15 Signs She's His Dream Girl (& 5 Signs She's A Nightmare To Date)

The dating world isn't always butterflies, rainbows and sunshine. Sometimes people really don't mesh well, creating awkward moments and bad dates. People have been evolving to learn how to hide their bad habits and odd tendencies from each other until it's too late for their partners to back out. When going on a date, many people will put their best foot forward and get all dressed up for the occasion, but what are they really like and how can a person accurately tell if their date is going to wind up being their dream partner or their nightmare?

The best way to determine whether a date can turn into a great partner is to keep an eye out for the many signs indicating what their personality is really like. Guys who don't bother looking past a girl's pretty face are the ones who usually wind up involved with women they don't really click with, so to help him see past the surface, here are 15 signs that show she's probably going to be the best thing to ever happen to him. Don't forget to scroll down to see the five signs that she'll actually be the worst girlfriend he's ever had.

20 She's His Dream Girl: She Makes Him Feel Loved

Not all relationships are created equal. Between some couples, it's solely the man's responsibility to be romantic. In others, it's all up to the woman to pressure him to go out for a romantic date. The best relationships are those in which both members actively work to keep the love going strong.

A man's dream woman will go out of her way every now and then to remind him how much she loves him. She may tell him, show him by picking up a few extra chores around the house or she may go all-out by throwing him a great party. However she does it, a man dreams of being with a woman who makes him feel loved.

19 She's His Dream Girl: She Doesn't Need Him


Everyone wants to feel needed every now and then, but a man's true dream girl will be one who doesn't need him for absolutely everything. He's willing to help her out by making her feel loved, by giving her the attention she deserves and by generally being a great guy, but if she literally cannot survive without his help, he's not looking for anything more than a distant friendship.

He respects women who can do things for themselves. He doesn't want to date a woman without goals or ambition - basically, he wants to be with someone who wants him but doesn't need him.

18 She's His Dream Girl: She Expects The Best From Him

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Men love women who expect the best of their men. He wants to put his best foot forward, but he's aware no one is perfect. He knows there will be days when he lets his foul mood get in the way of a good time, so his dream girl is a woman who won't stand for any rude behavior on his part.

She doesn't necessarily have to police him. He just wants someone who expects him to be his best and who wants him to expect the same from her. What's even better is a woman who leads by example.

17 She's His Dream Girl: She Loves Hanging Out


Some guys feel pressured to take their girlfriends to fancy restaurants or to expensive clubs. While going out for a nice date is fun from time to time, it's not realistic for a woman to expect the guy to foot the bill every time she wants to hang out.

His version of a dream girl is one who can be happy just hanging out with him, whether it be at his place, a public park or an exclusive club. What matters is they're together, not necessarily what they're doing. Once he finds a girl who can simply enjoy his company, he'll think he's already in heaven.

16 She's His Dream Girl: She's Open About Her Feelings


Men dislike it when women are upset and don't explain why. To be honest, the same goes for when men are upset and they refuse to tell their girlfriends. In the end, he's really just hoping to find a girl who isn't afraid to just share what's going through her mind. If she's worried, he wants her to confide in him. If she's upset, he wants her to explain why.

He can't read her mind, so his dream girl will have to be someone who understands the importance of communicating. She'll share what's going on with her so he can share what's going on with him.

15 She's His Dream Girl: Her Dreams Align With His


It's great to be in love. When two people love each other, they firmly believe nothing can get in their way, but after a little bit of time they might actually end up sabotaging each other without meaning to.

If his dream job is in a different city but her dream job is in town, they're literally wanting to go in different directions. The same goes for any of their future goals. What if he wants children and she doesn't? Their goals and dreams must align for the relationship to last, so his dream girl should want something similar to, or at least something compatible with, his goals and dreams.

14 She's His Dream Girl: She's Got His Back


Sometimes it can seem like the whole world is against him. People can be fickle, so even if someone is his friend one day, the next day they could despise him over something as simple as a misunderstanding. His dream girl won't fall prey to such rumors - she'll stand by his side through thick and thin.

She'll trust in him and back him up when things start to get a little hairy. She's got faith in him and he's put all his faith into her too. They make the perfect team and they never give up on one another.

13 She's His Dream Girl: She Lets Him Breathe


Some women can be extremely clingy, and most guys don't appreciate that. He wants a woman who will cuddle from time to time, but who will also have a life outside of him. She'll go out with her friends sometimes and let him have enough space to go out with his.

His dream girl doesn't feel the need to be around him 24/7 and she's fine with going a few days without seeing him because she's busy living her own life. Most guys firmly believe absence really does make the heart grow fonder, but if she's always around, how can he miss her?

12 She's His Dream Girl: Her Presence Makes Everything Feel Special

Guys know not every relationship is created equal. Some are better than others and some should never have been. When he's relaxing at home, thinking about his dream girl, he doesn't imagine some wildly perfect woman who meets several physical requirements.

A real man looking for a real relationship is thinking about a woman who lights up his life. He's thinking of the love he'll share with her and how happy they'll make each other no matter what they're doing. They could be on a romantic trip or they could be hanging out watching TV. However they're together, she makes an otherwise humdrum hangout feel special.

11 She's His Dream Girl: She Forgives And Forgets - Within Reason!


Everyone argues from time to time. What makes a relationship last is when both people are able to forgive and forget. Obviously there are limits to everything. He won't get crazy by hoping for a woman who can forgive him every time he goes behind her back or to give him unlimited chances.

He isn't interested in those kinds of games - what he really wants is someone who will help hold him accountable by getting upset when he makes a mistake, but who also refuses to hold onto his mistakes. Instead of bringing them up all the time, she'll let it go and move on.

10 She's His Dream Girl: She Supports Him When He's Down


Some men fall prey to toxic masculinity, or the idea that men aren't allowed to show any signs of emotional distress - ever. Though these men struggle to deal with things on their own, there's a whole population of men who aren't ashamed to open up to the people they love.

When he's struggling, all he really wants is an understanding woman by his side. He wants to be able to confide in her and he wants her to just listen sometimes. If she's got any words of wisdom, he'll take those too, but for the most part he just wants someone to open up to.

9 She's His Dream Girl: She Makes Him Laugh


It's amazing how many relationships out there don't include regular laughter! Laughter has been coined as the best medicine because it improves a person's quality of life and releases those feel-good endorphins. If two people in a relationship can make each other laugh, it's a sign that they enjoy each other's company, find each other humorous, and are able to make light of things.

When a guy is out searching for his dream girl, he knows she's got to be able to stand on equal footing with him when it comes to humor. If they've got the same joking style, he thinks they might as well be a match in heaven.

8 She's His Dream Girl: She's Cute And Doesn't Even Know It


Most men find little mannerisms or sounds adorable simply because they're in love with the woman who does or makes them. While she may be aware of what makes him think or say "awwww," he doesn't actually mind. What he really wants is a woman who can help fill his heart so it's overflowing with love.

He's so enamored by her that he thinks everything she does is adorable, whether she's sneezing or mumbling in her sleep. At the heart of it all, his dream girl is someone he can love unabashedly and who he can admire from both near and far.

7 She's His Dream Girl: She Only Has Eyes For Him


While it really should be obvious, men appreciate women who are loyal. This isn't to say she should be willing to stay loyal to him after he's gone behind her back several times; no, this simply means men dream of having a woman who respects the relationship as much as they do.

They would never hurt her or leave her for another girl and they want the same assurance that their dream woman would never hurt or leave them for another man. He doesn't want to have her undying loyalty for nothing. He's ready and willing to exchange his honer for hers.

6 She's His Dream Girl: She Puts Effort Into The Relationship


Relationships are hard work. Things aren't always perfect and it's up to both parties to do their best to make things work out. Some people can be stubborn and might expect their partner to bend over backwards to help things along, but unless both are working hard, no relationship can survive.

The relationships that last the longest are those in which the woman is willing to meet her man halfway. They may disagree about things but as long as they keep the lines of communication open and are honest with their feelings, things are bound to work out for them in the end.

5 She's A Nightmare: She Doesn't Listen To Him

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At the end of a long day, it's always nice to speak to someone. It helps to share what parts of a day went well and what parts were stressful, and it can be fun to share in some of the funnier things that happened. A man wants to be able to talk to his girlfriend and actually feel like she's paying attention to him.

If she's always got her nose in her phone, he's going to feel like she doesn't care. She won't react the way he hopes she will and eventually he'll feel like he doesn't need to share the events of his life with her anymore. What kind of relationship is that?

4 She's A Nightmare: She's Controlling

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If he wants to go out but she's always forcing him to stay in, she's probably super toxic. Any man who wants to do things but is always held back by his girl will wind up in an unhappy relationship. She steals his freedom to choose how he wants to spend his time.

If he does happen to go out with the guys for a night, it's only because he got permission and she knows exactly where they're going, who is going with him and what time he should come home. He shouldn't have to answer to her or get her permission!

3 She's A Nightmare: She Refuses To Hear His Side Of Things


Couples argue. This is normal behavior in any healthy relationship. The most important part of arguing is listening to what the other person has to say. When a man is in the midst of a disagreement with his girlfriend, he isn't just spewing random words, he's trying to get her to understand his point of view. If she refuses to listen or give him a chance to express himself, how can they reach a satisfying conclusion? She'll just brush him off.

He may stand for it at first, but it breeds resentment. No relationship can last if one person is always stuck under the other's thumb.

2 She's A Nightmare: She Whines When She Doesn't Get Her Way

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Complaining a little here and there is normal between two people. What isn't normal is when one person starts to whine like a toddler. No grown woman should ever start to whine about anything - adults talk things through and either agree to disagree or they compromise so both parties can be happy.

When she starts whining, that's a huge red flag that he's not actually dating a woman, he's really involved with a child. She isn't mature enough for a real relationship and is too willing to throw a tantrum to get her way. If she thinks annoying her man with a string of whiny complaints will get her what she wants, she'd better think again.

1 She's A Nightmare: She Expects Him To Look A Certain Way

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Some women are more interested in showing off a handsome, well-dressed man than being emotionally involved with someone genuine. If a man is dating a woman who is constantly commenting on what he should wear, how he should cut his hair, what accessories to add or whether he should grow out facial hair, she's not really a good fit.

She may seem like a good girlfriend in other respects, but if she's always bugging him to look differently, then she's definitely grooming him to look nice but isn't necessarily opening herself up to his love. She's only looking for the short-term guy, so most men would be smart to avoid her kind.

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