15 Signs That He's Actually A Psychopath

You found a hot guy, but something seems a little off. The first time you met him he was nothing short of charming, but now he’s completely pulled a 180. He’s colder and more irritable—he even seems to get angry and lashes out at times. He manipulates you, and he just doesn’t care when he hurts your feelings. In fact, he sometimes finds it funny. He also seems to play games with your emotions. You don’t know what happened, but you just want your charming man back.

Well, it sounds like you have a psychopath on your hands honey. Unfortunately, these guys are hard to put your finger on until you really get to know them. Here’s the thing, these people are bad news all around, and they only care about number uno and that is themselves. Psychopaths could fool lie detectors. They will flat out look you dead in the eyes and lie without feeling any remorse. Even though you run yourself ragged trying to make them happy, nothing will. But how can you tell for sure that he’s a psychopath? We found some pretty telltale signs of what to look for so you can save yourself some inevitable pain and heartbreak. Is your guy a psychopath? Read on and find out!

15 Empathy Isn’t In His Vocab


You know how you have that ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes when they are down and out? Well, he doesn’t. In fact, he might even find it amusing or funny in some sick or twisted way. When a friend asks you for help, he might even inquire why you would extend yourself and lend a hand. The thing is, he’s not trying to be mean, he truly just doesn’t get it.

His thought process is what’s the benefit in someone else? It’s not really impacting you in any way other than taking a part of your day away from yourself really. On the other hand, he expects people to run to his aid whenever he’s in a sticky situation, funny isn’t it? It just makes you cock an eyebrow.

14 He’s A Manipulative Mofo


Whenever he wants something, he will go to great lengths to get it. He doesn’t care who he screws over (literally and figuratively), or who he needs to manipulate in the process…and boy oh boy can he be a puppet master! He can even make you think you’re in control when he’s pulling the strings the entire time. It’s literal insanity.

An example is if he’s in a relationship with you, but someone else comes along that he’d rather be with (so rude), he can make you break up with him when he’s the one that wanted out the entire time. When all is said and done, you don’t even know what the heck happened because you got so blindsided by your own actions, but it was all cautiously planned by your psychopath boyfriend all along.

13 Power Is Muy Importante


He wants to dominate you. He loves knowing he is the boss and he controls you. He also loves having power at work and in his social circles. Any power whatsoever feeds him. He needs it. He uses it to play with people’s emotions and make their lives more difficult—because he can. If he’s your boss, he doesn’t care if your kid’s big tournament is this weekend—you are coming into the office on Saturday for…some reason.

Same goes for a relationship. He loves making you wait. Why? Because he can. He knows you won’t leave your home until he shows up for the date you planned, but you’re coco bananas if you stay cooped up in your house on a Saturday night three hours after your meeting time. Don’t let him pull that crap on you.

12 He Can Tune Into His Charm On A Dime


Oh, he’s playful and fun alright, when he wants to be. Ever notice when he needs something he is a dream come true, but he’s a pain in the butt pretty much all other times? Sounds about right. He’ll charm the socks off your friends when he first meets them because, you know, first impressions. He’ll also charm his way into your parent’s hearts easily too.

It can make your blood boil to see him turn it on like that. You love that side of him. The thing is, it isn’t really him. He’s projecting a side of him that he wants people to see. It’s the side that’s likeable, fun, and easy-going—everything he really isn’t on the inside. Remember to separate this person from the real him because they are two entirely different people.

11 He’s A Parasite

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Yes, he will easily live off of you with no questions asked. He will make up excuses why you have to work yourself ragged while he’s sitting back and chilling, as long as he gets what he wants. Keep in mind, he could also have a great job and do nothing around the house and allow you to take on all the housework without lifting a finger as well. He’s full of excuses and does not care how tired or how long of a day you put in.

He will never put in 100 percent like you are, although he will say he is. If you ask him to do something like put down the toilet seat, he likely won’t as a power play. He also won’t let you live your own life. Forget going out on your own or having your own friends. He’s going everywhere with you…you know, to “keep you in line.” Forget that.

10 Bullying Comes Easy To Him


All in all, he really isn’t that nice. In fact, he’s great at taking a group of people and turning them against one person if that person dares to walk against his beat. It could be over something small and stupid like if the person doesn’t watch Game of Thrones to something big like who they voted for in the last election. It makes the person feel like a real heel and takes you back to your high school years.

Here’s the thing, they like making people feel small. It makes them feel big. God forbid if they were made fun of, they wouldn’t like it a whole lot, but they don’t care if it’s happening to someone else—like you. It’s just not cool at the end of the day.

9 There’s No Remorse In His Tool Box

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He just doesn’t get it. When he does a horrible thing to someone he just moves on like nothing happened. He can bad mouth his coworker to the boss, steal a family heirloom, or destroy public property and just feel nothing. Some argue that’s why psychopaths engage in reckless behavior, since they feel anything at all, but it doesn’t make it okay.

Sometimes, psychopaths will stir the water in friend or family circles just to see what the outcome will be, which is so not cool. The best thing to do in this situation is to ignore their game. There’s not drama to be had if no one’s playing. That’s one of the few things that really grinds a psychopath’s gears. Not getting their way. Don’t feed into their petty games.

8 Boredom Comes Up Often


A major problem with a psychopath is their extreme levels of boredom. Since they’re so bored, they have the time to think of all the games they play with people. Messing with people’s wellbeing and playing with their emotions is a side effect of a psychopath having extra time on their hands and it really isn’t fair. Once he accomplishes one of his nasty deeds, he’s one to the next.

People are a psychopath’s hobby unlike a regular person that would go to yoga or read. They constantly need something to give them that fix, and that fix is you, their social circle, and their family, as sad as that sounds. When things are too calm, watch out because that’s when he’s stewing on his next victim. This is also why he can't stay in a job for a long period of time and is constantly taking risks.

7 Promiscuous Behavior Is His Norm


He engages in risky behavior. Period. But his ego is number one, so that’s where his sexual escapades come in. He thinks he is irresistible and needs the constant reassurance, although he’ll never admit it. Even if he’s tied down in a relationship, he might not really care about the traditional rules. He might even say it’s your fault that you don’t make him feel appreciated enough or something along the lines of that.

The point is that he’s feeding his own vanity. He doesn’t feel anything for those other women, he just feels for himself and wants to keep himself feeling special. In this situation, it’s important to remember that it has nothing to do with you, but it does have absolutely everything to do with him.

6 He’ll Go Crazy Status Spur Of The Moment

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Actions like irritability, annoyance, impatience, aggression, verbal abuse, lack of control of his temper, or even threats are behaviors of a psychopath. Sure they can keep up a charming façade for the short-term, but after a while these behaviors come out, and sometimes they come out of nowhere because they’ve been suppressed for so long.

You might think you are having a great day when all of a sudden he’s moody and aggressive. Where did it come from? Well, his bored nature got his wheels turning and he needs to push back in order to get some excitement. He won’t admit it, but he wants to push your buttons. Talk about ruining a nice day. No one deserves to be treated like that. Let him fester on his own.

5 He’s Shallower Than A Kiddy Pool

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His real range of feelings isn’t really a far range. Once you get to know him, you notice that he’s actually a cold fish most of the time. You never really connect with him on a conversational level and the only time he seems to be having fun is when he’s trying to ruin someone’s life. Other than that, he’s kind of a wet towel. Yes, he can turn on the charm when he wants to, and yes he can be the center of a attention when he turns it on, but you’ve realized that’s really not his true self.

He’ll take risks, but they are risks you don’t want to take. They’re too crazy. He seems bored when you want to see a movie or grab ice cream, and after the initial hangout, he doesn’t really want to be around your friends, but he doesn’t want you around them either. He’s as cold as ice and anti-social, and he's not interested in making good conversation.

4 He’s A Liar, Liar Pants On Fire

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One thing you will learn is that he is never wrong. I repeat, he is never wrong…in his own mind. He will lie out of both sides of his mouth and fully believe his lies before he ever admits to any wrong doings. His stories can range from anywhere to extremely realistic to incredibly farfetched, but he will stand by them. Trust me on this. His ego will not allow him to back down.

The dangerous thing is, he actually believes his own fibs. He’s run them over in his head so many times that they have becomes the truth to him. It’s actually kind of scary. He will lessen the impact on crucial details and spend more time on the lesser points to soften to blow too. Don’t feed into it, especially if you were there and saw what happened first hand.

3 Irresponsible Is His Middle Name

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Although he might be good at his job, he’s not good at showing up to his job. He isn’t reliable at all and he probably hops from job to job because he can’t handle the day-to-day responsibilities a job requires. The same goes for a relationship. He just doesn’t want to deal with the daily upkeep. If he says he’ll meet you at eight, he might come rolling up at 10.

It makes you wonder what’s so hard about being on time or even taking on any responsibility whatsoever, but he just doesn’t care. Again, the only thing that’s important to him is himself, so these mundane details throughout the day don’t matter. If his favorite TV show is on, he’s going to watch it because he wants to. If he needs a nap, he’s going to take it. It’s all about him and that’s it.

2 He Randomly Becomes Violent And Aggressive


If something doesn’t go his way—watch out. He will not like it, and his reaction will not be pretty. Heck, he might just get angry and aggressive just because he feels like it too. If you’ve learned one thing, it’s that a psychopath is all about themselves, and if they feel angry they feel the world should know and that’s it. If they were wronged, they want revenge and lord help the person that wronged them

The funny thing about it is that they don’t feel that anyone should be angry or aggressive towards them. Even though they’re the ones that are always stirring the pot! If people do approach them, they are the first ones to have a story to back up why they are the good guy in the scenario. Go figure.

1 The World Revolves Around Him


There it is. The very world itself literally revolves around a psychopath. They think that everyone should bow to them and that they are the star to their show. It’s their life and you’re just living in it. They want their way, NOW. They are the very best there is. The best looking, the smartest, the coolest. Everyone wants to be him and every girl wants to be with him. It can be sickening.

At the end of the day, ask yourself. Is he worth it? Do you want to go through this day in and day out? This behavior will not change. You will always come second, third, or even forth in his world. The next thing you need to ask yourself is, how can anyone be capable of loving you if they are so in love with themselves?

Source: sociopathicstyle.com

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