15 Signs Kourtney And Scott Are Getting Back Together

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian were together for years, on and off, and their relationship was nothing short of dramatic. The two have three children together and have been through quite a bit. They finally split for real after photos emerged of Scott partying with an ex in Monte Carlo. Obviously there were a couple things wrong there: the partying (which Kourtney hates) plus his getting cozy with an ex. The photos seemed like the final straw for Kourtney and a couple days after the two reportedly split, he moved out of their family home. It's one year later and we are still hoping for a revival. Sure he wasn't perfect but we just loved them together! The two have seemed to remain pretty close since the breakup, and there have been quite a few signs that the two might actually be getting together. Here are 15 signs we're not sure that their love story has really come to an end.

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15 They Had Lunch Together

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After Kourtney and Scott broke up, they didn't exactly stop spending time together. In 2015, they got together for a pre-Thanksgiving lunch in Calabasas and were spotted together at the Marmalade Cafe. Now you might point out that they are spending time together and acting civil for the sake of their children, but they were totally alone, without any kids or other family members. It was just the two of them, having lunch and seeming to enjoy each other's company. That was shortly after Scott had done some time in rehab, so perhaps they were catching up about his progress following that stint. Or maybe they were discussing whether or not they should get back together?! Whatever the reason for the two of them to be lunching together we just couldn't help but think this is a step in the right direction and that maybe they're trying to figure out how to make this work!

14 He Missed Her At A Wedding

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About a month after Kourtney and Scott broke up, he went to a friend's wedding, and posted a photo on Instagram of a place card that read "Scott Disick Guest." He captioned it "When u realize the grass isn't always greener." Clearly, he was missing his lady when he showed up to the wedding without a date... not that he seemed thrilled about the breakup, to begin with. About a week before, Scott was in Las Vegas for an appearance at 1Oak at the Mirage hotel. While he was walking the red carpet, he was asked about how his life had been going since the breakup and he said, "[I'm] just taking it day by day. With everything going on right now, I need to be positive for myself." Sure, being a celebrity makes it hard for us to believe that anything they say is genuine, but we do think Scott truly loves Kourtney.

13 He Went On The Family Ski Trip

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Recently, Scott went along with the family on a trip to Vail, Colorado. One missing family member on the trip was Rob Kardashian, who had just gotten engaged to Blac Chyna and was celebrating elsewhere. The rest of the crew flew out to do some skiing and hanging out, and even Tyga was on the trip. This was, of course, before Kylie and Tyga broke up and then seemed to get back together. Always plenty of news and drama to follow with this crew. The news about Rob and Blac actually broke a couple hours after the group landed in Vail, and the only one of them who had spoken out about it publicly at the time was Tyga, who said "Everybody deserves 2 be happy. What some1 does for their happiness is not my concern, as long as it's not interfering wit my happiness."

12 They Seem Better Than Ever

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When we look back on the history of Kourtney and Scott's relationship, we see that so much of it was spent being unhappy with each other. Neither one of them seemed totally willing to change or make things better.  Maybe this is a step in the right direction for them, we're no expert, and breakups don't always result in getting back together. But, they have so much history together and maybe the time apart as a couple is something they need to fall back in love. But since they've technically broken up, it gives them both some freedom to accept each other for who they are and stop trying to change each other all day... because they're not a couple anymore. Except that they still spend time together all the time. But now when they hang out, it seems like they enjoy each other's company so much more, because before they were fighting 24/7.

11 She Wished Him Happy Birthday On Social Media

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A lot of people don't even contact their ex on their birthdays, let alone post a throwback photo on social media wishing their ex a happy day. But Kourtney did just that when she posted a photo to Instagram for Scott's birthday, which was of her sitting on him in a bathing suit with the caption "Happy birthday baby daddy!" The rest of the family got in on the birthday wishing as well. Kris posted a collage of four photos of her with Scott and captioned it that she was "so blessed to be able to call you my son." Rob posted a photo where he referred to Scott as his "brother for life," while Khloe captioned hers "Forever my brother and forever my bestie." Sounds like Scott is going to be considered family for all time regardless of what happens between him and Kourtney.

10 They Went To Santa Barbara For Father's Day

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This past June, Kourtney and Scott were spotted at the Biltmore in Santa Barbara celebrating Father's Day with their family. Their three children were with them at the brunch, along with a nanny to watch the kids while they relaxed. Sources who witnessed the scene said that they were acting very much like a family and that everyone seemed relaxed and comfortable together. After they enjoyed a long lunch together, the group went to the Santa Barbara zoo. There was no word however on whether they were just up there for the day or if they perhaps got a hotel room and spent the night there together as a family as well. Hmm. I mean celebrity or not, not many couples who have kids choose to still spend time, especially a holiday together. Sure their kids are young and might not understand what is going on, but if there was no chance of getting back together then they shouldn't be making this effort.

9 They Still Hang Out As A Family

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For many couples, breaking up means that the family unit is over and each parent takes turns taking care of the children. But Kourtney and Scott seem to spend an awful lot of time together as a family unit with their children. For example, just recently the two were spotted with their three children enjoying a meal out in Malibu. They all looked casual and comfortable as they were spotted walking from the restaurant to their car with the kids in tow. They also recently took their kids to see The Little Mermaid at the Hollywood Bowl, which sounds like the ultimate outdoor Disney sing-a-long experience. They brought along the older kids Mason and Penelope for the outing and sat close to the stage, as confirmed by photos that Kourtney was posting during the event. Faking it for the cameras or not, we can't help but jump to conclusions the more time they spend together!

8 He Hangs Out With Her Mom

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Scott is still friendly with Kris Jenner along with the rest of the family, and let's be honest, being approved by a matriarch like Kris can go a long way. While Kourtney was in Miami over the 4th of July, Scott hung out with Kris. He posted a photo to Instagram of Kris and some of her friends with the slightly awkward caption “They don’t call me the cougar tamer for no reason.” Do they call him that? Scott is, of course, younger than Kourtney, so maybe so. The couple initially met in 2006 at a house party that Joe Francis was throwing in Mexico. Things have definitely changed in the past ten years. Kourtney actually posted this throwback photo from the night they met. So sentimental.

7 He Announced It On Snapchat

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This past March, Scott was joking about getting back together with Kourtney on Snapchat. But was he actually joking? Regardless, when this news broke out it sent the Internet into a frenzy. Boy do these Kardashians love breaking the Internet. He posted a video of him and Kourtney and said “Hey, so um, we wanted you guys to hear it first. We are getting back together.” But then he tried to pull Kourtney in for a kiss and she laughed and said no. There was no obvious lip locking to seal the deal and make their getting back together totally official. But they do say that the things that we joke about carry some truth, so perhaps Scott is lusting after her and joking about it to test the waters? It's always a possibility. Either way, they are clearly extremely comfortable with each other and close friends, otherwise, they wouldn't be joking about their relationship at all.

6 Kourtney Seems Open To It

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When Kourtney was a guest on The Today Show back in April, she spoke to Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb about her relationship with Scott, and whether it would be possible that the two of them might get back together. Kourtney said that at the moment they were just trying to do their best job at being good parents, but added: "We're not getting back together right now, but I don't know, like, what the future holds in life." She doesn't seem to be totally ruling the whole idea out, now does she? This was right around the time that Kourtney was celebrating her 37th birthday, and we all know how introspective birthdays can be. Maybe she was starting to think a little more long-term. There are even scenes being aired on Keeping Up with the Kardashians that have Kourtney hinting at a possible idea of a future together.

5 He Still Spends Time With Her Sisters

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Scott not only spends time with Kourtney and her family at the same time, but he spends time with her sisters when she's not there. This year at Coachella, Scott was spotted hanging out with Kendall and Kylie at the Bootsy Bellows estate, even though Kourtney was nowhere to be found. However, one might say that Scott being at a Coachella party doesn't exactly scream the responsible reformed Scott that Kourtney would want to see before she took him back. But at the same time, he always seems to be pretty respectful when he's spending time with her family since of course, they are going to report back on his behavior. Either way. I wouldn't want my friends or family hanging out with my ex without me if I thought things were completely over between us. Sure they have a long history, but who doesn't? This is definitely a sign in our eyes.

4 He Said He Will Always Love Her

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Shortly after Scott was seen joking about getting back together with Kourtney on Instagram, he gave an interview on a radio show to Kyle and Jackie O. He said that the two have stayed very close and that he considers her his best friend, adding "I'll love her 'til the day I die." Okay, so we know for sure that Scott will always love her, which makes it seems pretty likely that he might want to get back together if it was ever a possibility. When the hosts asked him about that possibility, he didn't exactly rule it out He went on to say though that they didn't have any plans beyond doing what they were currently doing, and that "if things are meant to be maybe they will be. I really can't say yes or no." Uncertain, but he definitely sounds open to it.

3 He's Cleaned Up His Act

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One of the main reasons why Kourtney ended her relationship with Scott was his crazy partying habits, but has he cleaned up his act a bit? Scott has entered treatment for his addiction issues, and while he hasn't stopped drinking completely, he supposedly has switched over from hard alcohol to only drinking beer in an effort to avoid getting too wasted. Dealing with addictive behavior is always a really complicated thing because there isn't one treatment plan and what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another person. Some people have to get completely sober and avoid all substances for life, while other people figure out some way to change their destructive habits and can eventually handle certain substances in moderation. Who knows what's right for Scott, but it seems like he's trying to figure it out.

2 There Are Rumors Of Another Child

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Recently people have been suggesting that Kourtney is pregnant again... and that it's Scott's baby. Then again, this might not be even remotely true. Since that rumor came out, she has been spotted partying in Miami and definitely not showing any baby belly in her bathing suit. But we do know that Kourtney loves children and that she really likes the ones that Scott has given her, so perhaps if she decides to have any more she will do it with Scott regardless of whether they are actually together or not? Scott used to joke about the fact that the only times that Kourtney wanted to be intimate with him were when she was trying to get pregnant, and on an episode of Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons, she talked about adding a fourth child while she was still pregnant with her third.

1 Neither Has Totally Moved On

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Both Kourtney and Scott have been spotted spending time with other people, but neither of them have moved on into any sort of serious relationship. Kourtney, for example, was reportedly hooking up with Justin Bieber, which sounds like a super fling. Besides their age difference, it doesn't seem like Justin is exactly in the life place to settle down and become a step dad to Scott and Kourtney's children. Scott has been seen with a variety of women, one of which seemed to resemble Kendall Jenner to some people, which just sounds creepy. The point is that these all seem like super casual relationships that they're not taking very seriously. Maybe it's because these two are not ready to totally say goodbye to each other.

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