15 Signs The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Will Be Better Than You Think

In the fall of 2000, a show featuring a mother/daughter duo who talked crazy fast, drank an even more insane amount of coffee and ate more junk food than you normally would in a year burst onto the TV scene. They lived in a charming and adorable small town that you wished you called home, they dealt with colorful characters on a regular basis, and they dealt with love, heartbreak, work, school, dreams... and people who didn't quite get their sense of humor. Like most TV shows that become super popular and pretty much grow in popularity every single day, there's going to be a revival of Gilmore Girls, all thanks to our beloved friend Netflix. If you're a  fan, you're probably totally psyched... but then again, you might not be so excited after all. You might wonder if Netflix is going to totally ruin the show that you know and love, and that some things are better left alone and in the past. But you're wrong. Here are 15 signs the Gilmore Girls revival will be better than you think.

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15 Everyone's Coming Back

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Like literally everyone. There isn't a single character that you adore that isn't going to be in the revival. Yes, even Sookie is coming back! There was some super weird stuff going on there for a little while where it seemed like Melissa McCarthy wasn't even asked if she wanted to be part of the new version. In what universe would that be true?! But she swore it was the honest truth, and then some story about schedule conflicts (since, you know, she's a big movie star now and all) surfaced. Thankfully, now she's 100 percent going to appear in the Netflix revival. So the fact that all the people you love are coming back means it's going to be so, so good. You can pretty much pretend that it never, ever went off the air. Because a world without Gilmore Girls is a pretty sad one.

14 You Get To See Jess Again

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Let's just be real here for a second: you love Jess. More than Dean. More than Logan. More than some mythical guy that Rory could have been dating all these years since the series finale aired. But you probably agree that Rory is 100 percent single, as some of the rumors have been arguing. So how could the revival possibly be anything short of amazing if Jess is going to be on it? Exactly. There's no way you and all your best friends won't go nuts seeing this glorious guy again. He's just such an awesome character and he definitely needs to be with Rory again this time around. After all, they're a match made in literal heaven since they pretty much bonded (and flirted) over novels.

13 You'll Learn About Michel

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Last time around, all you knew about Michel was that he had an adorable dog that he was very attached to, he spoke in a charming French accent, he got mad (all the time), and he watched his figure. But now, you're going to learn so much more. People are saying that the revival will feature his entire backstory and tons of information. It's pretty cool that you're finally going to know what led him to the Inn and why he is the way that he is. It's pretty rare that a revival or new version of a beloved show would take a beloved side character and give him the chance to really shine, so this is just another reason that you're really going to dig the new episodes. What's not to love about that?

12 Rory's A Teacher Now

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Okay, maybe. Spoilers and all kinds of rumors are running pretty rampant all over the Internet, and it's impossible to know what's true and what's false. Sometimes the rumors must be wishful thinking on the part of the fans (like when people speculated that because Jess is in the Netflix image, that means he and Rory are totally getting back together). But some photos that have circulated show Rory in a classroom, with a blackboard... which pretty much usually means teaching. The idea of Rory as a teacher now is either boring or amazing to you, depending. But it seems like a pretty legit career for our girl Rory, who's always been a total bookworm, obsessed with school, and pretty much always into learning as much as she possibly could. You want your teacher to adore learning, right? That's kind of the number one thing.

11 You're Going To Get Emotional

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Okay, so you're probably thinking, how is this a good thing? Well, it totally is, because there's nothing more beautiful than getting super emotional over one of your favorite TV shows. It's a pretty magical thing, and you have Netflix to thank for this new experience. You get to do the ultimate in pop culture nostalgia: revisit your favorite characters and place, and watch them grow and learn and laugh and cry and love all over again. This doesn't happen very often so you really do need to let it all sink in and really enjoy it. But we don't think you're going to take the revival for granted since every single fan is pretty much counting down the days (even though there's no official release date yet). So get excited to get emotional, because if you really let yourself feel how amazing the revival is, you're going to enjoy the episodes so much more.

10 There's More Lorelai

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Okay, isn't Lorelai Gilmore your most favorite character in the entire world? There's no way that she can't be because she's pretty fabulous. She's hilarious, of course, and she talks fast, but she's so much more than that. She's vulnerable, emotional and honest when she needs to be, and you get the sense that she would not only make an awesome BFF that you could grab coffee or meet for wine with, but she would really be there for you when it counts. Since you're going to get a lot more Lorelai in the four new 90 minute Netflix episodes, there's no way you're going to hate the revival. You have zero choice but to absolutely adore it because you get to see what Lorelai is up to... and you get to hear even more witty one-liners and jokes.

9 Your Questions Will Be Answered

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This is not 100 percent of course because there is literally no way to know this... but we are pretty sure that you will get what you want out of the new episodes. The creators and cast know what you're thinking, after all. They know you're wondering who Rory will end up with if Lorelai is still the owner of that wonderful inn, what Luke is up to, what Jess and Dean and Logan are doing now, and what the creative, crazy townspeople are up to. You have questions and the revival will probably have answers because that's how these things go. There's no reason to even do a revival without giving the fans what they want... or there's going to be major backlash (and we mean major). So if you're worried that you're going to wonder forever about Rory's love life and career, don't worry any longer. You will definitely learn what happens.

8 You Love It Even More Now

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Depending on how old you are now, of course, you might have been in your early teens or mid-teens when Gilmore Girls first aired. You loved the show and maybe watched it with your sister, your own mom, or your friends. You tuned into the WB (remember the WB?!) once a week for new episodes... back before Netflix, PVRs or streaming services. That sounds super old-school now (and it was). You were a fan, but maybe you were more of a casual fan because it didn't achieve total and utter cult status until a few years ago. But now that the entire series has been streaming on Netflix for a while now, people (including you, probably!) are pretty bonkers for it. So now that you love it so, so much, you will, of course, enjoy the revival that much more. Sounds like pretty simple math to us.

7 Emily's A Widow Now

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SOB. DOUBLE SOB. We can't even handle the idea that Richard and Emily aren't both going to be on the revival, and it breaks our heart that Richard has passed away. But even though it's going to be so, so sad to see Emily as a widow, we also think this is why the new episodes are going to seriously rock. You will agree too if you think of it this way: Emily's always been a super strong person. She may technically be a housewife (if a housewife can have that many people working around the house...) and she's definitely some form of socialite. But she's got a pretty awesome way of getting what she wants and making sure that she's always being taken care of. She's never been a victim or a doormat, and we think that she's going to be able to come to terms with her new solo life in a beautiful and real way.

6 You'll See How Things Are Different

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Sure, you want to see Stars Hollow in all its adorable glory and charm, and you want Luke's Diner to still be there. You want Lorelai and Rory to still drink vats of coffee on a daily basis and inhale more junk food than anyone else. But the thing about the revival is that it's going to take place in real time, so since it's been 8 years since the series finale tried, that's how long it's been since we last saw our crazy fast-talking caffeine and pop culture addicts. Since a lot of things have changed in our own world -- we have iPhones, Netflix, we're obsessed with green juices and smoothies -- we think that things will be a bit different in the world of Gilmore Girls, too. Maybe we'll even see Lorelai drinking a kale smoothie and binge-watching Netflix. Anything is possible, right?!

5 It's A Coming-of-Age Story

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The thing with Gilmore Girls is the entire thing is a coming-of-age story, and that's what makes the storytelling so beautifully and well-crafted. Rory is obviously growing up and coming into her own. In the pilot, she's sixteen and about to leave her comfy public school for Chilton, the Big Bad Private School a few towns away. Lorelai has to face up to her parents who she hasn't spoken to in, oh, about forever, to get them to loan money for Rory's school... and she has to attend Friday night dinners as part of the whole deal. Rory and Lorelai both have to grow up and get used to their new worlds, as Rory navigates a scary school and grows a backbone, and Lorelai follows her dream of opening up her very own inn. Now that the show's getting a revival, that coming-of-age theme is obviously going to continue, and it's going to even feature Emily since she's now learning to live without her own true love and soulmate.

4 The Cast Is Psyched

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Lauren Graham, of course, is pretty much the face of the show (we love Rory too but we really, really adore Lorelai... just the way that it goes!) so it makes sense that the actress has been interviewed the most about the revival. Lauren is absolutely excited about the new episodes and has said in interviews that she's so glad to have a second chance to be on the show. She pretty much compared it to when you go to college or something -- you have a great experience, of course, but you don't really get how much you should appreciate it until it's too late. Isn't that always the way?! She is so wise, no wonder we love her (and her famous character) so much. So since the cast is so happy to be back on the show, you should be just as happy. Happy cast = good revival. Just some more Math right there for you.

3 Netflix Doesn't Let You Down

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Let's consider a super important question: has Netflix ever let you down? Never, right? That's pretty much the craziest question that you could possibly ask. Netflix has given you so much, you pretty much are married to the thing by now. Netflix gives you access to old faves like Buffy The Vampire Slayer and, of courseevery single episode of Friends. They give you amazing new, unique and groundbreaking shows like Orange Is The New Black and House Of Cards. So when you think of it like that, how could the new episodes possibly be anything short of absolutely insanely good? You won't believe how good it is, and we can say that with total and utter confidence. We believe in the power and beauty of Netflix and we think that you should, too.

2 There Might Be Even More

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Lauren Graham has said that there might be even more episodes in the future, which is so exciting to us that we can't even deal. We honestly can't take in that kind of amazing information. So you can watch the revival in total calm and happiness, knowing that there might be even more chances to see your favorite people in action. So you're going to enjoy the episodes that much more because when you finish them, you won't have to be in total and complete mourning -- you can rest easy knowing there's a good chance of seeing Lorelai and Rory and everyone else once again. And maybe it won't take 8 years next time. Actually, we're pretty sure it won't because they want to capitalize on all the hype, right? After all, news broke of a second season of Fuller House pretty much at the exact same time as the first season was released on Netflix.

1 There's Going To Be A Lorelai/Luke Wedding

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Okay, so, of course, this isn't exactly known yet, and you won't know this until you finally get your butt on your couch and feast your eyes on the glorious new episodes. If Netflix releases them on a Thursday at midnight like they usually do, you just know that you have to call your boss and apologize profusely, but you're going to need to take a sick/personal day. Only you're going to call it a Gilmore Girls Day. The thing is that your boss will probably be super jealous and want to do the same thing, so we think they'll actually understand. We're only half kidding. We are pretty sure that Luke and Lorelai are finally going to the tie the knot and that we're going to get to see it in the revival. Because we want what we want and we think Netflix wants to make us happy.

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