15 Warning Signs Your Doctor Doesn't Care Anymore

When a woman is expecting, there are not many people she will see more than her doctor. Whether that be her nurse or her midwife, she will see them the most. They are the ones that are responsible for the health and wellbeing of the mom-to-be and her precious baby.

That is why it is important that a woman has a good relationship with her doctor. It is important that she feels like she can go to them with any questions or concerns she may have and feel safe and not judged. There are situations though, where mom-to-be can feel like her doctor genuinely just doesn’t care about her or her baby.

This would be the time when it would be appropriate to start doing some doctor shopping. It may be time to start looking for a new doctor if they are exhibiting any of the following 15 signs that they just don’t care.

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15 Being Constantly Interrupted


Can mom get a sentence through before a doctor starts talking? If the answer is no, the doctor likely doesn’t care. A good doctor listens attentively and lets his patient finish their thought before intervening.

There is no way a doctor can provide an appropriate amount of care if they don’t listen to everything that their patient has to say.

14 They Have A Checklist Of Questions (Without Seeming To Care About What They're Asking)


A good doctor who cares about their patients has great communication skills. They are able to make the appointment flow and make it seem like a conversation rather than an official appointment.

If the doctor approaches you like they are just checking boxes on a checklist, chances are they are just going through the motions and don’t really care about you.

13 Distracted By Their Phone


Technology and devices have taken over our world, and even doctors are not immune to the lure of their phone. A professional doctor leaves their personal phone in their office while they are with patients.

If they have a pager or have to have their phone for emergency calls, they should not be looking at it in the middle of your appointment.

12 What's The Rush?


Doctors are busy people, and OB-GYN’s are even more so. There are a lot of pregnant women out there who need the attention of their doctor.

However, the doctor should not be rushing their patients in and out of the office. If the doctor is rushing you, then chances are you are just a number to them, and they can’t provide the proper care if they don’t give you the appropriate amount of time.

11 Always Fidgeting


Body language is important in any profession, it is part of communication and it can turn people off. It is important to pay attention to your doctor’s body language.

If the doctor is always fidgeting and seems to want to be anywhere but where they are, then they likely do not care very much.

10 Everything Is Dismissed


How does your doctor act when you come to him with a concern? Do they seem like they're interested, or do they just blow it off like it is no big deal? A doctor who does not care may be dismissive of the concerns you have.

They may be doing this because it really is nothing to worry about, but that will be up to you to decide on how comfortable you feel.

9 Never Answers The Phone When You Need Them Most


It can be hard to get a hold of your OB-GYN or midwife, and getting them on the phone can be difficult. However, it should not be impossible.

There should be some way to get a hold of your doctor if you need to, an emergency line or something. If you can never get a hold of someone when you think there is an emergency, then they may not care too much.

8 Barely Listens


One of the biggest parts about being a doctor is listening to your patients' concerns. If you don’t listen properly, then there is no way that you can provide proper care.

Does your doctor act like they are actively listening to you? Are they maintaining eye contact, and appear to have all their attention on you? If they are, then that likely means that they do care about you.

7 The Big Sigh


Nothing is worse than when you are talking to someone and they let out a big sigh in the middle of your conversation. It is ten times worse when a doctor does it.

This often tells people that they are exhausted with you, and it can make you feel like you are being a pain in the rear. This is one way to make sure a patient feels like they are being silly, and their concerns are not valid.

6 It Just Doesn't Feel Right


If something doesn’t feel right, it probably is not. This goes a long way with your doctor. If the office environment—or your doctor personally just seems off—it probably is.

If you are at the appointment and everything just seems to be a bit unusual, or maybe how things shouldn’t be done, it may be time to find a new doctor.

5 The Staff Can Say A Lot


Sometimes we need to look at the whole picture before deciding if our doctor doesn’t care. It is a good idea to pay attention to the staff at the office.

The receptionists—as well as any nurses that are there—can say a lot about the doctor working. If they are treated well, chances are the doctor is a genuinely nice person and cares about other people.

4 How Messy Is The Office?


While you are looking at the staff, take a quick look around the office. How clean is it? Does it look like it is well maintained and taken care of?

If it is, then you probably have a doctor who cares. If the doctor cares about how his workspace looks than he probably cares about his patients.

3 Just Trust The Gut


This one goes along with if something doesn’t feel right. It is important that you trust your gut, which a lot of people ignore.

We often second guess our gut and just say we are being silly or overthinking things. Our gut feelings can tell us a lot, so pay attention and if something seems off, take your care somewhere else.

2 How Long Are You Waiting?


We know that doctors are busy, we discussed it before, but there is a time when it is too much. A lot of women find themselves waiting a long time to see the doctor.

If this happens all the time, then chances are the doctor does not care for your time. They are not thinking about the life you live, and other obligations you may have.

1 How Up-To-Date Is Your Doctor?


We always seem to think that the older the doctor is, the more experienced they are and the better they must be. This may be true, but we have to be careful.

It is important to make sure that your doctor has up-to-date training. By making sure they are up-to-date with their training, it will show that they do care about their patient’s health.

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