15 Signs That You're In A Full Blown Relationship And Didn't Know It

Gone are the days when men asked women to be their girlfriends. In today’s times you start dating, then kissing, then sleeping together and then you wonder “what are we?”. Yes, it can get very confusing in the dating department, not knowing if you’re just “friends with benefits” or if you’re actually an item.

Sometimes you simply don’t have the trust to ask him what exactly it is that you’re doing, and chances are that he finds himself in the same situation as you are. No man’s land, where unspoken words leave a big space for doubt.

If you find yourself in this situation then you better keep on reading so that you know exactly where you are in the relationship.

15 He Calls You For More Than a Booty Call

It’s not just sex. Yes, he calls you to see if you’re in the mood, but he also calls to see how your day went and he texts you constantly about other subjects besides sex. This means the relationship is going somewhere and he’s not using you just to get laid.

Sex is important in any relationship, which is why it is no surprise that many times women get stuck in the “only sex” area of a “relationship”.

There are no feelings involved from his part, no interest in your life and he’s pretty much just fixated on your body. This is not good, unless it's what you want as well.

If he on the other hand shows interest in your life, your mind and your emotions then you’re on the right track.

14 You Hang Out Outside The Bedroom

This one is pretty similar to the previous one, but is actually different. Because if you’re hanging out; going to dinner, the movies, parties and whatever it is that you do, then it means he likes hanging out with you and spending time with you.

This is something that people in a relationship do! They hang out in the bedroom but also outside the bedroom, it's a balance of sex life and social life. People who are just into someone for the sex or for having a good time are not into going out with that person. They limit themselves to meeting the other person for sex and that’s it. They’re not interested in investing the time to hang out with that person.

So rest in peace knowing that you both are doing more than just pleasuring your bodies.

13 He Has Introduced You To His Friends

It doesn’t matter where it was, running into them on the street or taking you to a party, the important part is that his friends know you exist and know your name.

This is a big step for men; they don’t just take anyone to meet their friends. When they’re actually going steady with someone it's an important thing to them to let their friends meet that someone, because it means that he wants them to get to know you.

If you were just “having fun” then there really wouldn’t be a purpose for them to meet you. Because chances are that they will judge you because they want their boy to be dating the best, so once you meet them you become a part of his life and a part of their life. A man doesn’t care about a fling meeting his friends because they think of such a woman as unimportant and not worthy of the judgment of their friends.

This is one of the very few times when it actually feels good to be judged, because it means you’re important.

12 He Tries To Involve You In His Life

O.K. so maybe he’s not talking about a future together with you. It’s too early for that, you’ve just recently started dating so things are too fresh right now. But don’t worry; this is not a bad sign as long as he’s finding small ways to involve you in his life.

He can maybe ask for your opinion regarding his job, his friends, his family or the supermarket where he goes to. It doesn’t matter what it is, what matters is that he’s taking your opinion into account.

This means he actually values your opinion and cares about making you feel involved in his life. At the start of a relationship small things like this are a lot more important than many people realize, because being involved in each other's lives not only helps us get to know our partners intimately but also lets us figure out what direction in life they are headed (and therefore where the relationship is going). Believe it or not, it's very likely that he feels as uncertain about your relationship as you do in the beginning, so this is good for you both.

11 He Posts Pictures Of You Both On Social Media

He hasn’t changed his status from “single” to “in a relationship” on Facebook. But maybe this is simply because he’s not the type of guy that does that type of thing. Nevertheless, when you two hang out together he takes pictures of you both and you later see the photos splattered all over his Instagram and Facebook accounts. This is BIG and a huge step in the relationship department.

He simply wouldn’t be posting photos of a girl he doesn’t care about. The way that we present ourselves to the world through our social media says a lot about a person, so just look around and see if he does this with other female “friends”. If he doesn’t then this means that you two are going steady and that he feels proud to show you off to his world.

10 He Holds Your Hand

He hasn’t said the word “girlfriend” but he holds your hand when you’re walking, he kisses your neck sporadically and he makes tender gestures to show that he cares about you. If he’s making these gestures to show you that he cares about you, then it is because he actually cares about you!

Sometimes the label “girlfriend” is used too lightly in today's times, but other things show more appreciation and seriousness than a simple word. So don’t sweat too much if he doesn’t refer to you as his girlfriend yet. This is a good start; the label will come later when you both are more settled. These kinds of gestures are only for the women that he’s actually interested in, holding someone’s hand can say a lot more than a simple word.

9 He Asks You Questions About Yourself

He’s interested in getting to know you better and so he asks you questions about yourself. Your likes, dislikes, opinions and other things. You notice that he has an interest in you, your life and your mindset. This is a crucial part of getting to know someone. It is by asking questions; direct questions that we get to know someone on a deeper level. Of course his actions and attitude say a lot about him and actions do speak louder than words. But there are many things that you can only find out by asking questions.

This is his way of letting you know that he’s interested in you and your personality. This is a clear sign that he looks at you as something more than a fling. No man cares about getting to know a fling on a deeper level, they like keeping things superficial with someone that they don’t care about.

8 He Sends You Jokes and Other Funny Texts

He cares about making you smile even when you are not together. This is a great sign that he likes you and is interested in making you happy. Jokes and funny things are a great way of keeping others interested in us as well, so it's a good strategy of his to make you happy and to keep you interested in him.

Laugh at his jokes and if you find other funny jokes then send them his way. He’ll appreciate it as well, because come on! Who doesn’t like to laugh, right?

When two people start going steady they begin to lose that self-reservation that characterizes the awkward stage of meeting someone. This is actually a sign that things are getting more personal, because he trusts you enough to send you things that will make you laugh.

7 He Takes You To Important Gatherings

It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t refer to you as his girlfriend. He still asks you to go with him to important gatherings with his friends or people from the office. He introduces you by your name but he holds your hand or you waist in public. This is a clear sign that you are going steady. It doesn’t matter if he refers to you as such, his actions are speaking louder than his words and he’s being very clear about it by showing you off to his world. Maybe if you’re lucky he’ll take you to family gatherings, but that usually takes more time, so don’t freak out.

Take it slow, don’t pressure him by asking him what exactly you guys are, sometimes a name is just a name, actions are way more important. If he’s showing his affection in public and in front of people who are important to him then it's a good bet you are his girlfriend, even if you don’t carry the name.

6 He Takes Care of Your Needs

If you get sick, he comes over and brings you chicken soup. If you need a ride somewhere, he’s there to take you anywhere and everywhere. You need a light bulb changed and he’s there. You had a horrible day at work and need to vent? He’s all ears. It doesn’t matter what it is that you need he always seems to be there to help you out. He cares about taking care of your needs regardless of what those are. He’s a shoulder to cry on, has ears to listen and arms to hold you in your weakest times. This is one of the most important traits a man can have, not only boyfriend material but actual marriage material. This is the time when you can smile and feel lucky to have found yourself such a special boy.

5 You Tell Each Other Everything

You don’t know why but you’ve developed a lot of trust with him, you feel like you can tell him anything and he feels the same way because he sees you as a person he can count on to talk about his day, his worries or whatever it is that’s on his mind. Couples do this, so if you’re both doing it then that’s a clear sign that you’re a couple. He trusts you to open his heart and mind to you and you must know how you don’t just do that with anyone, so take this as a pretty clear sign that you’re not just going steady, but you’re also forging a beautiful friendship, which is essential in any healthy relationship. It is a wonderful thing when you can date your best friend.

4 You Feel Comfortable With Him

You’ve left the embarrassment behind; you no longer care about looking flawless and perfect. You feel comfortable enough to let him see you without makeup or wearing your pajamas, and he seems to adore you no matter what you wear or what you look like. You can tell that he likes you for who you are and even if you’re smoking hot he sees more than just your looks. You feel like you can be yourself with him and feel completely at peace, like you’re two pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectly together.

From his side you can sense that he also feels comfortable with you, he doesn’t seem nervous anymore (as he did at the start) and even if he seems different than he did at the start he seems more real now, because he’s left behind the persona that we all have when we barely know someone. He’s real with you and you're real with him.

3 There’s More To Your Bedroom Sessions

Yes, you love your sex life and you both are getting it on like rabbits. Sometime you even fear that you might be spending too much time in the bedroom. However! There’s having sex, which is just the physical act of pleasure and/or procreation and then there’s making love, which is the act of unifying your bodies to let your souls caress each other. Of course sometimes you just have sex because you’re feeling kinky, but many other times you know you’re making love. Making love is a clear sign of emotional and psychological attachment to a person. So enjoy it! Enjoy the physical act and the more transcendental act, when you mix both of them together you get to enjoy a healthy and stimulating sex life.

2 You Really Know Each Other

You don’t just know each other’s names, but you actually know each other on a deeper level, you know things that acquaintances don’t know about each other. You know his favorite food, favorite color, likes, dislikes, personal traumas, dreams, fears and hopes and vice versa. When you talk to each other it is like talking to your best friend, you feel like you can share anything with him and he does the same with you.

You simply seem like two pieces of a puzzle that have finally fallen into place together. This is a great sign, not only that you’re going steady, but also that you’re forging a stable and solid relationship. It is actually surprising how many couples wind up sitting on a psychologist's couch because they simply don’t know each other.

It is one of the basic things when starting a relationship, but many couples miss this step and start a relationship based on superficial grounds like just sex and physical attraction, instead of actually getting to know the other person.

1 He’s Crazy About You

His eyes light up when he sees you, he’s constantly trying to catch your attention, he has an amazing time with you, you both are great in bed and can have endless stimulating conversations. He just seems to be over the moon about you. For some reason he still doesn’t dare use the term “girlfriend” but you don’t really care about the term anymore because deep down you know that what you have is special and doesn’t need labels so that you can feel comfortable in a relationship.

Enjoy it! The label will come in time and who knows, maybe in the future that label will change to “wife”. Anything can happen, just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. This capitalistic world of ours can make us care too much about labels, when in reality it's what’s inside the package what matters.

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