15 Signs That Show He Loves You (But He Won't Say It Out Loud)

If there’s anything about men that we can change, it would be improving their communication skills. There are some men who express their emotions in ways we don’t understand or can make sense of. There are some men who suppress their feelings and never talk about them. And there are some men who are good at talking to you about how they are feeling and what it is that they need. Generally speaking, men show their love for women more in action than in words because it makes them less vulnerable and that way, they avoid being rejected or judged for how they feel about you.

Men weren’t taught that talking about it is okay and that it is a healthy thing to do in all of their relationships. Instead, they are taught to toughen up and just let it go. Chances are that your partner is going to have a hard time sharing with you what you mean to him. And that’s where you come in. You can ask him questions that will make him feel emotionally safe. And you can lead by example by teaching him how to talk about it. But, until then, here are 15 signs that show he loves you although he won’t say it as often as you would like.

15 He Lets You Take The Lead


He lets you take the lead because it doesn’t take away from his manhood, it adds to it. A lot of men out there are all about being the one in control in the relationship. But, your man isn’t like that. He lets you make the decisions because he doesn’t mind your opinion. In fact, he appreciates it and has faith that you will choose what’s best for the both of you. He doesn’t mind if you lead him when you’re walking together. He doesn’t care about being the leader all of the time. You are boss just as much as him. Because he looks at you as his equal not inferior or superior. In the bedroom, he asks you to be in control because seeing you confident drives him crazy.

14 He Makes An Excuse To Kiss You

He always looks for a reason to be close to you. He might not say he loves you out loud, but he surly shows it to you loud and clear. He doesn’t care about your bad breath in the morning, he will still kiss you to wake you up. He kisses you hello and goodbye. He randomly kisses you when you are cooking or cleaning together because in moments like these, he realizes how much he loves you. Your lips are not the only thing he loves to kiss, he also kisses your hand, your eyes, your nose. He gives you passionate kisses like he hasn’t kissed you in years. And he kisses you these assuring kisses that he loves you and cares for you.

13 He Gives You His Favorite Side Of The Bed

When a man is in love with you, he compromises. So, when he gives you the best side of the bed, he does it because he wants to show you that he chooses you over himself. He doesn’t negotiate about it or try to convince you otherwise. In fact, he gladly gives it to you. He wants you to get a good night sleep even if it means that he’ll be missing out on it. He wants you to get rested, so you can conquer the world in the morning. It’s a small gesture he does that shows he’s committed to taking care of you. The way he sees it is that he’s willing to go out of his way for you. Seeing you happy, makes him happy. And when you are feeling great, he’s also feeling great.

12 He Gets Upset When Someone Doesn't Treat You Right

This sign isn’t just for the person you’re with, it’s also for anyone in your life. When someone loves you, they expect everyone to treat you with uttermost respect, care and kindness. He treats you right and he thinks everyone else will too. So, when a customer is rude to you or a coworker is bullying you, he gets really upset and wants to do something about. He also doesn’t like if when a friend or a family member treats you poorly. He always encourages you to keep your standards high and not to let anyone treat you less than you deserve especially those who matter to you the most. When he loves you, he wants the whole world to love you too. He also wants everyone to see how beautiful you are.

11 He Asks If You're Okay


When a man loves you, all he cares about is that you are okay. It’s always on his mind to make sure that you are doing well and that everything is alright. He texts or calls to just check in on you. He asks how your meeting went and if you’ve spoken to your family lately. He’s interested about the people you care about because he knows that how they are doing, in one way or another affects you. He makes sure that you eat and sleep well. When he sees you’re about to get sick, he makes you soup, a lemon juice and buys you medicine. When he notices that you’ve been working too hard at work, he tells you to take a rest and asks if there’s anything you can do about it.

10 He Gets All Cheesy For You

When a guy loves you, really loves you, he becomes more in touch with his feminine side. He becomes all touchy and feely more than he usually is. He becomes a poet in the way he refers to life. He talks about commitment like it’s the best things ever. He tells toy that love as a beautiful thing in comparison to just painful past experiences, heartache and disappointment. He starts believing in the things that he once doubted thing like real love, being loves the way he needs and finding a teammate. He goes out of his way to make you laugh or impress you by being your kind of cheesy. He brings you breakfast to the bed, he writes you love letters, and he brags about you on social media.

9 He's Protective Of You

This sign can sometimes be mistaken for a man who wants to control you rather than take care of you. But, when a man loves you but won’t say it, he becomes protective of you. He calls you out on your unhealthy habits and encourages you to replace them with good ones. He tells you his honest opinion about your guy friend who has a crush on you. When you are crossing off the road, he takes you by the hand. When you are using a sharp knife to cut food with, he asks you to be careful. He tells you to put your seat-belt because he can’t imagine something bad happening to you. When he sees that you’re being reckless or impulsive, he immediately warns you. He doesn’t leave a room for you to be in an unsafe situation, at least not under his watch.

8 He Still Gets Nervous Around You

When a man really loves you, he gets nervous around you. It’s not because he lacks confidence, it’s because the spark is still alive. He still gets nervous around you because he wants to impress you in the best way possible. You still make nervous because he cares about what you think of him. It matters to him whether you think he’s a good man or not. He wants you to see him the way he sees himself. And he wants you to be proud of him like he’s proud of you. The more he cares about you, the more he gets nervous because it goes hand in hand with how much he values you. He gets nervous the idea of you thinking less of him is terrifying.

7 He Tells You Things You Don't Need To Know

He tells you things you are not interested or didn’t ask about. He’s transparent with you. He tells you all about what he’s up to. He tells you updates about work. He tells you what he and his buddies did the other day and how was the soccer game. He tells you spoke to his sister and that she’s doing well. He opens-up to you about things you don’t feel like he has to. But, he does it because he wants you to know all about him and what’s going on in his mind. He tells you what his plan for the day is and what he’s hoping you will do together in the holidays. And of-course, he tells you what has been weighing on his shoulders.

6 He Does Things For You Without You Asking


He does the things you want him to do without having to ask him because he does it before you think about asking him in first place. He also does the things you don’t want to do and are secretly wishing he would do it instead. When a man loves you, he takes care of you as much as he can. He takes out the trash even if it’s your turn to do so. He puts gas in your car when he uses it or when he sees that it needs a refill. He cleans the house without you hinting that he needs to put his stuff away. He does laundry when you forget or tired to do it. He picks up your favorite ice cream on his way home because he knows that you ate it all on the weekend.

5 He Occasionally Surprises You


One of the things he loves doing the most is surprising you. He does small things every day that catch you off guard. He is always good at making you love him every day more than you did yesterday because he never stops showing you how much he cares. He does the little things you like and he still goes out of his way. He sends you flowers for a big day at work. He put the house together before you come home because he knows you’ve been stressing out about other things and he wants you to just relax. He surprises you by getting you that thing you were talking about the other day. His gifts are always thoughtful and on point. But, most importantly, he surprises you by always growing and improving himself.

4 His Mother Loves You

His mother loves you because she sees how much he loves you because it’s so obvious even if he won’t say it. She sees how happy he is with you. She appreciates how you take care of him and the way you treat him because she hasn’t seen him this happy with anyone before. She knows how much you add to his life. She sees the difference you made in him and how his life improved after he met you. She knows you have a positive impact on him, that you inspire him, that you motivate him and that you challenge him. His mother loves you because she can see why her son is crazy about you. But, most importantly, she loves you because with you, he’s a better son, brother and man.

3 He Gives You A Deep Look When He's Talking To You

When a guy loves you, all he does is admire you. Deep down, he thinks everything you do and say is adorable. So, when he looks deeply into your eyes that way, it’s because there’s so much he wants to tell you. He wants you to know how you blow his mind away. That he thinks you’re everything he’s been looking for. He gives you a look of admiration, desire, love and gratitude. He thinks you are hot and cute at the same time. He loves the way you smell, your outfits and the way you speak. He’s in love with the way you carry yourself around the room. He likes how you interact with people and how you handle difficult situations. When he looks at you, he can’t help but see your beautiful soul.

2 He’s Generous When It Comes To Food


If he gives you the last piece of his favorite cake, then he’s crazy about you because he doesn’t have to but he chooses to. He gives you the better and bigger meat slice even though he knows you won’t finish it and he’s hungrier that you are. He shares his food with you and let me tell you that not everybody does that unless they are trying to please the other person. He cooks for you and him. He often makes you your favorite dish. He gets you something to work from your favorite coffee shop or restaurant because he knows it’s going to make your day. He buys you your favorite wine on the weekend because he wants you to enjoy it with your girlfriends. He drives across the city just to get you that fruit or cheese you’ve been looking for.

1 He Knows How To Please ( In the Bedroom)

When he loves you, he shows it in the bedroom. Sleeping together isn’t just about his pleasure, it’s also about yours. He always makes sure that you are feeling comfortable and enjoying it. He doesn’t pressure you to sleep with him when you’re not in the mood. He doesn’t force you to do things that you don’t like. He asks you what it is you want and then does it. He makes sure that you come first. If one time you don’t, he goes for round two to make sure you do. He doesn’t please you so he can get he wants afterwards. He does it because he cares about satisfying you and meeting your needs. He doesn’t make you feel insecure about your body. In fact, he always tells you how much he desires you: he tells you how sexy you look and that you are beautiful.

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