the time, congratulations. You got it. I’m not saying those who are yellers are not compassionate, I’m just saying that being a non-yeller is a huge plus. It allows the universe to have less negative vibes and the people living in it, to have more love and care to spread around. Clearly, it takes a strong woman to bring balance to the room.

10 You Own Your Opinions

Yes, yes, and yes. Don’t you think it’s so admirable to see people who are not afraid to express their feelings. These people don't mind speaking out loud and they know that the world may disagree with what they think, but they say their opinions anyway. These people are super awesome and they are definitely idolized by so many younger kids and teenagers. Who wouldn't want to idolize someone who isn't afraid to speak their mind? Not everyone is strong enough to do this, of course, so hats off to the strong women who can do this and do it in style. Maybe you're one of them. Hats off to you, too. You can maybe teach you family, friends, and any kids that you know how important it is to express your opinions and how important it is to know when to share your thoughts and when to shut up.

9 You Find It Easy To Follow Your Instincts

You know that little voice in our hearts? You know that weird feeling we get in our stomachs? You know that unexplainable speedy heartbeat that always races in certain situations? All those boil down to one thing: instinct. We all have it in us. The only difference is that not all of us are good at listening to our body. Not all of us can easily pick up the message that our minds and hearts are trying to send us. But strong women like you find it easy to connect with their inner self and have a deep conversation. And in case you’re confused, this inner self is the one that tells you all about your instincts. It’s the one that helps you sort out things and clarify things. And for strong women, connecting with their inner selves is one of the easiest things to do. Which means following their instincts and trusting their minds and bodies come easier too.

8 You're Not Afraid To Ask

If you’re not afraid to ask (about anything), that automatically makes you a strong woman. Believe it or not, it may seem like a typical thing for you but for many, asking can be a very daunting thing. Even if it means asking a family member or a close friend for something like a favor or some advice or help. They find it super difficult. Maybe because they want to portray an image where they know everything and so they think that they seem weak if they admit that they need help or don't know something. Or maybe they just don’t have it in them. You know what -- that tiny gremlin who pushes us to do things that scare us repeatedly until it doesn’t scare us anymore. And in your case, and the case of the many strong women out there, I'm guessing that you play with that gremlin. There’s really nothing wrong with asking because there's literally no one out there who knows absolutely everything.

7 You Lean On Others (Eventually)

Well, it's not necessarily that you don't lean on anyone else at all. You just don't do this all the time. We all need someone to lean on whether we like it or not and there are always moments in life where we have no choice but to lean on someone else because all of a sudden, life feels super hard and heavy and dark. Strong women feel differently. If you're a strong woman, then you lean on someone a bit later than people expect you to, but you still do. For you, asking for help and advice and needing support is super rare. You know that you can deal with whatever kind of storm is out there and that your spine is strong enough. You can definitely carry the weight of whatever is going on. So if you think that asking for help is crazy and makes you weak, then it's time to think again because sometimes, you just have to.

6 You're A Lover Not A Fighter

For the record, it’s not easy to be a fountain of love. It’s not easy to always be that person in the room who everyone comes to when their life is full of negativity. Because they know you are nothing but an ocean of positive feelings and love and care. It can be tiring, you know. Especially if you’ve been wearing the crown of love for so long. But if you’re a strong woman and you just don’t notice it, being a fountain of love is a piece of cake. Because it comes naturally for you. There’s really no such thing as exerting too much effort. You are overflowing with love and everybody knows it. What they don’t know is that this is a sign of strength. Because even when a person has terrible attitude, you still find a reason or two on why this person is worthy of love. And you love him. You care for him. You unleash your strength.

5 You're Not A People Pleaser

You're not a people pleaser and you're not scared to admit it. It's more like, "so what if I don't please everyone?" You're right. So what? Not everyone thinks this way, though. Most people live to please others and do things that they think will make their friends, family members, and partners happy. They make changes that they think will make others happy and they're making themselves totally depressed and miserable in the process. They basically live according to the happiness and expectations of others. Isn't that an awful way to live? Just imagine the stress that you would have to deal with. Sometimes, you're not going to please someone, and sometimes, you're going to do something but it's not going to make them as happy as you thought that it would. But strong women don't give a crap about others and what they think. You don't need to please someone else to be happy. You want to make yourself happy.

4 You Can Forgive Yourself

Ever wonder how people can forgive themselves? Let's admit it, we all do crazy things. And sometimes things get out of hand and they become crazier and the next thing we know, everybody’s staring at us like we just did something totally crazy. So we go home and cry ourselves to sleep, thinking about how stupid we are. Don’t worry, girl. It’s not just you. The only difference is that some people find it easier to forgive themselves than others. If you can easily brush off the wrong choices you made, move on, and accept the fact that humans all make crazy choices, that’s a sign that you are a strong woman. So the next time this happens, smile big. Because not everyone can let go of the silly decisions that they make and the mistakes that they make. You should be super proud of yourself because you are absolutely awesome.

3 You Have High Standards

Strong women are not afraid or ashamed to admit they have higher standards than most people. They don’t have a problem saying no to what most people would say yes to because it passed their standards. The thing about life is that we often find it easier to settle for the ordinary. We find it easier to say yes to things that we’re only 80% happy about. But if you’re the kind of woman who always chases that hundred percent, or who always pushes people higher because you know they can do it, you are a strong woman, my dear. When everybody else things this level is okay, you don't. You go ten steps higher and ten steps forward. Because you know that this thing, whatever it is, can still be better. And there’s nothing that can stop you from showing the world that you have super high standards for yourself and for other people.

2 You Can Say No

I’m pretty sure you realize by now that saying no is one of the most difficult things to do, right? We all have that experience where saying no sounds like the right thing to do but we just can’t bring ourselves to do it. Saying yes is always the easier option and so we ask it. Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with this. Life is all about experiences anyway. The difference about strong women is that they’re willing to go for it and say no. Not because they don’t really care about whatever it is, but because they know saying no would have a more positive effect in the future. Most people think saying no is for the weak. But really, it’s not. Saying no is just a proof that you have the guts to choose the thing most people won’t. And you’re not afraid to be on the different route. Because at the end of the day, it’s your life anyway. And you know that saying no is a route that is always more fun, let's be honest.

1 You Can Call People On Their B.S.

Because if you don't do this, who would? If you’re not going to tell this person that she has a terrible attitude, who else would? Everybody seems to be too ashamed to call out someone. But why would you be ashamed of telling your friend that she's being a real drag lately? Strong people don’t mind being seen as the bad guy in the room if it means letting someone else know that their attitude is negatively affecting others. Maybe you’ve been doing this all your life, you just don’t notice it. Well, here it is. We’re telling you this is a sign you are strong. In case you have no idea about it. The thing about calling other people out and telling them they’re complete BS is that we’re afraid this person will see us as evil. Strong women like you don’t think this way. They focus on how they can tweak that person’s attitude and make her realize things.

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