15 Signs Kim And Kanye Are Headed For Divorce

We can’t quite put our finger on it, but there’s just something about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s relationship that’s totally fascinating. The couple initially started off as “just friends” who infamously went on to romance other people (enter Amber Rose and Kris Humphries). But once both of their relationships unraveled into nasty breakups, Kim and Kanye miraculously managed to find love again... with each other. The reality TV star married the outspoken rapper in an over-the-top ceremony in 2014 and all eyes have been on the pair ever since. Although Kim and Kanye have always gone above and beyond to show that their love is the real deal, lately things seem to have taken a turn for the pair. Rumors about a possible breakup between Kim and Kanye have been running rampid for a while now, and the concerns for the state of their marriage appear to be valid. The red flags are all over the place and the honeymoon phase between these two is definitely over. Here are 15 signs that Kim and Kanye are headed for a divorce!

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15 Kanye Stopped Making Public Appearances With Kim

Ib Times

After a tumultuous year for the famous couple, it appears that Kanye has given up on making public appearances with his wife all together. Of course, Kanye is always a glutton for the cameras and flashing lights, so opting out of high-profile events as Kim’s arm candy is extremely out of character for the troubled star. Most noticeably, Kanye was a no show at this year’s Met Gala; an event where he and Kim are usually the talk of the town. We all know that Kanye loves fashion almost as much as he loves himself, so it was a major red flag when he failed to show up for the festivities. While Kanye would never typically miss an opportunity to showcase his new wardrobe and show off his super famous wife, this year was a huge turning point for the rapper. When asked why her hubby wasn’t by her side at the Met Gala, Kim simply replied, “He’s at home. He's been taking some time off and really loving that." Anyone who knows anything about Kanye West knows that he would never willingly drop out of the biggest event of the year, so what gives? Many fans have speculated that there are serious problems with Kim and Kanye’s rocky relationship and him refusing to go public with his wife has only added fuel to the fire.

14 They Still Haven’t Moved Into Their New House


Kim and Kanye bought a lush property in the Hidden Hills in 2014, the same year they got married. You would think that after dropping an impressive $20 million on a mansion that the couple and their kids would have moved in by now, right? Well, apparently that’s just not the case. Almost three years have gone by and the Wests still haven’t found themselves a real place to call “home.” Their strange living arrangement has been fueling rumors of a split for quite some time now, and perhaps their time together as husband and wife won’t last much longer after all. Kim and Kanye have put the property through two massive remodels that have totaled close to $10 million. Of course, longtime viewers of Keeping Up with the Kardashians know that Kim and her clan moved in with Kris Jenner while they waited for the house to be finished, but many have suggested that the real reason Kardashian hasn’t moved in with Kanye is because she doesn’t want to be alone with him…especially during one of his outlandish outbursts. The family is allegedly set to move in within the next few months, but the same thing has been said many times in the past.

13 There’s A History Of Cheating


We’ve all heard the old saying, “once a cheater, always a cheater” and if the rumors are true about Kim and Kanye’s past then both stars have a sordid past of lying and cheating on their partners. Long before Kim and Kanye revealed that they were an item, Kardashian had infamously dated NFL player Reggie Bush while West was dating model Amber Rose. When both of those relationships went belly-up, Amber Rose had a few choice words to say about Kardashian. Rose revealed to Star magazine, “She's a home wrecker! They were both cheating. They were both cheating on me and Reggie with each other.” In addition to Amber’s shocking revelation, it has been alleged that Kim’s former flame Kris Humphries has a sneaking suspicion that there was way more to Kim and Kanye’s "friendship" than they let on. Of course, Kim and Kanye ultimately ended up together so there must have been some truth to the rumors of their past infidelities. If both Kardashian and West were able to step outside their relationships before, what’s stopping either of them from doing it again? We’re not sure if they can be trusted, but only time will tell if they can remain faithful as a married couple.

12 Kanye Is Super Critical Of Kim’s Image

Daily Mail

Kim Kardashian may be pretty obsessed with herself, but it’s no secret that Kanye has always been her second biggest fan. He has always shared an interest in his wife’s superficial ways, often telling her how to dress and making suggestions about her image. Kanye strives to have the perfect wife who is rich, famous, and has an exotic beauty. He may have thought he hit the jackpot when Kim finally showed an interest in him, but it seems like Kanye’s hyper-critical ways have taken a toll on their union. When unflattering paparazzi pictures of Kardashian frolicking on the beach were made public earlier this year, the star took a bunch of heat for her appearance. For the first time in forever, the public got a birds-eye view of Kim’s infamous backside without all of the heavy airbrushing and Photoshopping…and let’s just say viewers didn’t like what they saw. Kim received tons of backlash for her lumpy posterior and she lost 100,000 followers on Instagram that week. People said that Kanye was bent out of shape about how Kim looked, stating that Kim’s image needs to be maintained at all times in order to keep their brand (and possibly their marriage) afloat. It sounds like Kanye’s controlling ways are going to be the straw that broke the camel’s back when it comes to ruining his marriage.

11 Kanye Deleted All Social Media


We all know that the Kardashians and Kanye are majorly hungry for fame, so it was super confusing when West recently deleted his social media accounts. We’re pretty sure that both Kim and Kanye would put fame above all else, so when one of them goes radio silent on social media you know it’s a huge red flag. The rapper had amassed millions of followers on Instagram and Twitter before disconnecting himself from both platforms. Could Kanye’s online absence be a sign that there’s trouble in paradise for the star and his socialite wife? It’s common knowledge that Kanye is going through a bit of a rough patch, but maybe there’s more trouble brewing than meets the eye. Twitter and Instagram is a way for fans to connect to their favorite celebs on a more intimate level, and Kanye has fully disengaged while running the risk of alienating his fans. It’s entirely possible that West deleted his social media accounts so people wouldn’t speculate why he wasn’t posting any new photos of Kim. Could it be that the pressure to be a perfect, happy couple has become too much for Kanye to deal with? Living under a microscope can’t be easy, but Kanye’s lack of social media presence is a clear indication that something is definitely up with the star’s personal life.

10 Kim’s Family Gets Too Involved


Could Kim’s family be driving a wedge between the star and her rapper husband? Let’s be honest, this wouldn’t be the first time that the Kardashians have interfered with someone’s relationship and made their problems even worse than they were before. It’s no secret that Kim and her massive squad roll deep. With five siblings, their ever-changing list of significant others, and one meddling mom slash manager, the Kardashian/Jenner family can be a lot to handle. At first, it seemed like Kanye welcomed the idea of having a huge family but these days he just appears run-down and defeated. Kris Jenner has a reputation for sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong, and there have been multiple reports that Kanye is simply fed-up with his pushy mother-in-law always prying into his marriage. In most cases, marital issues are best sorted out between the husband and wife, but when there are dozens of people trying to have an opinion it can be understandably overwhelming.

9 Kanye’s Breakdowns Are Taking A Toll


There’s no denying that Kanye has been going through a very public breakdown. At the peak of his problems, the star was hospitalized and forced to cancel the remaining dates of his national Saint Pablo tour. West was treated for exhaustion but it’s clear to see that the showman has long been suffering from other issues as well. They say that marriage is for better or for worse, but could it be that Kim can’t deal with Kanye when he’s at his lowest point? Of course, putting on a brave face for your spouse who is struggling is no easy task, but the stress of Kanye’s fragile mental state has reportedly put a strain on the couple’s marriage. From his inappropriate outbursts to his outlandish comments in the press, Kanye’s breakdown has been a long time coming. Kim always plays the role of supportive wife when she’s in the public eye, but behind closed doors we wonder whether Kim’s had enough of Kanye’s wayward ways. Their high-profile ups and downs and well documented in the media, so it’s only a matter of time before the truth is revealed about the state of Kim and Kanye’s marriage when all is said and done.

8 Kanye Is Ruining Their "Brand"


In the past few years, Kanye West’s erratic behavior has seemed to get crazier with each day that goes by. Whether he’s beefing with Taylor Swift, going on senseless Twitter rants, comparing himself to famous historical figures or begging the founder of Facebook for a billion dollars, it’s pretty safe to say that Kanye has lost his dang mind. Nothing that comes out of Kanye’s mouth sounds rational to the rest of the public, and it’s doing some serious harm to the Kardashian brand. Of course, Kris Jenner is the queen of the Kardashian family throne and it has been reported that she’s long had enough of Kanye’s antics. Media outlets even reported that Kris had met with a divorce attorney to have the proper documents drawn up for when Kim is ready to pull the plug on their romance. Kanye’s unpredictable state of mind is no laughing matter and it may just be too much for Kim to handle. If his wild ways keep up, we can surely expect to see a divorce for these two in the near future.

7 The "Kardashian Curse" Is Real


Let’s face it: while the Kardashians are professional A-list stars, they don’t exactly excel at successful romantic relationships. Kris Jenner is a two-time divorcee, Khloe has already been through one rocky marriage that ended in disaster, and despite Kourtney having been with Scott for the better half of a decade, she flat-out refused to marry him all together. Kim herself already has two failed marriages under her belt and at this rate she could very well be headed for lucky number three. In recent years, some have even given a name to the Kardashian’s long list of troubled unions that were plagued by personal hardships – you guessed it: the “Kardashian Curse”. Many who have been keeping up with the Kardashians alleged that whenever someone from the famous family enters a relationship, their partner is burdened with bad luck both personally and professionally. While at first, the thought of the “Kardashian Curse” being the real deal sounds too bizarre to be true, history has proven otherwise. Kanye was at the height of his career prior to shacking up with Kim, but now that he’s associated with the Kardashian clan he appears to have hit rock bottom. If this keeps up, Kim and Kanye might be headed to divorce court much sooner than you’d think.

6 Kim Is Desperate For A Band-Aid Baby


Anyone who’s been watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians surely knows about Kim’s long-time struggles when it comes to pregnancy. Of course, carrying and birthing a child is no easy task but Kim had been diagnosed with a condition called “placenta accreta,” which basically means that she could face major complications if she were to become pregnant. While Kardashian welcomed daughter North in 2013 and son Saint in 2015 after two very difficult pregnancies, the star recently expressed her desire to try for a third child, despite her doctors strongly advising against it. A main storyline for this season of KUWTK has been Kim’s desire to expand her brood, telling viewers, “I'm going to try to have one more baby. I want my kids to have siblings but the doctors don't feel like it's safe for me.” While most people in Kim’s camp are against the star putting her life on the line for baby number three, Kim will seemingly stop at nothing to make her dream become a reality. Mrs. West has visited countless doctors and has even explored the option of surrogacy. Kim appears to be obsessed with the idea of having another baby with the hopes of repairing her failing marriage. It’s no secret that Kanye wants more children, and Kim just might do whatever it takes to make their marriage last…even if it means having another high-risk pregnancy. Of course, a new baby isn’t the answer to all marital problems, but for some reason Kim seems to think that the third time will be a charm for her and Kanye.

5 There’s Less PDA These Days


Remember back when Kim and Kanye used to pack on the PDA so hard that they could barely keep their paws off each other? The Wests are certainly no strangers to putting all aspects of their relationship on display for public consumption, but their aggressive displays of affection seem to have come to a screeching halt. There once was a time when the couple was always photographed holding hands, kissing, and being downright touchy-feely with each other…but not anymore. At one point, Kanye even had his wife star in in his “Bound 2” music video where she seductively straddled him on a motorcycle. These days the over-the-top PDA has seemingly come to an end, which could mean that the romance between Kim and Kanye is also nearing its expiration date. We all know that these two love to show off their relationship every chance they get, and the fact that they’ve stopped shoving their love in everyone’s faces is totally telling. Without public displays of affection, could Kim and Kanye’s marriage finally be at its breaking point? We have to think so.

4 Fans Accused Them Of Photoshopping Romantic Photos


If there’s one thing that Kim Kardashian has consistently been accused of throughout her entire career, it’s shamelessly Photoshopping her photos. In the past, Kim has been found guilty of slimming her waistline or plumping up her posterior but this past April it wasn’t Kim’s famous body that was the subject of her Photoshopping woes. It was actually a romantic Easter picture with her and her hubby that managed to raise a few eyebrows. The reality star shared this snapshot of her embracing Kanye during an Easter weekend celebration at home, but many fans were quick to point out that the picture appeared to be totally altered. Some suggested that Kanye was digitally inserted into the picture and that he was never even present for the photo in the first place. Fans were outraged at Kim’s blatant bad Photoshopping and immediately called her out. Let’s be honest, it would be hard to deny that something about this photo of Kim and Kanye does look a bit…off. Has Kim reached a new low by using image editing software to create “happy couple” photos when in reality they aren’t so happy? Thousands of fans seem to think so, and we can’t really dispute their claims. Everything about his picture looks super fake, making us question the state of their marriage all together.

3 Kanye Seems Unhappy


While Mr. and Mrs. West have always been efficient at putting on a united front on social media, it seems like lately Kanye has thrown in the towel at even pretending to be in good spirits. Earlier this month, Yeezy celebrated his 40th birthday alongside Kim and her family. While Kourtney took to Instagram to wish her brother-in-law well on his big day, the photo she posted of everyone at his birthday dinner showed the rapper looking rather miserable. Fans and followers were quick to point out the less than thrilled reaction on Kanye’s face, with some commenting that the star looked “unhappy, “uncomfortable”, and totally “over it” all together. After just one look at Kanye, it’s pretty clear to see that he would rather be anywhere else but next to Kim and the rest of the Kardashians. Actions speak louder than words, and it definitely doesn’t look like West was having much of a happy birthday at all. Of course, the snapshot only further sparked rumors of a turbulent time for Kim and Kanye’s marriage leaving fans to question when he will leave the relationship for his own good once and for all.

2 A Divorce Would Get Them Noticed


The Kardashians' business model is a simple one: there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Whether the story is positive or negative doesn’t matter, as long as their names are in the media they keep getting paid and keep getting more famous. As sad as it sounds, a high profile multi-million dollar divorce would definitely bring some serious attention Kim and Kanye’s way. Kim K. is the queen of reinventing herself, and she would probably stop at nothing to stay relevant…even if it means putting her own marriage on the back-burner for the sake of publicity. Staging a divorce would be a risky move, but we all know that Kim puts fame and her career before everything, including her relationship. There’s no denying that if Kim and Kanye were to file for divorce they would be on the front page of every gossip magazine and the top story on every entertainment news outlet. In Kim’s mind, the end of a marriage could actually be the start of a whole new chapter in her quest for fame. We wouldn’t be shocked one bit if she pulled the plug on the marriage just for attention.

1 People Are Getting Tired Of Them

Daily Mail

Kim and Kanye’s relationship was built purely on the foundation of being famous. Without the potential to benefit both of their careers would these two ever have gotten together in the first place? Probably not. It’s no secret that both Kim and Kanye each had an ulterior motive for linking up. Kanye wanted to get in on a coveted piece of the Kardashian brand while Kim was desperate to recover from an embarrassing 72 day failed marriage to Kris Humphries. When they first got together, they were a match made in Hollywood heaven. They were the subject of every headline in the media and they were both reveling in all of the publicity. These days, ratings for Keeping Up with the Kardashians have reached an all-time low and Kanye can barely sell tickets to his concerts like he was once able to. It seems like the general public has finally had enough of this over-exposed twosome once and for all, and their plummeting popularity has taken a serious toll on their marriage. We’ve already seen far too much about Kim and Kanye’s relationship and frankly, we just don’t really care anymore. While losing popularity might not be a major obstacle for normal couples, Kim and Kanye’s relationship thrives off of fame. Without raking in viewers, followers, and fans, what else do these two have to look forward to? The truth about their relationship will surely be exposed once we see if Kim and Kanye’s marriage can make it through their drastic drop in popularity.

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