15 Signs You Need To Get Your Life Together

You’ve probably got a million things on your plate, and balancing them all might seem like it’s getting tougher every day. Sometimes you feel like you’ve got everything under control, but sometimes, it feels like you’re dropping everything you’ve been trying to juggle. Your room is an absolute mess, you can’t keep track of all your assignments, you’re living off ramen, and it seems like no amount of sleep can erase the permanent dark circles under your eyes. Really, you’re just trying to get through the week and then let off a little steam on Friday night.

Everyone goes through rough patches, but if dysfunction is becoming a pattern, it’s time to reevaluate your life a bit. But how do you know if your bad habits have taken over and you need to start making some changes? Well, here are 15 signs that you need to get your life together.

15 You’re always exhausted

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Do you feel like being tired is just part of your personality? Do you spend an hour scrolling through your phone in bed every night before you finally try to actually get to sleep? Do you hit snooze on your alarm at least twice every morning? Do you end up crashing in the middle of the afternoon and taking a nap because you just can’t stay awake until bedtime? If any of this sounds like you, you need to make some serious changes to your sleeping habits. Your exhaustion is probably having a negative impact on your life, and you need more than one good night’s sleep to fix this. Start getting to bed a little earlier each night, and eliminate all distractions. Turn off the phone and the TV, close your laptop, and just close your eyes. You’ll definitely thank yourself in the morning when you actually have the energy to get through the day.

14 You’re scared to check your bank account

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Everyone slips into bad spending habits once in a while. You treat yourself to Starbucks one morning before class, and suddenly, you find yourself there trying to justify spending too much on a latte for the rest of the week. Or you head to Target to pick up some makeup remover and leave with half the beauty department in your cart it happens to the best of us. There’s no shame in treating yourself once in a while, but it should remain a treat, not a pattern. If you cringe when an ATM prints you a receipt with your balance on it or just can’t bring yourself to open the banking app on your phone, you might need to curb your spending. Make a budget and download a spending tracker so you can see exactly where your money is going and where you can cut down on your expenses your balance won’t look so bad soon!

13 You can’t remember the last time you worked out

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Actually going to the gym can be such a drag you have to leave your cozy bed to go spend an hour on the treadmill or lifting weights, hoping that no one is judging your technique. Some people just can’t stand breaking a sweat. Working out isn’t always fun and enjoyable, but getting enough physical exercise is absolutely necessary. Think about it when was the last time you got a little exercise in? Even if it was just a long walk, that’s better than nothing. If you’re struggling to remember the last time you were physically active, you have some work to do. Find a form of exercise that you don’t hate, whether it’s yoga, dance, or swimming, and commit. If you choose a workout that doesn’t feel like working out, it will be a lot easier to motivate yourself to go. Regular exercise can change your body and your life.

12 You can only cook if the recipe involves a microwave

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Learning to cook can seem intimidating. It’s messy, it takes time, and if you screw up and your meal tastes bad, you’ve just wasted a ton of food. Isn’t it easier to just pop something in the microwave and dig in a few minutes later? Well, it’s certainly easier, but it’s definitely not good for you. If your trash is full of take out containers and your freezer is overflowing with frozen dinners, you need to step your game up. If the extent of your cooking abilities is making toast without burning it, it’s time to learn. Start with easy dishes like pasta, all you need to know is how to boil water! Cooking at home is much cheaper than buying prepackaged food or ordering take out, and it’s usually much healthier for you too. Learning to cook is one of those essential adult skills, so pick a few recipes and start experimenting!

11 You’re rarely up before noon

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Sleeping in just might be one of life’s greatest pleasures, and there’s nothing more satisfying than going to bed without setting an alarm for the next morning. Who doesn’t want to spend a few extra hours all cuddled up in bed without worrying about getting anything done? Sleeping in is great, but if you can never seem to drag yourself out of bed before noon, it’s time to change your habits. Sleeping in on the weekends doesn’t actually help you catch up on the sleep you missed out on during the week, and you end up missing out on half the day you could spend all that time doing something much more productive. This weekend set an alarm but don’t worry, you don’t have to get up too early. Shoot for some time before 10 A.M., and don’t hit snooze, get up, make yourself some coffee, and go out to enjoy your day!

10 Your room belongs on an episode of Hoarders

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It’s impossible to keep your room perfectly clean all the time, but take a good look around you is it just typical clutter, or does it look like you would need a garbage truck to haul out all the junk laying around? A messy room is often a sign of a messy life does your space reflect how the rest of your life is going? Even if it looks like you may never see the floor again, don’t put off the cleaning process for a second longer. Start with the easy stuff. Just clear off any surfaces and put things back where they belong, whether it’s dirty clothes that belong in the hamper instead of the floor or books that need to go back on a shelf instead of collecting dust on your desk. After that, you need to vacuum, dust, and throw out anything you no longer need so get to work!

9 You hate answering questions about your future

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“So, how’s college going?” “How do you like your major? What are you going to do with that?” “Have you landed an internship yet?” “How’s the job search going?” “Have you found an apartment yet?” Sometimes when people ask you questions about the future, it’s really stressful you don’t owe them an explanation and why do they care, anyway? But think about the reason that these kinds of questions stress you out. Is it just because thinking about the future is a little bit scary even though you have a pretty good idea of what you want to do and where you want to go? Or is it because you truly have no idea about what to do with your life? If you can’t even begin to answer a single question about your future, you just might need to sit down and think about what you really want out of life.

8 You spend more time watching Netflix than studying

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Netflix just might be the greatest thing ever invented. What we do if we couldn’t binge watch The Office for the fifth time? There’s absolutely no shame in a weekend Netflix marathon, and it’s the perfect way to relax after a stressful week. But stop and think for a second about how much time you actually spend watching shows on Netflix and then compare that to the amount of time you spend studying, socializing, exercising, or working. Is the balance way off? If that’s the case, you might need to work on your time management skills. When you’re about to hit that play button, ask yourself what else could you be doing? Haven’t you seen this episode of Parks and Rec, like ten times already? Don’t you have an essay due tomorrow that you’ve barely started? Don’t let your whole life turn into one long Netflix binge, you’ve got better things to do.

7 You rarely remember your weekends

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The weekend is a time to let loose. You’re giving it your all from Monday morning to Friday afternoon, working hard and staying on the daily grind. So when Friday night rolls around, you’ve earned the right to get a little crazy and forget about your usual responsibilities. A few glasses of wine with friends, a night of drinking games, a karaoke session at a local bar it's all fair game. But what happens when you start getting too crazy, too often? A few too many shots one night, a couple beers that you really didn’t need the next, always rushing to order more drinks right before the last call it all adds up. If you realize that you’ve been waking up on Sunday morning with sparse recollections of the past few nights, you might need to make some major life changes. You don’t want to get stuck in an endless cycle of partying, blacking out, and repeating the process.

6 You’re always comparing yourself to what you see on social media

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Sure, it’s impossible NOT to compare yourself to the girls you see on social media sometimes. You know, the ones on Instagram who are always posting adorable candids and perfect selfies. Or your Facebook friends who update album after album with exciting travel shots and party pics. It’s only natural to feel jealous of what other people post on social media every once in a while. But do you feel envious of what your friends are posting every time you log on? Think about the reasons behind that. Are you holding yourself to an unfair standard or are you genuinely unhappy with your life and need to change some things up? If you’re always feeling insecure when you scroll through your timeline, you need to reflect on the reasons behind those feelings. If you really think you would be happier if you made a few life changes, don’t hesitate to shake things up.

5 Your social life revolves around going out

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Going to a party with your friends could be the highlight of your week. You get to dress up, do your makeup and hair, hang out with your favorite people, and just relax and have a good time. Going out is a ton of fun but your life shouldn’t revolve around it. If your entire social life revolves around events where alcohol is always present and people are expected to drink, you need to branch out and start trying new things. First of all, drinking frequently isn’t good for your physical or mental health, and it’ll probably end up costing you a lot of money in the long run. Putting down the bottle will help you get your life together in so many different areas you'll feel better, you’ll save money, and you’ll form friendships with people that you actually have things in common with besides playing beer pong and taking shots.

4 You tell little white lies about your life

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When you feel like you’re struggling, you don’t want anyone to know. You might still post happy pictures on Instagram with cheerful captions and tweet about staying positive. You might still dress nicely and put on makeup everyday to distract people from the fact that you’re just trying to keep your head above the water. And if someone does ask how you’re doing, you’ll probably be tempted just to tell them “I’m fine!” so that they don’t question you further. But if you keep catching yourself telling little white lies about what’s really going on in your life, it’s a major warning sign that you have to pull yourself together and tackle whatever is holding you back. If your “I’m fine” really means “I’ve gotten five hours of sleep in the past two days, I have three exams to study for, so no, I’m not fine,” you need to work on your time management.

3 You always have money for shopping, but you struggle to save

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Everyone loves a shopping spree once in a while, and fall is the perfect time of year there are so many cute clothes to stock up on, and you can also pick up some outfits for the holidays. But as tempting as it is to keep updating your wardrobe, all that shopping will definitely add up even if you’re browsing at thrift stores. If you’ve ever caught yourself splurging on a new dress and matching boots even though you barely have enough money for the phone bill that you need to pay tomorrow, you need to step back from the register, put away your credit card, and get your priorities straight. Shopping is fine, but new clothes are a want, not a need. Make sure that you have enough money to cover all your essential expenses, like bills and groceries, before you hit the mall you don’t want your wardrobe to land you in debt!

2 A five-year plan? You barely have a five-day plan

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Has your academic advisor or even one of your parents ever used the dreaded words “five-year plan” when discussing your future? It’s okay if you don’t have it all figured out, because after all, no one really knows exactly where they’ll be five years from now. It’s good to have a little flexibility and spontaneity in your life! But if this phrase makes you shake in your boots because you have no clue where you’d like to be next week, let alone in the next five years? If the idea of making long-term plans scares you because you can’t even fathom the idea of having a short term plan, you need to start small and work from there. You don’t need to have every step of your life planned out, but if you don’t pick a direction to go in, you’ll end up going absolutely nowhere and you don’t want to stick.

1 You avoid calling your parents

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When your phone rings and your mom’s name comes up, you should probably answer. And when your dad texts you saying that he’d love to chat with you tomorrow, you shouldn’t leave him hanging. Do you ever avoid talking to your parents because you know they’ll ask you questions that you just don’t want to answer? You know that when you pick up your phone, your mom will probably start grilling you about your grades, and you don’t want to explain your crappy exam results in your tougher classes. And your dad will probably ask about your weekend you don’t feel like going into details about how you lost your purse and drank too much after a stressful week. If you find yourself trying to cover up details of your life from your parents, just remember that they want the best for you, they can tell when something’s wrong, and you can always go to them for help.

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